The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 246

Murkha Ballack


It was the orcs, not the queen and her retinue, who greeted them when they visited the ice castle to attack Frost Queen.

“No, that’s ridiculous. Orcs are that strong?”

To the Knights of Naju, Orcs were rubbish mobs swept away by Leon’s ruthless hatred and slaughter.

Of course, the Orcs themselves were a warrior race with innate strength, but they were always compared to Lionheart knights like Leon.

But this… is this really real?

I was overwhelmed by only one person.

Even the mighty Holy Grail Knights, and the knights who were not directly hit by the red wave thanks to the shield of absolute defense.

I am overwhelmed by the unreal dragon power unfolding in front of my eyes.

They cringed at the red eyes glaring at them in a ruinous red glow.

“Hu, retreat…!”

It was Cheon So-yeon who finally made a rational decision there. She ordered the troops to retreat while helping the injured Grail Knights.


The orc watched it for a while, then turned his back as if he had lost interest.

* * * *

“Aren’t you going to follow me?”

At the old orc’s question, the orc laughed.

“Are you missing the experimental material? Krann.”

“A little bit. Great Khan.”

I saw the remains of a yaffy destroyed by an old great khan called kran.

“There is an unexpected harvest.”

Krann violently dragged the destroyed Count-class aircraft with his hands.

Although it was completely destroyed, the old orc lightly dragged the weight of hundreds of tons as if picking up money, and at the end was a throne made of ice.

The corpse of a beautiful woman resting on a throne with the decapitated, dismembered remains of the Queen’s loyal street giants.

Krann reached out for the remains of the Frost Queen, whose shoulder had disappeared.

– Fu-wook!

Krann’s hands dug into Frost Queen’s body, dug into the inside, and pulled out a sad heart. The moment when Krann held the heart of the Frost Queen that an S-rank hunter froze just by touching it——


The frost giant, who should have been crushed, charged at Krann.



A frost giant who stopped like a still image at one word of Kran. Krann, who held the heart of the Frost Queen, took control of the frost giant at once.

“Well, it’s worse than this.”

Epic item Heart of the Frost Queen.

Kran grinned as he held the queen’s heart, which had remained a scourge of Russia because it was impossible to even hold it.

“I came here because you said there was something you wanted. It should be worth it.”

“Of course, Great Khan. Great Murka Balak.”

At Kran’s beckoning, a crack opens in space. It was a gate technique obtained from demons.

“Regard and that guy were also from the west… I heard they went hunting for a fairly strong human, so I hope they handle it well.”

“I have to pay for food.”

The gate opens, revealing the scenery beyond.

Dark-skinned orcs like Murka and Krann greeted them.

“Welcome, Great Khan!”

Balbaza, the Great Warrior of Orc Avatar Helcan.

“Master. Is that the heart of the Frost Queen?”

Maghar, the champion of the orc shaman god Gokrok.

“Be quiet. I am in front of the Great Khan…”

The ferocious giant boar, Dothrak, was crushed by Murka’s aura. Skira, the champion of the Orc Hunt God Skunik, tried to calm Dothraki.

black orcs.

Wandering around the Pandemonium for 200 years and exposed to demonic spirits, they are nightmare-like existences of demons.

It wasn’t just them.

“Murka! Murka!”

“Murka! Murka!”

down the hill. The green beasts spread endlessly and shouted the name of the Great Khan.

[Murka! Hurry up and smash those canned bastards!]

[Ignorant thug. Hunting is attacking with all your might when you are certain.]

[what?! A guy who moves in a whisper like a kitten!]

[Enough of that, thug. Jap shovel. Rather than that, I should study from the beginning.]

Three Great Orcs.

Toshin Helkhan. The hunting god Skunik. Gokrok, the sorcerer.

Each one is a ferocious and powerful orc god. and······.

“I make the decision.”

The strongest orc warrior that everyone liked.

The gaze and voice of Orc Great Khan Murka Balak growled ferociously.

* * * *

The great demon Scajacarrier, who was resurrected in Shanghai, declared the surrounding area as a domain of demons at the same time as the resurrection.

Although not at the level of Frost Queen, powerful demons of slaughter and destruction appeared through the Demon Gate, and their presence transformed the surroundings into demonic worlds.

Another world due to the terrible contamination of magic powers.

This is also the reason why this place, which was once China’s largest economic city, was thoroughly abandoned.

Because every time Scajacaria revived, the whole area of Shanghai became a mess.

He and his men are the nightmare of mainland China. The greatest killer of mankind, who claimed millions of lives. This time, too, he intended to take countless lives and repeat the defeat.


During the recovery period to regenerate the body after being repulsed on Earth.

nobody told him

-Uh, you guys are taking a portal to enter the earth right now, right?


Demons of carnage and destruction.

Marked only by slaughter that was more ferocious and destructive than anyone else, these ferocious demons opened the gate to Earth without asking or questioning as soon as their bodies were destroyed and restored.

[Ghahahahaha! Earth is mine!]

In the devil’s world invasion, the more primates you kill, the higher your stake.

In that respect, Skajacarrier, who had a gate in his territory during the Earth invasion lottery, considered it lucky.

In reality, if I am resurrected, I will immediately go to Earth, kill a lot of humans again, be defeated, ejected to the demon realm, and resurrected again, so my stake will continue to increase.

– Has no one told you?

– He just left without a chance to tell me.

-Aigoo… Like this again, the great devil.

Scajacarrier and demons didn’t know. What is the current state of the earth?

What kind of people are waiting for demons on Earth.

[Slaughter! Destruction! conquer! Expanding the territory of this Scajacarrier——huh?]

the sky is red Has terraforming already been completed? Hurry up and set up a major——


An unbelievable roar of human vocalization. A meteor of ‘flame’ falls with a terrifyingly gigantic scream. at the same time–



Missiles raining down. Anti-ship missiles… No, it’s round and thick, as if several people were on board for an attack missile.

[······What is that, is that?]

The devil who lacks vigilance dies first.

* * * *

“Gu, guweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek

The demons were just trying to get out of this place.

However, the disasters that fell from the sky and the Holy Grail Knights from the ‘transportation’ missiles that were launched across the sea unilaterally slaughtered the demons.

Holy Grail Knight Vulcanus and Baltan Flaming Sword Knights.

One of the strongest knights in Lionheart, they are notorious even among demons.

If it were only them, the Skajakari and the demons of slaughter would have thought of fighting against each other.

However, there was another existence that fired missiles at them.

-La, Lionheart!

Leon Dragonia Lionheart.

This man is truly the nemesis of evil. A demon slayer who is the fear of countless demons and has killed demon lords.

When a fearsome entity appeared, even the lower level demons collapsed.

[Hey, these guys! fight! I mean fight!]

Skajacarrier waved a flaming whip to encourage him, but he was more afraid of the demon slayer’s sad gaze than the Prime Devil’s whip.

shelf collapse. Archdemon beheading. One-sided slaughter.

With the corpses of demons strewn all over the city, the Knights of the Burning Sword did something they weren’t used to.

“Stop it, you bastards!”

“If you stop now, I’ll annihilate you with a single sword!”

The Knights of the Flaming Sword who ride horses and hunt demons.

They showed off their blood-soaked armor and began taking some demons prisoner.

“This guy! How dare you touch my armor? Die, you devil!”

“Quaaaagh! I can’t stand watching this repulsive appearance! Die, you demon!”

Of course, the acquisition of prisoners by the Burning Sword Knights, a demon-limited anger control disorder, was extremely inefficient.

“Haa~ Sirs are also really…”

Beatrice sighed lightly as she looked at the dying demons captured by the Knights of the Burning Sword.

“Recently, I needed information about the Pandemonium, so I asked for as many prisoners as possible…”

“I’m sorry, Her Highness the Queen…”

“I can’t bear to see their evil faces…!”

The reason Beatrice asked to secure the demons was to interrogate them and obtain the latest information about the demon realm.

Since the defeat of Rakshaar, the lord of chaos, the demonic invasion of Earth has diminished.

The gate itself continued to appear, but the Demon Gate or the tricks of the demons, which appeared occasionally, were nowhere to be seen.

With even the monarch defeated, the next thing the demons can prepare for is an all-out war.

So it was a good opportunity for demons to haunt Shanghai like this.

a few days like that

In the process of thoroughly annihilating the demons in Shanghai, Beatrice succumbed to the fact that the information she obtained from the demon captives was not as satisfying as she thought.

“Are you not well?”

“Yes… these demons have older information than I thought.”

Beatrice didn’t get any more up-to-date information from the demons haunting Shanghai than she thought.

“These guys… seem to have been running to Earth since the Demon Gate appeared in Shanghai. The demons also have separate territories, so it seems they haven’t communicated as much as I thought.”

“What is the probability that they lied?”

“In my experience, demons who tell lies are surprisingly distinguishable. Maybe it’s a woman’s intuition?”

Leon understood after glancing at the corpses of the demons who died miserably. Those who have eaten meat are said to eat well, and when it comes to Beatrice, it can be said that she is a devil torturer… no, she is a master of interrogation.

“But out of some pretty old information comes familiar information.”

“Familiar information?”

“‘Dark-skinned Orcs’. These are called Black Orcs.”


When Leon heard the information, he frowned.

While Leon and Vulcanus were clearing Shanghai, they heard what had happened in Siberia.

The Grail Knights were injured by the dark-skinned orcs and retreated.

When I surrounded the ice castle again and entered it, I heard that it disappeared without a trace.

Beatrice also picked up that information and confirmed the dark skinned orcs from the demons, and quite a few demons were known by the orcs.

“It’s worth a thousand words, it’s a sight. Hear it for yourself.”

Beatrice summoned a demon prisoner. The Devil Prisoner, who had managed to not die yet, started talking about the Black Orcs with a fearful voice in front of Leon and Beatrice.

“This, over two hundred years ago, we started a two-sided war on Your Majesty’s planet.”

The first goal of destruction is, of course, the Lionheart Kingdom.

Although Malus, the lord of chaos, was defeated, the Lionheart Kingdom lost many Holy Grail Knights and Knights in the process.

The demons intuited that Caracael, the lord of wisdom, would be able to sufficiently destroy Lionheart, and the most powerful demon corps, the lord of slaughter and destruction, invaded the eastern kingdom of heaven.

“That’s where we met. With them…”

They were running west and west, laying waste to the great eastern kingdom. As if trying to reach the end of the world.

Laughing at them, the lord of slaughter and destruction collided head-on with the orc hordes——

“Do, passed away. No, he was annihilated… his soul was absorbed by the Orc Gods.”

In the process, Akasha, the Grand Duke of Slaughter, also lost her body to the monster’s clubbing.

However, Akasha managed to open the gate and escape, nestled in her sword, but they even invaded the demon realm.

“They even appeared in the demon realm. They killed demons randomly, and especially that guy…”


“The leader of the Orcs, I mean. His name is…”

The demon trembled and seemed afraid to even mention its name. However, it is true that Nuna’s violence is also fearful.

The devil said his name with difficulty.

“Murka. Orc Grand Khan Murka Balak.”

A great war in Leon’s world. In the fierce struggle, the demons had to fight a war in the demon realm as well.

“They struck the sloth lord first.”

The demon lord of sloth and stupidity. He was the master of the Devil Archduke who froze Vulcanus and the Knights of the Burning Sword in the cold continent for two hundred years.

“Battle ensued, war after war…”

They were beasts that embodied war itself.

“For the first time in Pandemonium history… we were invaded for the first time. We… were helplessly attacked by them.”

Since then, Murka has traveled all over the realm of demons, stealing their resources, and sometimes subduing demon followers, demonized alien races, and demons to unite and expand their power.

“Well, we… had to deal with two great enemies: Lionhearts and Orcs.”

Among them, Lionheart was on the brink of destruction… No, it drove it to the point of actual destruction. Only one person, Leon, could not be defeated.

However, Murka’s side repeated defeat unilaterally.

Despite the union of the demonic headquarters, the lord of indolence and the lord of lust, the enormous power, mighty great demons, and demon lords could not defeat Murka.

When exposed to the demon world for a long time and even its skin became black and was called ‘Black Oak’, the lord of indolence and the lord of lust were smashed by Murka, and the demons of the demon world had to take special measures.

While the remnants of the two demon lords were slaughtered unilaterally, the dimension of the Pandemonium where Murka and the Black Orcs exist was separated.

And that’s it.

It was the Orc Great Khan who came to this earth now, and he was the Orc Great Khan Murka Balak.

Leon recalled the gaze of the enemy he once felt.

The incident where Zereah, the Holy Grail Knight of Dreams and Death, ascended to heaven in the original history at the gate where Zereah’s holy relic convoy was given as a quest.

Behind them were the corrupt electors of the empire, but it was the barbarians of the beast god and… the orcs who carried them out.

“Is that the guy who shot down the satellite that Lord Spinner warned about?”

Also, in the United States, the ‘giant existence’ that the goddess Meriel saw while predicting Leon’s fate.

A beast of mighty ego who expelled the goddess by telling her to ‘get out of the way’, feeling uncomfortable even when she met her while predicting the fate of others.

Perhaps his true nemesis might not be a demon, but a bastard, thought Leon.

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