The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 247

orc coup

After the reunification of the two Koreas, the administrative, judicial, and legislative branches of a unified Korea are literally having fierce days.

“So! We have to designate North Korea as a special agricultural zone to create jobs and increase the food self-sufficiency rate! Isn’t it a crop that is blessed to be hot these days! We need to expand this to North Korea’s specialties—”

“Improving North Korea’s poor transportation environment is the priority! We must actively install hyperloops to secure transportation infrastructure—”

“What should we do from the overheated speculation atmosphere in North Korea?

“I heard that the opposition party leader contacted the surrendered North Korean military generals. Isn’t this to prepare for the upcoming presidential election?”

“Don’t oppress the opposition with absurd conspiracy theories!”

‘I’m about to retire…’

He was President Andong-gil, who held the honorable title of the first president of a unified Korea, but he thought that even this was inappropriate in front of the ruling and opposition parties who fought every day.

Resolving the North Korean issue is already painful, but with the upcoming presidential election ahead, everyone is staring at their eyes.

‘Dragon used to run the market in Pyongyang.’

The Pyongyang mayoral election was a global issue.

The election process was far from a normal democracy, but it was the first case in which different races were elected by voting while maintaining the form of democracy anyway.

After the Mayor of Dragon was elected, Dragon officials also did a better job than expected in the agreement with the South Korean government.

When Leon was the subject of negotiations, things that could have been easily dismissed as good is good, because the dragons dealt with them according to FM based on thorough gold and new contracts.

It is evaluated that the attitude of looking down from above, which is unique to dragons, is highly valued, but it is evaluated that it showed amazing negotiating power in the details of the contract.

Thanks to this, there are people who are looking forward to the advancement of the political world.

‘Well, it’s good for races with exceptional appearances like elves to use their faces as proportional representatives.’

President Ahn, who had been imagining the entry of heterogeneous tribes into politics, suddenly thought about the advancement of orcs into politics.

Possessing sufficient ‘voting rights’, which is the most important factor in democratic voting, they are a race that can exert sufficient potential in the political world.

‘Well, it might be impossible.’

But orcs are not interested in politics. They are a natural warrior race. He is so busy with his fight that he doesn’t even think about going into politics.


‘Should I scout the elf in the pantheon during the next proportional representation?’

It was Andong-gil who couldn’t bear to tell the knights from Lionheart to go into politics.


‘I think the ripple effect will be too strong if that Leon comes out in the election. It seems like everyone can’t even mention it. Then even Queen Beatrice——’


“Uh, de, I’m listening.”

President Ahn felt the eyes of cabinet members and lawmakers. That his eyes were not on him, but on the big TV in the conference room.

“Your Excellency! I think you should check it out!”

The chief of staff who had called President Ahn earlier pointed to the TV. there–

“What is that?”

“Wuhan… This is the official statement of the Republic of Wuhan! This is a real-time broadcast!”

Republic of Wuhan. It is one of the 53 distinctly divided Chinese countries, and one of the fairly large continental countries with a population of 5 million.

It is one of the common warlord dictatorships that do not have much exchange with Korea unlike Heilong People’s Republic of Korea, which is a granary, but—

“Huh? Why General Orc and not the President’s spokesman?”

For some reason, I couldn’t even translate, but I could communicate well.

When President Ahn was puzzled by the fluent Korean language with the language advantage, a characteristic of survivors, unbelievable words were spat out.

[This coup was a decision to save the country to return democracy to the citizens!]

what? democracy? an orc?

An Orc general who said that the Lionheart knight would have to declare no religious affiliation to be roughly balanced.

The Chief of Staff of the Blue House said in a trembling voice.

“It’s a coup.”

“Oh, yes… I know because I saw it.”

It’s not that rare. Occasionally, a thick-haired orc general would stage a coup with the support of the orc warriors.

“It’s not just Wuhan. Shizhuang, Hohehao, Jinan, Nanchang, Shenyang, Xi’an, Chengdu… Coups by orcs have occurred simultaneously all over the Chinese continent!”

They have one thing in common.

It was a democratic vote.


an orc?

* * * *

More than 30 years ago, after a cataclysmic event, many countries were destroyed or divided.

Mainland China, for example. This great country, which once boasted the largest size in the world, was eventually thoroughly divided by local warlords due to the appearance of the Great Devil and accumulated damage from the Black Gate.

In addition, the Middle East suffers from a permanent shortage of hunters due to the thorough exclusion of female hunters, and Africa does not even have the minimum infrastructure to discover and nurture hunters.

South America, where magical awakeners are not hunters, but rather the cartel’s assault captains.

Countries with a low population compared to their huge territories, such as Russia and Central Asia, where the number of hunters is extremely low in an overly large land mass.

Of course, there was a movement to train hunters somehow with the national budget. However, if you train hunters at best, they are often blown away by headhunting in advanced countries with good conditions.

Lack of money in the country meant that it would soon become a weak Hunter country, which again repeated the vicious cycle of weakening national competitiveness.

How did they survive the crisis more than 30 years after the cataclysm?

“The Orc survivors are nothing short of a blessing to the Hunters.”



Those who came from the other world have tenacious vitality and strength enough to survive in the extreme environment of the gate, and among them, the orcs are a representative fighting race.

“The combat power of the survivors is guaranteed, but the problem is the number. A small number of powerful people cannot cover the territory.”

“Orcs have basic potential as well, but they have excellent innate aggression and reproductive ability.”

“They are almost the only power that can replace Hunters.”

Among the survivors of the other world, there were quite a few who came over as a racial unit.

Elves and dwarves were like that, and there were also groups like humans, witches, and magic towers coming over.

When first encountered with these orcs, governments around the world expected them to be a nuisance.

Even though humans and some values conflict, there was no problem because they basically shared similar values.

A certain degree of cultural relativism could be applied, except for the cases where elves sometimes fall into eco-fascism or dwarves visit breweries in groups and ask for the customs of hospitality.

However, the orcs were very different from the existing heterogeneous tribes.

They worshiped warriors and tried to solve everything by fighting.

Above all, it is difficult to control because he does not intend to listen to words unless he is a warrior stronger than himself.

In the midst of this, accepting the orcs as survivors seemed risky.

That’s how Orcs wandered around without a proper nationality for quite some time, working as mercenaries.

“We, the Free People’s Republic of Wuhan, encourage active naturalization of Orc survivors!”

The first start was one of 53 countries claiming to be the heirs of the torn continent.

The number of Hunters was rapidly declining every year due to the endless budget spent on training Hunters, and emigration to developed countries with good conditions if raised well.

“We will guarantee the home and legal rights for naturalized Orcs, and promise special benefits if you participate in the raiding party.”

That’s how the orc migration began.

At first, everyone looked at the large-scale orc migration in the Republic of Wuhan negatively.

– They are savage guys who only know how to fight.

– It will definitely cause problems.

Amid such concerns, the world discovered an unexpected advantage of the orc colonists.

-Certainly, Orcs fight well. An adult orc warrior is at the level of a tolerable B-class hunter.

– It’s surprising that this is the minimum.

You fight well, of course.

-Aren’t they resting? I finished yesterday’s attack and went straight to the next gate.

-Leave it. From an early age, shopkeepers punch each other as a game.

With the belligerence characteristic of the Orcs, they found the gate on their own and attacked it. Not only that–

-politics? we don’t care about that

– Why are leaders so weak? Why do you fight only with fists in the National Assembly?

He rejects the orders of those weaker than himself, but instead, it leads to extreme indifference to politics.

Although they often caused problems due to their natural aggression and violence, they did not dare to come out of the area just by designating an orc residence.

In addition, when it comes out of the residence to attack the gate, it is enough to use a dedicated isolation truck. Even with the way they were transported like prisoners, the Orcs liked the monster truck, which was roomy even for 50 tribal warriors.

In this way, when the Republic of Wuhan successfully operated orcs, third world countries thought this.

Is there a super fighting tribe that will take care of the gate and attack on its own if you give it roughly land and provide food support?

Isn’t this completely sweet?

That’s how the third world countries, which are weak hunters, scrambled to accept orc migrants, and in the end, the migration business of ‘exporting’ orc warriors became prevalent.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t cause problems.

A thick-haired general orc launching a coup d’état, or causing a riot in the streets.

Because of his innate aggression and fighting power, the scale of the accident was severe.

However, the orc warriors were attractive enough to take such a risk.

“Vote! Go!”

“Vote! Go!”

so that.

third world. In other words, 49 of China’s 53 countries, most of them nominally democratic, were under permanent rule by dictators.

Among those 49 countries, 27 countries that actively accepted orc migrants and had an orc general in every region faced a coup d’état by the orc generals.

[I am Brigadier General Karim, the great orc warrior! I intend to return power to the citizens without any selfishness!]

The irony that the government is overthrown by Orcs, whom the dictators mass emigrate to maintain their military and hunter power, and then those Orcs stage a coup to return democracy to the citizens.

Citizens came to face the slogans of Orcs and Democracy that couldn’t match.

-Orcs… Encourage voting.

-Is this okay? It’s good that our dictator’s pig’s head flew off…

-Here is the Republic of Beijing, and we set fire to our tin navel. It’s a pig that sucks people’s blood… burning in real time.

-Are you an orc? It’s hot…

Citizens accepted the coup of the orcs, but were greatly embarrassed that they had chosen a democratic vote rather than a dictatorship.

In any case, the revival of democracy is welcomed by citizens.

There were many excuses, such as the need for strong governance until the national emergency or the gate crisis is resolved, but in the end, the dictators have been doing it for 20 or 30 years, so it was not like a country.

If you know that part, the orcs will reveal the details of their hidden wealth while splitting the heads of dictators in a coup d’état.

-Crazy… How could there be so many thieves in this country!

– You stole an American gate surveillance lens, sold it, and replaced it with a cheap one? Did you sell national security too?!

The Orcs, who caused national resentment, conducted elections for the president, president, and prime minister as if they had promised.

More citizens than expected responded enthusiastically to this. But that doesn’t mean they became supporters of the Orcs.

There were orcs among the candidates, but they were human anyway.

I am grateful for splitting the heads of the dictators, but I had no intention of serving an orc as my master.

“Brother, who are you going to take pictures of?”

“Um~ Isn’t that the number 2 sign? I’m from the activist group who has been fighting against the dictatorship since I was young.”

“I’m number 3. I like the campaign promises too!”

The elections began quickly, like roasting beans in a flash of lightning, but citizens headed to the voting booths with high expectations.

Proper voting took place and, for the first time, there was representation by citizens.

Twenty-seven countries in China cheered for the revival of democracy, and thanked the orcs for willingly surrendering power in a coup d’état at least for this moment.

Until the next day, when I saw the presidential residence burning again.

[Vote again.]

The familiar Orc General twisted his cigar and declared the second coup a success toward the camera.

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