The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 248

Orc Continental Federation

One of the continental countries where the Orc coup took place. When the second coup took place in the Republic of Wuhan, citizens realized.

That the orcs had no intention of returning power to the citizens.

[Orcs, do not deceive the citizens!]

Citizens also protested.

[Resist the violence of the orcs!]

I also threw a Molotov cocktail.

[Congress will not yield to guns and swords!]

There was also a miracle in which the agents of the dictatorship and the New Democratic Party reached an agreement.


[As of this time, the Orc warriors will stop attacking the gate.]


The Orcs responded with a thorough hardline response.

Aside from their undemocratic procedures and tyrannical suppression, most continental states depended on the orcs for defense.

The gate observation lens was frequently stolen, and the reason why they survived without perishing on the Chinese continent, where the dungeon break rate was dozens of times higher than that of other continents, was because the orcs had somehow managed to solve it.

When a dungeon break occurs, you have to deal with a large number of monsters at once, unlike gates that can be attacked sequentially.

Therefore, there are many casualties and it is best to attack the gate quickly.

However, the Chinese continent has been a country where corruption has been rampant ever since China was still in good shape.

Whether or not people die from the dungeon break, if an American-made gate observation lens is stolen right away, the money will be hundreds of billions of won, so the party officials will have to turn their eyes.

There is only one thing that maintains the right to life of such contradictory and corrupt countries. It was because they accepted the Orcs, in other words…

“The Chinese Continent entrusted my lifeline to the Orcs. It’s only natural that this happened.”

“Tsk tsk. I didn’t think of fighting myself and entrusted the military authority to someone else.”

Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the Association, shook his head in agreement with Leon’s clicking sound.

“This incident. There must be someone behind them.”

“Yes, I recognized it according to Your Majesty’s words.”

While the Chinese continent was swallowed up by Orc-style democracy, countries around the world mobilized their information assets.

“There are beings that unite orcs from all over the world. They are ‘dark-skinned orcs’.”


Orc warriors who have fought tirelessly in the Pandemonium, including Orc Grand Khan Murka Balak. It seems that they rallied and agitated the Orc tribes in various places.

“Originally, Orcs are a race that is not interested in politics. All they pursue is power.”

That is the orc’s greatest strength and greatest weakness. They know war, but they don’t know politics.

“But this move… was thoroughly political.”

Oh Kang-hyeok, who was briefed on the detailed process, was overcome with surprise and fear.

They rallied orcs from all over the world, staged simultaneous coups, and uttered the slogan of democracy.

Although the vote did not go my way, a coup was immediately launched, but even this simple, seemingly ignorant second coup had a message.

You guys have no alternative but us.

A strategy that makes you realize it thoroughly, pretending to be simple yet cunning.

“It pretends to be a democracy and gives citizens a choice, but in reality it is a trick to make the citizens surrender themselves.”

While organizing information to report to Leon, Oh Kang-hyeok suddenly discovered that the timing of the appearance of the Black Orcs was coincidental.

“They appeared half a year ago…”

They appeared shortly after Leon defeated Rakshaar.

“Isn’t there a devil behind them?”

At Kanghyuk Oh’s reasonable guess, Leon shook his head.

“No, even though they acknowledge the strong, they are not the ones who would give in to a different race. All these plans and decisions must have come from Murka Balak.”

“Murka Balak…”

He heard about the Orc Great Khan from Leon, but even Oh Kang-hyeok couldn’t believe it.

Being able to order a thoroughly political movement from dull orcs is something that is usually not possible with charisma.

In other words, Murka Balak has the power to control orcs and the cunning to think politically.

“It’s a formidable opponent.”

“Yes, he is a formidable fellow. Besides, he is blessed by their gods.”

“God bless you?”

“It seems that the Orcs of Earth don’t have a particular god to believe in. But not in Jim’s world.”

Leon saw occasional Orc warriors in his world who were protected by the Orc Gods.

Helcan warriors.

Gokrok’s Shamans.

Skunic hunters.

Among them, the objects called champions had the strength of the Holy Grail Knight class.

“Are you saying that you are a Holy Grail Knight?”

Oh Kang-hyeok reacted in amazement, but Leon was not that surprised. It happened often in his world.

Rather, the Orcs he encountered on this earth were just too weak.

“What is your government like?”

Leon wanted to confirm the government’s intention at this time. Oh Kang-hyeok was embarrassed and answered cautiously.

“The government is entirely on your side. We have orcs as potential enemies. We believe they will emerge as a major security threat to our unified Korea.”

“However, you can’t blindly be hostile. You Earthlings, unlike us, are not unconditionally hostile to Orcs.”

“······Yes, if we call it a preventive war and launch a preemptive strike, the international community won’t wait and see. Sanctions and condemnation will follow.”

And that is burdensome for South Korea, which has just achieved reunification.

Like Lionheart, it would be impossible for the War Knights to judge individually and attack the Orc tribe.

Knowing such a notion, Leon also did not touch the surviving orcs of this world.

Even if Leon seems too foolish and easy-going, he doesn’t get involved in the rule of legitimate leaders.

“However, you guys will soon find out. Orcs, those beasts, are not the ones who can coexist with humans.”

Leon said that and turned his back.

Originally, foolish children learn by blood.

[The 37th day of the Orc coup! Formation of Orc Continental Federation! Federation Leader Great Khan Murka Balak!!]

In the end, the Orc Continental Federation was launched amidst the chaos of the world.

* * * *

Citizens resisted as the orcs set up simultaneous coups and de facto dictatorships.

But no matter what the powerless citizens say, the orcish dictators gradually began to take over the country.

In the modern economic structure of the 21st century, magic stone-related businesses obtained from monsters account for a huge portion.

Especially in coastal countries where industrial complexes are lined up, China is dependent on the gate industry for most of its economy as it is inland and in the west, which is blocked by deserts.

However, since the people who collect magic stones from that gate are sinful orcs, the economy cannot function without orcs.

-scary. The momentum of the Chinese Orcs right now is not normal.

– We have cut off all transactions with brokers who previously handed over manastones and items at bargain prices. They decided not to do business with humans at all.

-Even if the orcs strike for just a week, most Chinese republics will be in trouble.

-How on earth did the orcs figure out this economic weakness?

The Chinese continent, which depended on the orcs in all aspects of security, economy, and society, could not endure when they decided to usurp the government.

They sought the orcs for peaceful negotiations.

The culprit behind all this. black orcs.

And to Murka Balak, the Great Khan of the Orc Continental Federation, who has shown overwhelming charisma that has commanded countless orcs under his command over the past six months.

“You want to negotiate?”

Murka looked down at the negotiators while sitting on a scrap chair escorted by Krann, the highest-ranking orc shaman, and black orcs.

From skeletons, animal bones, and primitive weapons to cutting-edge magical weapons that cannot be seen on Earth, fragments of frozen giants, and the recently familiar star iron with subtle brilliance.

All the elements that make up the chair seemed to symbolize the chronology of a great conqueror.

Murka was naturally looking down at the negotiating team, and in international diplomacy, no one could complain despite his arrogant behavior that was close to rudeness.


The energy naturally exuded by a lion heart king, a demon lord, or a being with a different status as a living being was not something that mere humans could resist.

“Yes, the recent unrest only brings misfortune and division. For true democratization——”


The person who spoke out flinched at the openly mocking snort.

He was the former Chairman of the People’s Republic of Tianjin, and Murka knew his history.

“It’s ridiculous that a guy who used to be an agent of a warlord dictatorship talks about democratization.”

“That, that’s…!”

After countering with their logic, Murka looked down at the former powers that had been ousted by a coup.

And the camera that relays all of this.

“I have to ask you one thing. Can you guys attack and dismantle the gate by yourself?”

attack the gate.

The reason Orcs migrated entirely to this continent.

They didn’t have the strength to attack the gate on their own, so they accepted a heterogeneous race called Orcs.

“Yeah, that’s how much…”


“Yes, Great Khan.”

At Murka’s words, an old orc shaman brought a pad that was not suitable for an orc.

He skilfully handed over modern culture and recited reports.

“Since the Orc’s strike against the gate, the dungeon break rate has jumped tenfold. Geukkeuk, the fighting power of the human hunters is terrible. Well, all the high-level gates are left to the Orcs.”

In China, human hunters made it their business to hunt wild monsters on the streets.

This is because attacking the gate is risky, and a huge tax has been attached to it.

It is much more profitable for them to hunt wild monsters and sell magic stones and drop items on the black market.

On the other hand, manastone mining or drop items are just simple loot for Orcs. Since they didn’t pay attention to the tribal tax they obtained, the orcs had no choice but to attack all the gates.

“It’s really not the same power. Negotiation is established in an equal relationship. Your strength is not equal to mine.”


It’s embarrassing, but it’s a fact that I have no choice but to admit. No one here had the strength to challenge Murka and its forces.

“Hah, but humans are all over the country’s industrial base! Do the orcs know about finance? Production and processing industries are all humans—”

“It sounds like a worker. Do you guys treat workers equally?”


It was a battle that had no choice but to lose. On the continent, the strength of Orcs and Humans is not equal.

“Don’t overestimate your workforce. I don’t need you guys. But you guys do need me and my men.”

Now, are you and I equal?

A very simple logic. Murka’s question penetrated the complacency of mainland China countries.

‘how···! How can an orc!’

‘Is this really an orc? Aren’t all orcs stupid?’

‘It was in vain to try to regain my position somehow by coaxing me out!’

Because they are not equal, they cannot negotiate, and because they cannot negotiate, they have no choice but to surrender.

“You guys failed. Because of your failure, you left the gate to the orcs. We hunted the monsters that popped out of there, and you guys shared the by-products.”

Murka saw every side of the humans gathered here.

For the past six months, I came down here to watch the world through a deal with demons.

Murka felt as he quietly and surely obeyed the orcs spread across the continent and reigned as their king.

“You are full of contradictions. Neither society nor the system is rational.”

Murka’s gaze contained contempt. It is a sharp gaze filled with sincerity.

“When discussing fairness, only a few powerful people hold and shake everything. They pretend to set a common goal for the group, but it is too easy to get mixed up and lacks rationality.”

weak meat diet. The group’s purpose is more complex than anyone else’s, even though they are simpler creatures than anyone else.

Those are the people of Earth that Murka has seen.

“At least I’m not. Orcs are different. Like you, I’m not mistaken for being equal by falling into contradictory self-contradictions.”

“What, what…”

“My rule will be reasonable. I will not waste my resources on irrational prejudice and stupidity like yours.”

Murka said looking over the camera that was focused on her.

“Citizens will be protected by the Orcs. However, the price is not as cheap as before.”

Thus, it refers to the natural right to rule and the duty of a subject.

“Go away. And accept. Bow your head and swear allegiance. Only obedience will keep you alive.”

It was no different from any medieval kingdom.

* * * *

“Are you okay?”

The pinnacle of the Black Orcs and the chieftain of all Orcs in the Chinese continent. There was only one person who could treat Murka so lightly.

“What do you mean?”

Rigardo, the great warrior of the four beast gods. He asked Murka, the champion of the three great gods of Orcs.

“That’s definitely going to do something.”

“I guess so.”

“Besides, didn’t the boss also need human labor? I said this, but society doesn’t work without labor.”

Needless to say, the combat power of the Orcs was not overwhelming, but their numbers were not enough to overwhelm the humans.

The total number of Orcs spread across the continent was less than 2 million. On a continent boasting a population of 500 million, this number is less than a small minority.

Of course, there are a whopping 700,000 Orc warriors who are treated as at least a B-class hunter level. It is an enormous force, but it is only distributed across the continent and managed by Murka.

In other words, if you only aim for Murka, the head of the Orc Continental Federation, you might think it’s worth trying.

“Rigardo. The great warrior of the smelly beast gods. Do you think you are equal to me?”


At that question, Rigardo smiled wryly.

Hundreds of years since he joined the Orcs to escape Lionheart’s slaughter of barbarians.

Somehow, I fought the demon lord’s legion and went to the Demon World together.

In that extreme battlefield, most of the cultists of the Beast God died, and only one person who could be said to be the spokesperson of the Beast God remained, even Rigar.

“No, Boss and I are not equal.”

Rigardo fully understood the natural dynamics of power.

“Yes, does that hurt your pride? Do you want to twist your stomach and aim for my neck?”

“I can’t. I’m thinking of increasing my strength, but I don’t think I can win against you.”

Rigardo was convinced. Even the monstrous Vulcanus, who was regarded as the best vessel of the beast gods, could not stand against the Lion Heart King.

Then, the only thing that can deal with the monsters among the monsters that will go down in history is the orc right in front of them.

“Keuhehe, yes. But those humans aren’t like that.”

Murka saw former powerful people who couldn’t hide their contempt for her until the end. They will do anything for their lost power.

“This race does not easily give in to other races by nature. That is why he dared to use the word ‘negotiation’ without understanding the subject.”

Knowing their own weakness, they ask for the distribution of power while talking nonsense about justification and equality.

What a huge delusion that is.

“The weak are protected within the fence built by the strong. Then you should learn to obey the owner of the fence.”

That is Murka’s weak-knowledge.

The right to rule and the duty of a subject.

It is by no means different from Lionheart’s Lionheart. That’s why–

“There can’t be two suns under the sky. I’m looking forward to it.

As if the strongest orc in history foresaw this——

“You don’t have to be fair against orc beasts. Lord Spinner, let’s begin.”

[Kick! Preparing for the pilot operation of the ‘peacock level’.]

This clash is inevitably foretold.

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