The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 249


The third world countries gradually felt a survival crisis from the power of the orcs, and those who were cornered took extreme action.

-It is because of the black orcs that stupid orcs can do such collective action.

-If we just get rid of the leadership, they will return as before.

-Fortunately, the guys are vigilant. Demonstrations are still being held across the country, and a decision must be made before the Orcs strike prolongs.

The Orc Federation has yet to show any hard suppression of the citizens.

Confronting the demonstrators were human cops, and they were desperate too.

If they can’t subdue them and the orcs directly suppress them… it will inevitably result in a massacre.

In addition, economic problems were also serious. Ten days have passed since the general strike of the Orcs was declared.

Western civilization rebelled against the election results and staged another coup, criticizing the orcs’ strike, but the orcs did not snort.

Although they dispatched a small number of hunter raiding parties, they could not cover the vast Chinese continent.

-The number of dungeon breaks has reached a critical level. We need to kill Murka or something and push those beasts through the gate.

-But they disappeared after the last negotiations. It seems to be prepared for an attack…

– No problem with that part. Wuhan City, Republic of Wuhan. I figured out that they were gathered there.

-How do you get that information? Since that day, none of our satellites have been launched.

-Whoops, there is a sponsor.

The identity of the sponsor was not disclosed by the former chairman of the National Assembly, but they did not have the time to confirm its authenticity.

-How many troops can be mobilized? Hunter power matters.

– Hunters were recruited from each country. Taegong Warriors Guild, Warlord Guild, Red Revolutionary Guard—-Only 50 S-class hunters and 3,000 elites made up of all A-class hunters.

Indeed, continents were continents.

Even in this place where the population has been cut in half and there is no proper training center and self-growth through fist fights, there are 50 S-class hunters just by roughly gathering resistance forces.

Considering that there are only 20 people in Korea, a strong hunter country, it is a tremendous power.

– Not only this. The sponsor provided a large amount of ‘Star Iron Arms’. It’s a quantity that can arm everyone.


It was unbelievable, but when the star iron armour was mentioned, they guessed the identity of the sponsor.

-Really full of gods–

-Shh! I won’t end up dying if I mention their names in this operation!

The knights of the Pantheon are not mere slaughter machines, but soul slayers. There was no one who did not know that even demons were afraid of their power of extinction.

– On the surface, it is a warehouse for iron and steel belonging to the pantheon.

-What is the enemy power?

-According to the supporter’s observations, he is touring the federation with less than 500 SS.

– Cheeky bastards.

Orcs are a valuable military resource.

I admit that much, but that’s it.

The anti-orc alliance could not accept the sight of savage beasts on top of human heads.

To be precise, they couldn’t admit that their power was being taken away.

* * * *

silent Night. Bombardments from fighter jets glow red, and the spreading flames illuminate the city.

A signal came from the radio at the same time as the air force successfully bombed the government building in Wuhan.

[The air corps in Tianjin and Shenyang succeeded in preemptive strikes. Enter.]

“Damn Orcs.”

Hwang Chun-zai, an S-class hunter of the anti-orc union, felt a sense of contempt when he thought of the orcs who must have been crushed by the collapsed government building.

The 34th day of simultaneous Orc coups on the continent. In the meantime, Hunters from all over the continent had to feel deprived as they saw their marks so easily taken over by the Orcs.

They were the largest country in the world just 20 years ago. Even though they were torn to pieces with 53 pieces and pointed their guns at each other, it was all in order to restore the glory of the past.

The unified China is the best in the world. A country with such potential was taken away by such beasts.

‘I wonder if they’ll allow the beasts to stand on top of us.’

Today, I will annihilate those black orcs and reclaim the name of my country.

[Enemy units found! I will go into battle!]

The battle slowly began.

Hwang Chun-zai and the anti-orc union hunters believed in victory without doubt.

50 powerful S-class hunters who rose up for their country from all over the continent. For the stealth of the master, 3,000 people consisting of only the most elite A-class hunters were gathered.

They are veterans who have hunted as many orcs as they could at the gate.

Each one of them is an elite that can deal with an orc warrior. With just five hundred orcs——


[What kind of monsters…! support! Support——!?]


A shrill scream erupted from within, even without the radio or through him.

The screams that are not buried even in the noise of battle amplify anxiety.

The sounds of the radio burst from here and there, proving that the situation on the battlefield was never smooth.

“Captain! What should I do?”

“We are in a hurry too!”

Hwang Chun-zai thought that his allies could not be defeated easily.

Just now, the radio was from Jinbao’s unit, a leading S-class hunter in the Chinese continent.

There was no way the powerful force, which included only ten S-class hunters, could be defeated by only Orcs.

“An Orc Great Khan appeared in Jin Bao’s troops! Kill him and the Orc Federation will end!”

Indeed, do you have the qualifications to serve as the captain of the Orcs? Hwang Chun-zai rather saw this as an opportunity.

If only that orc is killed, the Orc Federation will collapse in an instant. Then this rebellion is a success.

“We are here! Where is the Great Khan——!”

the scene where the battle took place.

There, black orcs were slaughtering the hunters of the anti-orc alliance.

Jinbao, the S-class hunter, the pride of the Chinese continent, was held captive by his hair, leaving only the ‘neck’ while bleeding profusely.

“What is that guy?”

An ax soaked in dripping blood. Helcan’s champion Balbaza, who had a fierce impression full of scars, stared at Hwang Chun-zai, who had arrived while the battle was over.

“No, it’s nonsense. How can you already…”

There were only ten S-class Hunters. In the rest, there are hundreds of elites with numerous quasi-S and A-ranks. But what if less than a hundred black orcs slaughtered the most elite hunters?

“What are you going to do, Captain? I killed them all because I was too weak.”

The end of Balbaza’s gaze. There, a black gnome was clicking his tongue.

The number two of the Black Orcs. It was Krann, Murka’s right-hand man.

“What can I do? Humans are weak. Tsk tsk, I miss the days when I ran into knights.”

Recalling the nostalgic past, Krann pointed his staff at Chunzai Hwang and the Hunters.

something is coming! It was Hwang Chun-zai and the hunters who instinctively activated the defense skill at the moment, but swallowed the shame, saying that they were deceived when nothing happened soon.


Hwang Chun-zai, who was about to strike back at Cran at any moment, felt a strange pressure.

As if a huge presence was looking down on them——

“Now, wait.”

Looking up, there were huge, blazing green eyes looking down at them.

<Gokrok’s Gaze>

The next moment, a green ray hit Hwang Chun-zai and the Hunters.

“Oops. They said it was used as a material.”

Krann snorted at Balbaza’s question.

“The next guys don’t kill enough and catch them.”

Saying so, Krann’s gaze turned toward the void.

The black sea where the light that spreads roaring in the blazing fire does not reach. When the Great Khan intercepted the jokjok with his eyes on him, he finally appeared with the highest level of equipment.

“Is that the robot that even the great devils of wisdom said were annoying?”


Behind the supply of arms and intelligence to the Anti-Coalition. That obvious malice was directed at the Orc Continental Federation.

“It’s scary, it’s scary.”

In response to the chillingly inorganic gaze of the machine, Krann smiled and disappeared into the darkness.

* * * *

Half a year in which mankind’s activities in outer space were reduced due to Rakshaar. Yapi launched a new space integrated armament platform and at the same time sent a system to defend against the enemy’s satellite being shot down.

Duke-class non-combat observation mode.

It has a sleek design and has the form of a bipedal robot that resembles a human at first glance.

Even though it was an unfinished weapon, this machine noticed its presence and even evaded Murka’s green beam, which attempted to intercept it.

It is easy to be shot down with a stationary satellite, so it was a ducal class that was monitoring the Orc Continental Federation from space instead of a satellite, but this time the anti-orc alliance’s subjugation failure was to the point that it was difficult for even Yapi to report.


Yapi, who turned the Duke class into autopilot mode, looked at the eyes staring at them.

“Is it a failure?”


In response to Beatrice’s water, Yappy mechanically nodded in affirmation.

“Keukeuk, that’s why you can’t do that with such ragtag people.”

“Don’t laugh, Lord Vulcanus. A precious life is gone.”

At Karina’s point, Vulcanus barely held back his laughter.

“Well, it’s just that I don’t have a broad sense of humanity enough to be sad about the deaths of a few of those reckless bastards. The only thing I love is the people of the gods.”

“Yes, before His Majesty’s baptism, Kyung was the greatest villain of the century.”

A hardliner in the kingdom who insisted on wiping out the empire. Vulcanus has no love for humanity that loves and embraces everyone.

“But I can’t believe… that amount of power would be overwhelmed like this…”

Goo Dae-seong, who watched the battle video, looked shocked.

It must have been so, seeing S-class hunters, who were once in a far-off celestial realm, fall down like this.

“Orc champions… secondly, not all black orcs are usually strong.”

He literally crushed the best of S-class hunters and A-class hunters.

It’s not that there hasn’t been any damage among the Black Orcs, but there have been dozens of damage. It is no exaggeration to say that the battle ratio is 100:1.

“By the way, what does His Majesty think? Guys, formidable.”

“Well, he’s strong for a beast.”

Leon said that, but there was no sign of belittling it. Leon’s gaze turned to Yapi.

“Yes, how do you think Sir Spinner? You are better than us when it comes to analysis.”

-Minimum A-rank Hunter or higher. Among them, the best. It is estimated to have the same fighting power as the Holy Grail Knights.

“What about the champions?”

-Check the use of ‘divine power’. Analysis result… Holy Grail Knight level.


Leon is the scabbard of the holy sword. He said while holding the sacred relic of the first Lion Heart King.

“I have seen three orc champions at the gate of Lord Zereah’s relic convoy. Perhaps, in the original history, the reason why Zereah finally failed to escort the relic was because they intervened.”

They have the power to subdue even the Holy Grail Knights.

“Kuh, isn’t it a big deal? Even Murka wasn’t usually strong…”

Goo Dae-seong’s anxiety caused Leon to smile and look at him.

“I don’t know sir, but in the past, in the kingdom of Lionheart, it’s not that strange.”

Humans and Orcs.

Two races occupying similar living areas have inevitably competed for existence.

What Leon was surprised about in this world was that Orcs were weaker than he had imagined. But now it seems that I know the difference between the gap.

“They have been fighting each other constantly, representing the power of the gods.

Leon’s gaze returned to Goo Dae-sung. To him who does not understand the strength of an orc, to a saint who is still young.

“The strongest guardian, Jim, and the strongest Holy Grail Knights in history were under Jim’s command. How is it that the Orcs did not become extinct?”

Because they are so strong.

If they did not grow into monsters in the endless competition for survival, they would have gone extinct long ago.

“There are only hundreds of ghosts who remember those days now. The number of them has also decreased considerably.”

50 members of the Burning Sword Knights, including Leon, Karina, and Vulcanus.

Hundreds of Black Orcs, including Murka, Krann, orc champions and the last messenger of the Beast God.

“The time has come to end this tedious blood feud.”


The goddess of light and justice proclaimed the lion heart king’s declaration.

[The time has come to put an end to the gods of those insolent beasts! Sound the war horn! The true war will open!]

God of war and flame. Lionheart’s blood boils in front of the main reason why mankind came to believe in war.

“The true enemy of us Lionhearts is the Orcs from the beginning. This is the same for humans on this planet. This is a race for survival at the stake of species.”

The cause of the international community is fine. Even if they are cautious, Lionheart will prepare for a showdown with the Orcs.

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