The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 25: Noise Marketing (1)

Since the revival of Yacht Spinner, Leon has delivered a message that he will appoint him as a guild member of his guild.

“Then… I will register separately according to the procedure and come back!

“Okay, do your business and come.”

After letting Hari go, Leon walked down the empty hallway with the yakt spinner. An empty hallway with no one but Yacht Spinner. then–



Leon stopped the blood pouring out of his mouth.

[Are you okay, my knight!]

Feedback comes right away. Leon was relieved that the only people who saw him were the goddess and the Holy Grail Knight.

“it’s okay.”

Despite Leon’s words, Ariana gritted her teeth.

[As expected, isn’t it too much to appoint a Holy Grail Knight in a land lacking in faith?]

“It was necessary. It had to be done. Don’t worry.”

It was fine in a world that was perishing. Because the overflowing holy power on that land protected Leon.

But not now. Although they have spread their faith, it is only a small minority.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Holy Grail Knights are the agents of the gods, living saints.

Sublimation of such an existence consumed an enormous amount of holy power. If it wasn’t for Leon with the heart of a lion, it would be an exhaustion he couldn’t have endured.


Leon smiled benevolently as he read the Yacht Spinner’s thoughts.

“It’s not your fault. It’s my fault.”

[How could this be your fault? Your goddess is lacking.]

“Under any circumstance, divinity is not to be blamed. Please take the word.”

At that, Ariana was silent. Their knights of glory were faithful even at times like this. I can’t believe I’m an atheist who didn’t believe in God.

[My knight. Your goddess will always thank you for your devotion. However, even if you lack faith, the immorality of your goddesses and gods who did not take action has hurt you.]

The Goddess felt compelled to hasten what was going on in the pantheon of her heart.

[Get a good rest. Trust your gods and wait.]

“Are you Ariana?”

After saying that, Ariana returned straight to the heart of the Lion Heart King, where their pantheon was evacuated.

And there, she faced the divinities waiting for her.

* * * *

The day Lion Heart King Leon celebrated his 121st birthday.

The time when the world was destroyed by evil species and only one knight remained.

Leon inherited the will of all the fallen Holy Grail Knights and evacuated the Pantheon to his heart.

The gods embarrassingly evacuated with the body of the saint and watched Lion Heart King destroy the evil species for 180 years.

Even the gods did not stand still.

They gave the Lionheart all the power and authority they could give.

They made the only one remaining saint of them bear all the burden.


All the gods in the pantheon owed Leon an unrepayable debt.

“How is the baby?”

Demera, the god of life and fertility, asked how she was doing.

“It’s not good, Life. My article was overreacting.”

At this, the god of war and flame was enraged.

“It’s like appointing one Holy Grail Knight! In the past, where did the Lion Heart King, who maintained the splendid glory of the gods, go!”

“Keep your body, war. He has been fighting for the gods for over 200 years and has finally won.”

“I don’t know! That’s why I’m even more upset!”

It wasn’t blaming the Lion Heart King.

He loved Lion Heart King Leon Dragonia more than anyone else, and he was feeling humiliated.

The divinity of light and justice looked around at my brothers and sisters who might have similar feelings. and said

“The time has come to break the silence of 180 years, my brothers and sisters. I can no longer watch my knight suffer.”

How can I support the Lion Heart King and regain the glory of the pantheon?

I shouldn’t have burdened him alone for his sake. Shinsung also had to actively pioneer this situation.

“My brothers and sisters, you must support our only saint.”

“It’s not the only one anymore.”

It was iron and blacksmith who walked away. A divinity that is noticeably smaller and dwarfed than the other divinities, but is more muscular than anyone else.

Heto, who is worshiped by the Dwarves and can be said to be their main god, just mentioned the newly born saint.

“Yakt spinner. Hasn’t that child become a new saint?”

“Hmph…! A saint who doesn’t believe in divinity.”

“Complaints? War.”

“Of course! To become a saint, you must serve divinity and prove yourself! You are not qualified for that!”

sanctity of war. There were not a few divinities who agreed with his opinion. But there is only one reason why they are silent.

“The Lion Heart King guaranteed it. Where is something more important than this?”


At those words, the war put on a look of surprise. There was a screeching noise from the surroundings.

“Justice. Do you think Yakt Spinner lacks enough to become a Holy Grail Knight?”

Ariana responded promptly.

“He is a pure being who has stopped the conspiracies of evil species for a thousand years. He has no faith, but he is full of honor and loyalty. Iron.”

“Hmph…! Leon and justice place too much importance on chivalry. The path to victory in war is not enough with honor.”

War raged. He still seemed dissatisfied. Ariana asked Iron, assuming he would eventually respect her favorite War Knight.

“Cheol, there must be a reason for mentioning the yakt spinner. What are you thinking?”

Cheol smiled at Ariana’s question.

“180 years ago, all the Grail Knights were lost except for one Grail Guardian. The Grail Knights burned themselves as vessels for the descent of divinity until the last moment.”

“…that’s a well-known fact.”

“We learned about this world through the only life among us who secured a believer.”

“Is that so?”

“I’ve seen the world through the eyes of my faithful. And I’ve found some funny kids.”

Demera, the god of life and fertility. She shared what she saw with other deities.

[Brothers, this time I came to Naju Plain, which is hot these days!]

It was a broadcaster. Mr. Park is a one-sided farmer who farms while broadcasting on the Internet.

After experiencing the grace of blessed rice, they came to Naju Plain, which is said to have been purified of horsepower, just like the Honam Plain.

“What is that thing doing?”

As some of the gods tilted their heads as if they didn’t understand their intentions, Iron explained.

“I heard that in this world, which is the hometown of Lion Heart King, a medium called Internet broadcasting has recently developed. This can be said to be a very effective publicity medium.”

“Are you going to do missionary work?”

“Exactly. To show them miracles and real divinity. Not only this. This world is bound together by a space called ‘Internet’.”

At those words, the war was questioned.

“But, why didn’t the Lion Heart King think of this? Wasn’t he a resident of this world?”

Cheol shook his head and told the unfortunate truth.

“It seems that the time Lionheart died in this world was just before the Internet developed dramatically.”

Then, Chul begins to explain specific plans.

“With blessings that can be used immediately, including life, we will raise faith in various parts of society. The means of publicity will be the Internet and news and other media.”

“But what about trial and error? The newspaper that Leon had ambitiously launched would have barely settled down over the course of 20 years.”

“From there, our new Holy Grail Knight will step forward.”


The divinities cast a puzzled eye.

* * * *


The resurrected Yakt Spinner calculated his situation and what he had to do in the future.

「Lack of maintenance. A central information processing unit is required.”

First of all, the computing power that has fallen significantly now that it does not receive backup from the city. As a result, its main program is not running reliably.

But even as a machine, he has doubts.

Why can I move when I should be perfectly still?

Why does the computational power, which should have been zero originally, have the computational power of the subcomputer level?

Strong artificial intelligence tried to substitute thousands or tens of thousands of cases, but found that this was not logically explained. Above all–

[Heto is the god of iron and blacksmithing. From now on, you are my spokesperson and I am your guardian.]

A being that speaks to you without any communication device. And ‘every language’ that could be understood since the beings called ‘Hunters’ invaded the city.

Physically impossible phenomena that do not exist in the program are entered into the data.

Yacht Spinner had no choice but to sort out the words to sort this out.

「Sacred system in operation. Substitute anomaly A into the divine system. Leave it empty.”

A second problem arises in the middle of a phenomenon where machines have no choice but to conclude, ‘I’ll just pass this on’.

“Output 13%. It needs repairs as soon as possible.”

As the body was reduced to 1/100 of the size, the output dropped significantly.

It is absurd even for a machine to have 13% of the original output even at this size, but substituting it with a divine imaginary number and passing it off roughly.

The destroyed body could not be restored. We hacked the domestic computer system to find out alternative materials, but most of the materials on Earth could not replace the original gloves, and even if there were, the quantity was insufficient.

iron said there.

[Look at this. feel it It is the ‘God’s metal’ that can make your body.]


It was invisible but felt. Even without data, it could be calculated.

The strange physics I felt when fighting Leon. Divinity intervened power. With this, he should be able to manufacture his own body.

– Kik.

“What should this machine do?”

At this, along with iron laughter, ‘revelation’ came down.

Strong artificial intelligence quickly began to learn the necessary knowledge.

* * * *

“Huh? Manager. Look at this!”


“It’s Yup Tube, but did you get permission for this?!”

Head of the Hunter Association, Kim Jin-soo, saw the video his subordinates showed him and his eyes widened.

“Naju Plain? Yubtuber?”

The video started by showing the vast rice fields of the Naju Plain.

[A special crop that only grows in Naju plains. I will show you the efficacy of Manshinjeonpyo rice.]

A perfect voice that is unbelievably mechanical. A lithe voice that makes you like it just by listening begins to narrate.

[I ask what is so special about Manshinjeon rice. I’ll try to answer that in this video.]

Perfect ultra-high-definition video that supports up to 16K, BGM with unheard-of sound.

[The morning of the farmers who belong to the pantheon begins at 5 am every day.]

The skill of the video that flows like water is the skill of a professional no matter who sees it.

[The farmers of Mansinjeon begin with the temporary priest, Old Man Choi, and the pious prayer time of the farmers. Look at that. I am still praying to Demera, the goddess of life and fertility.]

The camera approaches the farmers praying towards the altar.

Rather than farmers, they are peaceful and free of blemishes, like guru who builds up training.

[What makes the pantheon’s crops special?]

-Eating the crops blessed by Demera makes you healthy and heals your illness. My wife had Alzheimer’s, but now she’s fine!

– My long-standing heart disease has been cured! Now I run 100m in 6 seconds!

It was nonsensical, but the screen changes and the video develops.

Like a sick dog eating rice and running around, or a dying cancer patient getting better.

[There is only one reason why all of this is possible. It is thanks to the gods of the Pantheon that His Majesty Leon Dragonia, the lion heart king of the Pantheon Guild, serves.]

– Dear Demera!

-His Majesty Lionheart, Hooray!

-Hooray for the other deities of the Pantheon!

“”… … .””

The video that the association employees of the Hunter department saw. They didn’t open their mouths until a few seconds after the video ended.

“……Who made this?”

“The Pantheon… Isn’t that His Majesty Leon?”

“Do you think that guy will be a yuptuber?”

“……Did a substitute make it?”

“He’s smart.”

It was strange. Putting aside the overly high-quality video, what was the purpose of making this video in the first place?

Isn’t it a bad advertisement for anyone to see? The reaction in the comments was the same.

– Shii haircut, what kind of advertisement is this again?

-What kind of bad advertisement is this? No waste of talent

– If you are Lionheart, isn’t that the survivor that’s hot these days? Attacked the Cheongju Gate.

– He’s a funny guy. No matter how ignorant of the Internet, I am an outsider, but is it okay to steal like this?

– Rather, it is being translated into 104 languages. What crazy payoen made it?

It was natural. Anyone can see that even gods are being mentioned in explicit advertisements.

These days, cheap commercials made with money for current affairs programs wouldn’t be so explicit and illogical.

Does eating rice cure cancer? Did the goddess bless the land?

It was something to be ridiculed for, saying it was nonsense.

If there’s a problem.

All of this is undeniably true.

Eating rice really cures cancer, and there were association employees who witnessed the goddess… At the center of all of them, the Lionheart, who came over from the other world, exists.

In other words, this is a video made by Leon.

“I need to meet Leon right now.”

What are you thinking? Manager Kim Jin-soo got ready to go out and called Han Ha-ri.

“What are you thinking?”

… … …

… …

Upload Complete.

The penthouse where Leon lives. Yacht Spinner removed the auxiliary arm converted to USB-C type from the laptop.

“Sir Yapi? Did you finish my laptop?”

A Yacht Spinner nodded as she returned Han Ha-ri’s laptop.

“Operation noise marketing. Phase One success. Transition to Phase Two. Hacking the network.”

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