The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 250

Heilong People’s Bureau

After the formation of the Orc Continental Federation, a massive surprise attack by the Anti-Orc Alliance, which took place in the middle of the night, turned into a fiasco.

Truly a one-sided slaughter. The high-ranking hunters that the Chinese continent was proud of literally went out.

-That… How are you going to win?

-Crazy, S-class hunters are no match.

-Isn’t that armament a star iron weapon? Was it something that could be torn like that?

-It’s said that if you don’t have faith, you can’t apply blessings to armor, but it’s at least a unique level equipment…

The devastating defeat of the Anti-Orc Alliance broke the will of the people of mainland China to resist.

As most of the Chinese continent went through the de facto surrender process, the resurrection of the world’s largest country by the Orcs was becoming a fait accompli.

“We stand against the dictatorship!”

“Orcs, do not trample on the will of the citizens!”

There was a place where the fire of resistance was not extinguished.

“You arrogant bastards. Still resisting.”

eastern continent. Heilong People’s Republic, located in the northernmost part.

It is the most important continental country in terms of food security, the biggest threat after the Gate incident, as it owns the Beidahuang Plain, one of the continent’s grain belts.

The third coup had already taken place there, but the will of the citizens to fight did not disappear.

The cause was clear.

“We are the followers of the Pantheon! This land is protected by the gods of the Pantheon!”

The People’s Republic of Heilong is one of the most famous countries where the belief in the pantheon has spread.

Even though it has a huge granary called Beida Huang, it copes with the slow gate peculiar to the dictatorial military regime. Due to insufficient power, dungeon breaks occurred frequently, and the land was contaminated with magical energy.

The priests of Goddess Demera preached the teachings, and not only did the land’s stamina recover, but there was also a famous story of a knight in this place–

“The People’s Republic of Heilong is a land protected by the holy grail knight of life and abundance, Lord Gu Dae-seong! How dare the orcs dare!”

Before Koo Dae-seong awakened as a Holy Grail Knight, his heroic story of defeating wild monsters and saving people while training as a knight became extremely famous after he became a Holy Grail Knight.

Koo Dae-seong is already a hero here in Heilong People’s Republic of China. They had no doubt that the pantheon would block the tyranny of the orcs.

When that led to the fifth coup, Black Oak Bulltan, who was in charge of this place, hit the occupied presidential palace table with his fist.

“Damn them! They keep bothering me! I’m going to wipe them all out!”

Bulltan even felt displeasure at the relentless resistance of humans. Black Orc Grokhan, who is the same to him, dissuades him.

“Stop it, fire. Didn’t the Great Khan command it? Never use forceful suppression. At least we shouldn’t be smeared with the blood of our orcs.”

“Hmph! I know, brother. Political blah blah blah blah. Murka-sama is too cautious.”

At Bultan’s blasphemous words, Grokhan shoved him on the shoulder.

“Be careful with your mouth, Bultan. The Great Khan does not condone disrespect.”

“I just did it. Didn’t the other brothers say they fought an honorable battle against the humans? But we’re in this corner chasing after the kids.”

The orc in uniform flinched in the back seat at the words of the fire.

He is the Orc General Groom of the People’s Republic of Heilong. The reason Black Orcs came to the Heilong People’s Republic of China was because he did not properly control the Heilong People’s Republic.

“Sorry, great warrior.”

The senile Orc General bowed his head in front of Bultan and Grokan. There is no humiliation there. He is the most powerful orc warrior in the People’s Republic of Heilong, but the two black orcs in front of him were on a different level.

There is no shame in orcs submitting to a great warrior. Besides, they brought a new ‘faith’.

The Three Great Gods of Orcs.

The faith they brought to the Orcs immediately fell in love.

You can become strong, but there is no reason not to fall for it.

Originally, Orcs did not believe in religion, but after seeing the transcendent strength of the Black Orcs, the Green Orcs willingly believed in the Orc Gods.

“But the power of the pantheon that has taken root in this land is also formidable. They will not back down easily.”

“Hmph! Deploy more human cops! Beat them all! That’s what I mean!”

Groom was perplexed by the force of the fire. He is a worn-out Orc enough to hold the rank of general in human society.

Although he didn’t understand human rights and whatnot, he knew from knowledge.

It’s not like yesterday or today to suppress the protesters hard, but the level of suppression the Black Orcs want isn’t going to be like that.

“It was the fourth election soon. I will look around and come back.”


“Don’t worry, brother. I’m just going to see what kind of things he’s talking about.”

Grokan couldn’t stop the burning fire he was talking about. Of course, so is General Groom.

Although uneasy, Grokan had no choice but to follow the fire.

* * * *

The Heilong People’s Government was already holding its fourth election this time.

four coups. four elections,

Most continental nations succumbed to the Orcs and accepted their rule.

Originally, the countries of the Chinese continent did not have many anti-government actions such as protests.

This is because dictatorships do not have the capacity to participate in protests because it is difficult to suppress protesters and make a living right away.

On a fictional day, the exploding dungeon break causes the land to become polluted and the place to live gradually disappears, so it’s only natural.

But Heilong People’s Republic was different.

[Heilong People’s Bureau. Mansinjeon-led land development project triggered.]

[Sir Yacht Spinner, developing a large-scale high-tech agricultural complex.]

They saw hope for the future as the pantheon advanced and spread their faith in the People’s Republic of Heilong where there was little hope for the future.

They would rather have the pantheon rule them than accept the rule of the orcs.

“Symbol No. 2 Liu Yi-Ming! As a follower of Goddess Ariana, I will bring about the development of our Heilong People’s Republic!”

Thus, the fourth candidate for the election was candidate Liu Yi-ming, who was an official fan of the pantheon.

He ran in the election with the support of an enthusiastic populace, an overwhelming approval rating compared to General Groom, who ran in the election despite losing three times.

“Tch, weaklings squeak like mosquitoes.”

Bulltan clicked his tongue as he watched the procession of protesters.

The insipid-looking guys hold up pickets and say something about the orcs and step back.

Things that can’t even be eaten in one hand run wild, so Bultan, a born warrior, has no choice but to be angry.

“Burn. Once again, keep in mind what the Great Khan has commanded.”

Worried that Bultan might swing an ax at the demonstrators, Grokhan warned him again, and Bultan replied honestly, even though he thought he was a nag.

“Don’t worry brother. You worry too much.”


Can I really trust you? Grokhan was worried, but decided to trust his brother who had fought alongside him for hundreds of years.

“Anyway, it seems that Lionheart’s faith has spread quite a bit here.”

“The Lion Heart King came to Earth earlier than we did. Since he settled down first, his power is greater than ours.”

“It seems they haven’t even formed a nation yet?”

“It’s not that the elder couldn’t tell you, he said ‘I didn’t do it’.”

Lionheart’s strength comes not from the size of the country, but from the wide spread of faith.

The Lion Heart King must have known that if he established a nation and started conquest, he would face opposition from the existing nations.

That’s why the power of faith that they can’t deny. He said that he was gradually taking over the world through Demera’s blessed crops and Dragonia’s golden contract.

As Grokan heard it, he thought that the Lion Heart King was a cunning man.

The belief in the pantheon is completely from another world, but the benefits of that belief cannot be denied.

It is the faith of the pantheon that can only be encroached upon knowingly, and with enough time, it will soon be able to take over the world.

‘The elder said he would follow the method of the pantheon. Join the Orcs of the world to the Federation to expand and grow in power. That’s the big picture the Great Khan draws.’

Until then, it is necessary to increase and stabilize the forces, and now the Orcs are not suppressing the protesters by force.

Giving no room for Lionheart or other countries to interfere.

That is the big picture of Murka, who is aiming for a one-on-one battle with Lionheart while maximizing the power of the Orcs.

“There’s an orc!”

But then, one of the demonstrators pointed a finger at Bultan and Grokhan.


Burtan and Grokhan looked at each other with puzzled eyes.

It is also true that at the same time as the shouts of the protesters, some protesters started pouring in.

“Orcs, go back home!”

“”go back! go back!””

Hearing the protesters’ harsh voices, Grokhan was worried that the fire would run amok, but he was surprisingly calm.

“Heh, talk only with your mouth.”

He didn’t look like the little dwarves, no more than a fistful in size, were screaming in front of him.

If it was an orc, I’d rather pick up an ax and wield it, but humans are just as weak in their way of protesting as their weakness.

“Let’s go back, Grokhan. I don’t think there’s anything more to see.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea.”

It was when Bulltan turned his back, enduring better than expected.


Something hit him on the back and yellow liquid flowed out. It was an egg thrown by protesters.

“These children…”

As the flames roared and strode toward the protesters, the protesters had no choice but to shrink in front of the huge orc.


Wherever you go, there are bold people.

“What? What are you going to do? You bastards!”

“This bastard?”

Bulltan growled and looked down at the human in front of him.

“Do you want to die, human?”

“Uh! I want to die, dude! Uh! Kill me!”

Are you crazy? Grokan was suspicious of what the human in front of him believed.

“Burn, we have to endure here.”

Murka never allowed the orcs to intervene in the protesters.

Rather, even if he loses the election, he is in the position that it is enough to cause another coup.

This was a fight for cause, and Lionheart’s inability to interfere in internal affairs is to expand the power of the Federation.

In the midst of that, if he offered an excuse…

– Took!



It happened in an instant.

Protesters suddenly burst into flames and knock! And they bumped into each other a little and kudang-tang! and fell back noisily.


“What, what?”

The protesters who bumped into Bultan and Grokhan, embarrassed or not, rolled over the asphalt road screaming loudly.

“Aigoo! Orcs are killing people! This is democracy suppression!

“What is this human being saying!”

“Ouch! Ugh! Ugh! Eh! My shoulder! My arm! My leg yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!”

“Orcs fan the protesters!”

“Hey take it! Take it all!”

Camera flashes going off in all directions. Dozens of smartphones took pictures of protesters’ violent orcs burning and grocans.

“Eh, these guys?!”

The orcs didn’t know.

Chinese continent. A wild land where all kinds of blackmail and insurance scams are rampant.

In this place, the victim is the bad guy.

This video immediately started uploading on YouTube, which is connected to the global network.

[Shock! Orc Continental Federation suppresses peaceful protesters demanding democracy with violence!]

[Citizens assaulted by Black Orcs. Democracy cannot be lost even in critical condition! scream!!]

[Citizens’ aspirations for democracy!! Candidate Yiming Liu, criticizing Candidate Groom!]

“Daejeonsa sir! What the hell did this happen!”

General Groom, the number one candidate who came to the stationed Black Orcs. He showed the video uploaded on yuptube.

“I-I’ve never hit you this far! Ji came and bumped into me!”

“Yes, that’s right. I saw it from the side!”

“But the video…!”

A more detailed video of the protesters was uploaded on YouTube, but in that video, it was a video of Black Orcs beating protesters mercilessly.

The number of views has already exceeded 100 million, and there is no one who has not watched this video for some reason.

[Burn! Grokan! How did this happen!]

The situation was so serious that even the Black Orc Command, who watched the video, came down with criticism. The two Black Orcs were on the verge of going crazy, but—

[Pyongyang Special Self-Governing Mayor Black Dragon! I will not stand by this situation!]

[European Union. We strongly condemn the anti-human rights acts of the Orc Continental Confederation.]

[President Hobson. Discussion of regulatory measures for the Ord Continental Federation.]

[His Majesty Leon Dragonia Lionheart, anger at the excessive suppression of human rights by the Orc Continental Federation!]

Things have already happened, and the super robots trying to make up for their past failures behind all of this put more effort into manipulating public opinion.


[Announcement of Heilong People’s Bureau election results! Candidate Liu Yi-ming is elected!]

[Dispatch of Pantheon Knights to protect Liu Yi-Ming!]

[Orc coup! Unusual withdrawal announcement! Will the aspirations of democracy come true!]

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