The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 251

Field Battle (1)

[The violence of the orcs towards the demonstrators who aspire to democracy!]

[The miraculous election of candidate Liu Yi-ming!]

[The next day, the orc coup will not happen!]

[Democracy wins!]

– Kwajik!

The large screen pad is mercilessly squeezed by the grip. Even though it was a sturdy military pad for Orcs, it didn’t mean much in the hands of Orcs.

“I told you not to.”

Murka’s eyes turned to the two black orcs. His

“It was for a reason, and it was because I decided that now was the time to avoid a head-on collision!”

The two orcs trembled like aspen trees.

The Black Orcs dispatched to various parts of the continent represent Murka.

Their actions soon vindicated Murka, and that is why he demanded sufficient warning and prudence.

“Ha, but Daekan! We are really unfair!”

“That’s right! Protesters arbitrarily attacked us…! We’ve never done anything like that in the video!”

Bulltan and Grokan also had unfair sides. Because they really didn’t touch the protesters.

Murka highly predicted the possibility that they had disregarded his orders, but also the possibility that they were innocent.

“Back off.”

At Murka’s order to celebrate, the two orcs sighed in relief and retreated, while Murka sat down and let out a ferocious noise.

“It’s getting annoying.”

“Yes, it was the land that should have been secured as a safe zone.”

Murka looked at the map. continental map. A map of the vast lands of the Chinese continent marks certain points.

“Now that this has happened, we will secure Jilin’s and leave.”

“I’ll leave it to Skyra. But if they took over Heilong, they might have noticed.”


– Right! right!

Murka rested her chin on it and tapped the armrest with her fingers. It is a thoughtful expression.

“That’s not something we can guess, is it?”

Murka’s red gaze goes beyond Krann.

There, a goblin and a human wizard trembled with awkward smiles.

* * * *

“Thank you, Your Majesty. Thanks to Your Majesty’s protection, we were able to win the election.”

Liu Yi-ming, the new president of the Heilong People’s Army, bowed to Leon to the extent that it was too much to be called a president.

For him, a member of the pantheon Ariana Church, Leon is the saint of the church. Beyond politics, he is only a member of the church in front of him.

“President Liu Yi-ming. I have introduced Sir Gu Dae-seong to help you, but it is not free. So do your duty.”

“Of course, Your Majesty. I’m just grateful that you saved this country from the hands of those beasts.”

President Liu Yi-ming was a politician whom Koo Dae-sung met while serving as a knight in the Heilong People’s Bureau.

As a city council member in a quiet rural city, it seemed that he tried to help Dae-seong Goo, who was hunting monsters while training as a knight, at the city level.

In addition, even if you claim the name of the goddess Ariana in politics, it can be said that the first screening of the documents is passed at once because the goddess is not lacking.

– I want you to disclose all information to this machine. Useful after proper analysis.

President Liu Yi-ming did not show any antipathy toward Yapi, who was giving instructions from above Hari’s head.

Rather, it is an honor to know and receive instructions from this mechanical saint.

“Of course, Sir Yacht Spinner. With the authority of the President, we will disclose all information to the Pantheon. Don’t worry about the rebels. Our government intends to fully cooperate with His Majesty’s ‘Lionheart Coalition’.”

“Lord Spinner will cooperate with you in governing the country. I will give you useful advice, so follow it.”

It was a de facto declaration of interference in internal affairs, but President Liu Yi-ming showed no sign of hesitation.

Leon does not violate the rights of the legitimate ruler.

Even if it goes against Lionheart’s rules and common sense, even if it’s a way to vomit the flagship of democracy, not power bestowed by God.

“Umm, first of all, the Korean government doesn’t know…”

When Hari pretended not to know with an embarrassing smile, Leon smiled.

“Isn’t this the wisdom suggested by your government?”

“Well, to be precise, His Excellency the President informed me through the NIS…”

“Yeah, let’s do something like that.”

The plan to form a lionheart federation by appointing an agent like President Liu Ming and gradually forming a Lionheart Federation was a plan that President Andong-gil directed directly to the National Intelligence Service.

The Korean government’s active support for Leon was also due to food security, which was linked to the Heilong People’s Bureau.

It wasn’t very pleasant for the Continental Orc Confederation to take control of China, Korea’s main food importer.

“Your Majesty, although we did manage to subjugate the six countries of the Chinese continent…”

“But it’s nothing compared to their federation.”

More than 40 of the 53 countries on the Chinese continent were swallowed up by Orcs.

Most of the countries that depended on the orcs for their society had to be seen as having been annexed.

The People’s Republic of Heilong was a place where the orcs did not have a particularly strong grip, so they could have been swallowed up so easily.

“Well, it’s good. Gradually pressing them down is enough. But is it the Lionheart Federation?”

All of a sudden, it was like following the Orcs. Leon arrived at a certain building with the knights before he knew it.

It was a building full of orcs.


An orc in military uniform stopped Leon and Yafi and the others.

“This is the Heilong Ministry of Defense building! Anyone can bring in——isn’t that great?!”

Leon glared at the Orc soldiers and displayed his energy without hesitation.

Just by revealing his coercive aura, quite a few creatures can’t even breathe.

Even more so, the opponent is a creature that is second only to the devil, the enemy of the mortal enemy.

Until now, he had allowed the existence of the orcs only out of respect for the country’s rule of law and its leaders.

“President Liu Yi-ming handed over all authority to the king, but how dare an animal block the king’s path?”

At Leon’s sad gaze, the Orc soldiers shrank in a cold sweat. They went straight to the walkie-talkie and waited for instructions, but the voice from the walkie-talkie sounded nervous.

[Stop it somehow! Buy time!]

And the sound of the walkie-talkie could be heard clearly even by Leon.

“Shallow water…”

When Leon smiled and gestured, Yapi swung the wire in an instant.


“This, this guy…!”

Yapi and Hari, who captured the Orc soldiers at once, entered the Ministry of Defense building with the knights following them——

“Ugh! Look at those guys!”

“I don’t know what to do!”

There, he found Orcs who were destroying documents.

“Subdue them. They are traitors who betrayed the country.”

At Leon’s instruction, the knights began to subdue the orcs at once.

A group of knights armed with legendary star iron weapons. Although the Orcs and the Ministry of Defense staff working at the government building were not able to stop it——

– Kwaaang!

The wall collapses and a giant orc appears.

The orc, holding an ax as big as his own, was fully armed.

“These guys! Where is this place!”

“General Groom…!”

Hari drew her sword in front of Leon. Anticipating a collision, he accompanied the Knights, but the Orc general in front of him was on his guard.

“Please follow the instructions calmly! We have been entrusted with authority by His Excellency Liu Yi-ming!”

“Noisy! Little bitch!”

General Groom’s violent voice made Hari shut up.

Indeed, the legendary Orc Hunter of Heilong People’s Republic. It is the momentum of a mastermind who took control of the Ministry of National Defense and launched a coup d’état by force alone to run for the president.

“Clean up well. Sir Spinner with Jim.”


“your majesty?!”

Hari was horrified to see Yaffe leaping from above her head and following Leon.

“Sah, the opponent is General Groom, an S-class hunter?! I’m going to fight alone?!”

Hari, who was left alone, sent her eyes to ask for Yapira to be left, but Leon’s jade sound flowed indifferently.

“If the name inherits the heart of Duke Renoir, the Orc mortician, even hold an orderly funeral for an animal.”

Hari opened her mouth wide as Leon clicked away, but no more voice came out.

It was because he blocked Grom’s movement to swing the ax toward Leon’s back.

– Kaang!

Axes and swords collided, and the giant orc and the slender girl engaged in a power struggle.

“Get out of here, bitch!”

“Ugh, ugh!”

Amidst the loud noise, Leon passed through the hallway of the building as Yapi led him. Busy moving orcs and human soldiers were numerous.

“Tsk tsk. No matter how good a soldier’s virtue is, how can he be so loyal to beasts without honor?”

-Is it okay?

“What do you mean?”

-General Groom. Heilong People’s Highest Rank Hunter. Hari Han. crap.

“It’s quite underrated.”

-Data don’t lie.

You might see it that way. Groom, the gate hero of the Heilong People’s Republic, is a worn-out S-class hunter, and Hari is the youngest, but it’s been less than a year since he was promoted to S-class.

“Even though he’s a kid, he’s a knight who went on a demon hunt with Jim. He’s also gifted.”

Follow Yaffe down the stairs. A few orcs tried to block it, but Yapi simply overpowered them with a wire.

The place we arrived at was the server room. It was the time when Yapi was trying to arrest an employee who tried to burn down the server room.

“Besides, Hanhari’s heart is against orcs—”

– Kwak!

The ceiling collapsed and something crashed along with it.

“Heeuk! Heeuk! Heeuk!”

It is Hari gasping for breath and a charred Orc general. It seemed to be hidden.

“This, I’m going to win…”

“Oh, good job.”

Leon remembered the saint of war and flame before Vulcanus. The memory of them burning the green wave in their war against the orcs.

“Well, I wouldn’t want that much, but…”

It was true that I was looking forward to it.

“Sir Spinner. How long will it take?”

-7 seconds is enough.

Yapi transformed the mechanical arm and connected to the server room. It only takes 4 seconds for Yapi to secure all the data in the independent server of the Ministry of National Defense. It took 3 seconds to analyze all the data.

– Results of checking data for the last 6 months. find something odd.

“What is it?”

– The Ragnarok Plan. There are traces of links with certain defense research institutes in the Republic of Jilin regarding the plan.

The Republic of Jilin was a country that invaded the Heilong People’s Republic after an orc coup d’état changed the government in the past.

After Yaffi stepped out to make up for the week of wrath and punished them, the world of orcs was not the same as before.

“Heh. Was he the one who sold the country long ago?”

Still, given that the country was taken, is it a grandiose wish to wish patriotism to beasts?

– I will dispatch an emergency response force immediately.

“Do as the Lord wills.”

As soon as Yapi sent the message, the water in the middle of the Yellow Sea shook and missiles began to rise.

* * * *


Inside the missile shaking loudly. Goo Dae-seong was very nervous about the ride, which he couldn’t even say with empty words.

“Heh heh, Sir Koo Dae-seong! How are you so excited?”

Goo Dae-seong, the image of Lord Raihar, of the Burning Sword Knights, eating beef jerky without wearing a seat belt.

“Is this… is it safe?”

A missile for transporting knights fired from a Dominator-class submarine carrier was currently passing through the stratosphere.

It seems far from safe, even with empty words, to burn five knights, soar into space orbit at the speed of Mach 20, and then fall into the terminal orbit.

“Well, what if it’s not safe? Where can I get a ride like this?”

“Isn’t that unsafe?!”

When Koo Dae-seong asked in shock, Raihar shrugged his shoulders and answered.

“I fall sometimes, but don’t worry. If you land well, you won’t get hurt.”

Goo Dae-sung’s complexion became even more paler when he heard that he had one foot out of 20.

“Oh, are you okay?”

“What else wouldn’t be okay? Lord Vulcanus soars up to space and is fine even if he falls.”


I thought so. Vulcanus repeatedly climbs up to the stratosphere and then falls, but I have never heard of anyone getting hurt.

“Then it’s safe——!?”

A steeply tilted interior. Goo Dae-seong had a hunch that the missile was going down.


safety? I know you do, but it’s also scary. Come to think of it, even when he went to an amusement park when he was young, he couldn’t ride a roller coaster.

“Boo, Lord Vulcanus!”

“Huh? What?”

“Sir Vulcanus, where are you and what are you doing?”

Regret slashes at the increasingly accelerating missile. So, I resent those who are not here and say useless things, saying that this is not the place for me to be.

“I heard you’re going to claim the land you’ve been looking for as a villa!”


In the midst of the fall, Goo Dae-seong was horrified to see the broken metal plate of the missile creaking.

Be safe! It’s safe!!

Red flames witnessed in the far sky while part of the missile shell fell off and disintegrated in real time.


Perhaps the ‘airspace’ so far away that even the Holy Grail Knights cannot see it. There, the Holy Grail Knight of War, falling with a cheerful laugh, came into view.

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