The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 252

Field Battle (2)

The past, less than a year from now.

Among the 53 countries claiming to be the true heirs of the Chinese continent, one country invaded another one.

Invasion of the People’s Republic of Heilong by the Republic of Jilin.

The war, triggered by General Oak’s coup, ended with the unexpected intervention of the United States and Russia, which launched satellite weapons into the Republic of Jilin without any declaration of war.

It was now crashed by Rakshaar, but God’s staff and grizzly laser satellites bombarded the Orc army of the Republic of Jilin, and a certain unit took advantage of the confusion to assassinate the leader–

That is a generally known fact.

The truth is that Yapi, who was intervening in the stock market in the name of a pantheon, hacked the Mirror’s state-of-the-art satellite weapons to prevent the stock market from crashing, misfired, and directly assassinated the Orc leadership.

Since then, the Republic of Jilin has lost control of its national power and has been in an unstable and unstable situation.


National Defense Research Institute of the Republic of Jilin. More precisely, dozens of missiles fell over this secret laboratory for researching and supplying gate attack equipment for the Orcs, the main body of the military.

There was a slight error, but from the missiles that fell right in front of the research center, anachronistic knights in full plate armor appeared on horseback.

“Whoa whoa whoa~ Calm down, old comrade.”

The words that were tumultuous at the impact of the missile’s fall quickly calmed down with the touch of an old friend.

“Then, are we right?”

Baltan Burning Sword Holy Grail Knight Raihar looked at the large research building in front of him.

“Ugh… I just communicated with you, that’s right…”

It was information that the National Defense Research Institute of the Republic of Jilin was related to General Groom, who had staged a coup in the Heilong People’s Republic.

“Why is General Groom related to a secret laboratory of an enemy country?”

– Estimated to have been in contact after the ceasefire negotiations.

“Since the truce was negotiated?”

I was a little puzzled. Why did he contact the Jilin Republic Research Institute almost a year ago instead of after Murka appeared?

When Koo Dae-sung seemed to be struggling, Raihar gave a cool answer.

“What do you have to ask? Since His Majesty has taken control of the Heilong People’s Republic, shouldn’t that Orc General be killed?”

“That’s true, but…”

Anyway, the fact that this laboratory has connections with General Groom. And Groom had to confirm that he intended to hand over the entire Heilong People’s Republic to the Orc Continental Federation.

“By the way, Sir Yapi. Could you please send me something like that huge space weapon? Other than Marquis or Count.”

-Moving to mid-low orbit in preparation for the downfall of enemy forces. We recommend doing it locally.

The space platform supporting this operation cannot be fully used. This is because if you put a satellite in a high-altitude geostationary orbit that monitors the continent, you will be attacked.

-The opponent can intercept even in a circular orbit of 35,786 km in the geostationary orbit. Presumed to be concept penetration by Orc’s divine power.

“I don’t know, but it’s hard anyway.”

Raihar, who had no knowledge of the universe, was dismissed, but Goo Dae-seong, who had his own knowledge of modern people, was shocked.

‘Attacking a satellite in space?’

I wondered if such a thing was possible, but when I thought about it, Rakshar also shot down Earth satellites throughout the universe.

As a Holy Grail Knight, he wondered if such a thing would be possible, but it seems that there really is no limit to the transcendental beings such as the Holy Grail guardian Leon, the demon lord, and the Orc Great Khan.

“I’ll go in right away. Even though there’s this chaos, I wonder if no one is there because the lights are off—”

It was when Laihar said so.

– Boom!

It rushed with a burst of air.

All of the Holy Grail Knights heard the terrifying sound. But its speed is faster than sound.

“Sir Raihar!”

The only one who was able to cope with that speed was none other than Goo Dae-sung. Raihar was protected by the shield of the earth, and when he collided with it, his identity was finally revealed.


“Sir Koo Dae-seong!”

The shock didn’t end there. The spear, which did not lose its strength even after colliding with the earth’s shield, pushed Goo Daeseong forward.

– Kwajijik!

Goo Dae-sung’s ankles dig into the ground as he blocks it with brute force. Goo Dae-sung twisted his shield slightly and the spear bounced off.


It was when Koo Dae-seong was relieved of the javelin of some guy.

“Koo Dae-seong! It’s not over yet!”

Lord Raihar’s cry. Goo Dae-sung’s gaze is directed toward the window embedded in the floor.


A strange painting carved into the window. It deviated from the window as if it were about to explode—

“Dear Demera!”

Step on the ground and pour the power of the earth. A heap of dozens of tons of soil wrapped around the window, but it couldn’t stop all the light from leaking out.

– Kwaaaaang!!

A rising mushroom cloud. The aftermath of the explosion was enough to shake the armor.

“The response was good. It’s the first time I’ve seen it, but he responded well.”

“What the hell is that?”

“It’s an explosive javelin used by hunters of the Orc hunting god Skunik. It’s been a while since I’ve seen an explosive javelin of that level.”

Koo Dae-seong is stunned at Raihar’s words. Similarly, Lord Galatan of the Knights of the Burning Sword approached and testified.

“When Your Majesty was still a Grail Knight, you’ve surpassed the level of the warchiefs I saw in the Orc Wars. At least an Orc Champion is here.”

“… it’s called bingo.”

There are some important people here. Goo Dae-seong was able to be sure that they had come to the right place.

“I’m entering! I’ll do the second throw——”

That was the moment. Inside a dark building, dozens of windows are thrown through windows and walls.

Lord Raihar shouted.

“Baltan Burning Sword Knights! Balgum!!”

In response to the flying throw, the riders of the god of war pour out a wall of fire.


The Knights of the Burning Sword, who blocked the first attack, rushed with Goo Dae-seong at the head.

Daeseongbeop <Spear of the Earth>

The land they ran on was on their side, and under the great protection of the Holy Grail Knight, they broke through a barrage of javelins and entered the building.


And there, they met an orc champion riding a huge wild boar.

“Annoying guys. Not even one of them has been killed.”

Skira, the champion of Skunic, the orc hunting god. He and the Orc Riders riding wild boars confront the Holy Grail Knights.

“Orc Champion…”

I’ve also heard of Goo Dae-sung. He said he encountered orc champions on the other side of helping Zereah’s relics.

The fact that the strongman of the Holy Grail Knight class is right in front of you means that this conflict may not end as a simple conflict.

‘Can I win? It’s not that I don’t believe in the ability of the Burning Sword Knights, but…’

The problem is yourself. Considering that they are of the same level as Holy Grail Knights, it is clear that my skills are below average among Holy Grail Knights.

He had undergone Karina’s rigorous anti-personnel combat training for the past half year, but he had never defeated her before.

“Lord Raihar. I will take over as the Orc Champion. In the meantime, those Black Orcs—”

It was then. Goong! and the feeling of being squeezed by the air.

This sensation, which makes even the Holy Grail Knight chill, is similar to Leon, Murka, and Vulcanus.

“The Holy Grail Knights and the Order of Knights. No wonder the troublesome writers gathered.”

The identity of the chill was a silver-haired man exuding ferocious spirit like a beast.

Although he looks like a neat young man, his energy is ferocious and savage.

“Could it be that he was still alive?!”

Lord Raihar, who had been burning his fighting spirit until just now, was astonished.

“Are you… someone who knows?”

“Rigardo, the great warrior of the beast gods… When Sir Vulcanus was the monster of the evil gods, he was the second-in-command of the barbarians.”

“I thought he would have died long ago in the war against the devil…”

The Burning Sword Knights are veteran knights of the same era as Leon. Each of them looked nervous, as if they knew Rigardo, but Rigardo, on the contrary, was rather pleased.

“Oh~ The Burning Sword Knights. Aren’t they the ones who slaughtered tens of thousands of our brothers?”

There was no anger or hatred on Rigardo’s expression. Rather, it seems that the cool and easy-going thing reminds me of old memories.

“It was fun then. How is Vulcanus doing?”


The Knights of the Burning Sword tried hard to calm the horse down from the tyrannical spirit exuding from the man, but it was not easy.

A beast is the way to recognize a beast. The horses fluttered as if they knew with their sixth sense the danger of the beast.

“Back off, Skira.”


However, the words that came out of Rigardo’s mouth were unexpected.

“The purpose has been achieved. There is no need to clash.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Wiping them out of here will be what the Great Khan wants.”

“Do you really think so?”


At those words, Skira was silent. The Great Khan does not yet want an all-out war with Lionheart.

It was because he thought it would be much more efficient and effective to mobilize the orcs and use that plan.

It’s not impossible to wipe them out here, and it’s true that if the Holy Grail Knights and the Knights are wiped out, it’ll be a big blow–

“You just saw the flames of Vulcanus in the sky. If it’s him, he can come here as soon as he gets a call. Even if he crosses the continent, 10 minutes is enough for him.”

Can you wipe out one Grail Knight and the Grail Knights in those 10 minutes?

“If you go out, you’ll be able to deal with that monster, right?”

“Because I’m the last remaining beast god’s warrior, I have to roll my body a little more.”

At Rigardo’s refusal, Skyra snorted and turned the nose.

“You’re lucky, tin cans.”

When Skyra steps down, the Black Orc Riders join in as well. Watching them retreat, Koo Dae-seong and the Holy Grail Knights were unable to pursue.

Rigardo, the great warrior of the Beast Gods. because of that one man.


Rigardo laughs and disappears along with the orcs.


“It was dangerous.”

It was a crisis situation that even the warlike Holy Grail Knights could comment on.

“But I think it’s too late. They’ve destroyed everything we’re looking for.”

It has been a long time since all servers and computers in the laboratory were destroyed. Yapi will come and find out the data, but since it is physically destroyed, it will be difficult to get the right one.

“Sir Koo Dae-seong! Sir Raihar! Look here!”

A knight urges as if he has discovered something. Goo Dae-seong, who visited them, found an unexpected bonanza.


The only intact data room among the thoroughly destroyed research institutes. It was rather unnatural that it was preserved.

As if hoping to be found.

“Let’s check before Lord Yapi comes!”

Goo Dae-seong hurriedly looked at the data and soon became distorted with astonishment.

“This crazy…”

Ragnarok Plan.

It was at this moment that the true nature of this plan was revealed.

* * * *

Taiwan entered a period of great chaos after the incident in which Leon completely replaced Taiwan’s leadership.

It was revealed that the upper echelons, including the Führer, bureaucrats, and soldiers were all servants of the devil.

In the middle of the capital, the great demons called in an army of demons, and the Taiwanese army came forward to support them.

Citizens were enraged, and they went so far as to burn the demon follower officials to death.

– Although a new Führer was elected, to be honest, I feel uneasy.

-I chose him because I had no one to stand up for, not because I liked him.

– Why is there not a single pantheon among our politicians?

-Originally, dirty people will be punished if they say that they believe in the pantheon.

At a time when the distrust of the social leadership reached its peak and the collapsed social system and the military were not properly restored, a disaster occurred on the mainland across the sea.

[Formation of the Continental Confederation of Orcs. Will the scattered continents unite again!]

Orcs took over most of the Chinese continent in the blink of an eye. This caused great anxiety among the citizens.

– What is it, those guys? Isn’t that what you’re attacking?

– The spirit of the Orcs is unusual. Among the politicians who work there, there is a writer who shouts ‘one China’.

Since its founding, Taiwan has lived under threat from the mainland.

Although the cataclysm that hit the world unexpectedly saved them, the mainland has been crying out for Taiwan’s restoration even after the country was torn apart.

Up until now, he had been busy with his own life and didn’t have the energy to participate in the event, but now it was different.

Taiwan is currently weak, and a powerful military power has been born on the mainland in less than a day.

– What is the Führer doing! Take action quickly!

At the request of the citizens, President Jinrong in his first year was confused.

“Damn it! What are you saying to me!”

Taiwan, where many devil followers have been expelled, has yet to restore power.

If you want to replenish your power right away, you have to bring in outside manpower, but aren’t the Orcs the representative mercenary group?

There was no point in bringing in orcs who were being threatened by the orcs. There were two countries that the new Taiwanese government could grab even by the crotch of pants.

“When will the Korea-Japan trilateral meeting come?”

“After a meeting internally…”

“I need it right now! Orcs have already eaten half the continent!”

President Jin Rong was also on the verge of stress-induced hair loss for the past month.

It has only been a decade since Taiwan has been free from threats from the mainland. It was only when the mainland China, which was so huge, was torn into 53 pieces, that Taiwan also had a national power that surpassed that of the divided mainland China.

However, in the situation where most of the leaders were demon followers and the power vacuum was swept away by the Lionheart’s knights, a warlike superpower emerged in front of their noses?

Not only President Jinrong, but the entire Taiwanese people are bound to be engulfed in anxiety.

“Your Excellency the President. Park Yong-shin, Princess Hanbit, has visited.”

“After that, ask them to come in.”

In the midst of this, it was a South Korean pseudo-religious leader who had long been a headache in Taiwan who requested a visit.

However, it is an old saying that Hanbitgung was a pseudo-religion. After receiving the baptism of the Lion Heart King, aren’t they the ones who claim to be faithful servants of the pantheon more than anyone else?

“It’s an honor to meet you, Mr. Führer.”

President Jinlong greeted the cult leader with an awkward smile.

“Palace Yongshin Park.”

President Jinlong hoped that he could borrow the power of the pantheon from this meeting.

No matter what anyone says, a superman among superhumans who easily surpasses an S-class hunter. Isn’t it the place where the Lion Heart King who defeated even the Holy Grail Knights and the demon lord is located?

The Führer doesn’t know much about hunters, but I don’t think transcendentalists who cut the sea with a knife and shoot down all the satellites in the universe are common.

In this way, an unexpected proposal was handed over to President Jin Lung, who was trying to get results from Park Yong-shin somehow.

“The Lionheart Federation?”

The solution he brought was unexpected.

Park Yong-shin smiled and promised the Taiwanese president who was bewildered as if he had heard something unexpected.

“Your Majesty, as the earthly representative of the gods, has promised to protect your country with that honor. As proof of that—”

That was the moment. The sky above Taiwan turns red in an instant.

Normally, people would be afraid of how ominous and terrifying it was, but now people around the world know.

That red light is the moment when the strongest Holy Grail Knight descends.


The voice of a giant resounding. The windows of the President’s office were shaken, but the face of President Jinlong was bright.

“The Holy Grail Knight of War and Flame, Lord Vulcanus, will protect this land.”

almost simultaneously.

The messengers of the Pantheon visited 29 countries on the Chinese continent.

For the formation of an anti-Orc Federation alliance based on the security guarantee by Leon Dragonia Lionheart.

Orc or Lionheart?

The choice of either option is something called an option.

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