The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 253

Lionheart Federation (1)

Pyongyang Special Self-Governing City.

The Lionheart Federation proclamation ceremony held by the mayor of the Balaur was lively in the city.

[This is the moment when the monumental Lionheart Federation is proclaimed.]

[This New Alliance, initiated by His Majesty the Lionheart of Leon Dragonia, is a joint response to the devil, the culprit of the gate–]

[Unusually, this federation includes a large number of continental Chinese countries, so there is talk that it is actually an anti-orc federation——]

It has already been a month since the Orc Continental Federation was formed.

The Asian continent was literally undergoing a tectonic shift.

-Isn’t that dangerous? Are the orcs getting too big?

-If the Orcs occupy all the land on the continent, isn’t it our next turn?

-There are many orcs in our country too, aren’t they saying they’re going to stage a coup and join the federation?

Murka quickly and swiftly created a huge force called the Orc Continental Federation.

No matter how incapacitated the world’s satellites were, he showed great skill by unifying the forces of the Orcs without anyone noticing.

While the United States and other countries around the world were barely recovering from the aftermath of the war against demons, they only sent formal messages to the Orc Continental Federation and failed to take any action.

The reasons were varied.

It could have been interference in internal affairs, or it could have been nothing new since mainland China was originally such a neighborhood.

Above all, the idea of human rights and multi-ethnicism, which they established themselves, got in the way.

In the meantime, the Lionheart Federation announced by Leon had no choice but to receive full support from many countries around the world, especially from Asia.

Orcs were a real threat to them.

“Your Majesty, it is an honor to see you again.”

“Good work, President Takeda. Where is Prime Minister Fujisawa?”

“Ah, if it’s Prime Minister… You’re now Prime Minister Matsumoto, as his term ended last week. Former Prime Minister Fujisawa also asked for his regards.”

“Tsk tsk. Changing leaders so often. How can you maintain a policy with such persistence?”


Leon, who confirmed the results of their training and their faith in God, patted Chairman Takeda and the direct hunters on the shoulders. All of them were knights who were ordained knights in the Pantheon.

The next ones to come are none other than the president of a unified Korea, Andong-gil, and Oh Kang-hyeok, the head of the Korean Hunter Association. Behind them were members of the new swords guild, Cheon Jin-soo and Kim Jin-soo, the chiefs of the association.

“President Ahn. Lionheart’s friend. Thank you for making this place shine.”

“The one that should come, of course.”

Korea, like Japan and Taiwan, was the largest supporter country that decided to join the Lionheart Federation. In particular, as the main power of the Lionheart Federation is East Asia, Korea is quite active.

‘If it’s a war that has no choice but to happen anyway.’

When President Andong-gil saw the movement of the pantheon, he felt intuition that he could not coexist with the Orc Continental Federation.

An ordinary politician would have to weigh the conflict between the two forces and think about which side to take, but Korea can’t do that.

Right now, the source of the Mansinjeon power is inside Korea, and Korea, which is taking its place while experiencing the burden of unification, is dependent on the Mansinjeon for everything social, political, and economical.

This meant that the pantheon was an enemy that could not coexist, that is, Korea was also an enemy that could not coexist.

“Anyway, that’s quite a lot. Isn’t this also thanks to Your Majesty?”

President Ahn thought it must be true when he saw that more continental Chinese and even Southeast Asian countries participated than he had expected.

Southeast Asia also actively accepted Orcs, much like the Chinese continent, so they are worried about an Orc coup.

“your majesty.”

Beatrice quietly approached Leon. Wearing a veil in a dark dress as usual, she captivated those around her with her beauty that could not be hidden.

“Bice. What’s going on?”

“They say he came from America.”


Leon guessed the identity and soon headed to the place where the American delegation was located.

It was an unconventional visit from President Hobson of the United States, but the greetings with him ended quickly, and he soon met the person who was waiting in the secret room.

“long time no see.”

Leon approached the platinum-haired beauty who was waiting for him and kissed the back of her hand.

“It’s been a while. Lion Heart King.”

Goddess of Fate, Meriel. She is a goddess from the other world that the United States of America has been protecting for decades.

“I assumed you would visit…”

“The U.S. government expressed disapproval of my coming here. They talked about security issues, but that’s an excuse.”

The US government was predicting the possibility that the goddess they had secured would pass over to the pantheon. Although it is unpleasant for Leon just by imagining it.

“How dare the lowly ones dare to argue about the goings of the gods. Their faith is lacking.”

“Whoops, you’re the only one who still treats me like a god.”

“It’s just setting the example we should take.”

Infinite respect for God. Indeed, it was a believer who deserved to be loved by the gods.

Meriel brought up the story with renewed envy of the pantheon.

“King Leon, do you intend to fight Murka Balak?”

“of course.”

“As you know, except for Asia, the Western world tries to avoid confrontation with the Great Khan as much as possible. Their interests are too much at stake.”

The principle that it is not possible to select and exclude only orcs from multi-racial human rights.

There are already overflowing orc aliens and orc warriors who are very useful in attacking the gate.

Even after seeing the collapse of the Chinese continent in a coup d’état, the Western world easily guessed peace. They say that they are successful because they are originally such poor countries, and they are different.

“It’s not funny. They misunderstand the habits of the orcs, or at least the ambitions of the Great Khan.”

“There have been three beings that I can’t predict the fate of.”

One is demon lords. This is because their power already transcends the godhead.

“The second is King Leon. You are a singularity in history. An existence with enough power to become a god.”

“······A half body.”

Leon expressed disapproval as if he hadn’t thought of any more, but Meriel continued.

“And that Orc Great Khan. The existence of a gigantic ego that I didn’t even allow me to peep into my fate. The ‘singularity’ that even the ferocious Orc gods cherish.”

Meriel was convinced that he was on the same level as Leon.

“There is no need to predict fate. The fate of this planet will change with the victory or defeat of King Leon and Great Khan Murka.”

“I think so too.”

“So… I persuaded the United States.”

Leon was taken aback by those words. Until now, the United States of America had been the most reluctant to respond to the Orc Continental Confederation.

[I understand your Majesty’s intentions and concerns, but there are too many orcs in America.]

[You can kill them all, or even isolate them by human rights groups…]

[The United States of America is different from the developing countries of the Chinese continent. Our strength is solid, and the Orcs are only a minority opinion.]

It was the United States that refused to join Leon’s anti-Orc federation, citing such domestic politics.

Convinced the United States?

“How far can you go?”

“When Your Majesty starts a war, will volunteers who can speak English come out to support?

“It won’t be enough to fill in the numbers.”

Stopping is a big help. The United States is a traditionally Christian nation, but its power has weakened since the cataclysm, and pantheonism has crept in and spread.

If the church expands according to the current trend, it is predicted that the pantheon will outnumber the Christians in 20 years.

Already in the United States of America, there were numerous knights appointed by Leon and man-at-arms who returned home after receiving training.

The fact that their faith is growing day by day is confirmed by the gods of the pantheon.

“It was a big help, but how did you convince me?”

“I gave you a choice. Human rule or Orc rule. I showed the president the fate.”

“Yes? But the goddess decides the fate of me and that orc——”

[Leon, the power I feel from the goddess of fate is significantly less than before.]

Ariana’s voice made Leon really feel the holy power he felt in her. The goddess, who continued her life trapped in the bowl of the body, did too much to the point of breaking her own bowl.

“How can the goddess’s jade body…”

“If King Leon doesn’t win, his body is meaningless.”

Meriel’s smile made Leon hold her hand and make up his mind.

“I will definitely bring victory.”

Today, the formed Lionheart Federation will declare war towards the Orc Continental Federation.

* * * *

over Pyongyang. In this place where flying is prohibited except for unmanned drones or dragons, helicopters flew busily on rare occasions. It was a helicopter with reporters.

[This is over Pyongyang. The Lionheart Federation ratification ceremony is about to begin now!]

Reporters from all over the world tried to capture this historic moment on camera.

Black Dragon, the mayor of Pyongyang, and the dragons who follow him.

Elves and Treemen gathered here and there from the branches of the huge world tree.

Over 2,000 knights and now over 30,000 Man-at-Arms. In addition, the number of knights who received the title of article from all over the world is not easy.

Newsrooms from around the world also helped one by one while watching the relay video of the scene where the military parade unfolded.

[This is a great army. The 33 countries that are members of the Lionheart Federation, including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Heilongong, Chengdu, Guiyang, Lanzhou, Shenyang, and Harbin, have gathered.]

[In other words, by ratifying this Lionheart Federation Charter, a huge coalition nation comparable to the European Union, the United States of America, and the Orc Continental Confederation is created.]

[Excluding Korea and Japan, most of the new countries are developing countries. But in the end, the core of national power is the pantheon.]

[The Miracle of a Real God. And there are Holy Grail Knights who represent those gods. These alone exceed the strength of the great powers.]

[Aside from that, it’s worth recalling that the UK and the US are making quite positive gestures──]

It was then. Countless Kikkiruk tribes began to land on the Taedonggang River, which divides Pyongyang Special Self-Governing City.

It was an amphibious landing performance by Kikkiruk warriors who moved from Nampo along the Yellow Sea to the Daedonggang River.

[I can’t leave out the Krashatria. According to the evaluation of the United States Navy, it is said that they cannot be defeated at sea.]

[And the being that brought them together is His Majesty Leon Dragonia Lionheart. In other words, the leader of this federation is the Lion Heart King.]

[This is a fairly old topic. Can Earth’s politics be entrusted to beings from another world?]

[However, over the past year, His Majesty Leon has responded gracefully, with common sense different from ours. There is no need to talk about the infiltration cases of devil followers triggered by the UN Human Rights Commission inspection.]

[It is often pointed out that the method of the pantheon is too inhumane… but it is also true that citizens have strong opinions about whether the human rights of demons or their followers should be respected.]

Leon is clearly far from the mainstream political ideology of the earth.

He hated democracy and believed in the divine right of kings, according to which his rights were chosen by the gods, not by a vote of the people.

But he also had other principles.

[This is an unusual medieval royalty in that they respect the laws of other countries. Because he has the power to trample foreign laws.]

[However, considering the purpose of the establishment of this federation, the standard is clear.]

[Half Orc Federation. In other words, the Lionheart Federation is likely to face off against the Orc Continental Federation. His Majesty Leon is a notorious ‘Orc racist’. He even has the trait of being the most orc slayer among primates.]

[It was a warning that there was no respect for demons and orcs.]

They are hostile because they are orcs. Everyone knew that Leon was a staunch orc hater. And the purpose of the founding of this federation.

“Article 1 of the Lionheart Charter. All power comes from the gods. The Lion Heart King represents the gods. Therefore, he stands above all laws.”

[As expected… I have a lot to say about that charter.]

[The system of leaving everything to individual morality has always failed on Earth. But there are many saying that this time will be different.]

[All absolute power must corrupt… Is it because there are beings who can break the law?]

[The Pantheon. That is, the gods.]

A living power given by a real God. But at any time, that power can be taken back by the gods.

Except for Katabuta, who discusses the morality of the gods, it was the birth of a very attractive leader for mankind, who had dreamed of being an ‘iron man’ since time immemorial.

“I swear to lead the world for good with the divine power bestowed by the gods.”

[But does it make sense? The gods of the pantheon have complete trust in Lion Heart King.]

“I, Leon Dragonia Lionheart, also as a knight, will be the shield that protects all the people of the Federation and the spear that destroys their enemies.”

[He is a superman who has defeated demon lords and has no opponent. We all witnessed the great slaughter, the heavenly world that defeated the lord of chaos.]

“Follow me.”

[Who can equal the Lion Heart King? Federal ratifying countries just have to believe.]

“Then you will win.”

[This is the birth of undoubted absolute power.]


It was the moment when the ceremony of ratification was declared.

in the middle of Pyongyang. Numerous knights and soldiers lined up to help, and the ‘Gate’ opened where the Holy Grail Knights were waiting.

“What, what?”

“A gate at this timing?!”

While everyone was perplexed, Leon looked through the gate. I felt the energy of the ferocious beast that was felt there.

-Jerbuck! that buck!

just one step. Even though I only took one step, the air is oppressed.

In this world, in a world where superhumans such as Leon Dragonia and Lionheart exist, there is only one existence that can crush the space he purifies.

“Muh, Murka?!”

“Great Khan Murkhada!”

Orc Great Khan Murka Balak.

He came to the middle of enemy lines.

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