The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 254

Lionheart Federation (2)

There is something called a pressure.

This phenomenon of changing the air and feeling an unknown aura just by being present was an unfamiliar experience on Earth.

However, after the cataclysm, as the Awakeners gained a backup called the system window and superhumans appeared, this was redefined in the name of a trait.

A phenomenon in which a buff or debuff is given to a target just by being there.

Occasionally, commander-type hunters acquired through skills granted this trait, or strong S-class boss monsters forced ‘peer’, but…

【Aura of Lion’s Heart】

[Most orc slayers among primates]

【Living half body】

[War Knight’s Blessing]

【 Holy Grail Guardian 】

【 Strongest Assaulter 】


[Aura of Orc Great Khan]

[Orc Strongest]

【 Great Conqueror 】

[King Assassin]

【 Warlord’s Blessing 】

【 Orc’s most human slayer 】

【World’s Strongest Superpower】


It is crushed.

All things of a low rank are crushed by the appearance of a higher being.

‘I can’t breathe…’

‘Such pressure in His Majesty’s presence…!’

Even the Knights and Man-at-Arms, who are protected by the Lion Heart King, trembled like aspen trees at the tyrannical energy of the Great Khan of the Orc.

As if there were only two living beings in a place where so many humans gathered, they crossed the line of sight beyond time and space.

“Finally we met. Lion Heart King.”

“Did you come here to wreak havoc on other people’s banquets like beasts?”

“If you try to put a knife to my throat at that banquet, it must not end in defeat.”

At Murka’s gaze, the faces of the surrounding soldiers turned whiter.

Realizing that if this orc swung that mace right away, they would be the first ones to die.

“If I, who represent the will of the gods, directly hand down the death sentence, I will not accept it as an honor.”

“Unlike you tin cans, orcs only decide through an honorable struggle.”

“Honor? Honor? You beasts?”

Leon’s emotions boiled violently as if he had heard something he couldn’t possibly hear. The lion heart king’s wrath was immediately reacted by the space–

“Dah, the ground shakes!”

“Crazy! Is this real?!”

Ultima of the sky shook the world with lightning, and Demera of the earth made the whole crust boil.

“Haven’t you beasts realized that it was their duty to die a miserable death while crawling like maggots?”

In front of the wrath of the comrade Gyeongcheon, the Orc Great Khan twisted his lips as he radiated fierce speculation.

“I’m not interested in your dori.”

At that moment, the holy swords extended towards Murka.

All of a sudden, the Holy Grail Knights surrounding Murka aimed their holy swords at Murka.

Vulcanus, Karina, Koo Dae-seong… and even Yapi’s Marquis-level decisive battle weapon and Magician Queen Beatrice who were waiting at the parade.

“They said they took care of our knights. Let’s fight with me too!”

Murka showed a corresponding fighting spirit to Vulcan’s blazing gaze, but gave a regretful look.

“You’re the one, the idiot who was defeated by the Lion Heart King thirteen times. Didn’t he eat a million warriors?”

“GRARARA──! I sent you to the side of the gods with my mysterious mercenary skills!”

Murka twisted the corner of her mouth at Vulcanus’s enthusiastic response.

“It would have been different for me.”

“What do you know!”

Reporters and citizens around Vulcan’s ferocious momentum were swept away by anxiety.

‘Am I really going to fight?’

‘They haven’t even evacuated yet!’

Moreover, the declaration of war against the Orc Federation by the Lionheart Federation has not yet begun. A hasty attack will lead to criticism from the international community–

“The beast disturbed the king’s eyes. At least he must die miserably to pay for his crime.”

‘Damn Lionheart, you’re full of thoughts to fight!’

‘If those monsters fight, the whole city will fly!’

But what is certain is that even Murka, who stepped into the demonic cave teeming with these Holy Grail Knights–

“Hehehehe… What is it, is it okay to enjoy it a little?”

That there is no way to control the situation.

“Then get out of here!”

In the end, it was Lionheart’s side that made the preemptive strike.

Vulcanus wielded the holy sword without holding back. That giant sword is a sword of great strength that cut the demon archduke with a single blade. it–

– Tup!

Murka simply blocked it. He grabbed Vulcan’s holy sword with his arm wrapped in a gauntlet.

“For grabbing the holy sword of a war knight! You stupid beast!”

At that moment, the enormous flame pouring from Vulcanus’ holy sword enveloped Murka.

“GRARARA──! With this, this Vulcanus has taken over the field! The day to evolve into the King of the Holy Grail is not far off!”

[You idiot! Stay alert! He’s fine!]


Arms outstretched from the flames. It grabbed Vulcanus by the scruff of the neck.


“Sometimes with a lukewarm fire.”

Vulcanus has no choice but to be embarrassed when he is caught in the grip of a savage. However, the Holy Grail Knights attacked from all sides almost at the same time.

“If you only care about me, you’ll get a serious nose injury.”


A huge power that instantly freezes their chills. The Holy Grail Knights inadvertently looked up into the sky.


A gigantic orc… no, something in the shape of an orc was striking down the soles of its feet, hundreds of meters in diameter.

“The big feet of the god of death Helcan!”

A power used by the champion of Helcan, which he witnessed in many wars against the Orcs. Karina tried to retreat, but there were too many knights and soldiers around her who couldn’t escape.

“I’ll stop you!”

Goo Dae-sung immediately raised the power of the earth. This is a sanctuary where the roots and branches of the World Tree extend. As long as he has the blessing of Goddess Demera, Daesung Goo’s collective defense is the strongest among the Holy Grail Knights.

Daeseongbeop <Earth Shield>.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was almost instant. The roots of the World Tree, which absorbed plenty of Gu Dae-seong’s holy power, formed a dome-shaped shield in an instant.


Goo Dae-seong defends against the blow of the orc who has strengthened himself in a spiritual body. Karina smiled and praised.

“You’ve definitely grown as much as the Seongbeop.”

“This isn’t the time for this! He’s not alone!”

Karina knows that too. Even though he used this much divine law, Murka did not reveal any special divine power.

In other words, Helcan’s big foot was used by another orc champion.

[Koo Dae-sung, my sweetheart! The World Tree is under attack!]

At the voice of the gods, the Grail Knights’ eyes turned to the World Tree.

The world tree caught fire.

It’s still partly on fire, but the Orcs were rampaging and continuing to arson and destroy it.

I watched that horrifying scene

“The Orcs have invaded Pyongyang!”


No matter how hostile forces, they invaded the middle of the ratification ceremony visited and watched by distinguished guests from all over the world?

de facto declaration of war. No, the war has already begun.

“All knights and soldiers, stop the Orcs. Not even one of them is missing.”

In the meantime, everyone’s eyes were focused on him at Leon’s command.

“Your Majesty, are you alone?”

“The World Tree is where the goddess Irmin dwells. You can’t dirty that place with the dirty feet of beasts.”

Leon didn’t order twice. I pulled out the holy sword and confronted Murka alone.

“Kuh… I see!”

“Chit…! I haven’t returned it yet, but that’s all I can say!”

There must be other orc champions as well as taking such an offensive strategy. The Holy Grail Knights hurriedly ran out in the role of firefighters against the terror of the Orcs.

The remaining knights and soldiers too. Stand back, protecting citizens and visitors.

It was instinctively understood. That they are of no help in the fight between the two.

“There have been many guys who claim to be the captain of the Orcs, but this is the first time I’ve seen such a cunning guy.”

“Lion Heart King. Your reputation is heard even in the lands I conquered.

The holy sword and mace shine. Even at first glance, the legendary warriors, who were condensed with phenomenal holy power, were shaking as if they were as excited as their masters.

“But I never thought I’d give the cause of the purge first. You overestimated my power.”

“The guy who would have declared war today would have seen ‘the plan’ for some reason?”

Ragnarok Plan.

The recent riots of the Orcs and this ‘final plan’ taking place on the continent they dominated were enough to make Leon and the world, of course, the Orc Continental Federation an enemy.

And since the plan was exposed, the Orc Great Khan felt that a war with the Lionheart Federation was inevitable and chose a bold surprise attack.

“Yes, I’ll admit that I’m definitely not an ordinary orc. If I’m going to fight anyway, even if I make the world my enemy, I will boldly take action! Indeed, I’m one of those ignorant people.”

Despite being attacked unexpectedly, Leon overflowed with boiling blood rather than displeasure. Because there is no need to be swayed by the customs and cause of the earth anymore.

“But, I also prepared a plan of destruction for you guys.”

-Operation of the Duke-class all-weather last-armed platform. Initiate destruction protocol for all decisive battle weapons.


At that moment, there was movement on land, at sea, and in space.

-Start controlling the Marquis-class main self-destruct drone. Priestess of Death Beatrice’s artificial relic ‘Death Mist’ scattering plan begins.

– Maritime decisive battle weapon Dominator-class multiple warhead nuclear torpedo continental shelf detonation start. In connection with Han Hari, the goddess of the sea, the formation of a 13km-class wave was completed.

– Cosmic battle weapons satellite armed platform Mobius-class charged particle cannons by major city bombardment start.

Leon was also preparing. A destroyer that will be activated at the same time as the war with the Orc Continental Federation begins.

Indiscriminate attack by weapons of mass destruction that guaranteed the safety of innocent citizens according to the provincial law. It started pouring towards the Orc Continental Federation.

Attacks full of thoughts to annihilate each other. I don’t even think about the future negotiations to end the war.

World leaders and citizens are astonished at this near-ignorance hatred.

Why are they so anxious not to kill each other?



Amidst everyone’s doubts, the Lion Heart King and the Great Khan. The giants of the two eras felt a strange affinity even though they met for the first time today.

Blind hatred towards each other. They only assume the worst and try to kill each other.

Yes, this is the history of Lionheart and Orcs.

The history of hatred that has killed each other for thousands or tens of thousands of years overwhelms the human rights of the world or anything like that.

Only each other’s ruin.

Ignoring even the minimum line, the destroyer is activated.

“It’s funny. I feel such clear hostility, but these earthlings talk about this guy, that guy, appeasement book, human rights.”

“Yes, these clumsy and fragile children do not know. They are pacifists who have fought among themselves at best.”

this is inertia

When a human and an orc collide, of course there must be sword fighting.

What are the impressions of the two demigods who watched the world suppressed by things such as civilization and peace?

“”dog sound!!””

pick up the holy sword

The largest orc slaughterer among primates.

“Down, beast! You deserve to be trampled to death like worms!”

pick up a mace

The largest human butcher of Orcs.

“It’s you who dies, tin can! Death delayed for 200 years has come to you!”

Throughout the dimension, the strongest beings crashed into each other.

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