The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 255

Lionheart vs Orc (1)

[Ten days have already passed since the Battle of Pyongyang ended.]

[The day the Lionheart Federation ratification ceremony was declared. Half of the World Tree was burned due to a massive raid by the great Khan Murka Balak of the Orc Continental Federation—-]

[The situation in the coastal cities of mainland China is serious. Thirteen cities were submerged in seawater, and numerous victims occurred——]

Four days after the Lionheart Federation ratification ceremony, Murka Ballack’s massive raid by the Orc Continental Federation and the Lionheart Federation’s weapons of mass destruction are activated.

The clash between the Orc Champions and the Holy Grail Knights literally devastated Pyongyang, which had been half-destroyed by the battle with demons.

Pyongyang, which achieved remarkable development for half a year according to Yapi’s planned city reconstruction plan, could not withstand the confrontation of superhumans representing the power of God.

“Whoa~ It just got smashed, smashed.”

Reporter Park of the state broadcaster, who came to cover the situation in Pyongyang, clucked his tongue at the devastating sight of Pyongyang being destroyed here and there.

Excluding the VIPs who were invited at the time, the lowest cuts for ordinary citizens were elves and tree men, so if there were ordinary citizens, it would have been a catastrophe.

“But even with that fire, the World Tree is relatively intact.”

“It is said that the birth of life, which was the original maximum function, has stopped. Now they are focusing on recovery.”

Pyongyang Special City, which can be said to be the headquarters of the Lionheart Federation, was damaged by the World Tree being burned and stopped functioning, and various parts of the city were destroyed.

Of course, it could be said that it was a shame to suffer such damage on the day of the ratification of the federation, but no one thought it was a one-sided defeat of Lionheart.

“How’s the situation on the continent?”

“It’s disastrous. They died in hundreds of thousands.”

As soon as Murka’s massive assault began, Leon activated the destruction protocol he had prepared.

High-performance self-destruct drones launched from the land unmanned drone base controlled by the Marquis class, a decisive land battle weapon, crossed the Yellow Sea and hit various parts of the continent.

The Dominator-class, a decisive naval weapon, exploded dozens of nuclear torpedoes, causing huge waves on the continental shelf.

Although it is now in stealth mode, it is evaluated that the ground bombardment of the charged particle cannon by the space integrated armament platform exceeded the conventional power by a hundred times.

“It was an attack that wouldn’t be strange even if tens of thousands of people died. Spelling is really… convenient.”

It’s amazing that even with these great destruction devices activated, few other than the orcs died.

Even with the help of high-technology, the subject of the attack was a conceptual attack that clearly distinguished Pia, such as Beatrice’s death spell, Han Hari’s wave spell, and Yapi’s iron spell.

They launched an attack designed to kill only Orcs, not humans, and the Orcs of the Continental Orcs were swept away by the mighty god’s wrath.

The terrible destruction swept through, but the Orc Continental Federation was not benevolent. This is because the Lionheart Federation immediately announced the plan the Orc Continental Federation was plotting.

“The Ragnarok Plan. If that’s true… This isn’t a war between Orcs and Lionhearts. It’s a war between humans and Orcs.”

Ragnarok Plan.

The beginning was a plan that the demons, who had been encroaching on this land for a long time, started simultaneously with the appearance of the pantheon.

Open a special gate to summon foreign gods from the ‘alien world’ to this land.

A head-to-head confrontation between foreign gods and pantheon gods. Truly a war of the gods.

No one could have imagined what catastrophe it would lead to.

“There was a reason why the Orcs overreacted. Thanks to that, they are beating all over the world.”

On the third day of the war, the US Pacific Fleet was bombarding major cities, and Indian troops were on land.

The European Union is providing arms support to the Lionheart Federation, but it has not yet passed the National Assembly, so it is sluggish.

‘But thanks to that, the huge number of Orcs has been balanced.’

The number of Orcs exceeded two million on the continent alone.

Compared to the entire human race, the number of orc warriors who are treated as a double warrior class, that is, at least a B-class hunter, is close to 700,000.

In addition, considering the continental hunters and troops absorbed by the Orc Continental Federation, the combat manpower alone was millions of units.

No matter how many thousands of knights and tens of thousands of men-at-arms are mobilized in the Lionheart Federation, this numerical balance is still too heavy.

For some reason, the U.S., which would be sluggish, is actively taking an offensive in support, and South Korea and Japan naturally participated in the war, so the balance of this number was maintained in a precarious manner.

“But in the end, the strongest forces on both sides are Lion Heart King and Great Khan. Even if only one of those demigods participates in the battle, this balance collapses in an instant.”

That was what everyone who watched the Battle of Pyongyang could relate to.

Half-destroyed Pyongyang.

Half of it was just the aftermath of two monsters clashing.

* * * *

ten days before the war.

The world is truly in chaos.

It’s only been half a year since the war with demons ended. I thought I had barely gotten used to the riots of demons hiding in all directions, but a great war broke out in which ‘great nations’ collided with ‘great nations’.

The 33 countries under the Lionheart Federation, the Korea-US-Japan triangular alliance, and the Orc Continental Federation, which has swallowed up half of the continent, are clashing.

Orc Circles’ raids on the National Guard in the US or Orc coups in Eastern Europe and Russia are laughable.

The war with Rakshaar, the lord of chaos, was not as large as this, and it is the first time since the Gulf War that mankind, which has relied on a small number of superhuman powers since the opening of the Hunter era, has caused such a large-scale military conflict.

– Crazy, part of Moscow is occupied by orcs! The Russian Guard is entering the mosque now!

– You’re saying that the police level can’t solve the problem, right?

– Hunters are also being swept away, of course!

The problem is that this war goes far against conventional wisdom.

Originally, the war of mankind was a face-to-face confrontation.

The army gathered from the land advances while occupying the land and collides with the enemy army.

Although the connection between land, sea and air has been added to modernization and network warfare, the basic principle of war remains the same.

But this war was different.

– Orcs have appeared in Pearl Harbor! The Pacific Fleet home port is being destroyed!

-what? There aren’t that many orcs in Hawaii!

-I opened the gate and came in!

-The Knights of the Burning Sword have arrived in Beijing! I’m burning everything I can!

-Here is Wuhan, but lightning is about to fall! No matter how you think about it, it’s not natural!

-God of thunder Is there more than Ultima’s lightning!

gate technology.

This great magic of leaping through space was acquired by the magician Queen Beatrice, and just as Murka rode over on the day of the ratification of the federation, they were fighting guerrilla warfare across each other’s realms.

-I will open Gate 3 now. The 1st Knights and auxiliary man-at-arms return within 30 minutes after a quick fire projectile.

-I will open the gate to Tokyo. After killing as many Hunters as possible there, retreat sequentially.

The Magician Queen and the Orc Chief.

The masters of the two eras are able to use the gate magic that even demons can handle unless they are only the great demons of wisdom.

Because of the existence of these two, the war goes beyond face-to-face confrontation and becomes super-dimensional and super-dimensional. In other words, an n-dimensional confrontation is established.

-Gate leap ends. The magic power of the enemy Grand Shaman is also gradually reaching its limit.

– Take a break at this point. It’s called the Magician Queen, it’s an amazing amount of magical power. cluck cluck ·······.

The reason why this war does not flow into endless mud is that there is only one genius in each camp who can use gate magic.

In order to retrieve the troops who went to the gate, they had to spend all their energy in maintaining the gate they opened.


“You’ve worked hard, Bice.”

Leon looked at Biche, who was resting in the seat next to him, grasping the tactical map.

“How is it? Can you figure out his location?”

While performing the gate magic, Biche traced back the gate the orcs were opening. If the backtracking of the gate was possible, that would be the home of the Orcs.

It is said that this war can be ended at once.

“No. His anti-tracking magic is also at an incredible level. I’ve never seen a magician like this before.”

Beatrice stuck out her tongue, saying that even the Corrupted Grand Duke, Quay, wasn’t like this.

“In the past, there was a famous shaman among the orcs. He was the chieftain who united the 13 orc tribes.”

Archmage Kran.

Leon recalled an old memory.

“Because it was a large tribe of orcs that emerged from the northern part of the empire, I couldn’t go to kill them, but it seems that the orc shaman who is dealing with the bische is him.”

“What about the orc shaman named Mag’har, Gokrok’s champion?”

Beatrice mentioned the Orc Champion Leon encountered during the Zereah Reliquary Quest, but Leon replied with a smile instead.

“Vice, your strength is more than that of a moderate Grail Knight. Your talent for sorcery is unmatched even by the impudent Elector Counts of the Empire. Even though that Mag’har is the champion of Gokrok, the evil Orc shaman god really cares about Krann. .”

Just as Murka Balak is favored by the three great orcs.

“By the way, Your Majesty. Is your wound still not healed?”

Beatrice approached Leon and stared anxiously at the bloody bandage.

Ten days ago, in a bloody battle in Pyongyang, Leon and Murka hurt each other and retreated. Thanks to this, Leon had to take a break commanding the battlefield here in Pyongyang.

“He also pierced his shoulder with a holy sword, so it will take time to recover. Until then, we have to leave it to his subordinates.”

Leon looked at the map.

The Orc Continental Confederation’s reckless surprise attack and the reality of the Ragnarok Plan have been revealed, so they are being attacked from all sides.

There are several battlegrounds, but in the end it’s just a wasteful local battle. The real thing is in an unexpected place.

“I can only hope that Lord Vulcanus will do well.”

Leon’s eyes were on the huge continental map.

* * * *

Ten days and one day after the outbreak of war.

The world’s attention is focused on one area even in the super-dimensional battle of gate leaping and the unprecedented clash of large forces.

A huge wall built by the Chinese continent to prevent the invasion of nomadic tribes. Among them, the easternmost point and the starting point.


For a long time, the huge fortress that blocked the nomadic peoples who threatened the settled people from the entrance was again blocking the invasion of foreign enemies.

– Cluck!

“All-out fire of siege guns!”

The pre-modern infantry advances with the support of the Kikkiruk armored artillery and future-oriented robot weapons.

As soon as the war began, the Lionheart Federation Army War Knight Vulcanus, which rushed through the Gaema Plateau, was attacking this ancient castle with a large army of over 50,000.

“Destroy it!”

The flames of Vulcanus swirl and turn into a skull-shaped ball of fire.

The fireball advancing as if it would devour everything in front of it was the power of Petos, the god of war.

No matter how much the Orcs’ architecture was reinforced and strengthened by witchcraft, the firepower that an old fortress that had only been preserved for a long time could not withstand.


A wrecked seacoast. The cultural heritage of China’s long history has disappeared in an instant like this.

“Try to trample!”

The troops advancing, led by Vulcanus and the Knights of the Burning Sword. As the elite knights and hunters took the lead, the orcs waiting behind the collapsed walls swung their axes and blocked them.


Vulcanus ran into the leading orc with his bare body. The strong body of the orc explodes as it is.

The impact of a mounted horse is the pride of a knight, but if you are a superman the size of Vulcanus, it is more powerful to just run into it with your bare body.

But even with such powerful charging, the flesh of the orcs was still thick.

“Hehe, that’s a lot. They’re pounding from all over the place, so besides that, there are so many of them.”

Beyond the Shanhai Pass, the number of Orcs rushing in was so numerous that they were sick of it.

“Sir Vulcanus! Over there, golems! The golems are coming!”


Goo Dae-seong, who followed, pointed in the direction he pointed with his hammer. Huge boulders were moving there.

“Grara── It’s been a while since I saw you.”


– Big Rock Face!

– Big Rock Face!

Amidst the cheers of the orcs, the rock golems created by their shamans appear.

They thought that the real elite were only the Black Orcs, but there were a considerable number of shamans among the Orcs.

The reporters who were observing this battlefield swallowed their saliva while filming the two major forces that began to collide in earnest.

Have forces of this magnitude collided with each other since Cataclysm?

There were countries that fought against each other even in the face of the threat of the gate, but even so, it was only a small-scale local war.

It was the first international war in the 40 years since the Gulf War. But if there’s one thing that’s certain…

“This war… will not end until we completely annihilate each other!”

If the previous wars were based on pragmatism and ideology, this war was truly a war of annihilation between species and species.

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