The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 256 Lionheart vs Orc (2)

Orcs have their own magic culture called tattoos.

A shaman puts various ingredients in a cauldron, boils them, and applies the brewed dye to the skin to give it magical meaning.

However, since this type of tattoo technique requires the skin to be exposed, defense is reduced because armor is not worn.

There were tribes of savage orcs who didn’t wear armor to make the most of tattoo magic, but Krann, the orc’s great shaman, thought this was ineffective.

Thus, war monsters who did not need ‘armor’ became the target.

First to the warring warbores, then to the foolish chump trolls, then to the ogres and giants who were beaten and subjugated.

But the conclusion was the same.

‘Isn’t it better to just wear armor?’

It was an effective sorcery in the age of savagery. It wasn’t easy to supply armor to the orcs who lacked smelting skills.

However, as they unified the tribes and lost each time in large-scale battles with Lionheart, the Orcs gradually realized the importance of smelting technology and began to seek heavy armor next to large and heavy axes.

“Then, wouldn’t it be better if they wore the armor of nature?”

That is how the Great Rock Face was born. This orc-made golem was shaped from a huge block of rock, coated with plenty of tattoo dye, and remotely controlled by orc shamans to become the strongest weapon of war for orc shamans.

And the Orc’s strongest war weapon, the Great Rock Face, is the highest level of magic that only a high-ranking shaman can cast. That’s a whopping 50.

In other words, it means that there are fifty high-ranking shaman here——


– Kwak! Boom!

Huge rocks are shattered helplessly. Even the weight of thousands of tons and the surface reinforced with magic were helplessly broken in front of the monster flying around wielding flames.

“Big ·· Monster like a monster!”

The orc shaman gritted their teeth as they watched the boulder faces they had worked so hard to create smash one after another.

“A monster-like guy. At that time, he far surpassed that old knight.”

Watching this, Maghar, the champion of Gokrok, recalled that he had raided the Lionheart Kingdom army with the warriors of the Beast Gods at the request of the Empire in the past.

Holy Grail Knight Zereah. The Knight of Dreams and Death was said to be the weakest among the Holy Grail Knights, but how many Orc brothers died at his hands?

Maghar hated the strength of the Holy Grail Knight, but that knight was exceptionally strong.

[Don’t be careless. If it wasn’t for the Lion Heart King, he’s the guy who would have destroyed Lionheart.]

The evaluation of Rigardo, the great warrior of the beast gods. The Mag’har realized that it was never lacking.

Vulcanus is a monster of the era, considered one of the strongest Holy Grail Knights of all time. That power is beyond strong and is like an unreasonable disaster.

“But I am also God’s champion. I cannot back down.”

Mag’har used the sorcery of Gokrok, the shaman god.


Vulcanus, who was flying over the orc army and breaking Boulder Faces one after another, witnessed the next target, Boulder Face, being dragged somewhere.

And that’s not all. The dozens of Great Rock Faces that Vulcan had destroyed were merging into one.

“What is it, you’ve grown quite a bit?”

A great sorcery that is possible to become a champion of Gokrok. When the large rock faces, which were already over 50m high, merged together, a super-large rock face approaching 2 km appeared.

At this point, it was a super-large mass that would cause the corps to collapse just by walking.

“Ha! Bringing all the weird stuff.”

Vulcanus giggled and stared at the gigantic golem that reached the clouds.


It overturned the terrain just by moving forward and advanced toward the Lionheart Federation Army.


“Crazy! How the hell does something like that work!”

Hunters and wizards with ranged weapons opened fire on the golem. It’s not just them.

-Target on.

Fighter jets from the Korean Peninsula and the Yellow Sea fire air-to-air missiles, and surface-to-surface missiles fired from the Army’s multiple rocket launchers pour in.

The firepower of the Kikkiruk fire support soldiers was added, and the firepower reminded me of a carpet bombing.

-Finding red flags. I will enter the engagement.

And the same goes for the Orc Federation Army, which is receiving support from the Air Force and Army. A splendid aerial battle between Air Force fighter jets over Shanhaiguan illuminates the sky.

– Hyunmoo missile bombardment approaching. The knights prepare to deploy the long-distance protection method. 10···9···8──2···! deployment!

A barrage of ballistic missiles. Hyeonmoo ballistic missiles that exploded hundreds of kilograms of explosives at the same time as they landed exploded in all directions on the battlefield.

“Crazy… the day will come when ballistic missiles are used for infantry strikes!”

The commanders of the ROK military, the Self-Defense Forces, and the U.S. Army, who were watching it, clucked their tongues as they saw a completely different concept of missile operation.

However, even with such a barrage of missiles, the Orcs did not notice any damage.

“Cluck cluck…! Humans’ weapons are hot too?”

“But it’s nothing compared to the hellfire in the demon realm.”

While humans had the highest level of knights represented by the Holy Grail Knights, there was a group of warriors called Black Orcs among orcs.

Warriors of reversal, one by one equivalent to a semi-S-class hunter. They destroyed their continent by overcoming the advanced sorcery weapons rained down by the demons of the demon realm.

Like Lionheart’s knights, they had at least a fraudulent skill called long-distance nullification.

[The heat immunity of the Orc Warrior is activated.]

[Immune to status ailments of the Orc Warrior is activated.]

[The unbreakable fighting spirit of the Orc Legionnaire is activated.]

[The overflowing power of the Black Orc Centurion of the god of death Helcan activates.]

The protection of countless traits. Even veteran knights of Lionheart joined in, and there are already thousands of trait messages flying from the system window.

Even if you collect betas and hunters from all over the world, you might wonder if one-tenth of this will rise.

“The super-giant golem is coming!!”

And in that enormous battle, the super-giant Boulder Face summoned by Maghar, the champion of Gokrok, reached the Lionheart Federation Army.

“Baltan Burning Sword Knights! Balgum!!”

“”Fal sword!!”

Vulcan’s Holy Grail Knights stand against it. Wielding the flames of Petos, the god of war and flame, these warmen’s firepower is unmatched.


Waves of pouring fire. Enormous flames were pouring down towards the gigantic golem, enough to cover a corner of the war.

-Koo Goong!

Even the super-giant golem flinched at the enormous flame. The aftermath of the flame was strong enough to incinerate the surrounding Orcs.

“Kuh…hide behind the Great Stone Face!”

“Their firepower is not infinite! The moment the Great Rock Face steps on their formation, they charge all at once!”

The spell of the Orcs and the Pantheon Knights is a fearsome force. Above all, the number of divine power users still receiving the protection of the gods is overwhelming in the pantheon.

Because there were a lot of Hunters who had been baptized by Leon.

– Cluck!

When the Great Rock Face finally advanced despite the blazing sword knights’ voice law linkage, the Kikkiruk warriors shouted something into the radio. At that moment, there was movement in space.

-Unlocking the stealth submerged mode of the space integrated armament platform.

Yapi’s space decisive weapon that bombarded the main orc settlements of the Chinese continent in the early days of the war.

After the three-day hiatus, the Beast of Destruction revealed its gigantic body.

– Disable invisible mode. Mobius-class charged particle cannon falls to the effective range.

The strongest attack satellite, which hid in the distant universe in order not to be detected and intercepted by the shaman of the Orc shaman god, descends to geostationary orbit at the same time as concentrating energy.

At the same time as output convergence ended, the satellite that arrived in geostationary orbit fired charged particle cannons.


Break through the troposphere in an instant. It was slammed into the head of the super-giant golem.

– Kwak-kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!

The powerful proton beam emitted from the Moebius-class charged particle cannon melts the top of the golem’s head.


The Mag’har felt frustrated.

“Enchant the golem! Come on!”

He was using Gokrok’s main power on a super-giant golem. Even if the connection of the Burning Sword Knights is somehow blocked, it is difficult to block even the main gun of the star iron satellite fired by the Iron Grail Knight.

<Gokrok’s Tough Skin>

<Heat Resistant Reinforcement of Gokrok>

<Gokrok’s Attack Reflection>

The orc shamans hurriedly bestowed magical protection on the super-giant golem, but the firepower of the Mebius-class star-iron main cannon, which the Iron Grail Knight had manufactured using the Holy Law, far exceeded their defense power.

– Kwajik! Kwajijik!

A super-giant golem that melts from the crown. The moment it was finally destroyed, the heat of the charged particle cannon that touched the ground burned orcs everywhere.

At the same time——

“I am…! I am Vulcanus!!”

Vulcanus, which pierces through the dazzling flash and flies at once. Vulcanus leaps toward Maghar, scattering enormous flames with Divine Advent.

Mag’har cannot block the Holy Swords of Flame he wields.

“······I failed.”

The moment Vulcan’s holy sword struck Maghar’s throat.

– Knock!

It was the white wolf that stopped it.

“······You bastard!”

“Long time no see, friend.”

Rigardo, the great warrior of the Beast Gods. He blocked Vulcan’s holy sword that was swinging at Maghar with his bare hands.

“GRARARA…! You’re still alive and not dying, Rigar too!!”

“I should be able to die until I defeat you who betrayed my tribe.”

Rigardo gave power to Vulcanus with an iron fist.

Boom! With a dizzying sound, Vulcan’s huge body was slammed into the middle of the Orcs’ troops.

“Kill them!”

Axes and hammers rained down from all sides. Vulcanus stood up while ignoring the attacks of the Orcs from all directions.

“Are you stronger than before?”

“Since you disappeared, the gods have given me all powers.”

The huge crow snatched Vulcan as it was. A claw gripped both shoulders to prevent swinging the holy sword. Rigardo soared into the sky and let go just as Vulcanus was about to burn himself with flames.


Divine Advent is still active. At the time when Vulcanus was spraying flames and flying towards him, Rigardo grew in size through complete heroic transformation.


“Greetings, friend! And die now!”

Cheol-woong who just fell down. It endures even the flames spewed out by Vulcanus and stabs Vulcanus down from the sky.

At the same time, a green flash erupted from the ground. The ray of light, rising toward space, struck a satellite in geostationary orbit.

-Integrated weapon platform damage rate 13.7%. Execution of evasive maneuvers. Initiate retaliatory attack. Throwing star iron bullets.

– Covers the eyes of the bastards. Do not spare nuclear missiles and fire them.

The heat of the battlefield was accelerating like crazy.

Until this land disappears altogether.

* * * *


Everyone watching the battle in Shanhaiguan was stunned.

Pre-modern hand-to-hand combat. An epic firefight by modern firearms. A crowded battlefield where the decisive battle weapons of the future century are harmonized,

Even the clash between the knights and warriors who receive the protection of the gods is harmonious, and the road to hell unfolds.

Star iron bullets that have fallen from outer space are accelerated to enter orbit and hit the ground with physical force that surpasses nuclear weapons, and charged particle cannons with all-weather technology are accompanied by the Holy Law and scatter protons everywhere.

Nuclear warheads fired in retaliation cause artificial suns and mushroom clouds to soar here and there, and the eyes of the sorceress cut through the air.

An attack that would not be strange even if an entire city disappeared is bursting like a passive. In the midst of this, the clash between the Holy Grail Knight and the champion is the biggest bomb on this battlefield.

“If you don’t receive the protection of the Holy Law… you won’t be able to survive even for a second in a demonic cave like this…”

“This is something that’s already killing lives… How are they fighting in a place like that?”

In my heart, I thought it was a pre-modern ‘savage fight’.

After the Age of Hunters opened, the world realized that swords and magic were more effective at the gate than modern weapons.

But even so, the reason why the world is not ruled by Hunters is not only because of the long-established consciousness of the rule of law and democracy.

Hunters cannot defeat an army. They are minority after all. Even if you gather all the hunters in the world, it’s only a few million units.

In the end, as long as he is human, he will die from the main gun of a tank, and no matter how strong he is, he will melt in the face of missiles.

Even more so, if nuclear weapons are mobilized, it is already impossible to do anything with superhuman force.


Blades cut through the air, sorcery roams the outer space, and firepower that destroys cities in the blink of an eye bursts here and there.

The battle between the Knights and the Orcs in the Shanhai Pass was to crush all the common sense that mankind had built up until now.

In this crazy battlefield where even nuclear weapons are used to blind the eyes with the flash of an explosion rather than firepower, is it a sword wielded by a person that decides the outcome?

“This is… Lionheart. This is… Orcs.”

Knights of Lionheart and Black Orcs of Murka Balak.

No matter how far human civilization advances in the future, the battles of these monsters will always be in several dimensions.

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