The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 257

Lionheart vs Orc (3)

opening of the gate. The Orc Federation’s plan to use the Ragnarok plan was announced, but the world did not suddenly beat the Orcs.

– Authenticity must be verified. The Orc Continental Federation accepts the UN inspection team and announces the inspection results.

– Could it be the manipulation of Lionheart who hates Orcs?

– If war breaks out, the world economy will stumble. The Lionheart Federation should have been cautious. Even now, after negotiations, a truce——

Doubtist, human rightsist, pacifist.

It could have been a virtue in a peaceful era, but in a moment of crisis, it is of no use whatsoever.

Even if the threat is immediate and the crisis is revealed, we hesitate and delay, meeting after meeting after meeting as we begin to consider numerous things in ideology, economy, society, and diplomacy.

The other side that calls out unconditional opposition to the rival party claiming war, labeling it a warmonger.

A public opinion war between companies that should benefit from exports and imports from the Chinese continent and the media that received money from the companies.

– A fight with an orc worker in a bar in Berlin resulted in casualties!

– Quietly cover! If you touch an orc at a time like this, you might end up in a war!

-We only need to export goods well to the continent.

They turned a blind eye to the evils of the ferocious alien race. He abandoned justice and duty by citing various issues.

“Stupid things.”

Watching their weakness, the Lion Heart King clicked his tongue, but he didn’t expect much in the first place.

Elected leaders are more concerned with preserving their place than duty and honor.

“How’s the situation at the front?”

“The main force led by Lord Vulcanus of Shanhaiguan is fighting against 200,000 Orcs. They have the upper hand thanks to Lord Yapi’s firepower support, but the opponent seems to be formidable.”

The Shanhaiguan Front was fighting for the 5th day today.

Maghar, the champion of the orc shaman god Gokrok, and Rigardo, the great warrior of the beast god.

And the Battle of Shanhaiguan, in which Vulcanus, the Holy Grail Knight of War and Flame, and Yakt Spinner, the Holy Grail Knight of Iron and Blacksmith, clashed, shocked the whole world.

The future weapon of pre-modern hand-to-hand combat and overwhelming scientific power. The Orc Federation Forces even mobilized nuclear weapons, and Yapi’s air defense system to intercept them, the old Continental Army, and the Korean Army supporting the Lionheart Federation Forces.

It could be said to be the biggest battlefield of the war.

“The Kikkiruk Landing Force has landed in Shanghai and is securing a beachhead. This side is suppressing the Continental Navy of the Orc Federation rather than the Orc Federation.”

As soon as the war began, Chinese coastal cities were attacked on a massive scale by the force of the waves.

Han Ha-ri pilots an artificial tsunami caused by a Yacht Spinner’s Dominator-class submarine launching dozens of nuclear torpedoes on the continental shelf, and hits the coast with waves.

In this blow, 70% of the Orc Federation Navy was destroyed.

“Even if you don’t want to join the orcs, it’s a mistake to side with non-human orcs. Don’t waste too much resources on rescue work.”

“Of course.”

Lionheart is extremely lenient towards the same human kingdom.

The reason why they forgave the empire with a warning and beheading the elector even after seeing the warlocks and the warlords is because the doctrine of the pantheon is ultimately full of mercy for humans.

Of course, barbarian serf bugs are not treated as human beings.

Anyway, even for them, the unacceptable mortal sin was to cooperate with demons or orcs.

Leon was not generous enough to protect the safety of the Continental Nations that had succumbed to the Orc Federation.

“But the problem is the other wires.”

“Yes, it’s disastrous.”

The frontline of the Orc Continental Federation was torn into several pieces.

When it was revealed that the Ragnarok Plan was openly disclosed and that the Orcs were trying to use it, they invaded from all sides as if they had been waiting.

In particular, it is none other than India that has actively declared its participation in the war.

“India is the country with the second largest number of orcs after China. They also lost the Northeast to a coup.”

Seeing the Chinese continent being torn apart and incorporated into the Orc Federation, India felt a sense of crisis and actively launched a preventive war, insisting on the motto “For humanity in this war.”

The same goes for some Southeast Asian countries and Russia. Unlike the European Union, which accepted Orcs for the purpose of securing humanitarian and economic workers at most, these countries imported Orcs to the point of crisis.

Tolerating the disrespectful group called the Orc Continental Federation will end the future of the country.

However, the Orc Continental Federation did not care. Troops were deployed on all fronts, and the result was victory, victory, and victory again.

– The Indian wire is completely destroyed.

– No matter how much the Continental Army was absorbed, does this make sense? Which country has the most hunters in the world?

– The quality is wrong. The human hunters under the Orc Army are forced out, but the Orcs are on a very different level.

-Black-skinned orcs tear apart dozens of A-rank hunters, but no matter how many hunters there are, can they beat them?

-Russia issued a general mobilization order. It’s not that the hunter pool is small either, but it’s almost one-sided.

-Are South Korea and the U.S. fighting properly? Isn’t it the place with the most pantheon knights?

Black Orcs. Together with Murka Balak, they are the beings who tore up countless demons in the den of demons called the Demon World.

A whopping five hundred black oaks, a semi-S class.

With these alone, Murka swallowed the continent.

Not to mention, 700,000 Orc warriors received the protection of the three great gods of Orcs, so a terrible army of hunters of average A rank was unfolded.

“Your Majesty. In this war, as time goes by, we are at a disadvantage.”

At Beatrice’s sober conclusion, Leon honestly nodded.

In the past, when Lionheart was in its heyday, hundreds of thousands of Orcs were slaughtered on the basis of dozens of years.

The reason it was possible was because the Lionheart Knights had superhuman strength, but the Orcs could not demonstrate their combined strength.

“Even if you see even one warchief, they show a fighting power that can’t be ignored. What’s more, a great khan… It’s definitely exceptional.”

Orc Great Khan Murka Balak. It was definitely a gag.

Because of their unique ferocity and strong self-respect, Orcs are rarely assembled into armies.

It was common for them to make amends, and they didn’t listen to systematic orders.

“The Black Orcs are dutifully acting as intermediate commanders. They have the charisma and power to dominate the Green Orcs.”

And those Black Orcs are loyal to the Orc Champions, to the Orc Great Khan.

When the okra beasts are equipped with a system and a group system, they exert such an overwhelming fighting power.

“It’s only a matter of time before the other allies collapse. As time goes on, the continental countries belonging to our federation will gradually collapse.”

To follow the weak notion of reciprocity based on profit, not firm faith and fidelity.

There are even nonsense saying that the weakness of being able to do anything for the sake of peace should yield to the Orcs.

“The gods always told me to rule the world. I thought that what Lord Vulcan said was the result of Lord Vulcan’s ambition.”

But I never thought I would be this stupid and weak.

The stupidity of those without faith is difficult to understand even for Leon, originally from Earth.

“Vice. Is ‘it’ ready?”

Leon made a decision. Beatrice twisted the corner of her mouth and nodded.

“Exactly three days later. It can be executed at the optimal timing. For that reason, Lord Yapi himself went out.”

“Okay, let’s do it right away. This war won’t last long with the weak Earth’s army.”

short-term battle. And it was passed on to all the knights of Lionheart.

* * * *

“Whoa…! Whoa…!”

[What were you so afraid of?]

Hearing Black Dragon’s plaintive words, Goo Dae-seong showed a look of uneasiness.

“Yeah, it has no choice but to be. No matter how much I think about it, this is completely alien to my common sense.”

Goo Dae-sung has not been able to hide his anxiety ever since he moved his seat for this operation.

Like other knights from Earth, the operation they were trying to execute was crazy no matter how much you think about it.

“It’s an operation devised by Lord Spinner himself. We won’t do anything impossible.”

“That’s more unsettling…”

Realizing that the planner of this operation was Yapi, Koo Dae-sung couldn’t control his chest.

And the same goes for other articles.

“A plan conceived by Lord Yapi?!”

“Damn it! I’m getting out of here!”

“Haha, it’s fucked up…”

“Everyone calm down. You’re not going to die?”

Cheon So-yeon encouraged the knights of the Mansinjeon. She has blind faith in everything that the Holy Grail Knights of the Pantheon and Leon do.

– Organisms. Any complaints?



The knights of the Pantheon stopped abruptly at the sound of Yapi’s machine coming through the communication.

-If there is an inferior organism dissatisfied with the perfect operation of the superior main machine, I want it to jump out of the ship right now.

“Isn’t that too much?”

“Right! How to get out of here!”

-Noisy, organic name Han Ha-ri, Kim Jae-hyeok.

Yapi, who brought the two together at once, began explaining the details of the operation again. And while the content was simple, it seemed so dangerous.

“Isn’t the risk too big? To say that Her Majesty and Her Highness are also involved. There’s no turning back.”

-Enemy special entity. It’s next to impossible to deal with without two people. Holy Grail Knight Koo Dae-seong recommends focusing only on the assigned mission.


Karina tapped on the shoulder to Koo Dae-sung, who was worried about whether he could do well.

“The Old Testament has already crushed the great devil and faced the demon lord. I can’t understand your worries in this work.”

“Keep, Your Excellency Karina…”

Goo Dae-seong thought that Karina, who spoke calmly, had no compassion.

Even though they are the same Holy Grail Knights, he was a B-C grade brat until half a year ago. For me, the black gate inevitably puts a huge psychological burden on me.

“What. For the Holy Grail Knights, battlefields like this are normal. Sir Geobrick, the former owner of your hammer, once faced an Ogre tribe alone.”

“It’s not comforting at all…”

Gu Dae-seong’s reaction must have been annoyed, so the black dragon screamed.

[Noisy. I and the dragons lent their strength. Be grateful.]

– You are very condescending.

[What is it!?]

A black dragon that reacts directly to Yapi’s sarcastic mechanical sound.

-In the end, it’s more than transportation and fire support? It is possible to see it alone.

[This guy?! Do you think you can compare the majesty of your insignificant toy soldiers and dragons!]

As the argument between Yapi and the Black Dragon continued, Hari quickly hugged Yapi.

“Come on, Sir Yapi! Enough of that! Fight whenever you have a chance.”

-Ha-ri Han, are you on the side of that lizard?

“Oh my gosh…! I’ll buy you chicken when I get back!”

-I don’t need the inferior food of such an organism.

“I heard you’re expanding the franchise! I need to research!”


Only then did Yaffe stop the audio. Yapi, who lost a crushing defeat to Black Dragon in the Pyongyang mayoral election, would sometimes argue like this.

[Don’t panic. It is the palace of the king.]


When Leon appears on the screen, everyone’s eyes are focused. Beatrice was smiling next to Leon on the screen.

[The operation will be carried out soon. Lord Spinner must have given you a mission. The Holy Grail Knights will be in charge of the front, but your role is also important.]

Leon looked around at them on the other side of the screen.

Relationships beyond the gate. The loyal knights of the Lionheart Kingdom.

And the people I met on this earth faithfully followed him even though they were still lacking.

They have grown stronger, and are now honorable knights of the gods.

“The names of our enemies are beasts called orcs.”

“The warrior glory these beasts claim to have always destroyed human civilization.”

“Do you think the burden is too much? How can you start thinking about fighting without talking to anyone here?”

“However, you too will know. Jim was always right, and Jim was justice.”

Leon made a vague, arrogant declaration.

“This Lionheart’s opposition is not another justice. It is only evil. You shall not doubt it.”

For humanity’s justice, for humanity’s survival.

Although Leon is intolerant, arrogant and discriminatory.

There would be no lie about that being the way for humans.

“Glory to Lionheart! Glory to your spears and swords!”

kill the beast it is our duty

at the same time–

-Complete combination with space integrated armament platform. Completed all-weather, duke-class divine engine combination. The massacre operation commenced.

The Yacht Spinner, the last decisive battle weapon, started its engine.

* * * *

After the Continental Confederation of Orcs was formed, they took up a base in Wuhan City.

Originally a nomadic tribe, Orcs move and move their bases from time to time, but when a tribal union is formed and the warchief becomes the first thing to do is to create a main base.

There are definitely disadvantages to not being able to use its unique mobility, but it is a necessary method for a war with an old enemy.

“Daekan. Completed.”

Krann, the leader of the Black Orcs, reported to Murka what he had been preparing for a long time.

“With this, we have the power to go head-to-head with the gods of the pantheon. It was close.”


At Murka’s reaction, Krann nodded.

“But the question is, did you really need to build them here? With the divine powers gathered now, you can only maneuver within this city, right?”

Asked if it would be more appropriate to invest that resource in a war against the Lionheart Federation.

Murka replied to this.

“Kran, you are also inexperienced.”

“Only the Great Khan would say such a thing to me.”

But don’t deny it. Just as Leon was the oldest warlord in Lionheart, Murka was the oldest warlord among Orcs.

And if the two have one thing in common, it is that they are undefeated commanders.

He knew intuitively.

“Lionheart. Do you think that orc hater, that annihilator, will miss the opportunity to annihilate the orcs?”

“I don’t quite understand.”

“This war was not a war that they could win in the first place. They are strong, but the other humans underneath them are weak.”

Murka pointed to the European Union, which has withheld its participation in the war and continues to talk nonsense about economic sanctions and seizure of overseas assets.

This world has accepted too many orcs to overcome the brief crisis of the gate.

Instead of improving his constitution and achieving balanced development, he left it to the Orcs.

“It’s the same with those who entered the war. Fools who thought about stepping down because the damage was getting bigger. Even though the fate of the species depended on the outcome of the war, they were indecisive.”

Lionheart knows. They knew that if they didn’t drive out the orcs, they would perish.

Isn’t that why, for thousands and tens of thousands of years, Orcs have turned on the light in their eyes and caught them?

The fact that the Holy Grail Knights and War Knights had the authority to wage war and summoned knights from time to time to wipe out the Orcs was a preventive war to prevent the growing power of the Orcs.

However, there are only a few true Lionhearts and the Holy Grail Knights. Except for them, no one knows the horrors of orcs.

Therefore, this war cannot last long. Then–

“There is only a short-term battle for this place.”


Absolute charisma that conquers all orcs. Defeat Murka Balak and the champions and disintegrate the Federation.

Murka was convinced that Leon would definitely use any means to launch a short-term battle against the Orc Federation headquarters.

“Rigardo ties up the fire on the front line. Call in the Maghar instead.”

“······ Maghar? Then the front line will be pushed back?”



Krann inadvertently followed Murka’s gaze. and witnessed

“A shadow on the sun?”

A giant asteroid obscuring the sun was falling toward Earth.

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