The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 258

Lionheart vs Orc (4)

Automated drone-controlled bombing by Marquis class, a land decisive weapon.

An artificial tsunami attack by the Dominator class, a decisive naval weapon.

Satellite bombing by space decisive weapon integrated armament platform.

Yapi’s super-educational destruction protocol is powerful enough to annihilate one or two cities in a day if he puts his mind to it.

However, despite this large-scale destructive attack, the Orcs silently endured and even counterattacked.

When the drones, which spread the mist of death imbued with Beatrice’s holy power, carried out biochemical warfare, Orc hunters went hunting for the drones, and the tsunami reduced the radius of attack by boldly abandoning the coastal cities.

The same goes for satellite weapons. Every time it enters orbit, which is the effective attack range, Orc champions try to intercept it like ghosts.

In short, there is no decisive blow. Yapi realized how transcendent the Orc Champions, who were on the same level as the Holy Grail Knights, were.

-Then crush it with an overwhelming mass.

What mass weapon is capable of doing that on a battlefield teeming with monsters that even intercept satellites in space?

The answer is at hand.

-Observation of the orbit of the stars by the scabbard of the holy sword. Able to initiate a Star Iron Summoning Sequence.

An essential comet to make Lionheart’s Blessed Star Iron Armor. It is thoroughly used for destruction purposes.

“It’s not impossible. But I guess my holy power won’t be enough to attract something bigger than the last comet.”

Beatrice saw Caracael, the demon lord of wisdom, drop dozens of comets at the gate that reproduced Lionheart’s final great war.

However, that was possible because Karakael is a magical child far beyond Beatrice.

It is difficult for her to reproduce Karakael’s power by herself.

– Solve the lacking part with scientific power. If this machine was made of star iron, the restrictions on outer space activities would greatly disappear.

After searching for the largest possible comet candidates near the earth’s orbit, the asteroid with a diameter of 20 km was selected. Drop it towards the Orc stronghold of the Earth…the Chinese continent.

“It’s really, really crazy, this! If it wasn’t for the vocal law, it would be at the level of the end of the world?! It’s a reenactment of the Cretaceous Great Clash!”

Hari and other knights who enjoyed the common sense of the earth were fed up with this ignorantly honest plan of destruction.

– Absolutely correct. Let the inferior organisms be silent.

The other side of the asteroid falling to Earth. The all-weather, all-round armed duke-class follows the asteroid with the best members of the pantheon, including Leon.

The identity of the all-weather all-weather duke-class in the entire earth sphere is a space battleship. Even this superweapon, which can’t even move unless it’s the main body of Yappi with the divine reactor attached, looks like a tiny speck in front of the asteroid.

“Compared to the comet that the Lord of Wisdom summoned, the number is small, but the size is amazing.”

In the past, Leon, who was in the middle of the battlefield where the comet and the sun collided in a decisive battle with Karakael, looked down at the green planet Earth, the home of mankind.

“The city will disappear, but this is also a sacrifice for mankind to triumph over the orcs. Now, let’s go. To build the bug beasts.”


In response, Yapi started the engine installed on the other side of the asteroid.

In outer space, dozens of nuclear engines were installed to propel the asteroid, which could not be pulled by Beatrice’s holy power alone.

A state-of-the-art nuclear pulse engine manufactured by Yacht Spinner, an iron and blacksmith Holy Grail Knight.

Each one of the dozens of mankind’s largest aircraft carriers, the engine that can be operated by the young man began to accelerate the asteroid with fire.

* * * *


The orcs saw the fall of an asteroid that obscured the sun.

Even the Black Orcs, who had encountered all sorts of unusual things with their long war experience, were like that.


“Shoot even a nuke!”

It is an asteroid that is close enough to be seen with the naked eye. There weren’t many weapon systems to counter it, and the Orcs forced the Continental Army to launch nuclear missiles.


Chinese heritage. Intercontinental ballistic missiles, which have been accumulated by ignoring the UN’s proposal for denuclearization and paying for expensive maintenance, rise from the ground.

In this war, nuclear weapons are not something to be afraid of. This is because the knights of the Pantheon have a built-in concept defense that nullifies long-range attacks.

The same goes for mediocre soldiers and hunters who receive the protection of higher-ranking knights.

However, the destructive power of the nuclear power itself cannot be ignored. It’s because it crushes the terrain with an explosion.

Twenty-four such nuclear missiles. It is the result of the former Continental Army panicking at the shocking reality of falling asteroids and pressing the missile launch button without delay.

– 10 seconds until crash!

The Beasts of Earth’s destruction reach a critical mass. The fission reaction caused by the megaton-class nuclear warhead soon hit the asteroid with atmospheric pressure.


I averted my eyes for a moment at the flash of the explosion, but I soon saw the result with my own eyes.

“iced coffee······.”

There was not a single scratch on the asteroid. Dozens of nuclear missiles fired in haste could not destroy an asteroid with a mass of 20 km.

It might have been better if it had been shot at the most vulnerable time when it was incinerated by entering the atmosphere.

But even this would be wishful thinking. The comet pulled from the celestial body by Lionheart’s secret technique is imbued with divine power by the holy power of the saints.

How foolish it would be to destroy it with a human-made weapon.

“Use it.”

The Great Khan’s permission fell. At that moment, Maghar, who was urgently called from the Shanhaiguan, responded.

“I understand, great khan.”

Maghar, the champion of the orc shaman god Gokrok. He placed his hand on the ‘huge tower’ in front of him.

“Gokrok’s gaze. Activate.”

It is a huge tower.

A giant tower with blazing green eyes. Blowing oppressive heat, it flashes towards the falling planet.

[With my grace, wipe out the tin cans.]

The tower of the sorcerer god who cruelly burns those who have not received his grace. A green beam of light rained down from that gigantic gaze.


For a moment the sounds around disappear.

– Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwa!!

A roaring sound resembling crashing waves races toward the heavens.


An asteroid collides with a green beam. In an instant, the fall of the asteroid stopped.


It was an unbelievable sight that an asteroid that hadn’t slowed down a bit since entering the atmosphere stopped above the city.

Or rather, is it because of my mood that I feel like I’m being pushed toward the universe?

-Tactical maneuver. <The Iron Protection>.

At that moment, the holy power of iron surrounds the asteroid. An iron protection that withstands an opponent’s attack. The asteroid seemed to withstand Gokrok’s gaze due to the blacksmith god’s grinding.

“Helkhan! Your great warrior is here!”

The giant statue moves. It’s a statue of Tushin. From that point on, the power that was embodied in the spirit gradually increased and eventually reached the falling asteroid.

“A hideous thing. Break it down.”

Balbaza, the champion of Orc Avatar Helcan. Helcan’s spiritual body, which was revealed by the pouring of his divine power, swung a huge fist at the asteroid soaked in Gokrok’s gaze.

The moment that fist collided with the asteroid——


Shattering asteroid. Fragmented asteroids scatter in all directions.



the other side of the asteroid. The knights who boarded the Duke class were shocked to see it.

It was a 20 km long asteroid. Who could have imagined that it would be broken by physical destructive force?

“It’s not over yet, tin cans.”

The champion of the Orc Hunt God, Skunik. Skira raised a huge javelin.

Skunik’s Great Javelin. It aims at the duke-level, revealed behind the asteroid smashed by the power of the hunting god.

It’s a giant bomb. An orc’s strongest throwing weapon, imbued with the power of the hunting god and fired directly by the champion.

“Be impaled and die. My prey.”


And a huge javelin shot up from the ground.

* * * *

“Aaaagh! It’s a crisis, a crisis!”

“I smashed the asteroid! That makes sense!”

The interior of the ship is noisy. That’s right.

What an asteroid. It’s not the size of a real planet, but isn’t the unreality of a 20km class star being destroyed something that only comes out of a Hollywood movie?


Goo Dae-seong, the Holy Grail Knight, was stunned by the reality unfolding in front of his eyes. Even if that’s the case, what about the other articles?

“I see, I can’t believe I’ve completed it up to that point.”

“His Excellency Karina?”

Karina’s reaction. It was when everyone’s eyes turned to the reaction as if they knew that.


Leon appears on the screen. Although he also clicks his tongue, it does not look like he has witnessed the impossible.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

[The idol of Helkan and Gokrok. Then there must be a third idol.]

“An orc idol is a monster that only appears in historical battles. It’s unprecedented to have made three of them.”

[The existence of the Great Khan of the Orc is unprecedented.]

A bizarre act of Orcs, savage raiders, setting up an ‘idol’ in one base.

The strongest new weapon that can be created only when the divine power of the orc god worshiped by the great tribe is fully filled.

[Coming soon. There are probably only three people in this era who can cope with it.]

One of them is in Shanhaiguan. Karina realized her role.

“Sir Spinner. I’ll move to the stern.”

take up the sword Carina climbed aboard the windswept ship with Yapi’s anti-gravity device attached.


Leon was there first. holding a spear

“Could you lend it to me?”

“Jim can do it.”

At Leon’s words, Karina shook her head.

“Your Majesty, you must preserve your strength. Above all… I have faced Skira’s great javelin once.”

Leon passed his holy spear to Karina without hesitation.

The Holy Spear of the Lion Heart King.

Unlike the holy swords and holy spears of ordinary Holy Grail knights blessed by one god, it is a divine weapon blessed by all gods according to the Lion Heart King’s capabilities.

The lion heart king’s holy relic has the characteristic of being able to fully contain the power no matter how many gods intervene.

“Ventasis, Dragonia.”

Karina called out the two gods.

[Ready, my avenger.]

Ventasis, God of Darkness and Vengeance.

[It was the holy power to give birth to my descendants, but I’ll leave it to you.]

Dragonia, the god of gold and contracts.

Carina Dragonia is a Holy Grail Knight representing the two gods.

She held up the holy spear, the condensed holy power of the two gods.

“Die, tin cans!”

Soon after, the spear of the hunting god is thrown. A great javelin that makes the city numb with only the sonic boom that soars and emits. against it–

“Skira’s great javelin is a spear of infallibility. If that’s the case, there’s no choice but to smash it from the front.”

Karina runs through the stern of the Duke class. The moment she stepped on the stern, Yapi’s electronic catapult assisted her, launching Karina straight ahead of the ship.

Skunik’s Great Javelin.

For hunters of the Orc Hunting God, javelins are not simply hunting ordinary animals.

A wild land where carnage and savagery prevail. Orcs have been fighting tirelessly against menacing monsters that threaten their tribe.

For the hunters of Skyra, who ride beasts and hunt monsters under the protection of the hunting god, the javelin is for hunting great beasts.

In the wilds that make the difference between life and death, the spears of Orc hunters have always kept the tribe safe.

Skira’s great javelin is the pinnacle.

As long as the holy power of the hunting god exists, as long as the champion who will shoot it is alive, it is an idol of the orc god that makes it possible to throw a deadly javelin.

Its penetrating power kills even beasts called gods.

‘The power of darkness is the strongest cutting power. The golden power boasts the dragon’s unique violent destructive power.’

Karina’s two holy powers against him. Ventasis, the god of darkness and vengeance, and Dragonia, the god of gold and contracts, are forces specialized in slaughter and destruction.

Darkness of Ventasis, forging a demonic sword for the avengers. The destructive holy power of Dragonia, which was called the Dragon God, is so dominant that it cannot be covered even with the characteristics of the God of Contracts.

‘The Grand Seongbeop class, which only has increased destructive power, is unsuitable for use against people, but…’

Just scattering huge power is a splendor that only young people like. Karina has a thoroughly pragmatic personality, but at the same time, because of her old experience, she is able to precisely focus this enormous power.

The tip of the holy spear touches Skira’s great javelin. With this power that is difficult to control, it pierces the large javelin aiming at the Duke class from the front.

“Heh, it reminds me of the old days. I can’t imagine having to fight Skira’s great javelin twice.”

She is also an orc slayer next to Lionheart. Against the Orcs, it is a part of the Holy Grail Knights who have fallen.

“Die, tin can!”

“It’s annoying. Get out of here, beast.”

In the next moment, two gigantic forces collided in the sky above the city——

All clouds within a radius of 100 km were pushed out.

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