The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 259

Lionheart vs Orc (5)

The clash of enormous power wielded by the two transcendentalists created waves beyond imagination.

The disintegration of the laws of physics that occurs the moment the powers of the gods collide head-on. The shock wave caused by the wave pushes the whole world away.

From the point of impact, the air dissipated and the clouds flew up to 100 km. Fragments of the shattered asteroid could not withstand the shock wave and were crushed or scattered in all directions of the continent.



sky and ground. Screams echo from both sides.

The knights of the Pantheon, who were waiting inside the space battleship, and the Orcs on the ground were terrified as they witnessed the shock wave caused by the collision.

There’s no way anything could survive in the middle of such a shock


Karina, who was at the center of the impact, was swept away by the waves. Leon stretched out his hand, but even the duke-class battleship was thrown back by the impact. Leon’s arm couldn’t reach her.

“Sir Spinner!”

-Emergency rescue sequence initiated. Dragon Squad ejection.

The largest cargo box of the ship is opened, and dragons, including the black dragon, jump out.

-Kwalala la la la la!!

Black Dragon, the mayor of Pyongyang, and his five dragons spread their curled wings and flew.



A battleship that is swept away by the shockwave and bounces off. Yapi also responded.

-Emergency thrust deflection nozzle fully deployed. posture control.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwam!

It smashes the concrete road surface, bounces like a rubber ball, and crushes buildings in the city. Nevertheless, the Duke-class decisive battle armament is set by adding the output of the combined space integrated armament platform.

-Successful inertia deflection thrust control. Abnormality in energy transfer. Emergency dispatch of nanobots for repair.

It landed as if it was thrown off by a collision of great power. The damage is not small.

“Wipe them out!”


And the timing when the duchy stopped. Orcs who were waiting all over the city rushed in all at once.

– Approaching enemy units. Needs good damage recovery.

“Wahhahahaha! It’s me who cuts their throats…!”

Warriors of the Orc Avatar Helcan. It was the moment when the Green Orcs, who had received the baptism of commitment, jumped toward the battleship with red-shining axes.


The battleship’s ejection port. A black girl pops out of there. The pure white holy sword and black demonic sword she wielded instantly cut the orcs in the lead.

“That’s a lot…!”

Cheon So-yeon, commander of the 1st Knights of the Manshinjeon Naju. As soon as she came to her senses, she jumped out and mercilessly crushed the vanguard of the orcs.

“He’s a strong man! Turn hunters into beehives!”

Soon after, the orc hunters arrived and threw javelins at once, adding to the acceleration of the wild boars they rode.


So-yeon cut down the javelins that flew in, but she couldn’t block them all. Her power, the Holy Law of Ventasis, is the power of revenge that specializes in one-on-one.

It is not effective in one-on-one battles, not group battles.


In the meantime, the javelin that could not be deflected is pierced head-on into So-yeon’s star armor. The armor blocked the blow, but the javelin thrown with tremendous strength pushed the delicate girl’s body and flew away.


The moment So-yeon’s body collided with the battleship, the javelins flew in succession. Massive throws that cannot be blocked with star iron armor alone.

“Goddess Ariana…!”

It was the shield of light that protected his comrades. The holy relic that Han Soo-ho expanded with holy power blocked all the javelins that hit the ship directly.

“Well done, Suho!”

A red girl knight who jumped out of a battleship. Sparks redder than her impressive red hair shoot through her sword.


A torrent of fire engulfs the orc vanguard. Some of them endured with ‘fire immunity’ and so on despite the mighty firepower, but Hanhari’s sexual method is not the only one.

She is a born knight of war and flame and a goddess of the sea and waves. Han Hari’s technique is a dual attribute of flame and wave.


“Hold on…!”

The orcs who survived were puzzled. Even though it was swallowed up by powerful flames, for some reason, its entire body was wet. A sense of alienation that the heated body is wet.

But the moment to understand it did not come.

“Did you get wet just fine?”


The sky fluctuates and the clouds roll. Thunder fell the next moment.

The thunder and lightning struck by Kim Jae-hyeok, the knight of Ultima, the god of sky and thunder, destroyed the drenched orcs in a chain.


The screams of the orcs echoed from all directions. Orc shamans murmured on the battlefield where hundreds of orcs were slaughtered in an instant.

“While they’re not paying attention, we’ll intensively attack with the authority of the sorceress Gokrok. They’ll die without knowing anything—”

A moment, a shadow cast. The orc shaman realized too late that it was a human shadow.

“You can’t get in the way.”

A man in green armor. He jumped from the battleship and leaped into the midst of the shamans in one fell swoop.

“This, this distance at once?!”

The leaping power possessed by the transcendent being called the Holy Grail Knight was not something mortal beings could understand.

Seongbeop <Swallow the Earth>

Goo Dae-sung, the Holy Grail Knight of Life and Abundance, trampled on the floor! It roared and swallowed the Orc shaman at once.

– Goong!

He is a knight of the earth. A saint chosen by the mother of the earth as her proxy.

The place where his footsteps reached is his land.

[Now this is my body.]

Demera’s power dominates the land. The land that had been eroded by overflowing life force soon backed up the article of life.

“His Excellency Karina…”

[Never mind that child. A child who goes beyond Vulcanus in terms of experience. I will do the right thing myself.]

Goo Dae-seong gritted his teeth at the goddess’ confinement and saw the crowd of orcs.

“A flying orc?”

The ones approaching are Orcs riding wyverns they don’t know where they got them from.

“Come to think of it, among the Orcs in the Republic of Wuhan, there is a unit that specializes in taming flying beasts…”

Over the past 30 years, the orcs have also grown in power as they have adapted to the Earth.

The reason why the Orc Continental Confederation was able to swallow the continent so easily was because there were Orcs who had completed their adaptation to the Earth and accumulated strength.

‘It’s annoying with only the Black Orcs, but there are so many elites like that.’

Goo Dae-seong wondered if he had to deploy the earth’s castle method to intercept them, but that concern soon disappeared.

Tsushima <The Death Eye>

Black light spreads out. The light of destruction embroidering the sky erased the Orc Wyvern riders from the world.


Overwhelming firepower and incredible accuracy. Since her appearance, the great magician Queen, who has turned the world of magic on Earth, has ‘erased’ Orcs with a gesture of her hand.

“I’ve taken care of the annoying Orcs, so I’ll leave the rest up to you.”

As if responding to her words, two dragons poured out of the cargo compartment of the duke class. They are the ones left to support Ham from the Dragon Squad that went out to support Karina.

-Kwalala la la la la!

They spread their huge wings and flew over the city. Some of the surviving Orc Wyvern riders resisted, but they fell helplessly in front of the dragon’s unique advanced flight skills and powerful firepower breath.

“With this, the spirit of the vanguard has been broken…”

“The formation of this side has not been captured. There are still many of them.”

“Wow! Your Majesty?!”

Koo Dae-sung was shocked by Leon who appeared riding a Stallion. Behind him, the Magician Queen was riding casually.

“The shock of kindness sent the horses away. It would take some time for the knights to bring the horses out.”

“Hmm, it was a riotous landing, so I can’t help it. I’ll have to wait some time.”

Leon reached out his hand as he saw the orcs coming from all sides.

Sacred Punishment <Sun Appearance.>

Above the city, it floated in an instant.

“What, what?!”


Another sun that appeared without any foreshadowing. The heat of the sun, which melted just by approaching, beat down on the city.

-Mi, the missile is destroyed!

-Concrete buildings are melting?!

– The radio is dead! That sun is breaking all the machinery!

And it threw not only the Orcs into confusion, but also the former Continental Army of the Orc Federation.

In addition to accumulating a wide range of real-time damage, mechanical devices are also broken by enormous heat and magnetic fields.

Tatar, the god of the sun and judgment. It is an authority that radiates the widest range of power among all the holy laws that Leon can wield.

“Huh, thanks to you, I’ll be able to breathe. Hurry up and reorganize to Sir Yapi—”

For a moment, Goo Dae-sung felt chills. A ‘gaze’ as if something is staring at you.


A flash that takes away the light. Goo Daesung and Beatrice reacted at the same time.

Tsushima <strongest hardness defense. Elemental Shield>

The strongest, strongest defense created by magic. The multiple layers of defense cannot withstand the green ray and are destroyed in an instant.

And it hit Koo Dae-seong, and the asphalt was ground and pushed away.


great heat. Not only does the earth’s shield get crushed in real time, but even the armor melts.


Maximize the strength of the shield by maximizing the power of the Holy Spirit, and twist the trajectory of the light beam with supernatural power. In the process, the buildings he brushed were cut in half, but even that was a trivial matter.

“Back pressure…!”

Goo Dae-sung sighed in relief as he deflected the beam with more momentum.

“I suddenly became comfortable in the middle…”

Is it the limit of the light beam? The question of Goo Dae-seong did not last long.

“Is it Gokrok’s tower? It’s more powerful than the Eastern Desert Orcs built.”

It was the path of the light beam, thanks to Leon, who took away the light of the light beam with the holy sword. With the power of the goddess Ariana, it absorbed most of the light, the main energy of the beam.

“Go, thank you, Your Majesty.”

“Don’t try to defend against that power head-on. One blow is a destructive power equivalent to divine punishment.”

Destructive power of the level of divine punishment that can be said to be a special technique that surpasses the great castle method. Koo Dae-seong was shocked to realize that it had been fired twice in a row.

“And the third?”

“We’ll be firing soon. But that’s not all.”


Everyone’s eyes are directed towards the ‘Giant’ that reveals a huge presence.

“The one that smashed the falling asteroid…”

“It is the spiritual body of Helcan summoned as an idol of the god of death Helcan.”

Goo Dae-seong swallows with a gulp.

Helcan’s big foot summoned by Balbaja, the champion of Helcan, the Orc Athlete in Pyongyang. It was Goo Dae-seong who blocked it, and that’s why I realized its destructive power.

If a monster like that runs rampant, the city will be in ruins in 10 minutes. And that’s not all.

“The idols of the Orcs bestow enormous blessings on the Orcs just by their existence.”

[The statue of Helkan grants great power to the orc fighters.]

[Gokrok’s tower raises the spirituality of Orc shamans.]

[Skunik’s javelin amplifies the senses of the orc hunters.]

[The statue of Helkan is———-]

[The Tower of Gokrok is————]

[Skunik’s javelin———–]

Koo Dae-sung swallowed while checking the system message.

A series of ignorant buffs. As if this land was the territory of the Orcs… Even the protection of the Holy Grail Knights was blocked.

“Your Majesty, no way…”

“The only ones who can fight in full condition on this battlefield are the Holy Grail Knights who can overcome their protection.”

And aiming for that moment–


Everyone feels a chill chill.

A strange chill that I felt a little while ago. It came as a embodied danger.

[The Orc Grand Sorcerer Kran raises the Frost Palace.]


It rose from the middle of the city in an instant.

The other day, a drunken heart after mercilessly slaying the resurrected Frost Queen in the snowfields of Siberia. The cold heart, which could not be destroyed by the existing human power, is resurrected by the hands of the great sorcerer.

[A chill creeps in.]

-The slow rate is forced to 65%.

– Magic power consumption is limited.

– The Frost Queen’s soldiers are summoned.

A car that is still outnumbered. it happens even more Added to the harsh battlefield environment.

“The beasts have prepared quite a bit. I can’t believe they prepared this level of legendary idols in history and prepared for the last move.”

“Your Majesty, if we go on like this…”

“We will drown before the waves of the great army.”

The troops brought in for the surprise assault were all made up of a small elite group of knights. Leon felt that there was only one way to overcome this situation.

“Bice, Koo Dae-seong, and Spinner!”

“Yes…! Your Majesty!”


Leon directed.

“Each one of them. Destroy the idols and the palace that you don’t want to see! Jim breaks through the front. I will attract their troops as much as possible.”


Beatrice gritted her teeth when Leon chose the most dangerous front. The great Khan of the enemy who has not yet revealed himself.

There was no way he would allow Leon to be alone.

“I have no choice but to do it.”

Nevertheless, the means available on this battlefield are limited. Leon’s method is almost the only effective hit.

– I will organize the troops.

Yapi’s Duke-class battleship, which unloaded all of the knights, began to move. Even at this moment, Yapi grasps the optimal battle situation and reads the victory.

-Her Highness Queen Beatrice. Capture the Ice Castle with Han Hari and the 1st Squad.

– Goo Dae-sung. With Kim Jae-hyeok and Cheon So-yeon, Go-Crok’s tower attack.

– This machine will attack the statue of Helkan with Han Soo-ho and the remaining troops.

“Wait, Lord Yapi. So who’s going to dispose of Skunik’s javelin?”

-Already entered the attack.

– Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

It was then. East from where they stand. A huge explosion that can be heard all the way here. The place where the sound was heard was where Skunik’s javelin was.

Leon rode on the back of his best friend, Stallion.

“Then, wish each of you good luck.”

The final showdown with a time limit. Leon shouted.

“Glory be to Lionheart.”

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