The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 26 Noise Marketing (2)

Manshinjeon’s YouTuber channel has attracted quite a bit of attention on the Internet.

Impeccable professional workmanship in ultra-high definition. The point is that it contains the name of Leon, the survivor who attacked Cheongju Gate.

-There are a lot of Gura in the video.

– Does eating rice cure cancer? No matter how much I think about this, it makes no sense.

Of course, people didn’t believe in the existence of God just because I mixed some interviews with advertisement videos.

Even the official appraisal of the association has not yet been announced. Of course, I have no choice but to pass it as happening.

“Your Majesty, we need to take down the video!”

After seeing the video, Manager Kim Jin-soo came straight to Leon. He was confirmed by Hari that he was not in the penthouse, so he came to Naju Plain where a simple guild building was built and made a claim.

“Chief, have some barley tea.”

“Oh, thank you.”

Hari took a sip of the barley tea and calmed her startled heart.

“No, who uploaded that video in the first place?”

“Sir Spinner.”

“Lord Spinner?”

Kim Jin-soo’s gaze is on a Yacht spinner accessing a laptop in the corner… headed for yapi

That killing machine made that video? How?

Leon feels the same way.

‘I never thought the gods would give such an order to Sir Spinner.’

I heard that it was to quickly gather faith. Unfortunately, Leon has no knowledge to discuss about this.

This is because when he was young on Earth, all he did was star wars, which were in full swing.

For him, who only remembered the heavy screen of a CRT monitor, he is ignorant of the current YouTube and Internet broadcasting culture.

I just knew that Yacht Spinner’s strong artificial intelligence handles everything on its own, but I didn’t know it could be made this well.

“What does it mean to take down the video?”

Of course, people won’t believe the video straight away. Faith is not something that can be spread through a few advertisements.

But is there even a need to take down the video?

“As your Majesty knows, the rice grown in the Naju Plain is different from the crops of our world.”

Can you get healthy just by eating and get rid of some diseases? Such a miracle crop had to be classified as a panacea rather than a simple food.

“Actually, the association is the Food and Drug Administration… It is an organization that verifies the safety of food or drugs. There, it goes through various experiments.”

“It’s embarrassing to doubt the blessings bestowed by the Goddess, but your laws and systems must exist here too.”

“Thank you for your understanding. Blessed rice is at a level where there is no problem even if it is distributed right away. Rather, I would like it to be distributed.”

Manager Kim Jin-soo left rice to be used as seeds and passed the delivered rice to the KFDA and various departments. The results were astonishing.

– It’s a revolution in medicine! With this rice, most doctors don’t need it at all!

– How do you treat an incurable disease that has not yet been identified?

-From the moment you eat rice, something is working in your body to remove the tumor. this… How the hell is this even possible?

From laboratory rats to patients with incurable diseases who are dying. Blessed rice was a crop that would revolutionize the medical world.

Thousands of tons of this kind of panacea are mass-produced every year? Humanity’s overcoming of disease was just around the corner.

Even if there is a restriction that only Demera followers who believe in the divinity of life and fertility can grow this rice, that will be enough if the church expands.

The problem was different.

“This rice… As soon as it is announced, people from all over the world will be looking for it.”

yeah this was the problem Like director Park Jong-chan, there will be many people who want to secure seeds of rice itself.

Even if they can’t monopolize it, they will think that they can cultivate it themselves.

If it is a recently developed farm farming, it will be able to grow crops quickly, so it will be mass-produced soon.

But what if you figure out that only Demeranists can grow blessed rice?

“The Naju Plain will be infested with thieves. And those thieves are not normal humans.”

It is more effective than an enhancement potion. All kinds of guilds will come into contact. Even the ‘Mine’ of the underworld.

“We will fully cooperate once the approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety is given and rice sowing begins in earnest. Please wait until then.”

“I see, I understand.”

With Leon’s nod, manager Kim Jin-soo can barely convince this man! cheered inwardly.

“However, there is no problem.”


“You were worrying for nothing, so-and-so Kim. No one will be able to steal the product of the goddess.”

Leon was only on his own.

* * * *

After the cataclysm, the appearance of superhumans became the hope of mankind, but not all of them became icons of hope.

Awakening occurred regardless of age or gender, and of course, among them, there were many who chose the path of crime casually.

Mine Association.

This gigantic organization that moves secretly around the world has become a thorough point organization and is active based on the deep web.

They are involved in all sorts of crimes, and they don’t mind contracting murder for money.

And a request came in from the third-rate contracting organization Venomous Corps of the Korean branch of the Mine Association.

[I want you to secure rice seeds in the Naju Plain and burn down the grain warehouse.]

The payment was made in Bitcoin. Half the down payment and half the success fee. Wolyeongdan immediately investigated the Naju Plain.

– This seed… Really.

-The Hunter Association stopped the spread of rumors, but cases of taking it are spreading here and there.

-You mean it wasn’t just a stupid advertisement?

Anyway, now that you’ve received the request and received a hefty advance payment, it’s time to act.

The Venomous Division led more than 50 demons and headed straight for the Naju plains. Although they are third-class demons who are only C or D in terms of hunters, their strength is too much for just going to steal rice.

If it weren’t for the condition that the client emphasized, ‘I will take as many demons as possible’, ordinary subordinates would have been enough.

“What, this. I thought they had a lot of security on them because they had to pull their full power.”

“Is it really okay to just secure seeds and complain?”

Unharvested rice remained in the fields. two goals.

The rice fields remaining in the plains and the grain warehouse of the ‘Manshinjeon Guild’ are burned. It was the intention to monopolize rice as long as seeds were secured.

The Venomous Division, which entered the field first with an oil barrel, entered stealthily like a frostman who came to frost, then stopped.

“Brother, I’m a human…!”

The muffled voice of the youngest member who found something in the dark.

At his words, the members drew their weapons, but soon put on a dejected expression.

It was because what the youngest found was not a person but a doll.

“You’re a scarecrow, you idiot.”

“Ah… I’m sorry.”

Stuffed inside with cotton and weaved with straw, barely human-shaped things are hung with clothes and hats that don’t fit.

It was mistaken because it was in the form of a person in the dark.

“This is strange… It seemed like it just moved.”

The youngest looking after the scarecrow. Following Leon’s solemn order, the scarecrows uselessly detailed their eyes and mouths by painting even the cotton on their faces with dye.

In this darkness, the eerie feels creepy.

“Ah, bad luck. Get rid of it.”

“Brother… look at those.”


Soon, the leader of the Venomous Division was stunned. It was because there were not one or two scarecrows.

Cotton, rice straw, stones, pieces of wood… Like a very old totem. Dolls standing here and there in the field.

– Tak, Tak.

– Oh, oh, oh.

Is it an illusion? Dull things move and sounds like rumbling come out.

It was a subtle sound that could be mistaken for tinnitus, so it felt like a regretful mistake to enter the rice field without paying attention.

– Tak, Tak.

-Oh, oh oh.

A sound that seemed to echo from under the ground. Then, suddenly, a tinkling sound was heard, and one of the members, who was already nervous, sobbed! He made a noise and drew his sword.

“You idiot…! What are you doing because you’re afraid of a scarecrow?”

“Sorry, sorry. Here… something is a little strange.”

“You bastard…don’t go anywhere and say you’re a member of the Venomous Order.”

A master who rebukes his subordinates. He ordered his men to pour oil.

“We need to calculate the wind direction and burn it as wide as possible.”

“Then where do you get the seeds?”

“Idiot, you checked the granary. You can rob it there.”


The subordinates understood and poured out the oil from the red-hot oil drum.

“I heard this is so good, so let’s get some from the warehouse. You two, Mansu and Jintae… Huh? Where did those two go?”

“Yes? You must have been following me from a while ago… Uh, Doosan and Anne, where did you go again?”

The colleague who came with me is nowhere to be seen. It is impossible. How could a person disappear in an instant in this open field?

-widely! Tak-tak!

-Oh oh oh oh… … …

From before, the annoying sound gradually became clearer. Feeling of pressure from all sides. The Venomous Lord looks around… … .

“Hey… that doll. Were you originally this close?”

A scarecrow painted with a smiling face in bright red dye stood in front of them.

“Huh? Ah… I’m not sure?”

“No, that’s strange! I was far away just a while ago! What is this crackling sound! What a rumbling sound——”

When he turned his head to urge his subordinates, he caught movement in the corner of his field of vision.


I was so surprised that I didn’t even grasp the situation in time and recklessly swung the knife.

“Tongue, bro?”

“Heo-euk… Hee-euk…! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

It wasn’t until I smashed a scarecrow that I understood.

These are moving. in groups With a sword, stone, glass, etc.

“Check your surroundings, idiots! They’re moving!!”

“Huh, huh?”

Was the unity the result of the survival instincts of the vipers? They faced each other with their backs and witnessed an impossible sight.

deformed creatures,

Models are turning into monsters.

Why didn’t I notice? Why did I notice now?

Scarecrows planted like totems here and there in the wheat fields, stone dolls, even the roots scattered on the ground.

Unidentified monsters are moving in groups in the middle of the night.

Alas, this is not the case.

It’s not like this, he said, devastated.

The Steel City Familiar, deliberately decorated with a grotesque design, would have been better than this.

The scarecrows made with the women’s crude skills were reenacting the invasion of the past, showing twisted illusions.

“Sir, fuck! These are all monsters! They’re monsters!”

It’s not even the area where the dungeon break occurred, so what kind of monster is it? It was an absurd statement, but the current situation was actually breaking common sense!

The panic-stricken Venomancers tear, smash, and mash the dolls.

However, the puppets regenerate their broken bodies by themselves and regenerate them like living things, no, like something that transcends living things.

-widely! Tak-tak!

-Oh oh oh oh… … … …

The wheat field of the goddess where the holy power is located. On this land blessed and kissed by a living saint, unbelievers were not tolerated.

The Code of Life and Abundance.

1. Make an image of the Goddess from the first harvest and offer it to the altar.

2. Don’t pee in the field. Manure is fine.

3. Set up the scarecrow and make sure to dress it with a hat and clothes.

4. Sing songs during harvest. A song that expresses gratitude to the goddess is even better.

5. Don’t go hungry even if you’re busy.

… … … …

… … … …

The most important 0th.

※ The frost man dies.

* * * *

Heo Sang-man, the master of poisonous snakes, fled leaving more than half of his men in the field.

“Tongue, brother! I-what the hell is that? I haven’t seen them at the gate!”

“I don’t know, you bastard!”

It was strange from the request. He only stole a single rice seed and set fire to it, but to pay that much.

However, it was difficult to anticipate such a situation.

Most of the Venomous Division were D-class, but the name was Mine. Does it make sense that they can’t steal even one grain of rice?

They recognized that this mission was fundamentally wrong and were full of thoughts of spoiling the client.

He said he came anonymously, but he should get help from the Mine Association’s information organization, the Amwoldan. I’ve paid generously in the past, so I won’t ignore it.

“Uh, tongue, bro? Wait a minute!”


Only Heo Sang-man gets annoyed at the dissuade of his subordinates. He soon saw a building in front of them.

“It’s the grain granary that was the target.”

A place where residents pile up harvested rice. Seeing this reminded me of breaking even.

“If this rice were real… it would make a lot of money.”

It naturally leads to greed. I lost half of my men, but the greed that I couldn’t go back here barehanded.

“Those monsters are only in the rice fields… The granary will be fine.”

Common sense is that there are monsters like that in the fields, and I wondered if it was a warehouse, but when a subordinate with good eyes actually told me that there was nothing around, I gained confidence.

“Move as much rice as possible to the vehicle. Let’s go…!”

There will be piles of threshed rice, so it will be easier to steal than to harvest them. The moment when only the false image thought so steps toward the warehouse.

– Click!


something ominous… Sounds like something you often hear in war movies.

“Land mines—?!”

– Quaang!

Heo Sang-man’s body flew into the air.

“Tongue, brother!”

“What, what? Land mines? Why are mines laid here?!”

Heo Sang-man, whose land mine had exploded under his feet, was panting and trembling.

In the first place, land mines were intended to blow off a leg rather than kill, but as a superman, it was only about having his left foot torn off.

“Brother! I’m going to save you now…!”

“Stop it, you idiots! How many mines have been laid!”

At those words, the demons who found reason stopped.

“Kuhuhuhuhuh… Goo, save me…”

The subordinates could not easily come out even while watching only the illusion of breathing out.

Even if they are demons in the first place, they are third-rate bullies who accidentally awaken and fall into the path of crime. Compared to the demons who moved with ‘malice’, they were nothing more than a gangster organization that used a little bit of strength.

If he had the will to throw himself into a minefield to help the boss, why did he join the Mine Association?

“Even, run…”

A member who was backing away was startled by the tingling on the nape of his neck. Behind him, the ‘sun’ with red blood is shining in the moonlight.

“Wow, wire?”

in what gap? The poisonous death squad members hurriedly looked around. they find

A huge cobweb stretched out of steel wire.

And the ‘steel spider’ coming down from the cobweb.

Even though it has been reduced in size, there is no idiot who can’t recognize Cheongju’s infamous killing machine.

“iced coffee…….”


That this was all a trap.

That they are like dragonflies caught in a cobweb.


The Iron Grail Knight personally came down to capture the prey.

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