The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 260

Lionheart vs Orc (6)

bounce in the sky


huge shockwave. The center of a collision that crushes the entire city. Karina lost her mind for a moment.

– Crowra la la la la!!

Ten seconds later, she came to her senses. It was because the loud howling of the lizard hurt my ears.



I saved you at best. The black dragon cries out and displays its temper. Karina stood up from the claws of the dragon that had snatched her up.


[What’s going on?]

“I missed the Holy Lance Your Majesty lent me.”

At the time when I lost consciousness for a moment, it seems that the strength of my grip loosened. Unlike Leon, Karina has no way to find the holy spear because she does not have the power of the lion’s heart to retrieve and deploy weapons in subspace.

“Did you and the dragons come to support me?”

Karina suddenly saw dragons flying around the black dragon.

Five including the black dragon. Excluding the dragons on each front, these five were most of the dragons mobilized in this assault.

“Power is not enough.”

[What are you thinking?]

“Assault towards Skunik’s javelin launch pad. As long as I have the strength, I will continue to throw javelins.”

Karina pointed to the location of the nearby Skunic’s great javelin.

Like Gokrok’s Tower, Skunic’s great javelin, which can be said to be the strongest ranged weapon of the Orcs, does not shoot powerful beams like Gokrok’s Tower, but it is annoying that it shoots a javelin with the ‘death’ property. sour.

“In the past, when I was the Grand Duke of Dragonia, I encountered them during the subjugation of Orcs. It took a lot of effort to destroy them. It would be difficult if not now.”

She had once competed with a great tribe of orcs who had built idols for the orc hunting god, Skunik. The javelin, which was fired from time to time, could only be destroyed after many knights sacrificed.

“That’s not the only idol of the Orc God. Inevitably, the Holy Grail Knights will go to destroy it.”

Therefore, my role is to destroy Skunik’s idol. Only then will it be able to lighten the burden of the Lion Heart King who will duel with the Orc Great Khan.

[good night! If we have the strength of our great dragons, it will be better than those tin cans!]

The four dragons flying in formation with the black dragon’s confident roar

“Be careful. The one protecting it is the champion of the hunting god. No matter how dragon–“

– Kwaaak!

And something pierces through the black dragon’s wings. The black dragon crashed while screaming in pain.



[······Save your own people!]

The dragons hurriedly fall at the black dragon’s fall. But they had to dodge the javelins fired at them.


Karina, who fell with the black dragon that was snatching her, crashed. She freed herself from the black dragon’s claws and hurried the fallen black dragon.

“Wake up! It’s not time to look away!”

[Kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Damn these bastards! dare me! Tear off my proud wings!]

Fortunately, it was not fatal. A dragon is a dragon even though its wings are torn and it is difficult to fly. Because the source of that power came from enormous magical power.

“By the way… it’s already surrounded.”

Karina saw the black dragon and the gazes staring at her.

Orc hunters. These boar riders are the representative hunter group of the orcs.

And one wild boar with a uniquely huge size and strong presence.

The legendary wild boar, which seemed to only come out of mythology, and its rider came directly to hunt the dragons.

“Hehehe, five dragons and a can of captain. Today must be the most glorious hunting day for me.”

“Are you a champion?

Karina brushed off the dust from her hair and pulled out the magic sword.

“This work is the grand duke of Dragonia. Lionheart King Leon Dragonia Lionheart’s eldest daughter. Karina.”

“Skyra, the Great Warrior of Skunik. I’ll be adding a Bitch and a Dragon’s Bone to my collection today.”

The warriors of the two gods collided against each other.

* * * *

The power of a horse charge is multiplied the more it is done in a group.

The reason why hundreds of cavalrymen often break an army a hundred times larger is because a warhorse larger than a man and a heavily armored knight riding on it overwhelm the infantry in force.

A group of cavalrymen charging together as one has reigned supreme in the history of human warfare for thousands of years.


The lack of mass, in short, the less intimidating the minority, the lower the destructive power of the cavalry class.

Not to mention, the opponent is short-term.

Especially if this is a warrior group made up of war veterans.

“Stupid…! You’re going to pierce us alone?”

As an S-class Hunter and Orc Engineer, he was proud of his heavily armed men.

One of the best S-class attack squads on the continent. Although the rank has been lowered with the appearance of the Black Orcs, there is an awareness that this side is also strong.

I’ve heard that the opponent is a can that’s as great as Daekan, but no matter how much I think about it, I don’t think I’ll lose.

“Our big ax warriors are the strongest on the continent! Against us like that——?!”


The first crash roared. Orcs at the forefront flew through the air, the terrain was crushed, and dismembered corpses splattered in all directions.

“Kuh… The momentum is good! But it’ll be blocked soon! He’s alone——”


【Strongest Assaulter】

The modifiers such as ‘strongest’ or ‘most’ in traits or titles are modifiers that have never existed before.

Because it’s really only given to one person.

It is not a narrow planet called Earth, but something that is only given to those who have ‘specialized’ powers that surpass even the demon lords across all dimensions.

But mortals cannot have such a thing.

Titles such as ‘strongest’, ‘most’, or ‘maximum’ are the exclusive property of demon lords. Then–


If there is a human who slaughter even demon lords and claim the title of ‘strongest’, what form does it have?


“Shut up?!”

It has a human shape.

Sophisticated design with smooth and flowing lines. However, she was clad in iron armor that was so strong that nothing in the world seemed to be able to invade it——

The new punishment <Fire of the Battlefield>.

Breathing fire with your gaze——

The divine punishment <Spear of the Sky>.

It thundered with a voice.

“M-stop it! Stop it!”

“I can’t stop!”

A monster in human form wields a sword.


The monster carrying the monster runs amok and tramples the green beasts.

It only took 3 minutes for the S-class Orc raid team to break through. The Orc Engineering Commander trembled in front of the knight who destroyed his subordinates and came to him.


What kind of bullshit is this!

I am a warrior of the plains. Orc warrior. A chieftain who leads hundreds of orcs and a warrior among warriors who decided to serve the great orc great khan!

The Orc engineering chief struggled to regain his fighting spirit and picked up an axe.

“I’m not afraid of you!”

It’s a miraculous courage. It is the courage of a beast that can shake off fear and roar even in the face of irresistible natural disasters.

How did the Lion Heart King accept the courage that is worthy of admiration even though he is an enemy?

“Then be more courageous.”

– Kwaaak!

The holy sword struck mercilessly and split the Orc engineering commander in two.

three like this. When the blood of the orcs on the holy sword had already reached 1,000, they appeared.

“I made you wait, Lionheart!”

hammer strikes Destructive momentum of the moment. Leon deflected the attack with his holy sword. At the same time, Stallion spins rapidly and strikes him with a swift rear kick.


The orc kicked by the horse backed away. Leon felt that the orc’s skin color was different from other orcs.

“Is it a black oak?”

“Hehehe, yes, I am the bodyguard of the great Orc Grand Khan Murka Balak. The Great Black Orc War——”

“A beast has a long will!”

Leon approaches in an instant with Stallion’s main wave. When his holy sword flashed, people could be felt from all sides.


Five at a time. Black Orc Boar Riders riding wild boars attack Leon.


Leon’s name. Stallion made a surprising move.

It easily ignores the inherent limitations of a horse specialized in straight-line movement and escapes by mixing sideways and diagonal movements.



The Boer riders who lost their prey in an instant caused a disaster by colliding with each other.


“It’s fast, it’s a problem from before!”

Truly, the horseback riding technique of gods and horses. It was flexible and quick, as if the knight and the horse were one.

“But the power of numbers can’t win!”

A green aura flying from somewhere. It hit Stallion’s fourth shinbone, which he avoided in response even from all sides.

– Hee hee!

The Stallion, which almost collapsed from the momentary impact, kicked the ground without stopping the maneuver. It was a Stallion who had barely reached the safety zone, but limped on one foot.

“Are you okay, Stallion?”

– Hee hee hee!

No problem. The white divine beast still shows his fighting spirit and intends to fight alongside Leon.

“Go in.”

-Hee hee…!?

What does it mean? Are you insulting me, friend?

Despite her gaze, Leon did not change his judgment.

“They’re not good enough to deal with on the move. They’re quite experienced.”

He soothes an old comrade and strokes the nape of his neck. Stallion did not hide his resentful gaze, but trusted his comrades’ judgment.

The Black Orcs ridicule the Lion Heart King for stepping on the floor like that.

“Your pesky feet are blocked.”

A surprise attack aimed at horses thoroughly. These guys know how to deal with knights.

“Is it the hunting god’s stealth and the shaman god’s curse?”

On the other hand, Leon saw through the guys’ secret techniques that he didn’t feel until right before the attack.

Orcs are combative beasts that prefer a head-to-head confrontation. The fact that they use the beast god’s stealth technique or the shaman god’s curse technique proves that they are veterans with a fairly practical personality.

And that the dark-skinned orcs, like himself, were warlords who had been fighting demons to the death for the past two hundred years.

“They’re pretty bell-tasting guys.”

Leon looked around. In that short time, I was surrounded.

The number is about fifty. All of them are black orcs, seeing the speculation that feels like a presence.

The Black Orc Warriors, said to be comparable to the Holy Grail Knights, gathered to hunt down one Leon.

“Lion Heart King. Your reputation has been heard on the other side of the continent.”

“For a very long time we waited for the day to fight you.”

“Even if the demons didn’t get caught on the way, the last war would have been between you and us.”

The Orcs generously displayed their divine power. They are also the warriors of the three gods of Orcs, chosen by the gods.

The divine power generated by the fifty elite Black Orcs created such pressure that it weighed down even Leon’s star iron armor.

“Now, let’s fight. A showdown between power and power!”

“You’ll die before reaching the Great Khan!”

Leon raised the holy sword. The light of Goddess Ariana was focused on the golden holy sword.

“Those who will die soon are as good as their momentum.”

* * * *

-thud! thud! thud! thud!


Goo Dae-seong, the Holy Grail Knight of Life and Abundance, has no words.

To be precise, it was more like not being equipped with words worthy of the title of a Holy Grail Knight.

It is because his leaping step has far surpassed that of a blessed steed since awakening as a transcendental being.

“Koo Dae-seong! Go, let’s go together!”

“Don’t be in too much of a hurry!”

Jaehyuk Kim and Soyeon Cheon. And the restraint came in at a speed so fast that the knights behind him could barely catch up.

“No, I’m sorry. I thought I had to hurry up and deal with it.”

“Whoa… We’re late, but that’s about it.”

Jaehyuk stroked the panting horse and tried to relieve the fatigue of sprinting. that brief break. Soyeon comes forward.

“What we have to deal with is the sorcerer’s champion and his idol. We plan a strategy… Ah, damn it! Daeseong Koo!”

Goo Daeseong immediately raised the shield of the earth. The Earth Shield, which has been reinforced many times since arriving on this battlefield. And he blocked the green flash fired at the knights from the front.

“Whoa…! You’re not giving me a break!”

Gokrok’s Tower, their target of destruction. It watched them with a wide field of vision and fired destructive flashes from time to time.

“The Grail Knight class can defend against this attack. But to completely block it——!”

We need the way Leon weakened the power of the flash. And it was Cheon So-yeon who exceeded expectations and cut the green flash.

Holy Demon Sword——

Her sword cuts the flash fired from Gokrok’s tower. Like Han Ha-ri, she received the rare blessing of the two gods, and she has a lot of holy power.

Ariana’s sword of light absorbs the light focused on the flash, and Ventasis’ sword of darkness cuts the weakened flash.

Thanks to this, Goo Dae-seong was able to shake off the flash without too much difficulty.

“Oh~ There were not only the Holy Grail Knights, but there were also decent guys.”

And Maghar, the champion of the Orc shaman god, appears.

He greeted them with over ten Boulderface golems and thousands of Orc warriors.

“No one really came from Lionheart.”

Maghar. This gnome, who had assisted the great khan and hunted demons for over two hundred years, looked with contempt at the young knights made up entirely of earthlings.

“Do you think you will be my opponents? Fake knights who have just become knights, will you deal with this Maghar?”

Ignoring it even outright. However, there were some who thought that was the right thing to say, so the Naju Knights had no choice but to shrink.

Isn’t the opponent a monster who lived in the same era as Leon?


However, it was the ‘ordinary man’ who stood at the forefront of them and refuted the contempt sent by the champion of the shaman god, perhaps the least self-esteem in this place.

“We don’t need your evaluation.”

Holy Grail Knight Koo Dae-sung. A man who took the greatest step as a common man.

He doesn’t flinch anymore. I just silently… and honestly took a step forward.

“Glory be to Lionheart.”

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