The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 261

Lionheart vs Orc (7)

“Hit it, buy some time.”

Helcan’s warriors. They are mighty warriors with the most strength and hefty power among Orcs.

Their ax skills, chosen by the fighting god Helcan, cut through iron and shattered armor.

– Knock! Wow!

The holy sword splits the warriors’ bodies in half. Faster than the ax they strike with brute force. As if he wasn’t interested in a battle of strength and strength, he slashed the ax with the hilt after exerting a blow with his whole body.


fast. There is never a lack of power either.

When it is necessary to split the leading warriors in half and knock them out in the disadvantage of one-on-one, they definitely cut them off.

Power and speed from overwhelming muscular strength. Destroys the stronghold of Black Orc warriors with pure strength.

“I can’t believe it.”

Each of the Black Orc warriors of Helkan Tusin are warriors of reversal. They are the strongest Orc warriors who fought against Lionheart’s Holy Grail Knights in the past.

Such monsters became stronger through the death struggle in the demon realm. Even so… the unbelievable sight of the Black Orc warriors being crushed. however······.

“Shut up, tin can.”

Even if one arm was severed and the whole body was crushed, the blow of the ax was lowered. The fighting spirit that the indomitable warriors wield until the brink of death shatters the armor of the Lion Heart King.


That fighting spirit, the King of Knights does not acknowledge. As if to further protest against this, the hunters of the hunting god cast their nets.

“Stop moving!”

The Orc Huntsman’s net is a dense and strong net that can capture even the largest monsters. The net, which even received the protection of Skunic, is so strong and sharp that even the power of the monster cannot escape, and the more it struggles, the more it gets hurt.


“It’s stopped on its feet! Shoot!”

Before long, a large number of explosive javelins were fired. The collective javelin of the black orc hunters who melted the Great Old One Belluza explodes right in front of their noses.

“It won’t end safely…!?”

-Go oh oh oh!

The expressions of the Black Orc warriors are distorted. For those who are born warriors and fearless, to think that there would be a monster in the midst of such an explosion.

“Is this just it?”

A masterpiece newly completed by the Iron Grail Knights of this era. The armor made Leon immortal.

Even more, the star iron armor, which is strengthened as the divine protection and holy power is vast, maximizes its characteristics when worn by the lion heart.

In doing so, he became an unscathed immortal. That’s why the arrogance of ignoring a few desperate attacks from the enemy is allowed.

“Now it’s my turn.”

As if the overwhelming power so far hadn’t been an attack, Lion Heart King’s gestures were directed at the orcs. As if punishing, the arrogant saint wields the power of God with his hand gestures.

<Sky Spear>

A giant in the crown of thunder above the clouds. He is ready to punish for his deputy from the beginning.

[Fry to death, worms.]

-Quarreung! Kwak!

A spear of thunder that strikes vertically. It struck the orcs right in the middle without even having time to admit it.


At the moment of the dizzying collision, Leon witnessed that the spears thrown by the orcs absorbed the lightning.

“Is it a lightning rod? It’s not like using your head.”

“Chuck, this isn’t the first time I’ve fought you tin cans.”

Black Orc Great Warrior Bultan laughed fiercely and said.

“The shamans are ready, too.”


Black Orc shamans who have been hiding in the rear so far and operating out of Leon’s sight. Their enormous power is directed at the Orcs on the front lines.

<Strengthen the main focus – Gokrok’s Gaze>

<Strengthening Main Power – Helcan’s Big Arm>

<Strengthen the main power – Skunik’s Clan>

The mighty power of the Orc Champions. It is given to all Black Orcs.

An enormous power beam, enormous strength, and even quick feet. The results of that reinforcement were great.


Leon, who swung his sword at the rushing Buddha, missed the timing due to his unusually fast movement.

“You’re slow!”

A fireball that catches back in an instant. The ax he wielded hit Leon’s back.


I swung my sword to block it at the moment, but I was pushed back by the monstrous power of the fire that was much stronger than before and scratched the floor.

“It’s here!”

A charging black orc hunter. Running with the wild boar, he crashed into Leon with ferocious momentum.

“To smell like a beast! It’s rude!”

Leon immediately slammed his fist into the boar’s head, piercing the heart of the orc hunter as he fell forward.

However, the Orcs made the most of the moment when their people died.

<Helcan’s Big Hand – Great Strike>

<Helcan’s Big Hand – Strengthen Max Power>

Helkhan’s great warriors, Bultan and Grokhan. Their axes hit the Lion Heart King all at once. Leon quickly blocked it, but the orcs suppressed Leon with their brute force.


one of his knees is down It was the first time ever.

“Keukkeu…! Now that we use the power of the gods, we overwhelm you!”

The momentum of the Black Orcs was so frightening that they could say such arrogant things.

An explosive physical rise as if each of the Orc Warriors used the Holy Grail Knights’ Divine Advent. Leon noticed that it was an expedient of the Orc shaman.

‘Is it a time-limited Divine Advent?’

You really don’t care for your life.

The Black Orcs increased their momentum and pressed Leon from all sides.

The Orcs had the mighty power of Helcan and the footwork of Skunik, and even poured the mighty firepower of Gokrok.

A devastating combination of Black Orc warriors that would overwhelm even the demon archduke. that······.

“You blocked everything?!”

“A monster, this guy!”

It was Orcs, not Leon, who accumulated hundreds of consecutive battle damages.

‘I’ve already been hit by seven.’

‘The remaining brothers are now under thirty.;

As time passed, the attack power of the orcs decreased, and their margins widened.

Bulltan met Grokhan’s gaze and nodded as if he had agreed.


Grokan shouted. His roar was enough to get the Lion Heart King’s attention.

“Stop dying now!”

Grokhan showed a presence that could not be ignored and charged at the Lion Heart King. Leon is not merciful enough to let go of that straight charge.

– Fu-wook!

Leon stabbing Grokhan’s heart. But at the same time–


Grokan grabs Leon while stabbing the foreman with a bang. Leon tried to escape from its clutches, but it was not easy to escape from the black orc warrior who gave up his life.

“Daejeonsa burnt! Following the brother’s footsteps!”

Burns grabbed Leon from behind. Of course, it was even harder for Leon to escape.

“Great Warrior Garham! For the glory of Helkan!”

“Great Warrior Falvatar! I will dedicate myself to Skunik!”

Black Orc warriors flocking from all directions. Their divine power runs out of control, and vast power is concentrated in the terrain.

“Die, Lord of the cans. Your legend will end in our hands.”

The sorcerers of the shaman god gathered their overflowing divine power into one. A huge amount of divine power they couldn’t handle. The convergence of divine power overflowing in minutes causes an explosion from within.

A life-threatening linkage of veteran warriors using divine power. Against this–

Opening of the holy sword.

Starlight converges in golden color.

* * * *

-Fleet damage repair completed. system restart.

The duke-class all-weather final armament began to fly for its mission while recovering damage to the ship.

Naturally, as this all-weather armament took the form of a space battleship, he headed towards the statue of Helcan faster than anyone else, and upon noticing the approach, Helkan’s spiritual body reached out toward the duke-class.

“Huh? Up, danger…!”

Suho, who saw the asteroid being smashed by that punch, was horrified, but he had no time to pay attention to the violent movement of the battleship.

-Evasion pattern 137. Emergency avoidance mode. Thrust deflection nozzle at maximum open.

The duke class who makes sudden evasive maneuvers in an instant. Like a desert hare escaping from the clutches of an eagle in a dive, it evades Helcan’s clutches by making a sudden change of direction and an acrobatic 780-degree turn.


“Sir Yapi! Driving! Driving please…!”

The knights on board complained of pain from the overwhelming Frenzy of G, but the Iron Grail knight lightly ignored them.

– Posture control success. Deploy Mobius-class main guns.

The main gun of the attack satellite attached to the Duke class. It poured charged particle cannons of destruction at the statue that summoned Helcan’s spiritual body.


In addition, hundreds of missiles loaded on battleships. The statue crackles and collapses from the merciless bombardment.


[The statue of Helkan has fallen. Spirit summoning is stopped.]

“Oh oh···!”

“You did it in one go!”

“As expected, Sir Yapi!”

The inside of the ship was stained with the gruesome sight of the knights who committed obite, but the fact that they succeeded in defeating the statue announced in the system message took priority over their vomiting.

-Kick! Urgent movement towards the next target──

“this guy···!”

Then, thump! And something collides with the Duke class. The duke-class, shattered by the shock so intense, rolled across the concrete floor of the city.

-Severe damage. armed ejection sequence. Conduct pilot and payload landings.

Yapi urgently landed its payloads. One of the knights of the pantheon, including Han Su-ho. They are well-trained knights, so even in this difficult situation, they are straight into formation.

“Those who can’t speak, join the square! Those on horseback line up left and right! Orcs are coming!”

Han Su-ho couldn’t get his comrades out and encouraged his summer colleagues to do self-defense. And… I noticed a being with a huge presence approaching.

[Helkan’s champion Balbaza roars.]


Balbaza, the champion of Orc Avatar Helcan. Having crushed the duke’s class in one blow, he personally took his men and rushed towards the half-destroyed duke’s class.

“Champion… Sir Yapi, is there a way?”

– The time has come to prove the excellence of this machine.

A shadow emerges from the cockpit. The pilot, Yafi, landed on the roof of a building.


“What are you?”

Valbaza stared at the mechanical spider looking down at him from the rooftop.

Too small and dainty size to be a warrior. However, knowing that it was the Holy Grail Knight of the famous Pantheon, Balbaza burned his fighting spirit.

– Balbaza, the champion of Orc Avatar Helcan.

“Hey, do you know my name?”

Yapi analyzed the situation. Their allies are 30 Manshinjeon knights including Han Soo-ho. For the armament to be mounted on the Duke class, there are not so many troops.

On the other hand, the opponent only sees hundreds of things in front of his eyes. That number will increase in the future.

Therefore, Seung-gi is to take down the Orc champion Balbaza and pour overwhelming firepower into the enemy army. To do that, you have to deal with Balbaza first.

However, how to take out and defeat only Balbaza in this war situation?

Yacht Spinner, a wise and superior strong AI, knew very well the mentality of these inferior organisms.


-A straight call?


-Are you scared? crap. crap. One-on-one, a dog heojeop who runs away in fear.

“This, this guy…!”

Balbaza kicked off the ground and jumped up. Barbaza approached in an instant with its tremendous leaping power. Yapi ran up the roof and started to run away.

– I’ll follow you.

“Yes, I will kill you!”

Balbaza began to run across the city rooftops in pursuit of Yapi.

* * * *

Balbaza came over nicely at Yapi’s provocation.

When the distance was wide enough, Balbaza, who had finally caught up, swung an ax at Yapi’s slender carapace.

thud! And the building collapses with a roar. Among the rubble, Yapi jumped swiftly and landed in a plaza.


“Hmph! I heard you’re an Iron Grail Knight, but it’s all about running away!”


Yapi’s camera children stared at Balbaza and surveyed the surrounding battlefield.

The distance is wide enough, and the location is suitable. Even Balbaza didn’t know that intention.

“Keukkeukugh…! This must be an attempt to isolate me and defeat me one-on-one. Well, that’s not a bad method.”

Even Balbaza was not unaware of Yapi’s intentions. However, he radiated the swelling power of Helcan and heated up his speculation.

“Your plan presupposes that it is possible to defeat me.”


Yapi did an objective power analysis by observing the clear rising spirit of Balbaza.

Indeed, the level of the Holy Grail Knight. No, an eruption of power like that is more than just a decent Holy Grail Knight.

Significant difference from the Barbaza that was observed at Zereah’s relic evacuation gate in the past. If Yafi had been herself in the beginning, she would have calculated an obvious defeat.

-Kick! Duke class all-weather final armament sequence activated.

If you were your past self.

– Tung! Tung! Tung!

It was fired from a battleship that must have been half destroyed.

Duke class all-weather final armament. It takes the form of a space battleship, and it seems that this is the true face of this final armament, but that is not true.

-This machine is the Holy Grail Knight of Iron and Blacksmith.

Hey hey profit! The flying container box dismantles while scattering jet sounds, and something appears one after another.

– An existence that evolves, develops, and augments endlessly.

It was an innumerable armed forces.

Support Armament – Baron-class land fire support weapon.

Support Armament – Air Mobility Bomber Viscount Class.

War Armed Forces – Electromobile Special War Weapon Count class.

Decisive Armed Forces – Marquis class, land-based firepower decisive battle weapon.

The following 12 types of all-purpose armed systems are fully set.

Integrated armed platform force deployment. All Weapon Free.

In addition to this, there are dozens of special weapons developed for the purpose of Yapi’s dedicated connection and prepared to respond to dozens of combat situations. There······.

Final armament – All-around combat support system control weapon duke-class.

This is the Duke class. An all-weather, all-weather weapon that responds universally in all situations.

– Today’s Bongi is stronger than yesterday’s Bongi.

With this infinite blacksmith’s grace, the Iron Grail Knight overthrows the savage beast.

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