The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 262

Lionheart vs Orc (8)


Before sound, flashes of light rain down on the city.

-Moebius-class charged particle cannon anti-personnel armed type x2

A massive giant mechanical spider. The overwhelming firepower of land-type super-heavy armored firepower throwing weapons.

Originally, ultra-high firepower that hundreds of tons of urban warfare weapons could not be equipped with, was able to withstand recoil with a rare new material called star iron.

It analyzes and calculates the enemy’s movement, terrain, wind, and even gas molecules in the atmosphere that can reduce the output of the beam to draw the optimal firepower line.

The current yakt spinner alone produces corps-level firepower.

It would be impossible for a single individual to maintain their shape in this gigantic dialogue power battle. But–


The beast roars. An overflowing red aura surges up and rushes towards the giant mechanical spider.

-Emergency firepower deployment. Skip the cooling sequence!

A secondary firepower fighter who passed the minimum safety sequence necessary to cool down the enormous firepower.

Light faster than sound struck the orc champion, but his ax flashed.

“It’s ridiculous!”


The flash of doom entangles the axe. The ax tangles the beam like a skein of thread. It is incomprehensible by what kind of physical action this is possible.

What ultra-high-performance cameras observe and strong artificial intelligence judges is just accepting and coping with the phenomenon in front of you.

“Fuck off!”

hammering axe. deal with it with super-heavy gloves.

Kwajik! And the sturdy super-heavy armor is crushed. But… these gloves are the world’s largest star iron gloves.

-Damn it, beast.

A 12-gauge star-iron shotgun of ultra-close combat musk that withstands an ax and throws it in. Starfire x4.


– Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa!

A shotgun made of star iron is fired by the hand of the Grail Knight who bestows the iron protection.

Even a Holy Grail Knight could tear through his entire armor with as many as 4 bullets. that······.

“You underestimated me!”

<Divergence of speculation>

The high-density divine power radiating from Balbaza’s entire body prevents the whole body from being trampled by the shotgun. While Yaffe observed it with his camera eye, Balbaza pressed the ax and stared at Yaffe.

“Who do you think I am? I fought for hundreds of years along the Great Khan. When I tore the demons to pieces and drank their blood, where were you and what did you do?”

The history of the fight is different. In that intense struggle, Barbaza has been active as a champion of fighting spirit.

“Even those fancy gloves break if you press them down three times.”

– Kwajik!

Gloves get crushed. It will be disintegrated by the blow of an ax beyond its limit.

-Emergency ejection.

The emergency ejection device in the cockpit activates, and Yaffy’s small body ejects from the Count-class aircraft. It is another count class weapon that accepts the body of such a yappy.

-Cockpit open. pilot mounted.

– Operation of electric motorized special warfare weapons.

I broke one at most, and then another. Balbaza slapped the ax on his shoulder, trampling on the armament of the enemy he had crushed.

“Keukkeuk, there are many.”

Ignoring his taunts, Yafi linked up with the former commander.

I moved one by one to make the most of the output of the sacred reactor that makes my body move, but the enemy’s destructive power far exceeds my strong artificial intelligence’s ability to judge.


-All Weapon Link.

All armaments share the power of Yapi’s Sacred Reactor. Yacht Spinner’s battle program for the great Grail Knight’s decisive battle that has been constantly evolving and developing.

– Arrangement of land fire support weapon formations.

-Airborne bomber weapons mid-low altitude firepower projection standby.

A number of baron-level and viscount-level support armaments. The 5th Earl class and the Marquis class, the Beast of Ruin, who had been holding their breath to reduce energy waste until now, move the huge body.

– Byeolcheol weapon full set.

-Integrated Commander Yakt Spinner. Connection with Duke class all-weather final armament auxiliary operation program. Synchronization complete.

– Full armed maximum combat efficiency anti-personnel destruction program commenced.

Simultaneously mobilizing war armaments, each of which has high firepower and high output, is difficult even for Yapi’s new nuclear reactor.

Therefore, this power deployment is limited to 5 minutes. Even Balbaza couldn’t help but admire the tremendous momentum.

“Come! I’m Barbaza, the champion of the Avatar Helcan!”

-Baron-class high-mobility special exoskeleton armament Mk.3 deployment.

Android-type weapons using large-caliber special rifles advance while shooting at Balbaza.

Believing in the armor’s defensive power, Balbaza jumped in and tried to swing his ax through the Mk.3’s fire.

– Enemies Approach. 2nd bayonet deployment. Corresponds with single molecule cutter.

-3rd, 4th, and 5th beongi maintain the hwanet after widening the distance.

Two Mk.3s face the Valbaza with rifles equipped with bayonets. The moment the bayonet touched the axe, it was pushed back by force, but another bayonet pierced Balbaza’s chest armor.

“It’s funny…?!”

-Initiation of single molecule cutter substance decomposition.

Suddenly, a creepy sound scrapes the armor. At the molecular level, thin blades cut through the binding molecules of the armor.

The monomolecular cutter, which was completed through molecular unit design and structural combination of star iron, theoretically does not wear out even if it cuts everything.

“This guy…!”

Barbaza grabs the Mk.3 with the monomolecular cutter and activates Helcan’s Big Hand as it is. Its limitless strength rips off an arm in an instant, and an ax cuts the Mk.3 into pieces.

– Ally damage reduction. Baron-class heavy armored multi-legged 1800mm railgun shelling.

A high-powered railgun fired while the other Mk. Barbaza evaded it like a beast, but only the passing railgun hurt him here and there.

“Like a flying fly…!”

<Helkhan’s big feet.>

In an instant, based on the divine power of Balbaza, a giant foot-shaped spiritual body slams down from the air. It’s not at the level of the spiritual body reproduced with Helcan’s idol, but the destructive power of the spiritual body that only embodies the feet can destroy the city.

– Quaang!

A shock wave that looks like a nuclear explosion. While star iron is crushed only by the shock wave, Yappi does not stop calculating.

Unified command link for use of all weapons. In the combat program to fight against the Holy Grail Knights, it was premised that it would always withstand an impact that exceeded nuclear weapons.

– Awareness-class high-fire bomber weapons before the firepower projection.

A treasured fire support weapon. Even Balbaza would get tired of it by this point, and the continuous firepower projection would break the entire area.


The beast is the first to withdraw. But that is exactly what Yapi wanted.

-Marquis class 680mm star iron gun SET.

The strongest weapon that destroyed even the Great Old Ones in one blow.

– Stop this too.

Boom! Goosebumps take away the sound of the world. No, to be exact, it was more like having my ears paralyzed by a terrible roar.

A land-based decisive weapon Marquis class. Balbaza felt the end in front of the 680mm star iron shell fired by the Yacht Spinner’s largest decisive battle armament.

“this guy···!”

──The champion of Helcan.

An explosion goes off.

The star iron shell is not a bomb, but a high-speed armor-piercing bullet of pure physical force. Enormous dust and explosions are simply by-products of shockwaves created by shells of overwhelming destructive power penetrating the city’s basement.

– Thermal image detection mode. Infrared sensing mode simultaneous setup. Energy observation mode.

Operates the triple observation system and does not miss the movement of the enemy. Yapi found a moving figure in the dust, and all the weapons poured firepower without hesitation.

Even the Baron class, who can barely move their armament, the Viscount class, who still have missiles and cannonballs left, and the Count and Marquis class pour their full energy.

Until this terrain disappears.

Armed to the limit like that. The calculation of strong artificial intelligence recommends that further firepower projection be stopped here.

– Armament consumption rate 75%. Suspension of combat protocol recommended.

He poured so much firepower into it. Armed cooling is also limited, and it cannot handle the consumption rate. but······.

-Rejection of recommendation. Compulsory combat continuation of the integrated commander.

Yakt Spinner, who has 1,000 years of combat experience, has countless battle data accumulated through experience and knowledge.

He is an iron war weapon that has been able to defend against evil jewels for a thousand years without spilling them out.

However, even for such a yakt spinner, the experience of the last two years or so makes the existing data useless.

“To Lionheart…! Have glory!!」

Users of unconventional concepts. The appearance of the Holy Grail Guardian who violates the Holy Law and physical force—

“go away.”

The abilities of superhumans that apparently go beyond the limits of living things.

Yes, the appearance of a superhuman called the Holy Grail Knight changed everything.

It fires and shoots light alone, demonstrates physical abilities that violate the limits of living things, and creates miracles with unbelievable tenacious vitality.

Yakt Spinner’s combat theory learned there was simple.

-Overkilling. Even if you die, kill more and kill until the end.

Yapi’s power comes from great technology and infinite resources.

Since he does not have the transcendent eccentricity of the Holy Grail Knights, Yapi decided that the only correct answer was to pour inexhaustible firepower.

It is a very precise judgment made by the machine. but······.

“Chorae cholae pouring memes from a distance!”

The existence of God’s agent goes beyond even the irrationally excessive response of strong artificial intelligence.

Despite shedding blood in the midst of ruthless conversational power, his momentum does not diminish at all. When he realized that it was a force comparable to the ‘atmospheric’ Divine Advent seen in the fight against Rakshaar, it was after countless war weapons were destroyed and even the Marquis-class decisive battle weapon was sunk.

“How many more are left, scrap metal!”

The opponent is a fighter with overwhelming strength and speed that does not require any calculations. It is close to impossible to confront it with force from the front.

– respond.

The biggest advantage of Yakt Spinner. It has infinite amounts and countless types of power.

An armament capable of responding to any number of cases exerts great power in itself.

– Count-class short-term battle type electromobility special war weapons conclusion. full throttling.


It binds to the sacred reactor and scatters its output, attacking Valbaja at a speed beyond the perception of living things.

In the past, when Yapi was protecting the city. A close combat weapon that had to be selected due to lack of ammunition inventory and resources.


The instantaneous acceleration spun the wire in all directions while traveling at a speed that even the Holy Grail Knight could not perceive.

– Tactical tactics. heavenly hope.

Cut the city with wire. Buildings are cut and the air splits.

The collaboration of overwhelming speed and wire made of special iron being whipped like a whip is eerie and dizzying.

“Ha ha ha…! It’s still not enough!”

<Helkhan’s big hand.>

The wire grazed his entire body, his armor shattered and his arms outstretched while blood spattered.

It grabbed the wire that was about to slice itself into hundreds of cubes, and the palm that was supposed to be cut like tofu grabbed the rather tough wire and pulled it towards itself.


The ax cuts the armament. It was a count class that had tremendous speed like a fighter jet, but its armor was weak in proportion to its attack power and speed.

-Emergency ejection!

As soon as he escaped, he was split in two. And Yapi boarding the new count class.

-Equipped with GK-P parts for Daeseong Baegi Land Control Weapon.

A huge, unbalanced fist rushes towards Balbaza. The thrust created by the ultra-heavy-armored count’s energy injection nozzle completes the Mach 13 Fist of Destruction.


Barbaza confronts this with a fist as if showing off. The savage punches that maximally demonstrated the power of Helcan’s big hands match the technology’s rocket punches.

– Boom!

A major collision in which the terrain is torn apart with only a shock wave. The winner was Barbaza.

“If you have nothing more to show, die!”

The ax of Balbaza being swung. An ax imbued with the divine power of Helcan cuts through anything.


But sooner than that. Yafi getting out of it. Balbaza was dumbfounded at the sight of Yappy ejected through the cockpit.

“You’re quick to run away!”

There are no additional armaments now. Just destroy that weak-looking body and you’re done.

– Complete energy supply. threshold max.

However, a flash of light shines from the weapon that is about to be destroyed. By the time I realized that it was spun from the weapon itself, it was already too late.

“You bastard…!”

big explosion. The reason why I boarded the cockpit was to supply direct energy through the divine reactor.

Although the explosive power is small, it is a poisonous substance rather than a bomb because it emits a deadly substance. And that material is none other than divine power.

-Completed dispensing of priest Beatrice’s fog of death. Confirm the rapid consumption of the enemy’s divine power.

Users of the concept of God’s agent. Therefore, in order to counter that power, you have no choice but to be a demon or use the same divine power.

Artifacts that Beatrice has consistently mass-produced contain her sexual methods and scatter them like a biochemical warfare.

Her ability, which is specialized in mass destruction above all else, is embodied in Yappi as a mass-produced weapon.

– Equipped with the last armament. gender expression.

Countless armaments were broken. But that’s why this final armament is meaningful.

[Go, my blacksmith. This heto is with you.]

-Sacred Advent <Noble Machine>

Holy power explodes. Under the permission of Heto, the god of iron and blacksmiths, the iron knight descends into his body.

Originally, even living saints and saints would have to risk their lives. However, for Yacht spinners only, this risk can be reduced.

Now he and she have the bodies of saints created by the gods.

If you abandon this machine body and transfer your body, you can create a machine body again with a living body.

– Strategic Law. duke-level combination. Marquess, Count, Viscount, and Baron ranks.

The Holy Grail Knight of Iron and Blacksmith. Its authority has all the correction effects for iron and blooms as a blacksmith.

However, what blacksmith would be able to instantly combine the remnants of armament in a tense battlefield?

A miracle that is only possible because of super strong artificial intelligence that can calculate even the end of the history of the universe in an instant.

-Last Weapon. vs. Leon Dragonia Lionheart Battle Specs <Golden Knight>

A great golden light flashes. Surprisingly, this decisive battle armed with the strength of all armed forces carries only one sword, not guns, cannons, or bombs.

Balbaza was momentarily mesmerized by that beautiful knight-like sight.

“A sword…! What an interesting machine!”

And speculation boils over. Intuitively. That this ridiculous tin robot might be my greatest enemy in my life as a fighter.

[Even if there is no risk of nova, whether the fuselage can withstand the output is another matter. It must be done quickly.]

To Heto’s concern about his agent, the mechanical Holy Grail Knight answered without hesitation.

– Cheap.

hold the sword Imitating the most exemplary knights in the database, wield only once.

“Let’s see the end, tin can!!”

A beast of commitment that attacks with an axe. Against this, the golden knight serenely held the sword with both hands.

Most of the golden knight’s energy is focused on the formed golden ‘sacred sword’.

The colorful armor is an absolute defense glove formed to withstand the recoil of a sword swung just once.

I bet everything on this blow.

──The ax of fighting spirit.

──Reappearance of the Holy Sword

A blinding flash spread across the city and everyone saw it.

A shocking scene where 10 seconds felt like a year. As the flash subsided, the figures of warriors and knights began to appear.


Crushing armor. Even after enduring the recoil, the aftermath shattered even the star-steel body. Yapi slipped and fell from the shattered golden knight.

The cracked bridge is unable to raise the fuselage, and the sacred reactor, which boasts infinite output, is in danger as if it will go out.

-Kis… Look!

Yafi looked up at the beast with her camera eye.


Balbaza looked down at Yapi. A fighter who fought against himself from end to end.


With a voice that even seemed cool somewhere—


A great fighter has fallen.

It was Yapi’s victory.

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