The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 263

Lionheart vs Orc (9)

-bang! Quaang!

Buildings collapse with hammer strikes, and craters dent with kicks.

The existence of a city is collapsing in real time in front of the massive violence wielded by the Holy Grail Knight of life and abundance.

‘Strong. I heard you’re new to Holy Grail Knights.’

At first, the mag’har did not think much of the new grail knight.

Just as the Orc Champions are legendary warriors in history, the Holy Grail Knights are also superhumans who represent the times.

Their awakening is formed through long training and quests, so they knew that one Holy Grail Knight would reign as the saint of the kingdom for a long time.

The Holy Grail Knight is such an existence.

A hero recognized even by the gods after proving his long training and discipline.

It is not at the level of a hero of the era, but from generation to generation, ordinary farmers say that the main character in a story that can only be seen in a fairy tale book of a great-grandfather’s childhood is a saint who is still alive in that era.

For this reason, Holy Grail Knights are regarded by farmers as agents of God, and to knights, they are knights among knights in a far-high position.

Will such a being appear within a year or two? The Mag’har shook his head.

The existence of the Holy Grail Knight could not be easily revealed. He became a Holy Grail Knight through an expedient method.

There was no way he could be on the same level as the nemesis that his ancestors had fiercely fought against.


Broken buildings, the remains of buildings are gathered together. The pouring piles of garbage poured toward Gu Dae-seong.


Goo Dae-seong evades it by running through the city with his bare legs. I tried to penetrate through it with overwhelming defense power, but it is not easy to break through if thousands of tons of scrap metal blocks it.

Numerous scrap metals that Maghar moves by applying golem combining techniques give the illusion that the gravity of this world has been reversed.


A hammer that blows it all at once. This great holy relic, left behind by Holy Grail Knight Geobrick, converges the user’s holy power and transforms it into huge destructive power.

Boom! Thousands of tons of scrap metal scattered all at once. Koo Dae-seong finally secured an advance route, but—

-Go oh oh…!


And beyond the view obscured by a pile of scrap metal. An eerie beam of light pours down.

Gokrok’s Tower. The destructive ray shot from that sad gaze strikes Goo Dae-seong. He doesn’t have the agility to dodge this beam.


Once again block with the earth shield. To withstand the destructive rays that melt just by touching them with infinite vitality.

“Miss Soyeon!”

“Don’t mess with the angle!”

While Goo Dae-seong endured, the holy sword with the holy power of light scattered the intensity of the beam.

A leader-level knight who can control the nature of light coming from the limit of light rays and withstand the firepower that melts flesh just by approaching… Only Cheon So-yeon can offset this attack.

“Jaehyuk Kim!”

“I’m getting ready!”

<Ultima’s Wrath>

The thunder spear, the holy relic left by the Holy Grail Knight, induced the lightning that fell precisely toward Maghar.

-Quarreung! Kwak!

Spectacular explosions light up the sky over the city. But everyone intuited that it was not the end.


Something springing up from the ground.

Something huge is about to be completed with an earthquake-like echo.

“Uh, uh…!”

Kim Jae-hyeok, who tries to stop it before it is completed, by pouring out the sex law. However, even consecutive lightning bolts cannot stop its completion.

“It’s already too late, fakes! See the feast of Maghar, the great shaman of the Orcs who succeeds Master!”

The concrete floor of the city being crushed.

It is so heavy that it swallows buildings and their remains, revealing a massive monstrosity.

“That, that’s at Shanhaiguan…!”

The knights in perplexity and bewilderment are astonished and evoke memories.

A super-giant golem created by combining numerous large rock faces in Shanhaiguan. Certainly, the construction design is not different from that, but it is even more gigantic… far away.

[Look, this is my season. In front of this greatness, you will be trampled like worms!]

The giant who piles up even crushed asphalt roads and cars like shoes is truly a monster.

The apotheosis of a city that would have been like this in the age of mythology.

Considering that the golems of the orcs basically only use large and heavy things that stand out around them as materials, a modern city might be a place where the supply of materials is easier than that of the front lines.

Even more so, when it comes to Gokrok’s champion, Maghar, the main force as its representative is inexhaustible itself.

Creativity aside, its destructive power is absolute in that it creates an ignorantly gigantic building golem.

Because being big is violence in itself.

“Heavyweight isn’t at this level?!”

“Avoid the time to discuss such things!”

The giant building golem raises its fist. A strange phenomenon in which a heavy weight creates a storm just by being swung around. The moment it strikes, a shockwave spreads enough to destroy even a large unit.


A human-sized person is easily bounced off by the shockwave. It’s not the physical strength that can lead to damage, but the fact that it’s difficult to maintain a posture is a huge minus for a knight.

“Let’s break it once…!”

In the meantime, Goo Dae-sung endured by entangling himself with the roots he had grown from the ground. It is possible because everything in the earth protects and protects him.

The roots of the trees grown by the Castle of Abundance barely supported his body, and Goo Dae-seong was able to finish preparing for a counterattack.

– Kwak!

Destructive hammering. Even the Archdemon’s head explodes in one blow, and the blow strikes the golem’s fist.

– Kwajijik!

And the golem’s fist that shatters helplessly. The strength is not strong, perhaps because the waste was collected here and there. but······.


Remnants that are instantly combined by Maghar’s divine power. The mag’har, wielding a staff atop the golem, let out a loud laugh.

[no use! Even that fireman can’t destroy this golem in one shot! It is impossible with you fakes!]

At Maghar’s declaration, Cheon So-yeon clicked her tongue and narrowed her eyes.

“Fake, fake… noisy.”

“Well, our jjamba is a bit short.”

They know. Even though he started as an academy cadet and had Leon’s unconventional teachings, he thought he had become quite strong when he was appointed as a knight.

However, when Leon returned from the Pandemonium with Vulcanus and the Burning Sword Knights, they realized that their strength was on a different ‘dimensional’ compared to them.

Individual armed forces, collective fighting power… belief in God.

Maybe that’s a gap that won’t close. The climate in which they grew up naturally draws close to the gods and considers honor and loyalty as virtues.

Compared to them, what they lack is an undeniable fact.

“But why are the Orc beasts arguing over us?”

“I rarely agree.”

As Koo Dae-seong said, they do not need the evaluation of orcs.

One thing they learned from the great King of Knights.

Deserved rage against evil and orcs.

“let’s go.”

Holy Grail Knights take the lead. Goo Daeseong took Geobrick’s hammer and earth shield and started walking toward the giant golem thousands of times.

“Is there a way? We don’t know if it’s an old Bible, but we can’t do it until we can’t play it.”

“I don’t even know how to be so ignorant.”

A living saint, perfect vitality. In particular, Goo Dae-sung, the Holy Grail Knight of Life, might be able to fight infinitely.

But that’s an effective fighting method only against low-ranking junkies. In an earth battle against a strong opponent of the same rank, the seasoned side wins.

“We have no choice but to go to a short-term battle. Even to reduce the burden on His Majesty.”

Their goal is to destroy the idols of the Orc Gods, who are bestowing mighty blessings on the Orcs.

Above all, the tower of the sorcerer is pouring firepower that divides the city by repeating charging and diverging.

Goo Dae-sung is receiving most of those attacks right now, so if the target changes, the allies will be in danger.

“I will go head-on. Miss So-yeon and Jae-hyeok, please destroy the ‘strategic target’.”

“But Goo Dae-seong, I’m the one-tool for firepower, but if So-yeon isn’t there, how can I deflect that beam?”

“I’ll try to hold on somehow. The other Templars won’t last long either. We need to make a decision quickly.”

To do so, Goo Dae-seong must take the biggest risk. But he is determined.

Ever since he undeservedly took on the job of being a Holy Grail Knight, he was always prepared for it.


Goo Dae-seong started running straight ahead. The Mag’har cast all sorts of magic upon him.

Curse of Slowness, Curse of Loss of Life, Curse of Loss of Distance.

While operating a golem that moves with divine power, at the same time, it focuses on blocking the movement of the Holy Grail Knight. Goo Dae-sung’s body became heavy in real time and hindered his movement.

[Beat and break it.]

And when the slowdown was noticeable, the golem’s fist struck straight down. He would have been able to avoid it with the Holy Grail Knight’s breakthrough power, but the curse that binds him blocks it.


A giant fist that strikes down. Its weight is indeed that of a building. Block it with the earth shield.

[Keukkeuk, did you become a jjabu?]

There is no way that a single individual could bear such a weight. It was when he thought Maghar had taken care of the Grail Knight.


The golem’s fist is heard. It was impossible. No matter how much a Holy Grail Knight is, there is a limit to the strength of one’s body, and now that one is overcoming the weight of a single building!

incomprehensible monstrosity. But the mag’har soon recognized the source of its power.

[tree roots?]

Giant tree roots growing from the city’s underground. It is helping Goo Dae-seong push the golem’s fist!

[under···! You mean the Holy Grail Knight of Life!]

The mag’har immediately shot the curse’s main force at the tree. A curse of decline that takes away life force. As a result, the tree roots, which boasted of strong fiber, quickly die.

“No way…!”

Seongbeop <Blessing of Growth>

Goo Dae-seong’s holy power against this. The Holy Grail Knight of Life, which promises the growth and prosperity of all living things.

As long as he is in his place, no weathering or decline can extinguish the tenacity of life.

“Now! Get out!”

Goo Dae-seong swung the hammer, taking advantage of the space created by the tree roots. Boom! A golem’s fist that scatters at once.

Its weight is great, but in the end, it is nothing compared to polished steel as it is made of scrap metal.

[no use!]

Mag’har’s divine power reshapes the golem’s fist. This time, not a single solid fist, but piles of scrap metal all at once poured into Goo Dae-seong.

“Keuh…! Something like this…!”

can’t hurt me It just obscures your vision a bit.

‘for a moment? Is your vision blocked?’

momentary gap. Gokrok’s tower, manipulated by the Mag’har, rains green beams.


I blocked it with the earth shield, but it was not something Goo Dae-seong could withstand.

A beam of destruction that melts even the star armor of the Holy Grail Knight. If you are a knight who handles the magic of light as much as Cheon So-yeon, you will be burned at the same time as you grow with the power of pure life.


Goo Dae-sung raised one foot while desperately enduring the destructive power of the beam. Praying that the earth responds according to his will.

Daeseongbeop <Spear of the Earth>

Sharp earth and sand welling up from the earth. The terrain that rose at his will was in the form of a sharp spear, but its function was different from before.

[Are you planning to change the terrain and use it as a shield? but···!]


Goo Dae-seong instantly felt that his hands were empty. The wave of scrap metal that was so rampant that it obscured my vision snatched the hammer in my hand!


Inadvertently missed the weapon. Goo Dae-seong felt frustrated.

「Kyung has no shortage of strength as a Holy Grail Knight, but she lacks skill. It is too easily defeated by interpersonal warfare, psychological warfare, and trickery.”

A warning that Karina gave while training herself. However, Koo Dae-sung did not receive a passing grade from Karina.

Of course, my skills have improved. much more than before. Having received one-on-one lessons from a veteran Holy Grail Knight, it can be said that his skills have improved significantly.


‘It’s not enough by the standard of a Holy Grail Knight! It’s not even up to the level of the Holy Grail Knights.’

Old age is still lacking. There was a vast gap in experience between his skills and those of the knights who represented the history of the Lionheart War.

This is probably why Maghar saw Goo Dae-seong and said it was fake.

[What can you do without a hammer?]

in his mockery. Koo Dae-seong chanted in the waves of scrap metal that made noise in his ears.

“from now on.”

just move on Losing a weapon doesn’t change what you have to do.

-Kwa, kwa kwa kwak!

He pierced through the huge waves of scrap metal with only his shield at the forefront. The road ahead of him follows the route created by the Earth Spear, and is straight forward.

[Are you coming naked without a weapon! Fool!]

Maghar unleashes countless curses and once again binds Goo Dae-seong’s movements. If you go to a battle of attrition, this is your advantage. Besides, since he lost his hammer, he wouldn’t be able to destroy the golem as easily as before.

“from now on···!”

But even if the bridge is heavy, even if thousands of tons of scrap metal block the way.

Even if it is sold because it is fake.

“from now on!!”

One thing he is confident that he can do, that he can do better than anyone else.

“But one thing is certain. Kyeong-eun, you have guts.”

“Forward oh oh oh oh !!”

Just honestly moving forward.

[Such an ignorant bastard!]

Maghar laughed at such simple ignorance and moved the golem. A fist from another arm instead of a fragmented arm.

Crush him with this and crush him.

[Shut up, fake bastard…!]

A fist weighing thousands of tons is swung toward Goo Dae-seong.

It’s like a huge golem swinging its fist at an ant. Goo Dae-sung did not lose sight of his halfway posture.

“yet again!”

Daeseongbeop <Spear of the Earth>

At that moment, a change in the terrain springs up from the ground. A spear that shoots in response to the earth itself. It penetrates the golem’s torso.


The pierced spear of the earth blocks the golem. Fists can’t reach in halfway posture.


And in that gap, Goo Dae-seong runs through the natural road that extends to the golem.

[Huh… It’s useless! If the destroyed parts are reunited, it’s enough——!?]

In an instant, Maghar saw something that Gu Dae-seong was holding instead of a hammer.

tree root.

The roots of the tree that grew by the power of his growth are in his hand.

[this guy···! no way!]

It should be blocked. That was the Mag’har’s instinct.


The ruins of the destroyed fists block Gu Dae-seong. On the spot, it transforms into a mini golem… no, it becomes a golem three times as large as a regular large rock golem and tries to block Goo Dae-seong.


Goo Dae-sung smashed it with his fist. As if there was no need to even hit with a hammer, sometimes he would throw his entire body and smash it with a head-butt, throwing a tattered shield of the earth and smashing the golem.

It seemed that he had no intention of relying on his hammer to become a Holy Grail Knight.

honestly forward.


The Holy Grail Knight leaps forward. Superhuman leg strength shot him like a cannon ball. The place he headed was none other than the center of the half-destroyed golem.

Goo Dae-sung punched the golem with his fist.

– Goong!

The center of the golem, which had been shattered in half by the Earth Spear, was easily shattered. Inside the golem, where so many scrap metals are gathered, the only ‘life’ digs in.

Seongbeop <Blessing of Growth>

At that moment, a tree started growing inside the golem in an instant.

Grail Knight of Life The tree, which was rapidly grown by pouring holy power, grew from the inside without Maghar having time to deal with it, and greenery even oozes out.


The mag’har intuited that it was not a simple growth. In fact, the golem’s movement had stopped.

[Did they take control of the inside with their roots!]

To get rid of this, the entire golem would have to be re-dismantled and re-defected. And they have no intention of giving that gap.

Holy Demon Sword.


terrifying sound. The moment the sharp energy created by the holy sword and the demonic sword made Maghar chill, the knight commander was already swinging his sword.

Cheon So-yeon makes a single leap by gathering as much spiritual power as possible from a nearby building. The sword she wields swings toward the cockpit of the golem protecting Maghar.


It was Maghar who urgently strengthened the defenses around me, but the opponent was the knight commander who wielded the power of Ventasis, the god of darkness and revenge.

The power of the Dark Magic Sword is simple. Absolute cutting that cuts through everything. In an instant, that demonic sword cut through the golem’s cockpit, which was made of scrap metal.

The moment the cut metal and rocks fell off and Maghar’s figure was captured, Cheon So-yeon’s holy sword stabbed Maghar.

“The end——”

“Don’t underestimate me, kid!!”

Green flashes pour from the mag’har’s eyes. A power given to the champion of Gokrok. Gokrok’s gaze.

If it’s Krann or Murka, it’s a flash of destruction that can shoot down even a satellite in geostationary orbit, but even a Maghar is enough to finish off a delicate knight in front of you.


However, Cheon So-yeon also responded quickly. He hurriedly blocked Maghar’s green flash with the light of the holy sword.


However, he could not withstand the force received from the front and his dangerous posture collapsed.


Maghar, barely out of danger, immediately tried to solve the root that had taken control of the golem. But then, I suddenly realized that ‘one person’ was nowhere to be seen.

‘Where is the kid who can handle the power of thunder?’


At the same time as feeling the horror, the aura of the sky fluctuated. Golden thunder and lightning strikes somewhere along with dark clouds.

“You bastard…!?”

building across the street. On the opposite side of Cheon So-yeon, the spearman was pulling the spear as hard as he could.

‘Accompanied by a thunderclap that rattles from the window’.

“It’s raining, it’s raining. Ultima-nim, please let my bamboo spear hit!”

[joy···! If you pray earnestly, I, the heaven, will make it happen.]

“Joath! Trust me and shoot!”

The next moment, Kim Jae-hyeok throws his bow-like arm forward as hard as he can. The epic item he threw, Ultima’s Relic, is thrown towards Maghar.


Witnessing it, the Mag’har had a gut feeling. that the spear would pierce him.

Maghar, who made an instant decision, made one decision.


To scatter the super-large golems united by divine power.

“Huh? What is that crazy thing!”

Kim Jae-hyeok was taken aback by the sight of the giant golem scattering in an instant. As the golems scattered, Maghar also fell, but thanks to that, the spear thrown by Jaehyeok passed Maghar.

“Mistress! I missed the last hit!”


“Old man Goo Dae-seong!!”

“Sir Koo Dae-sung!!”

The two knights call this. The Mag’har’s eyes flashed.

“You bastard…!”

A knight of life who throws himself at the falling mag’har. The mag’har grinned at the one leaping at him barefoot, without a hammer or shield.

“One step short, fake!”

Green divine energy gathers in his gaze. A situation where each other falls without a foothold in the air. Then, as a shaman, you have an overwhelming advantage!

“No, that’s enough.”


At that moment, the mag’har saw. A hammer that flew with countless revolving sounds.

“this guy···!”

A green beam is emitted.

hammer strikes

The collision of the hammers, which emit a flash of dark green and green green, pushes each other’s divine and holy powers and opposes each other.

“I… win!!”

A hammer blow that pushes back the flash. When it finally deflected the flash, the last thing Mag’har saw was the cold surface of the hammer.

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