The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 264

Lionheart vs Orc (10)

Carina Dragonia is the Holy Grail Knight of Reversal.

Compared to Leon or Vulcanus, she became a Holy Grail Knight late.

However, if that’s not to say that her military power was lacking compared to the Holy Grail Knights of the time, that’s not the case either.

She is the Grand Duke of Dragonia who has been transplanted with the heart of a dragon that is passed down through generations of the Grand Duke of Dragonia.

Since she did not walk the path as a Holy Grail Knight, she could only handle basic knowledge, but her enormous magical power was sufficient even in confrontations with other Holy Grail Knights.

The advantage Dragon’s Heart grants to its host is simple.

overwhelming power. and Dragon Fear.

– Kkwiik…!

The beasts stop. The Orc Boars, the core of the Orc Boar Riders, were huge and violent enough to burn the Orcs, but they couldn’t stand the pressure emanating from higher creatures.

“Your feet have stopped, shoot.”

Karina did not miss that opportunity. The dress rained down by the black dragon burned the boars that had stopped.


Skira, the champion of Skunik, once again bestowed blessings on the boars who did not listen to the Orc hunters, but the boars were suppressed by Carina’s energy rather than his blessings.

‘If it was that young dragon, there would be no problem. but···!’

The problem is that dragon in human form. Unlike the young dragons born through the world tree, that was different.

The vessel that has held the dragon’s heart for over 200 years is a being with a fragment of Dragonia, the mythical great progenitor dragon.

[Go, wipe out those cheeky bastards who dared to injure the dragon’s body!]

Even Dragon God’s agent. The Holy Grail Knight, backed up by Dragonia, the god of gold and contracts, blesses all the dragons of this land and pours powerful magic.

If it wasn’t for Skira’s old comrade Dothrak, who could be called the king of wild boars, he would not be able to withstand the dragon god’s representative.

Above all–

– Crowra la la la la!!

dragons run amok A breath from four dragons, including the fallen black dragon, flying in the sky. And each of them is a natural master of magic.

‘If it continues like this, it will be pushed! I have to come up with a countermeasure!’

Skira wondered if she should step back and head for Skunik’s great javelin.

The only ones who can throw that javelin are himself, the champion of the orc hunting god Skunik, or Great Khan Murka.

The javelin, which the champion has to throw thanks to its powerful ability to strike, is nothing more than a decoration that only scatters divine protection now that Skira is not around.

‘Back off! For now, to the place where the javelin is located—-‘

“I apply for a duel with the great warrior!”



At Karina’s declaration, Skyra, as well as Orcs and Dragons stare at her. Karina puts her sword into the scabbard and announces her intention to duel.

“dog sound!”

Skyra gritted her teeth at Karina’s request for a duel.

Among the Orcs, duels between warriors are a sacred ritual. A fair means of proving strength to the Orcs who only pursue strong self-respect.

It is a well-known story that Orc Great Khan Murka has won duels with thousands of Orcs to keep his position as Great Khan.

But not those guys. Those Lionheart’s canisters don’t respect the rules and traditions of the Orcs.

If it’s an orc, aren’t they the ones who just kill and watch? Are those guys asking for a duel?

“If you don’t believe me, I’ll make the dragons retreat.”

As Carina beckoned, the dragons began to flutter and retreat as if they had accepted an unspoken signal. The black dragon also flutters its torn wings and retreats into the sky, albeit slowly.

As the dragons each watched from the top of the building, Carina shrugged.

“Are you still going to refuse? If so, it’s disappointing. A great orc champion refuses to fight one-on-one.”

“this guy······.”

Skira had a strong sense of pride, but she couldn’t help but feel the great charm of this great warrior duel.

After they went to the Demon Realm, Murka banned the duel between the great warriors to reduce the senseless consumption of their kind.

I accepted it rationally, but in other words, it meant that there had been no rank shift among the Orcs for a long time.

That was dissatisfaction with the other Orcs and even Skira.

Fighting against the strong was the Orcs’ best pastime.

‘It’s a handful! Don’t go over!’

Skira rejected it rationally, but was fascinated by the instinctive attraction.

The strength of Lionheart’s Tin Knights is widespread among Orcs across the continent.

For Orcs, Lionheart is the enemy of the race. Among them, Holy Grail Knights are great warriors equal to Orc Champions.

How many chances would there be for a one-on-one bloody battle with them?

Especially in the current era where the original Lionheart knights are almost wiped out, this chance may be the last chance in Skira’s life.

“Kuh… that’s good! I’ll accept the Grand Master’s duel!!”

In the end, he couldn’t overcome the Orc’s instinct.

It would have been absolutely impossible if Great Khan Murka Balak had been staring at it with both eyes open.

However, in this chaotic battlefield, if you are alone…

“As expected, a great Orc champion.”

Karina twisted the corners of her mouth as if her goal had worked.

“Then don’t be ashamed of each other…!”

Karina spurns the road holding a magic sword. In response, Skira raised a javelin and jumped from the Dothraki.

– Boom!

Skira started throwing the javelin she had brought at Karina.

Orc hunters’ javelins mainly use explosive javelins to hunt monsters, but javelins do not have such functions.

Judo and penetrating javelins. Being able to put various functions into a javelin is what makes a good orc hunter.


Karina deflects the thrown javelin. However, it surges toward Karina again, adding an impossible trajectory correction. And that’s not all.

– Kwak Kwa Kwak!

The javelin disintegrates and splits into three short javelins that fly. A splitting javelin for killing multiple small game.

“You’re cliché…!”

Karina’s magic sword shakes dark energy. The darkness that spreads in all directions disintegrates the javelin into thousands of pieces.

A dark castle that applies the concept of cutting. Small spears cannot withstand this range suppressor.

“Ha ha!”

Skyra stabbed the spear fiercely. A close combat fight. Karina easily flicked the spear and swung her sword.

kang! A sharp demonic sword that cuts off the hilt of a javelin. Karina smiled.

“It’s too soon, Orc. This close combat is my domain. In close-quarters sword fights, even His Majesty would back down on me.”


Fierce sword strikes overwhelm Skira one after another. I tried to increase the distance by defending with a javelin, but Karina never gave up.


Skira is a hunter who uses a javelin, but is also a master of spearmanship. For Orcs, melee weaponry is a basic requirement. In a battle between spear and sword, the advantage is obviously on Skira’s side.

As such, I tried to induce a mid-range fight by taking full advantage of the spear’s tactical advantage, but the opponent’s footwork and offensive skills were too fast and skillful.

If you don’t give me distance, I have no choice but to do it by force.

The moment Karina, who passed Skirana’s javelin, was about to dig in, the javelin shone.


The javelin explodes at the nearest distance. The explosion, as well as the smoke from the explosion, obscured her vision.


The other party’s purpose is predictable. After accumulating damage to each other with explosions, they widen their distance and engage in long-range combat.

Karina prepared for the javelin that would soon break through the black fog.

– Sasak!

Throwing javelins rushing in the obscured vision. I want it to be a separate javelin, but the weight of the sound is different.

Karina swung her sword while calculating the weight and speed of the invisible javelin.

– Kang!

The first javelin ricocheted,

– Kang!

The second javelin also bounces.


At that moment, the unusual speed and weight pass my senses. Karina blocked it with her sword blade.

– Kwak!

heavy. Karina’s light body scratches the road and pushes away. Heavy javelin series with penetrating magic. It is an item used to hunt monsters without getting hurt as much as possible.

“But it’s not for people!”

Unlike the dull monsters, she is a Holy Grail Knight. The heavy throwing spear deflected from her skill.


Skira and Karina were naturally placed in a confrontation. Karina, who still has room, and Skira, whose javelin is running out.

An incident occurred that would determine the psychological gap.

– Kwaaaaang!



The eyes of the Orcs, including Skyra, turned to one side. That’s where Skunic’s great javelin is. The dragons were pouring their breath there.

“What are you doing!!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Aiming for a large javelin with dragons between duels!”

“The parties to the duel are only you and me. There is no reason to stop their actions.”

Karina shrugged shamelessly. She giggled with the two dragons remaining on top of the building for camouflage.

“But you’ve already lost strategically, Champion of Skunik. You orcs should have kept that.”


Skyra was furious and concentrated all of Skunik’s divine power on the remaining spear. At least one of the Holy Grail Knights has been defeated. Otherwise, the balance won’t fit.

“It’s a one-hit fight. Well, I’ll respond.”

Karina held the sword with both hands. The strongest swordsmanship in one blow. The holy power of Ventasis concentrated in the magic sword emits fierce energy.

Great Passing Javelin—-

Brilliant Magic Sword——

At the moment of collision, the terrain splits with a bang. The moment they brushed each other, the aftermath of the vast force colliding collapsed buildings and buildings in all directions.

“Damn it… such a difference…”

And it was Skyra who fell down. He looked back at Karina’s demonic sword, which cut his body in half and left a burning darkness in the wound.

“I was the one who killed the champion of the former hunting god. It would be arrogant to think that the technique shown me twice would work.

“is it.”

After defeating Skira’s champion, Karina felt ferocious gazes focused on her from all directions.

Black Orc Hunters. They watched their captain lose the duel, and they seemed stunned. but······.

“Go away, human.”

“It’s your victory.”

The winner of the Great Warrior duel is not touched. That is an Orc tradition. Even if it’s inefficient and foolishly honest.

“Your father hates you guys, but well, I guess this is worth respecting.”

Then and now, these orcs are warriors worthy of respect.

However, as long as they share the same territory as humans, it was a problem that one of them had to submit.

* * * *


Beatrice felt that the winter on this land was not lacking even though she suffered from severe cold in the ice continent in the past.

Frost Queen’s Palace. An erosion field that has a powerful influence on the entire city and expands its territory.

In order to attack this, Hari, the goddess of flame, and two dragons were brought in as backup. but······.

“This is just it, Magician Queen.”

strong. Beatrice stared at the Orc Grand Shaman looking down at her from the huge ice wall.

“Hey, my queen, this is a bit dangerous.”

“I know, Miss Hari.”

Beatrice saw the frozen dragons, almost stuffed into the air. The flames Hari wields cling to and melt the ice, but Frost Queen’s ice doesn’t melt it properly.

“It has become much more powerful than the Frost Queen in the data. Perhaps it is because the users are different.”


Kran the Orc Captain. The second-in-command of the Orc Continental Federation, succeeding Murka.

He obtained the resurrected Frost Queen’s heart in the Siberian snows and used it perfectly.

All but Beatrice and Hari were frozen and sealed by Krann.

“I can’t use the wave’s voice. I’m immediately used against it…”

[I have to use my power more and more, Hariya.]

At the advice of Petos, the god of war and flame, Hari made up his mind. Numerous ice soldiers and frost giants are approaching the battlefield in front of her eyesight.

Beatrice is a magician who specializes in long-distance combat. Then, the only person who should be in charge is himself.

“Move forward.”

Flames raged on her blade. Hari prayed to God before the great battle of a lifetime.

“Please give me victory.”

“I’ll take care of you, Hari-san.”

Beatrice’s mana fluctuated. With the ringing of the Tsushima that opened the heavens and the earth, the priestess of flame started running.

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