The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 265

Lionheart vs Orc (11)

After the appearance of Pantheon and Leon, the position of wizards was horribly pushed back.

Like long-range archers who shoot arrows with magical energy, those who use magic were subjected to absurd abuse by this medieval king of knights.

“Knights do not use cowardly long-range weapons.”

“Magic is inferior to Holy Law.”

His remarks caused a great backlash on Earth for a while.

-We are the key to attacking the gate.

-If you don’t have the firepower of archers and wizards, how the hell are you going to attack the gate?

-Don’t ignore the ranged class!


they witness

The sea is split by the sword, and monsters fly in the sky due to the collision of horses.

That when human strength reaches its limit, the sword wind created by the blade is no different from magic.

In addition, the existence of the holy law, which is used by believing in the gods of the pantheon, transformed the knight class into an all-rounder that combines a tanker, a dealer, and a wizard.

Average C grade there. With the blessing of the Holy Grail Knight, the appearance of Man-at-Arms, an absurdly high-quality heavy infantry unit called B-class,

Resurrection of the combat system in which infantry formations held out as an anvil and operated with cavalry as the center.

The ranged class was able to remain as an auxiliary force, but magic was thoroughly pushed aside by the Holy Law.

But unexpectedly, it’s not that Leon hates magic-management technology per se.

only. It’s just that Earth’s magic was absurdly low compared to the ‘magic’ he knew.


Hari held her breath as the magic trick unfolded before her eyes.

Thunder strikes and the light of extinction encroaches the space.

Each level of great magic is defined as an A rank. Mythical magic that far exceeds the combat magic system established by mankind over the past 30 years unfolds as if breathing.

The Magician Queen of the Spero Kingdom.

The magic warfare developed by Beatrice Alighieri Sperro would be like watching a monkey’s all-out battle between aircraft carrier fighters from the point of view of an Earthling.

The wizards of the present age are simply beings who receive the overwhelming magic she shows and the grace she shows.

To this sorceress queen, Earth wizards are more like newborn babies.

A great mage like that. Even though Hari was an outsider, she could see what a great mage Beatrice was.

‘Then, what the hell is that Orc that stands up to this on an equal footing?’

In front of the pouring light, the green ray opposes.

Lightning rods that guide and absorb even when the thunderbolts of heaven and earth change. The boulder thrown as a counterattack lifts the entire terrain and is launched.

Kran the Orc Captain.

That orc, said to be from the same world as Leon, is clearly fighting magic on a par with the magician queen.

‘Wrong level!’

Earlier, Hari had seen the wizards of Leon’s world.

Wizards called the Elector Counts of the Empire. In Leon’s world, they were said to be powerful people at the pinnacle of magic.

However, they were no match for the Magician Queen. Even though he was suppressed by a giant named Lionheart and even touched the devil’s magic, he was thoroughly killed.

They were talented in their own way, and on Earth, they were the ones who would overwhelm the mage masters, but even they couldn’t withstand Vulcan’s knife.

That’s why I didn’t think that the Orc shaman’s skills were too great…

‘The Queen is being pushed back.’

Frost Queen’s castle formed in the middle of the city. It wasn’t just the magician queen who entered to capture it.

The knights, including Hari, and the two dragons came to support them, but were attacked by Krann’s magic.

Hari’s flame clings to the frozen companions and dragons, melting them, but barely maintaining their lives.

That high sorcerer had completely taken over the Frost Queen’s cold.

More than anything······.


Black Orcs screaming and rushing at the queen. And to stop them, Beatrice sprinkles the spell of death.

She uses her spell to spread dreams and fog of death to stop the Black Orcs. He was fighting the Black Orcs in terms of sex, and the Cran in magic.

[Your role is important, Hari.]

Hari swallowed at the request of God Petos.

The only helper left now is himself. As it is, Beatrice had the option to protect it, but Beatrice rejected it.

“Anyway, at this rate, we’ll be overwhelmed by the quantity. Even if it’s an Orc, my spell won’t work against the Frost Soldiers.”

On the other hand, Hari is the best among Frost Queen’s family. The flame technique she used melted the ice.

So, Hari’s mission is to break through Frost Queen’s followers alone and kill or sabotage Krann.

Beatrice trusted Hari and entrusted her with the role.

“But the wave’s castle law was blocked. Can we win with only flames?”

On the other hand, you cannot use the wave method. Just creating water to make waves is the only ingredient for his ice.

[Believe me, Hari. Your flame is acknowledged by this flame god.]

With Petos’ encouragement, Hari was determined. Yeah, it’s not a question of whether or not it’s possible after all. It has to be done.


The moment Hari steps towards the ice castle while looking for an opportunity–


Encounter the fierce Orc shaman’s gaze. At the same time, the cold air from the ice castle binds Hari’s feet.

Breakdown force wave. However, the overwhelming cold prevents Hari from moving forward.

‘To think she had this kind of energy while engaging in a magic battle with Her Highness…’

The knee bends. The feeling of watching the spectator freeze. However, Hari warmed herself up with a spark in her heart.

“Really, is it my only match?”

Seeing the flames, Krann moved his troops. Ice followers recreated with the heart of the Frost Queen. Among them, they were knight-class followers who had been steadily mass-produced even before the formation of the Orc Continental Federation.

“Go, get that little knight-girl’s head.”

Ice knights rush towards Hari. The frost knight’s ice pick, which was backed up by the Frost Queen’s castle and filled with magical power with max value, quickly struck.


Hari ducks her neck to avoid it. But at the same time, the frost knight who caught her back stabs Hari in the back.


Hit the awl stabbing from behind with your sword and whirk! Hari stepped on the staff and turned around. The empty left hand grabbed the frost knight’s face and sparks poured out.


– Quaang!

Flames like an explosion hit the frost knight’s face from zero distance. The headless frost knight collapsed powerlessly.



Frost knights running through the frozen ground. They launch close-to-perfect coordinated attacks in their self-consciousness linked together.

– Kwaa!

pouring fire. The instantly created wall of fire blinded the Frost Knights, but they did not stop attacking and withstood the fire, realizing that Hari was nowhere to be seen beyond the swing.


No, it’s not gone. I just covered my eyes with a wall of fire and lowered my posture to avoid the attack.

An extreme evasion that makes it impossible to prepare for the next attack if you think normally. However, due to the difference in reaction speed caused by blindfolding, and the flexibility of the body itself, it leaps at once like a cat.


A frost knight stabbing Hari with an awl. However, lightly correcting the trajectory with the blade, the white knee kicked the knight right in the face.

– Quaang!

flames bursting again. As if the whole body were the ignition organ of the flame.

Whirik! Dodging the awl again, this time grabbing the frost knight’s neck with his hamstrings.

“Get lost!”

The flame devours the frost knight without fail at the part that touches the flesh. Almost one-sided overwhelm.

Sword prowess, flexible body movements, and superlative flames completely overwhelm the Frost Knights.


However, the enemy is not only the Frost Knight. While the Frost Knights deal with Hari, a furry Yeti attacks her.

This gigantic monster is considered an S-class field boss. The little girl is attacked along with the howl of the beast.

Seongbeop <Flaming Sword>

Originally, the protection of the war riders who bless the legion. Concentrate them into one sword–


The red-hot sword strikes like lightning. From the crown of the yeti to the groin. A sword struck in a neat, straight line.


The smell of burning the severed cross section rises as Yeti tilts his head, not even recognizing that he has been cut.


Krann, who kept his gaze on Hari even while engaging in a magic battle with Beatrice, admired her appearance.

“Really, a captain-level knight.”

Orcs had their nemesis, especially born warriors.

The Warriders of Petos.

These Knights of Flame, who believe in war and flame, are the strongest beings on the Lionheart Frontline.

And for a knight that handles fire like that, the next pattern is——


Gather the fire that dealt with the Frost Knights and the Yeti and unite them.

The culmination of the flame-type method taught by Leon and taught by Vulcanus.

Divine Punishment <Fire of the Battlefield>

Red flames scorch the ground and pour down as a single meteor. A first-of-its-kind natural disaster in which clouds split and ice evaporates. It was the moment when the pillar of fire was swung by a human hand.

“Hmph. Is this just it?”

Seeing the huge pillar of fire, Krann snorted. Frost Castle responds to his will.


The gushing ice is truly inexhaustible. As if it were about to hit the world, a huge ice block blocked the pillar of fire.


“Do you think this is the end?”

Attributes <Frost Heart x Gokrok’s Gaze>

A green flash that penetrates the wall of ice blocking the pillar of fire. The moment Hari recognized it, a flash pierced her heart.

“It’s so dark…?!”

“Miss Harry!!”

Before he had time to recognize Beatrice’s urgent voice, an ice flower bloomed from the pierced heart. It covered Hari in an instant, and the statue in the shape of Hari collapsed dangerously.

“Compared to Vulcanus’ flame, this kind of fire is lukewarm.”

you can’t replace them

At the end of the ridicule of the old orc who had fought with the legends, Hari’s vision turned black.

* * * *

Strictly speaking, Hari Han is not a true believer.

He has a righteous and gentle personality and respects his elders. Nowadays, he is pure enough to be considered a natural monument, but that does not lead to faith in God.

“Ummm… I’m not religious for now.”

With the miracle of Leon right in front of his eyes, he said that while scratching his cheek in front of real gods.

I know the gods are real and I know the greatness of the Holy Law, but that’s it.

She was neither desperate nor hopeful enough to lead to a sincere faith.

Perhaps that innocence, on the contrary, earned the attention of the gods.

[Calm down…! If you fall asleep like this, you will die!]

God’s desperate cry. Hari repeated in her dying consciousness, ‘How?’

The pierced heart was empty, and the chilly cold engulfed the body. both outside and inside.

lack of strength The flame does not spread. I think it would be easier if I left it to the dying consciousness.

[If you give up here, your comrades will die. You are not a knight to give it up.]

At those words, I hold on to my dying consciousness. Yes, if we give up here, we all die. Not only himself, but also his colleagues.

Being just means pure altruism. The integrity to be strong for others. That innocence is the most valuable virtue in chivalry.

‘But Mr. Petos… I, my heart… I lost my heart.’

[Stupid. what is your heart What is your heart?]

‘That’s right…’

Suddenly, Hari remembered the existence of her own heart.

A heart of fire transplanted to her by Isabel, priest of the Moon and Purity.

[The heart of fire left by Renoir looks like a crystal, but the flame is not a crystal.]

A flame that sways easily in the wind and never goes out. The blazing form is the original form of fire.

[Light a fire. The flame in your heart is an eternal scare that never goes out.]

At Petos’ advice, he feels the lingering fire in his heart. Vulcanus once said.

“It is a sacred object that produces holy power on its own, just like the lion’s heart. ──You, who received the heart of fire, must have produced enough holy power.”

Lionheart’s lion heart.

Dragon’s Dragon Heart.

and the Orc Undertaker’s Heart of Fire.

The three major guardian holy objects handed down in Lionheart. Think of the glory, the miracle of receiving that one transplant.


The embers of the heart burn Even if only a small ember remains, the flame does not go out.

And the small fire soon turned into a huge flame.


The rising flames attract everyone’s attention. Krann, who was gradually overpowering Beatrice, was caught by an unexpected huge flame.


There was a knight wrapped in fire. A knight who melts all the ice that grows from his heart, treats it as a ‘wave’, and pours out ‘flame’.

“no way······.”

fire and waves. Could there be an existence that can handle the two opposite powers with the power of a saint?

No, not in history. There are more people than I thought who received blessings from various gods and wielded that power.

But how much talent must be born to treat it as a living saint class.


The saintess runs. Hundreds of frost knights and frost soldiers who stood in their way tried to brandish their weapons at the saintess who was running in a straight line.



However, the ice pick they wield melts before they even reach it, and the swirling waves of fire burn them.

Eventually, the melted ice joins the saintess’ wave of fire and grows even larger.

A strange phenomenon in which ice melts and fire grows just by moving forward. Opposing it are now the strongest individuals of the Frost Queen’s family.


A gigantic frost giant roars. The giant, whom even the Yeti treats like a child, punches Hari as he rushes towards the castle.

“I just rode a wave!!”

However, a wave of fire accompanied the saintess. It hit the frost giant first.

No matter how huge a giant is, it cannot stand in front of the waves that are nature itself. The frost giant was swept away by the waves, floundering and melting in real time.


“You bastard…!”

In an instant, you reach the top of the castle wall where the shaman is. It is no longer a problem with strong and high walls.

Because everything was burned and melted in front of Han Hari’s wave of fire.


Krann ate the heart of the Frost Queen he was handling in his arms. And it–


Frost Queen’s castle is scattered. No, it was concentrated in one place. At Krann, the massive ice compresses and clings to Krann like armor.

“Nothing changes!”

Hari struck Krann with the sword of blazing flame. but······.


Krann’s frozen arm blocks it. A red aura surged from Krann’s arm, which was protected like a suit of armor.

<Helkhan’s Grandson>

The fist strikes Hari as it is. I managed to block it with the blade of my sword, but it couldn’t stop my body from flying away.


Shaman melee combat? Isn’t that also the divine power of commitment?

“I am the Orc leader. I used to be an Orc Lord who united numerous Orc tribes. I subdued the Orcs with only this fist.”

It was a prejudice. It was common sense that a shaman would not be able to punch.

But the opponent is an orc. That too was once an elder at the pinnacle of the Orcs.

An orc is still an orc, even if it is a beast defeated and wounded by the great orc great khan.

“Come on, I’m getting tired of the tedious witchcraft warfare.”

Krann ordered all his subordinates on the battlefield to subdue Beatrice. Dealing with Han Hari, who had awakened as a saint, and dealing with the Magician Queen was a daunting task.


Hari also holds the sword with both hands. But soon, Krann’s figure disappeared from her eyes.


Krann, who replaced all of his main powers with divine protection, approached Hari with overwhelming physical strength. However, Hari, who had awakened as a saint, also reacted to it.

The sword he wields cuts Krann’s shoulder. The sword, stained red with high heat, seemed to cut through the ice as easily as before. but······.

– Kang!

All you hear is a dull sound. The next moment, Krann’s fist surged.


Twist your body for a moment. However, a powerful force that made the entire space disappear passed through his temple.

– Two bang!

Pushed by the power, it bounces off. Goosebumps ran through my body when I realized that if I had been hit head-on, I would have disappeared.

“Not yet!”

A storm of ice pours out with just a swinging arm. A natural disaster large enough to stand up to Hari’s waves of fire.

It blocks Hari’s greatest strength and buys time.

“Keukkeuk, I won’t be able to overcome it as much as the compatibility is bad, but according to my calculations, it will hold out for another minute.”

“1 minute······.”

In other words, you have to face that monster-like physical and overwhelming Orc for one minute.

“But I will fight.”

A fire still burns in her heart. A sword is clutched in his hand.

The holy sword of indestructibility is as strong as the knight’s will and will never break.




At the site of a disaster, where the powers of sex and strength collide, it is savage boxing and swordsmanship that decide the outcome.

“Heung…! My authority destroys the castle!”

fist swinging. Space seems to be crushed only by the advancing waveform. Even if you swing a sword, it will surely bounce off easily.

“My sword will never break!!”


A sword that fights head-on. However, Kwon deflects the sword and hits Hari on the shoulder. Oops, there was a sound of bones breaking, but–


Cran’s fist, which bounced the sword from the front, also splattered blood.

As the ice shattered, even the hard fist inside was cut.

‘how? Right now, my fist holds the power of the fighting god Helcan.’

Of course, no matter how hard the body is, it is impossible to block even the sword attacks of the Holy Grail Knights. Orcs are also inherently armed beings. The reason Krann fights with his bare fists is because it is difficult to use weapon skills in a compressed castle.

And above all, I was certain that I wouldn’t be able to cut myself if it was at the level of the ‘Indestructible Holy Sword’.

‘Could it be… is that it?’

The corner of the Orc Elder’s mouth twitched as he foresaw the possibility.

“Geuk, good! Good! I can’t believe the day will come when I’ll fight with the Holy Grail Knight again!”

It brought joy, not despair, to the old orc. The unavoidable moments when I had to buy myself as an elder. It’s a pity that I had to give the young ones a delicious opponent.

However, this struggle right in front of me is my own.

“Die, tin can!!”

“You die!!”

wield a sword Block it. The ice is chipped and cut. fist strikes bones are crushed

However, the one who gets more and more scarred is the Orc Captain. The compressed ice rather hinders the movement of this young knight who slashes enemies with quick and agile movements.



The ice dissipates in an instant. The armor of ice that boasted enormous defense power? The moment he hesitates, Krann’s gaze turns green.

<Gokrok’s Gaze>


Against the beam of light, it instantaneously pours water into the air to create waves. The beam easily penetrated the waves, but only grazed Hari’s shoulder.


“Light is easily refracted!”

learn in middle school I couldn’t tell you until there. Because the real attack wasn’t a flash of light.

<Helcan’s Big Hand>

Red energy is concentrated in the fist. Giving up the defense of the ice, a much faster and stronger Kwonap approached to erase Hari’s existence.

death. The moment she intuited that, Hari unconsciously held the sword with both hands.

In the face of this enormous violence, the last thing to rely on is just a sword.

This sword that Han Ha-ri, who has sublimated into a saint, strikes down with all her might—

<Flame of the Flame>

It is a holy sword that burns the world and shines brightly.


Cleave your fists and cut down the great orc elders of history. For a fleeting moment, when time seemed to stop, Krann’s lips twitched.

“Thanks to you, let’s have a good time, Daekan.”

The spirit left the body of the orc split in half.

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