The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 266

Lionheart vs Orc (12)


center of the city. Orc Grand Khan Murka sensed the changes on the battlefield that he could feel on his skin.

Barbaza, Maghar, Skira… Kran.

Other than that, the Black Orcs who were together even in the Pandemonium.

He was a fellow countryman who had been with him for hundreds of years, a disciple, and a teacher.

“Kkeukkeuk, it looks like you enjoyed it quite a bit.”

It is felt.

The reassurance of the people.

It’s disappointing that they were eventually defeated by their old rivals, but if they were able to die as warriors in the end, that would be a satisfying outcome.

“Now, come. Old nemesis. Here I am.”

A huge flash of light cuts through the sky. It was the great king of gnomes the orcs had hoped to fight for so long.

* * * *

The black orcs, who have runaway with the power of the gods, rush in all at once.

They gave their lives unreservedly. It is not a strange sight to see fighters giving up their lives in pursuit of a struggle.

Compared to the Knights of Lionheart, they are based on protection, faith, and chivalry, whereas Orcs do not have faith, but simply sacrifice their lives for their own struggle and honor.

The standards were obviously different, but it is also true that their unstoppable fighting spirit makes them stronger.

“Die, Lord of the cans. Your legend will end in our hands.”

All-in-one assault, prepared for death. Throwing his life, he blocked Lion Heart King’s sword and grabbed it from behind, ignoring the fact that his comrade’s arm was severed and striking down the axe.

Nevertheless, the firepower to melt the city is concentrated as Gokrok’s great sorcery and explosive javelin are poured into the solid lion heart.

It must have been an attack that even the Holy Grail Knight could not withstand.

Opening of the holy sword.


The starlight rages.

The golden light concentrating on Lion Heart King’s Holy Sword lightly tore apart the sacrifice of Black Orc, who risked his own life to seal the Holy Sword, and turned it into a storm.

“You’re going to block Jim’s sword with just one life? It’s going to be tough.”

Axes, javelins, and spells are bent. The bodies of Black Orc warriors torn apart by the storm that raged with the power of the open holy sword flew in.


A space where the divine power of Black Orc warriors and the holy power of the holy sword are mixed. It is a kind of sub-space. When energy is exhausted, they stare at each other in a different world that will be swallowed up in an instant.

“Angor, Gulpang, Grouk! Go!”

The great warriors of the battle attack. But Leon has no intention of fighting with them.

Seongbeop <Blessing of the Earth>

At that moment, the floor shakes and the roots spring up.


Sharp tree roots protruding from the ground impaled the Orc fighters. Nature’s rage that maximized its killing power, completely different from the tree roots used by the Holy Grail Knights of Demera at the time.

And that’s not all.

“You are under the sun. Then set the proper example.”

Seongbeop <Tatar’s Gaze>

A small sun spread over the city. A flash of light pours from it.

As if not to forgive those who dared commit a grave sin against the Lion Heart King, the sun of judgment condemned them.



Orc shamans could not avoid them. Even the defensive spells that were poured with divine power could not withstand the sunlight of Tartar and melted away.

“this guy···!”

Bultan and the remaining Black Orcs rushed in unison. They fired explosive javelins right in front of them, aiming for resonance with the Lionheart.

-Two kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

A series of explosions. Even Lionheart’s armor is shaken by the explosion, and his model is pushed back.

“It’s just this, Lion Heart King!”

“Can it be?”

The bultan seized his neck in an instant. The lion heart king’s grip grabbed him by the nape of his neck and wouldn’t let go.

“Does Jim hurt the likes of you guys?”


break the neck Bulltan averted his gaze even in the middle of falling asleep as his colleagues did not attack the surroundings. and witness


Allies pierced by the rays of the sun, pierced by the roots of life, swallowed by the mists of death.

In that short moment, the Lion Heart King killed them all.

“Jim is your butcher and the strongest of mankind. I thought I looked funny when I said I saved some strength.”

“Keu, keureuk… keukeukkeuk!”

strong. How can a person be so strong?

Bulltan held up an ax while being strangled. and fell down


The hollow sound of iron. Bultan realized that even with his axe, he could not break down the great Lion Heart King’s armor.

“The Great Khan… will kill you.”

With that, the life of Buddha was destroyed. The moment the last Black Orc warrior died——

“I’ve barely been able to get out.”

The red-hot mace is swung towards Leon.

“Have you come, the king of beasts!”

Leon’s holy sword also shone with golden light.

* * * *

strongest human.

Strongest Orc.

Unable to overcome even the demon lords who have accumulated experience in long wars invading multiple dimensions, they are definitely warriors greater than the gods beyond the dimensions.

In other words, they are the strongest martial arts in the dimension.

The perfect, greatest and strongest beings finally collide.

Despite being monsters with infinite stamina and capable of continuing a war for hundreds of years, they realized that they had to give their all at the moment of collision.

strength opening.

sex sword opening.

A blow in which everything was poured from the beginning.


Sound disappears in the world.

Beyond the city, the wave spreads across the continent.

-Crazy… what the hell is that?

Those who observed the confrontation between the Lionheart Federation and the Orc Federation taking place on the continent after recovering the satellite system were astonished.

Waveforms observed even from space were not comparable to the explosion of a nuclear weapon.

Cities are crushed, and waves spread over the continent, spreading hundreds of kilometers and shattering windows. The cloud that was pushed out did not dare to come back, and the satellite observed in low orbit suffered damage.

Who can admit that that was just the aftermath of the cold weapons clashing between humans and orcs?

Such an unbelievable clash——

“Lion Heart King!”

“You beast!”


– Boom!

A clash of maces and swords that robs sound.

strength fight.


cut it off

fighting back

The clash of pure hand-to-hand combat is repeated over and over again. Even each other’s armor was shattered, and the red fighting power and the golden holy power were entangled and confused, and thirty-seven times in an instant, there were extreme collisions that would never happen again in the world.

the city.


“What, what?!”

“What the hell happened?!”

Everyone feels it on the battlefield, orcs and humans alike. everyone witnesses

The sight of continents being crushed just by the collision of primordial cold weapons, the extreme singularities that have reached the pinnacle of life collide toward each other.

-Kyaaaaaaagh! building!

– Do, run away! It’s an earthquake!

-Why did the aftermath come this far!

The battle inland extends to coastal cities. The wave created a reverse tsunami and hit the depths of the sea.

The ground, the sea, and the sky shake without cover.

A catastrophe created by sharp swordsmanship and destructive mace.

– Poetry, my God.

-Worship ·······.

It is only natural to be afraid and in awe of that power.

On the battlefield where the world pays attention, the world must surrender to these shamans.

“Hahahaha! Alright! Alright! You’re the first one to have withstood my mace this far since the Slaughterlord!”

“Where can I just endure it! Indeed, I heard that you are the king of beasts, but you are a little better than the evil ones!”

They are the victors in the hellish battlefield where the heavens and the earth change like a meal.

The Lord of Murder, the Lord of Wisdom, the Lord of Indolence, the Lord of Chaos, the Lord of Lust, the Lord of Pleasure——

The universe’s strongest beings were eventually defeated by these demigods.

And it wasn’t because the monarchs lacked strength… it was because they were fighting beings.

Humans, orcs.

They have been killing and fighting each other for thousands and tens of thousands of years.

Against the strong physical abilities of the Orcs, humans polished themselves and perfected the fighting creatures called knights.

The Iron Knights, who only repeat war, obtained the power of the gods and drove away the waves of green beasts as superhumans.

Against this, Orcs also learn. If they use the power of the gods, the orcs also use them.

Helcan the god of battle, Gokrok the god of shamanism, and Skunik the god of hunting.

The three great Orcs were willing to lend their strength to this endless fight.

That’s how we learn from each other, follow each other, respond to each other, and become infinitely stronger.

Night of Realms, Orc Warriors.

Grail Knight, Orc Champion.

Lionhearts, Orc Warlords.

each other completes each other. In order to survive, in this endless struggle for survival, he finally created a ‘god’.

“Die, beast! Your existence is not forgiven!!”

Leon Dragonia Lionheart——

“Stop talking bullshit and die, tin can!!”

Murkha Balak–

They created a god for themselves.

Undefeated invincible warriors.

* * * *


The Archdemon of Wisdom and Search. The goblin archevil, which had escaped from the 2nd Korean War on the Korean Peninsula and arrived on the continent, watched the battlefield from a safe place and clashed its teeth.

“Uh, what should I do?”

The same goes for that minion, Raymond Shellman. The two men trembled in the terrifying fight unfolding in front of their eyes.

The two monsters have already surpassed even the demon lord’s power.

That’s why they invaded there.

It is the place where these monsters are cultivated, so he tried to destroy that world.

But in the end, it was the demons who were defeated. They couldn’t accept this defeat.

“Whoever survives… the devil can’t handle whoever survives. The Old Ones know that.”

so that······.

“The twin extinction project has begun.”

Gob and Raymond started ‘a device’.

Even as he began to do so, his sense of survival was continuously warned of great danger.

* * * *

– Kwak Kwa Kwak!

A huge crash sound that splits the ground sweeps the battlefield.

Shanhaiguan, which was at its peak for a while, felt like a different world with the sky dyed red.


Rigardo, the great warrior of the imprisoned beast gods. Vulcanus, who tramples on him, aims his sword.



The fierce battle between Vulcanus and Rigardo lasted three days and nights. In the end, it was Rigardo who was defeated.

“Keukkeukuk… It’s still filthy strong.”

“Then you guys are much stronger than before.

Rigardo received the protection of the Beast Gods instead of Vulcan’s because of his betrayal.

And two hundred years of combat experience in the Pandemonium.

I thought I could win this time, but I was wrong.

“As expected, the strongest monster in our clan.”


Vulcanus gave more strength to the foot that trampled on Rigardo and let out a breath of fire.

“I am the representative of Petos, the god of war and flame, and the Holy Grail Knight who protects the Pantheon and Lionheart! My strength is formed because of that!”

“Heuk… you really have become a religious man.”

How the hell did the king of monsters become the hound of the gods?

Should I say that the gods of the pantheon are great, or should I say that the lion heart king who tamed such a monster is great?

“Still, it was quite a fun fight, friend. Stop it now.”


Rigardo grinned at Vulcanus, who was unforgiving even to his old friend.

“You guys are too strong. Lionhearts…orcs too.”


In an instant, Vulcan jumps backwards to avoid something with an instinctive sense. He realized it was a huge beak that was trying to pounce on him.

“no way···!”

A huge beak that cracked and appeared in an empty space. It is the incarnation of the beast god called Black Eagle.

“The Ragnarok Plan. You and the Orcs seem to think it’s a large-scale demon gate, but… it’s a little different.”

Rigardo stood on top of the incarnation of the black eagle revealing its huge form behind him and gazed at the world.

And both Orcs and Humans all saw those intruders.

– What, what!

– An incarnation of a beast god?

And at this moment, unexplored gates are open all over the world. All of them emit red light and transform into ‘variable gates’.

“You bastard! What have you done!”

“I made a deal with the devil, Vulcanus. Whoever won won’t benefit me and the gods of my clan.”

Monsters pour from the world.

Demon’s wild boar.

The white wolf.

Iron bear.

Black repair.

The beasts that covered the world began biting everything in all directions as if they had promised.

“You Lionhearts and Orcs are too dangerous. That’s why I’ve stocked up on numbers to completely annihilate you guys for two hundred years.”

It was the devil’s last insurance.

That’s why they captured the Holy Grail Knight Geobrik and handed it over to the Beast Gods.

Since a long time ago, demons and beast gods have been trading.

When the world of Orcs and Lionhearts perished, the barbarians who served the Beast God were numbered in the dimension given by the demons.

After all, that last insurance was triggered like this.

“Let’s start the twin annihilation plan. Please die. Both us and the demons are afraid of you and can’t help it.”

“Rigardo, you bastard!!”

Beasts invade the world.

Those who fought, those who stood by the sidelines, and those who obeyed.

[Kill those hateful iron-clad bastards.]

[Snatch and eat them. Those affected by the hateful faith will go extinct.]

[Get rid of all the orcs. They are beings that hunt us.]

[Cover the sun and turn back the age of barbarism.]

The servants of the Beast Gods let out a savage roar.

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