The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 267

final battle

It was discovered just when the Ragnarok Plan was announced.

“What is this?”

A strange object found in a small town in Europe. It was an unknown device.

Whether it’s the build quality, the pattern, or the technology, it’s a thing on a level that humanity can’t understand.

They didn’t know that it was an object destroyed in a laboratory in the Republic of Jilin–

“Uh huh?!”

“Suddenly move!”

“Eh, a magical wind occurs! Everyone evacuate!”

The timing when gates around the world turned into variable gates. It started operating as if it had waited for the right time.

all over the world.

* * * *

Monsters pour out.

New York, Paris, Berlin, Washington, Los Angeles.

– What, what! Suddenly the gate became a fluctuating gate!

– It’s called Dungeon Break?! The monsters inside have also changed!

Europe, Asia and America. The descendants of beast gods pouring in from all over the continent began to bite the whole world.

– Respond! Summon all Hunters!

-Why, at a time like this!

No matter how much mankind has become accustomed to the invasion of monsters due to dungeon breaks, this kind of simultaneous dungeon break is the first time.

The hunters were summoned and even the army was mobilized, but it was sluggish to stop them.

“Damn it, how hard it is!”

“It’s too fast! Hundreds of field boss level monsters are coming out!”

strong. All of the ‘tattooed’ beasts were so hard, fast, and strong.

They are also extensive, but monsters who are blessed by the gods. It is different from the monsters in the gate that mankind has dealt with so far.

“Lah, Lionheart! Bring Lionheart’s Holy Law users!”

“They’re all at war on the continent right now!”

“Ha, at a timing like this…”

Leaders watching the burning city with devastated expressions. All they could do was end the continental war as soon as possible.

* * * *

On the other hand, the fact that the followers of the beast gods invaded on a large scale is the same in Korea.

President Andong-gil, who was praying for Lionheart’s victory while watching the war against the Orc Federation in the Blue House, moved to an air-raid shelter to avoid the beast gods’ followers who invaded Seoul.

“Did you get in touch with His Majesty Leon!”

President Ahn asked the president of the association Oh Kang-hyeok.

“We lost contact a little while ago. Observation is difficult because our satellite is destroyed.”

“No, why is the satellite in space destroyed? Did it hit the nucleus?”

The Orc Continental Federation did not spare nuclear weapons against the Lionheart Federation. Even if it does not directly hit the troops, it is to threaten the countries belonging to the Federation.

If you enter this, everyone will die except for those who are protected by the Holy Grail Knight. If you want to come in, come in.

“No, it is said that Your Majesty and the Orc Great Khan clashed a little while ago. In the aftermath, all satellites in low orbit were destroyed.”

“Crazy… why are the satellites…”

But there is no need to discuss its reality. It is not new to them how out of the ordinary they are, that they transcend human beings and are divine beings.

“Damn it, sending reinforcements… I guess I’ll have to give up.”

“Yes, they are very sensitive, but… I have no choice but to trust them and leave it to them.”

President Andong-gil and Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association, were discussing the second round of reinforcements to be dispatched to Shanhaiguan. I was thinking of sending the elite among the top 10 guilds in Korea to push out the Shanhaiguan front…

“Your Excellency! Avoid!”

At that time, the bodyguard screamed in astonishment. President Ahn witnessed a huge repair rushing at me in an instant.

– Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

The moment Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association, embraced the president—

– Crowra la la la la!!

A dragon flew in from somewhere and bit the black eagle’s body, biting it here and there before throwing it to the ground.

The huge black eagle, which could have been a hundred meters tall with its wings spread, was ripped apart under the dragon’s teeth.

“Yo, dragon…”

[Are you President Andong-gil?]

The blue dragon met President Ahn’s eyes. He is a diplomat dispatched by Black Dragon, the special mayor of Pyongyang.

[Hurry up and move to the air-raid shelter. Because it’s dangerous here.]

At that time, arrows flew in and the roots of the trees that stretched out shot down the beasts. The elves and tree men who came with the delegation.

“Your Excellency, I’ll see you.”


As President Ahn hurriedly moved to the air-raid shelter, he saw the beasts covering Seoul.

“Is it the end of the world…?”

It was like a declaration of the end to mankind, and the silence was swallowed——


Flashes pass. A ‘golden light’ so intense that it crossed the sky and left a mark in the universe.

“Uh, uh uh?!”

I didn’t even have to ask what it was.

Everyone knew it. That that was the polar light wielded by the agent chosen by the gods.

And that’s not all.


The red wave that cuts through the universe shatters the entire gate that was summoned to the sky. There is no need to ask how many black eagles perished in that direct sunlight.

“We are fighting…”

they. We are fighting even in this hellish landscape.

* * * *

When the clash reached the lily, there was nothing left around Lion Heart King and Great Khan.

How many terrains will there be to survive while being pulled up to the roots of buildings by successive shockwaves?

However, a third party appears to interfere with their confrontation.


“Is it Baekrang?”

The two shamans are familiar with the beast gods’ family. They are flocking in from all directions.

Black eagles filled the sky enough to block the sun, and Baekrang and even Cheolwoong filled the ground.

– Kill! kill! kill!

-certainly! certainly!

Truly abysmal. Gathering to fulfill their master’s orders, they recreate a living hell.

“Hmph. That’s a lot.”

“The beasts…”

It covered the world in less than ten minutes. As if there is no limit, the waves of infinite beasts gather at ‘uncountable’ levels beyond recognition.

Truly a storm. Truly a wave. Truly infinite. there–

[Lion Heart…!]

A giant iron bear that knocks down buildings with its hands.

A black eagle that creates a storm by flapping its wings.

Baekrang roars the sky.

A majesty that causes an earthquake with its footsteps.

Incarnations of beast gods. The first thing they did after appearing after a long silence was to declare war on the great shamans.

All the incarnations and the great army they lead ignore even the orcs and knights and gather only in front of the Great Khan and the Lion Heart King.

The number of beasts gathered here is far greater than the number of beasts that hit the whole world.

Yes, they risked everything to overthrow these two monsters.

Knowing objectively and instinctively that everything would end if only these guys were eliminated.

“Keukkeukkeu. The situation has become quite ambiguous.”

“Nothing will change. You will die here.”

The fight stopped with the appearance of the third force. However, the parties do not intend to stop fighting here.

“You seem to be misunderstanding something, but killing all the guys here and conquering the world is a level that I can somehow manage alone. If it’s not for you.”

“The beast is unexpectedly becoming self-objectifying. I’ll return those words as they are.”

Leon and Murka are still staring at each other. As if the only opponents who could threaten them on this battlefield were each other.

[These guys…]

It offended the beast gods.

[Kill them. If we kill those two, the world will be ours.]

give an order To the savage beasts who would have accepted the tattoos they worshiped and swore an oath of obedience.




The beasts roar.

The formation surrounding the two is more densely filled, but that is all.

Even with the hell they have created, they do not try to hit the two with the infinite wave.

Even if the owner’s order was given.

[These guys!!]


At this, the wrath of the gods reaches its peak. Even so, it wasn’t the beasts who took the first step in the midst of not moving.



Two warriors rushing towards each other. Even in the middle of this, it’s like they don’t even care about each other.


The Holy Sword–

──They pass each other and sweep the other side away.



A crimson storm, golden waves attack the beasts. at the same time–

[Did lowly beasts dare to aim for the knight of the goddess!!]

Light and Justice Ariana.

Petos of War and Flame.

Demera of life and abundance.

Ultima of Sky and Thunder.

Tatar of the Sun and Judgment.

Poma of the sea and waves.

Dina of the moon and chastity.

Fleur of Dreams and Death.

Heto of iron and blacksmith.

In response to the divine descent of the Lion Heart King, the gods of the gods descend in powerful incarnations——

[WHAAAAAAAAAAA──!! The greatest struggle in Orc history! dare! dare! Your things get in the way!!]

The giant spiritual body of the fighting god Helkan trampled on the beasts, the spiritual body of the shaman god Gokrok hurled green flashes of destruction, and the javelins of the hunting god Skunik exploded in all directions.

The descent of the gods, which is captured by the strongest lion heart king of all time and the infinite vessel of Orc Daekan.

It becomes a storm that surpasses the waves of beasts and annihilates them.

Hell is being demolished under the wrath of the gods who do not forgive the very existence of beasts.

They are the only gods that earthlings can find in a landscape where the end of the world is approaching.

At this moment, at the end of everyone’s prayers for life, there are shamans.

The judgments of the demons and beast gods were never wrong.

Kill these monsters before they can reestablish themselves, form nations, and multiply again.

Before the seeds germinate, they are thoroughly trampled and destroyed.

That is the best choice for their survival. But–

“To Lionheart…! Glory be to you!!”

“Don’t interfere with the struggle of the orcs, bugs!!”


so absurdly.

They are said to be ‘singular points in history’ that overcome any danger or disadvantage.

It’s just that they were born into the world, they were just unlucky.

* * * *

Ten and three days passed.

The attacks of the beasts that covered the whole world were swiftly subdued day by day.

That was possible because the beasts that attacked the world rushed somewhere at some point.

As if they sensed the danger of their master, they left the prey in front of them and hurriedly flocked to a continent.

But how many died before they crossed the sea, crossed the mountains, flew through the air, and approached a city?

How devastated would it be if it was only swept away by the blade that it swung and the wave of the mace?

the center of the fierce battle. The place where beasts from all over the planet had flocked no longer took the form of a city.

As if there had never been a city from the beginning, in a plain full of brown sand and scrap metal, countless animal corpses were piled up to replace the buildings of the city.


thud! and the giant bear collapses. When Cheol-woong, the size of a building, collapsed, a cloud of dust rose.

“Kekek, kekek…!”

Hari coughed and rubbed her eyes at the huge dust storm. Karina comes next to her and hands her a handkerchief.

“Oh, thank you.”

“It’s about to be the last.”

Hari and Karina weren’t the only ones gathered there.

Holy Grail Knight Goo Dae-sung and Yapi. Knights of Lionheart and dragons. And——orcs.

After the beasts attacked, they temporarily stopped fighting and went hunting, and now they became spectators watching the final fight.

In front of the two warriors who endlessly slaughtered animals for 13 days and piled up a mountain of corpses.


“Kaak, tweok!”

They, who had been fighting with bursts of divine power, also slaughtered the beasts only with a mace and a knife for the last three days.

Although their divine and holy powers were on the verge of depletion, they did not show any sign of exhaustion.

The perfect vitality given to them makes infinite fighting possible.

[Keuk kuk!]


And here, even the gods are just one spectator.

The Orc Gods and the Gods of the Pantheon, who protected their agents while slaughtering beasts, returned all their divine powers and chose to remain as spectators.

To see the final fight between Lion Heart King Leon Dragonia Lionheart and Orc Great Khan Murka Balak.



The two warriors silently walk toward each other on a battlefield full of dead animals.

During the great battle on the 13th, the two did not say anything. They just slaughtered the beasts as if they were conscious of each other and competing.

But the real match will end in a blow that separates each other.

“You look exhausted, beast.”

Leon laughed as he looked at Murka, who was covered in blood. However, Murka is not a great person to be ridiculed.

“The proud tin armor is all broken. They said it was indestructible, but there was nothing special.”

power was consumed The armor was shattered, and the body screamed and complained of wounds.

but can’t fall At this last moment, I couldn’t allow myself to dare to fall down with my nemesis in front of me.

“Now stop drinking, tin can!”

“You die, beast!”

The sword and mace were swung at the most disgusting opponent.

A sword penetrates the abdomen, and a mace breaks the shoulder.

He stopped the bleeding by pressing the skin tightly against the pouring blood, and twisted the twisted arm in reverse to set it in place.

A power struggle that occurs when swords and maces collide again. Murka’s forehead hit Leon.


A thrilling battle of skulls. But Leon doesn’t lose either.

“You savage beast!”

Even if you say so, it pays back the same. thud! And Murka pushed back.

“Can you afford to be classy!”

The mace struck again with a grin. Leon moved forward as his sword deflected the mace.

Murka also moved forward without thinking of stepping back.

In close combat, unable to wield a sword and mace, each other’s empty hands moved.

– Kwak!

Counter punches wielded simultaneously. Even in the midst of crushing each other’s faces–


“Leo oh oh come on…!”

It doesn’t stop.

By swinging, cutting, and fighting.

surpass each other

each other to each other’s limits.

Driven to the limit that can only happen once in a lifetime.

So while unconsciously regretting the approaching end–


step back.

Of course, the paving stone for advancing.

Squeeze out the last remaining strength from each other and deliver the final blow–

– Creepy.


The two gods felt the same sensation at the same time.

With this, one of them dies. Both of them intuit the defeat of the struggle, which was a strangely distant story for them.

But what is that?

Go forward. Like instinct, only forward.

They are representative of the species. You cannot and must not back down, and you cannot accept defeat.

Fighting Power Liberation <The Mace of Devotion>

Holy Sword Release <Holy Sword of Light>

A blow that risked their lives.

The moment it collided——

The winner of the world is decided.

* * * *

A process where everyone catches their breath. The match is decided.

“your majesty···!”

Beatrice, who had to watch the one-on-one confrontation, finally bursts out her voice towards Leon with trembling lips.

And it was the same for everyone.

Even though I think I have to run right away, I can’t take my steps.

The reason is just an instinctive sense of ‘I have to do that’. A sense of awe that we dare not add noise to this confrontation of the century.

And the same goes for orcs.

They felt they had no right to interrupt the end of this confrontation.

While everyone was watching, Murka took a step back.

just one step. Then let out a rough breath.


Murka looked down at her body, split in half from shoulder to thigh. And stare at the broken mace.

Was it half a step?

to be sick

First defeat in my life.

Having overthrown the great Orc warchiefs and breaking even the demon lords, this first defeat was awkward and embarrassing.

But I can’t help but admit my defeat.

He was a fighter and knew what a loser’s duty was.

“I lost.”

that candid acknowledgment. Leon answered.

“I won.”

Despite the nasty declaration, he nods. What remains now is ‘duty as a great khan’.

“Leader of the Orc Continental Federation! Great Khan Murka Balak! I propose to you guys!”

At those words, Leon’s eyes twitched. He narrowed his brows as if he had heard an unpleasant declaration.

“Do you think the loser will be the subject to propose to the winner?”

“Hehehe, it’s not impossible. We still have some room to negotiate, right?”

“You bastard…”

Murka said to Leon, who looked like he had been stabbed in a painful place.

“From now on, stop all hostile acts against the Orc Federation. Then…”

Murka looked around at the orcs watching her. As the Great Khan, he has the duty to open a way for them to live with their sorrowful expressions, who are now destined to be slaughtered in the hunt for defeated soldiers.

“All orcs on this planet will be taken away by the orc gods.”

A de facto declaration of an end to the war.

Leon thought of the Orc warlords who would resist amid the turmoil that had wounded the lost city and the world.

Perhaps the Lionheart Federation will win in the end.

However, they will resist until the end, having formed a huge anti-world federation called the Orc Continental Federation.

Even this unfavorable fight is a struggle for them, and they will seek glory and honor.

Even Lionheart in his heyday couldn’t exterminate the Orcs in the end. Then–

“Okay. I’ll accept your offer.”

If you don’t like it, but if it’s your only chance to completely rid the world of Orcs.

Leon decided to accept the offer, even though he was reluctant.

“Take your kind and turn it off… Chit.”

Leon clicked his tongue as he looked at Murka who didn’t answer. He stood still, eyes open, and took no more breath.

“He was not an Orc until the very end.”

The war is over.

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