The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 268

Leon Dragonia Lionheart (1)

The second war that shook the world of the fledgling federations is over.

The winner of this war, in which 53 countries on the continent and 8 countries, including Korea, the United States, Japan, Taiwan, India, and parts of Southeast Asia, participated directly for supremacy on the continent, is the Lionheart Federation.

The Orc champions and warriors of Orc Great Khan Murka Balak led to the defeat of the Orc Federation, and Lionheart absorbed the Orc Federation as it was.

The problem was the millions of Orcs still remaining on the continent, and everyone expected the slaughter of Orcs by Lionheart. But–

[They gather sequentially and begin the alien migration of the orcs. This was promised in Lionheart’s honor.]

Everyone reacted unexpectedly to Leon’s declaration.

The annihilator, who was hung up on his abnormal hatred of orcs, obediently opened a way for the orcs to live.

[We do not surrender! We fight to the end!]

Of course, there were still Orc warlords with the will to fight, but the subjugation proceeded swiftly and mercilessly.

However, most of the Orcs readily agreed to the migration plan, thanks to the Black Orcs.

[If that was the last command the Great Khan gave. We follow.]

The greatest orc in history. The influence of the one and only Great Khan Murka Balak was absolute among the Black Orcs, and Orcs followed them.

The Orcs’ rule of being strong was absolutely working even in the midst of this.

While the orcs’ migration plan continued sequentially, the problem was the Lionheart Federation, which swallowed the remaining Orc Continental Union as a whole.

-Isn’t it dangerous to swallow that huge continent whole?

-It is the rebirth of a unified continent. The problem is that it is not the backward developing country of the past, but the center of Shinsung technology that will dominate the world.

– Stop growth. If this continues, all of Asia will be encroached upon by the Lionheart Federation.

It is a story that has been constantly discussed since the appearance of the pantheon.

Blindly loved and favored by the gods, the Lionheart of ‘Fire’ does not share the same values as most of the Earth.

He is a famous hater, a classist, and an absolute monarch of the medieval worldview who despises democracy.

Where is the guarantee that he will not advance into an empire in the form of a federation?

– But with what? how?


No one could question it. The world watched the war between the Lionheart Federation and the Orc Continental Federation.

They saw nuclear weapons being blocked by a single knight’s long-distance protection method, and faced the greatness of the method of selectively killing enemies even after artificially causing a tsunami, and the unapproachable high technology of an all-weather space weapon.

And above all–

-How can you restrain a demigod that cuts through the sky with a knife?

-Can you say that even after seeing a million monsters of the Beast Gods slaughtered over 13 days?

The confrontation between Leon and Murka in the final battle brought awe and fear to mankind.

living demigod. mansin’s agent. The indefatigable transcendent of perfect vitality showed what was possible.

-It looks like you’re misunderstanding something, but it’s a level where Lionheart can conquer the world alone.

It is only natural that the world has come to such a conclusion. And even the saints and saints who were commanded by the demigods were not something that could be endured with the existing military power.

Above all–

-Blessed crops, iron arms, iron semiconductors, paradise after death, can you give up all these things?

Humanity has already figured it out. A real God and a paradise that can be obtained when they truly love humans.

The world is now beginning to be reorganized into a new order.

* * * *

[There, let’s dig out more intaglios to create patterns. Yes, like my temple in the capital.]

“Let me tell you that. Then, would you like the basic form to be similar?”

[okay. Seeing this reminds me of the past.]

On the continent, which became the official territory of Lionheart, temples of pantheon began to be built all over the place.

First of all, a second pantheon where all gods could be worshiped was built in the main city, and each god started to build a guardian shrine, claiming to be the guardian god of the city he liked.

The temple of Foma, the god of the sea and waves, built in a coastal city became a sacred place for those who work in the sea, such as fishermen and traders.

Petos, the god of war and flame, has put his name on the soon-to-be-established Lionheart Federation Military Academy.

Heto, the god of iron and blacksmiths, protected cutting-edge semiconductor and manufacturing craftsmen in line with the latest trends, and built a temple in the special industrial zone to be built on the continent.

Demeraya, the goddess of life and fertility, is welcome everywhere. She is an absolute worship object in the grain belts of the Asian continent, such as Beidahuang, North China Plain, and Sichuan Basin.

Ultima, the god of sky and thunder, became a god protecting the aviation and space industries, and Tatar, the sun and judgment, became an obligatory object of faith for those who recited the code of laws.

Fleur, the goddess of dreams and death, will be a haven for all those who wish for mental treatment through dreams and a peaceful death.

Irmin, the goddess of forests and trees, as a goddess of elves and treemen, sought a way to preserve nature and coexist.

Dragonia, the god of gold and contracts, has become the absolute standard for the global financial market and all contractors.

[Well, the children of the world say that the ‘moon’ is the most surprising.]

“I used to think so too at first.”

Dina, the goddess of moon and chastity, was thought to be difficult to worship in modern society in many ways, but more people believed in her than expected.

“Who would have known that there would be so many non-marriage people in this world?”

[That’s right.]

As long as one maintains the purity of the body, God’s blessings will come upon her. Since the unmarried people’s devotion was greater than expected, Dina was able to increase her church power.

In particular, due to the nature of the pantheon where multiple worship is possible, Buddhist monks enshrine the goddess of the moon as a bodhisattva.

[joy. It’s a niche market.]

Hearing the voice of the moon goddess, Leon said with a faint smile.

“Sir Spinner says he’s launching a spacecraft to advance into the space industry soon, so I’ll pick up the materials and build a temple on the moon.”

[If you say you’re building, I won’t stop you.]

“Haha, I’ll take care and build it big. If you want, I’ll build it myself.”

Leon respects and worships all the gods, but he is especially weak and has a sense of debt to the moon goddess.

It must have been because he had committed a mortal sin that angered the goddess.

[It was! How long will my knight listen to that complaint! If you stop, it’s already done!]

[what? that?]

Leon dissuades the goddesses from quarreling with each other.

Like Petos, Ariana, the goddess of light and justice, will be the patron deity of chivalry and soldiers and the mother of all people.

Pursuing the light and upholding justice is the culture of all.


“Ventasis. Are you okay with this?”


A faceless god did not build his temple. There must be a burnt offering altar in the pantheon, but that’s all.

Just as there was no separate temple worshiping him in the old Lionheart Kingdom.

“If you don’t build a temple, it won’t be difficult to receive worship.”

[That’s because you don’t know the nature of primates.]

Ventasis is the god of darkness and vengeance.

He is the guardian of those who aspire to forge their blades in pitch-black shadows.

In every age there have always been those who worship him.

[The stronger the light, the darker it is. Avengers will always arise and I will answer them by praying to me in the dark.]

No matter how perfect your governance is, no matter how prosperous you cultivate, darkness will always exist. Ventasis said it was enough for them to worship him in the shadows.

“I’m glad you all found your place.”

Leon was genuinely delighted that the gods had adapted well to this Earth as well.


And the voice of the goddess approaching him. The goddess is Fleur, the goddess of dreams and death, and the grim reaper who guides the way to paradise.

[The time has come. Hold the original woman’s hand.]

Leon took her hand. Soon, he follows the guidance of the goddess and heads to the spiritual world.

Now, towards the paradise in the heart that I will soon have to give up.

“Are you here?”

paradise of the gods. Many people are waiting for Leon in a place prepared for those who have respected the gods and lived an upright life.

There was the brown-haired Saint Agnac, the Holy Grail Knight Lord Gratas who gave a scripture to hunt giants as a serf, the Sun Knight Loxley who accompanied Leon in the final war, and the Iron Knight Antoc… · and.

“Oh, your majesty my brother-in-law.”

black hair. Next to the priest of the moon, who looks particularly lively and smiles brightly, as if looking at a friend rather than reverence, there is a woman who looks remarkably similar.

“Go ahead. Brother.”

As Isabel shoved her back, the woman shyly made her way through the crowds who had come to meet the Lion Heart King.

Everyone opens her way and soon she comes to Leon.


Leon didn’t say anything to the woman who approached right in front of him. He just swallows his overwhelming feelings and hugs the woman.

“I missed you.”

The woman was briefly surprised by his sudden action, but soon warmly buried her face in his arms.

“me too.”

Her name is Lionheart of Castile.

She was the only wife of Leon Dragonia Lionheart and the mother of Carina Dragonia.

* * * *

In the paradise created for the dead, a magnificent view unfolds wherever you go.

Each of the infinite domains and territories where the dead could decorate to their heart’s content had distinct personalities, and when it came to finding the most natural scenery, it was also the place where the wise men and elves of the forest lived.

This vast green area is as quiet as the residents, making it a suitable place to spend time quietly.

Leon rode Petelion, a winged dark horse given to him by the Lion Heart King of Argentina, and landed at a place where only the two of them could live.

“Take my hand.”

“Huh, His Majesty seems to have forgotten that I was Dina-sama’s hunter.”

Even as she said that, Castile grabbed Leon’s hand and got off the horse.

“To Jim, what will you do with something as precious as a flower that is always tender?”

“Really… you’re still the same.”

The two of them just looked at each other in the corner of paradise. That alone was good.

“As you may have already heard, I met Karina. That girl suffered a lot in another world.”

“He’s a strong kid. I’m sure he’ll do well wherever he goes.”

Leon talked about Karina for a while. The story of how she built an empire in the other world. The story of a courtship duel. The story of finally negotiating with the dragon king and joining the pantheon.

Castile quietly listened to it and enjoyed Nanggun’s voice while laughing.

“A lot has happened. There are so many things I want to say to you.”

“me too.”

It was a love that could never come true. It was a love that was achieved by committing taboos, and it was a love that was protected by enduring the wrath of the goddess.

This may be a common love story, but Leon is so precious and precious that this love is so precious that he waited for the day when he would come here.

A day to do your due duty, feast with the gods, and be with your loved ones forever.

The wife also knew her husband’s long-cherished wish.

“Not yet, Leon.”


“You can’t come here yet.”


Leon asked, holding Castile’s hand.

“Don’t you want to see me? Do you resent me?”

It can’t be. Castile shook her head and said.

“My heart is your heart. But… you still have a lot of work to do.”

Before being Leon’s wife, she is the queen of the kingdom. He was a priest who served the gods and a nobleman who lost his people to evil species.

She knew many things that only Leon could do in this life, and therefore thought that she shouldn’t be selfish. More than anything······.

“I was very happy. I was able to remember you and smile until the last minute. But… you are not.”

His life has always been a series of fights.

He spent his youth fighting orcs, and as king, he fought against the unruly corrupters of the empire and the demons until the kingdom was destroyed, and even after it was destroyed, he fought alone.

Everyone in Paradise watched the Lion Heart King’s lonely fight.

I saw him camp in the dry earth, saw him roar with the blood of demons.

I saw a king swallowing his emotions as he collected the armor of his dead friends and loyal soldiers.

When she cried out in her hometown that was finally destroyed, she lamented that even the gods could not deliver anything but words of comfort.

“Don’t come yet. Come enjoy happiness in the world of the older.”

“My happiness lies with you!”

Castile shook her head and said.

“I’ve been waiting for two hundred years. So you can wait a little longer.”

“I’ve been waiting for two hundred years. So I can’t wait any longer.”

“Whoops, sometimes I wish you could be as bold as Lord Vulcanus.”

Like Vulcanus, who brazenly said that he would enjoy life in this world for the rest of his life, I wish Leon would enjoy his life, if not to that extent.

“Remember that there are people waiting for you in this life.”

At that, Leon was speechless. Because he knows the intention of Castile’s words.

“Are you okay?”

“Sometimes you seem to have a different conception than ours. Isn’t a hundred years enough to forget twenty years of life?”

That’s just an Earthling’s idea, Castile chuckled, as the only person who knew he was from another world.

“Don’t just reject those who are recommended by the gods. After all, they are recommending you because they love you, Your Majesty.”

“If I had embraced all the women the gods pushed me into, I would have had a hundred wives.”

“Don’t go that far. It’ll be difficult to sort things out later in paradise. I think it’ll be okay for up to 10 people. Please make a lot of Karina’s siblings. When you’re old, you’ll live for the fun of looking after your grandchildren, right?”


At Leon sighing, Castile hugged Leon’s neck and smiled.

“But I’ll leave this one final.”

“What is that——”

It was a kind of surprise. The heat on his reddened cheeks was warm, and the scent of the flesh that was close gave off a subtle sweetness.

The sweet and fluffy lips overlap like soft flesh that can be bitten.

Moist lips. It seemed to be slightly separated, but the juice squeezed through it. In the process of intertwining, the two of them fall apart as if they were regretful after fully savoring each other.

Castilla, smiling bashfully, has a face like a girl in love, just like when she was kidnapped by a cloth.

“That I’m the first. You can’t forget that much.”

At that, Leon couldn’t help but laugh.

Even though he may resent his wife for pushing him to this world in the end, how can he reject such a lovely woman?

“I love you. Forever.”

“I love you. In life or in death.”

The time for the living to stay is coming to an end.

Leon returned to the world of the living, remembering the day he would head to paradise someday.

To the world where he must be and who awaits him.

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