The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 269

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If you go down the road from Pyongyang to Nampo, there is a lake called Taejeongho.

Before unification, a golf course was built for the use of North Korean high-ranking officials and the natural scenery was maintained by strictly prohibiting the access of people.

And now, after the end of the war and the federal agreement, the executives of the Manshinden are enjoying an unusual boating.

– Cluck!

(Kkikkirukho departs!)

– Giggling!

(Sir Vulcanus, take off your armor and get on board!)

“Ugh! Armor is like a knight’s life! How could he tell you to lay down your life!”

“It’s not even an exhibition, so take off your clothes.”

“Lord Raihar! Even you!”

Flower viewing and boating are the skills of the nobility. They enjoy the splendid civilization of the earth, but they each push each other, remembering the culture of the time of the kingdom.

“But Suho, where is the queen?”

“Well. I saw that Noona and So-yeon went out on a boat. Maybe they got on in front of him?”

“When will your Majesty come?”

Jaehyuk remembered that Leon was still in Pyongyang with the black dragon.

There are many issues to be coordinated with Lionheart Federation-related affairs, so officials from the federation are in Pyongyang.

“Anyway, boating is best with Hari-senpai. I think we can play more dynamically with waves.”

“Is it okay to use the sex law for selfish desires like that…”

I hit the thunder of Ultima on the battery to try to copy money, and it’s like this again after being scolded.

Meanwhile. In the center of Lake Taejeong, several ships are floating. Among them, one of the most luxurious ships.

A ship serving royalty should not lack decoration and splendor.

Silk is laid on a wooden board to make it soft, and the lion flag of the Lionheart Federation is hung on the sail that moves the ship according to the wind.

If you look closely at the twinkling lights, they are outrageous luxury goods with lights carved from gems.

There, an ashen-haired beautiful girl who manages the facility gives instructions to the squirrels while sipping lemonade.

“Excuse me, set up the lighting angle for number 17. The flower decoration must follow the designated planner. I will not allow even an inch of error.”



This iron and blacksmith’s Holy Grail Knight, beckoning the kinks, hugged my minimal-sized star iron body and lay down in a rocking chair.

“The play of inferior organisms doesn’t seem too bad either.”

Yapi agreed with the myths on the internet that sometimes you have to eat junk food. It’s a statement without any intellectual or logical basis, but it doesn’t matter because it’s my own style.

[Oh, my yapi… when will you show off your descendants?]

At the words of Heto, the iron and blacksmith god, Yaffy nodded.

“This device does not need to depend on the organism’s inferior means of reproduction. This device can multiply indefinitely.”

[It’s not that kind of story, this one.]

Heto wanted to squeeze the forehead of this self-proclaimed flawless mineral, but in the end it was only a matter of time.

[Go through the world more. See, feel, and try many things, and then you too will know the human mind.]


Yapi couldn’t understand Heto’s words yet, but he didn’t forget to order an extra marinated chicken.

“Oh, is it delicious?”

At that time, Beatrice in a dress came out at the stern. She looked at Yapi eating the marinated chicken and started talking.

“It’s sweet. Would you like to eat, Her Highness?”

“I’ll refrain from having dinner earlier.”

Beatrice gently stroked Yapi’s hair and sat down on the soft sofa prepared at the stern.

The cruise ship, which Yapi said was made as a kind of luxury tour service for the future economic independence of the Kikkiruk tribe, was enough for her as a royal family to enjoy.



“What do you do when you get some fresh air in a nice place like this~ There’s no one to enjoy it with.”

The great war is over. After absorbing the Orc Continental Confederation and sweeping away the followers of the Beast Gods, the Gate no longer appeared.

The age of war is now over. Of course, Leon still seemed to have something to think about.

‘Now that I’ve finished all the important things… I want you to take care of me soon.’

Yapi and herself, who should be assisted by her closest aides, have been on vacation like this, but she is currently working in Pyongyang.

For Beatrice, this was a valuable opportunity to be with Leon, but he didn’t even show his nose.

[Oops. It looks like the priestess of the original woman is tightly bent.]

He smiled like it was cute to see Beatrice’s upset.

“Don’t make fun of me, Fleur. I’m pretty serious.”

[Then, how about you try courting more actively?]


It was a resolute refusal.

“A gentleman woos first. How can a woman woo first? It’s rude.”

[That’s it… When will the priestess of the original woman go ahead and start dating?]

But, well, it’s not that wrong. Bondi courtship is a law that a man must ask for first. Even if it is an outdated notion, it doesn’t matter anyway, since the two of them have lived in an outdated notion.

[Behave yourself right away. come.]


A white horse lands on board with fluttering and powerful flapping of its wings. The Goddess of Light that the Goddess of Light saved my article and gave it to me.

“Wow~ You did a good job flying. Have a meal over there.”

– Hee hee!

The man who got off from there gently stroked the white divine beast’s neck.

“Your Majesty, you are here!”

Beatrice busily corrects her posture. Leon responded with a smile at her hospitality.

“Did you wait?”


Leon kissed the back of Beatrice’s hand and headed towards the stern.

“How are you so late?”

“I was late because I had to meet old ties… and ask for permission again.”


You said you were busy, wasn’t it? Leon asked the puzzled Beatrice with a serious gaze.

“The great war is over. There will be no fighting for a while.”

“It is.”

It’s not that there’s nothing to do. The Lionheart Federation, which is no different from a fledgling nation, must be built from the ground up and a world devastated by a long war must be rebuilt.

It is the duty of the royal family to subjugate monsters still wandering in the wild, promote the well-being of the people, and make the country rich and strong.

If until now there was simply war, now is the era of rule and stability. The work to be done will increase even more.

“However, I don’t think the war is truly over. We’ll have to head there someday.”


Beatrice fully knew what Leon was saying.


It is the habitat of demons and a world where evil is rampant.

It is a complex world made up of many dimensions and dimensions, and the demons are increasing their power by attracting the world’s evil and its minions.

Although the demons have now declined due to the loss of their ruler, someday they will come back with more power.

It might have been after the current Lion Heart King ascended to heaven. Because demons are afraid of Leon.

Leon has no intention of leaving him.

“Bice. I will head to the Demon Realm someday. I will fight again. It is a hard and rough road.”

Can you follow yourself to the end?

Viche answered Leon’s question without the slightest worry or hesitation.

“As long as His Majesty is on her way, forever.”

Leon was grateful for the devotion of this lovely queen. Having made up his mind, he got down on one knee.

“your majesty?”

Leon handed her a small box he had taken out of his pocket. Needless to say what was in it.

“I am… no, I can be confident that I was a good king and an honorable knight. But, I was not a good lover. I am a failed father and a husband who could not find a wife.”

Leon’s life was a series of fights.

Born as the legitimate son of the glorious Grand Duke of Dragonia, he embarked on a journey to fulfill his duty.

He received and fulfilled the quest of the goddess, and became War Knight, Holy Grail Knight, and Guardian of the Holy Grail and ruled the country wonderfully, but lost precious things in the process.

Nevertheless, he lived indomitably and finally destroyed evil, so his life must have been glorious and honorable even in his own opinion.


He has never been a good husband.

He lost his daughter for a long time because he couldn’t be a good father, and he says that even if he wants to revive his beloved wife, he must not go against the providence.

he won’t change

A failed father’s cause of abandoning his wife.

he won’t give up

Because he has to fulfill his duty to the end.

“The thing in front of you is a pathetic man, a wall window that says even empty words that you can’t give priority to your wife. Even so… even so, Bice… Beatrice Alighieri Spero.”

Open the box and reveal the contents. What was inside was a beautiful ring that the dragon, who had a better taste for jewelry than anyone else, had carefully selected.

“Would you like to be with a pathetic man with a hat like this?”


Beatrice stared at Leon quietly.

It was clear that such a great man, Lion Heart King, the king of knights and agent of the gods, was nervous like never before.

The fact that she is worried that she will be rejected is revealed on her face…

very happy and lovely

“your majesty······.”

He is a man who has lost a lot.

She is a woman who has lost a lot.

What caused them to lose was a common evil, and the process of the two was similar, but the ending was different.

The Lionheart finally overcame the war alone,

Despite the dedication of the loyal knights, the magician queen was facing the end of corruption.

He was respectful, grateful, and even awe-inspiring.

Even then, to Beatrice, Leon was a half-god worthy of reverence. It was a great being that could not exist anywhere in this world.

The Lionheart realized that he was also a human like himself when he left the old Grail Knight’s sacrifice and left the gate.

When Grail Knight Geobrick chose to self-destruct and entrusted his will to the king, Beatrice saw Leon’s face.

The face that endures painful disgrace.

“You must not die before Jim. The death of the person next to you will pierce your bones no matter how many times you experience it.”

I still remember the taste of the alcohol we drank that day.

After all, you are also a human being who has been hurt.

He was not a man who could not fall or fall.

Even if you fall down, you always get up again.

The kind of person who will definitely stand up again.

From then on, I liked this person.

It didn’t take long for the admirable hero to become lovable.

“your majesty.”

Grab Leon’s arm. Raise him up and think of the future to walk together.

That future will surely be a journey of winding and winding roads, but that’s okay.

Because this person will always walk by my side.

“I’ll walk with you.”

A man gently stroked her cheek and hair cautiously approached Beatrice, who was looking at me with trembling eyes.

A fleeting moment when everyone turned their heads and even the gods averted their eyes.

On the boat of the calm lake, the two of them brought their faces close to each other.

Obviously, this moment will not be the ending.

For today, it would be okay to whisper a happy ending.

The King of Knights returned with God.

Main story complete

-Continued from Abduction-

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