The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 27 Noise Marketing (3)

Despite the untimely riots in the middle of the night, Leon did not wake up and went to sleep.

As a member of the royal family, how can you care about trivial things outside?

“Your Majesty! There’s a thief outside——Kuhh!”

The Lion Heart King punishes commoners who rashly break through the door by throwing toilet paper boxes at them.

“Uiyi, Your Majesty, I’m in trouble…”

“They’re not that great, so how could they invade the lion heart king’s quarters?”

“Yes? Oh, did you know?”

every know His sense of humor transcended that of the culprit. I had noticed the gangsters invading the fields from the beginning.

“The thieves must listen and respond!”

“Dealing with bandits is the job of the guards.”

Leon’s dismissal made Hari feel impatient. It was clear at a glance that they were Mine, seeing those who were confirmed through the camera.

“There are only 50 Awoken. They will cause harm to your Majesty’s field! In the first place, there is no guard in the field!”

“Why is there no one?”


Harry soon finds out. The land blessed by Demera, the scarecrows who wanted to build it there were too many.

What kind of punishment is given to frostbiters who are not allowed.

and… … .

-bang! Quaang!

Loud explosions in the middle of the night. human scream. The Holy Grail Knight’s eyes shine red in the great blue that gives the illusion of being in the middle of a battlefield.


Hari was dumbfounded as she watched the demons being subdued in real time.

the next morning. Leon saw 50 demons captive in front of the town hall.

50 demons who are tied to a wire with the scarecrow’s holy power and strange energy, unable to move. To dispose of them, the police from the police station and even the association’s staff were dispatched.

“Cut your wrists.”


Those were the words Leon threw at the captured demons.

“It’s such a pitiful pyramid to try to steal grain. However, thieves set an example by cutting off their wrists. Cut off each wrist one by one.”

“Oh, wait a minute. Your Majesty! Is Hyundai here?”

As long as it’s frightening. She was frightened by Leon’s order to cut off the wrists of the arrested demons.

“As for criminals… you have to follow the domestic law….”

“Tsk. It’s a really lenient law for criminals.”

“Ah, I’ll have to go to trial.”

Hari pondered over how to explain the modern legal system to this medieval mind, His Majesty. But then, unexpected people came.

“Is this the place you were informed of?”

“That’s right. The demons were caught stealing?”

It was reporters who got out of the crowded vehicles. Not only them, but also Yutubers specializing in Lexa came pouring in from wherever they had heard the news.

“Everything, what are you guys?”

Hari dissuaded them, but they immediately recognized Hari and made her an interview subject.

“Hanhari Hunter! Is it true that there was a thief last night?”

“I heard that it’s the notorious demon gang, the Poison Division!”

“A whopping 50 demons attacked, how did you defend yourself?”

“Uh, uh, how did you come to know all that?!”

Harry was embarrassed. Neither she nor the reporters know.

How can we know the existence of an anonymous informant who is never ‘tracked’ by modern technology?


“What was the reason the demons attacked?”

“That, that’s… I think it’s probably because of the ‘rice’ harvested by the Pantheon of Gods Guild.”

– Rice from the Mansinjeon Guild? what is that?

– Why is there a recent hot video? The panacea rice.

– Was that real?

-Isn’t it because the demons flocked like this because it’s real?

Headline after headline began to write in the minds of reporters. What if the rice that cures cancer was real?

“Is it true that the rice grown in the pantheon cures cancer?”

“What the hell is the Pantheon doing? Are all King Leon’s words true?”

“That, if you use your name in front of His Majesty, your wrist will fly off… Joe, please be careful with your remarks.”

Anyway, the reporters said that the demons were trying to burn the rice fields in the plains of Naju.

And naturally, I asked why they did this, and naturally, their interview was perfect for tonight’s news.

Meanwhile, a reporter asked a sharp question.

“Rather than that, Hunter Hanhari! Is it true that you laid mines near the grain warehouse?”

“Geez, mines? Um… that’s it!”

laid A lot of that too. The reporter who interviewed the residents of Oda in advance dug into that part tenaciously.

“Even if it’s a hunter guild, aren’t killing weapons like mines against the Firearms Act? It’s a serious illegal act! Where the hell did you buy it from!”

“Uh, uh, that’s it…! This is handmade by the guild members, isn’t it?”

It was then. A rat had stepped on a mine while wandering near the granary.

A country mouse bursting into pieces with a bang! Hari, who watched the scene, quickly accepted it.

“Rat, it’s a mousetrap. Did you see it? There are so many rats in the countryside. Ahaha…”

“”… … … … .””

No one believed it, but externally anyway.

* * * *

“Is this what the gods planned?”

Leon approaching Yapi. He just observed the whole situation.


Heto, the god of iron and blacksmithing, set up a premise to acquire faith.

first. As many people as possible should ‘hear’ the name of the Pantheon.

The most basic condition for becoming famous is that many people see, hear and get used to it.

Noise marketing for him. The common sense of the modern earth sprinkles everything, even absurd things.

– Phase Two. draw attention.

The second is the thieves who will invade and aim for it. Moderately threatening and the more issues, the better.

– Commissioned. self-made play.

And it was none other than Yafi who hired the bandits. In other words, this attack was a self-made act.

“Where’d you get the money to hire those crap?”

Yappi hacked hundreds of coin exchanges and displayed a hologram of coin wallets that were unnoticed.

-human. financial system. weird. extremely inefficient. Lacking security system. Unlimited replication possible.

“Is it a coin? I’ve heard from Hari. The modern Earth has become a strange world.”

The Mine Association, which is based on the deep web, a network system, was also not a place that Yapi could not hack.

High-level members with access to the depths of the Mine Association were strictly accessible only with analogs and letters of recommendation, so the only ones who could be hired were the small ones.

-Unlimited copying of cryptocurrency. Guild funding available.

As long as Yapi was there, Leon didn’t have to worry about funds. Modern cryptocurrency or financial system can be hacked as much as Yapp wants.

“No, such goods are not legitimate goods. It is not advisable to finance them, unless it is a pile like this time.”

– Incomprehensible.

Leon gave a soft smile to Yapi, who didn’t understand the knight’s way of thinking, and read it.

“It’s okay if you don’t understand now. However, honor is always being proud of yourself. Sir Spinner, Jim wants you to have a proud justice.”

-Temporary suspension of the cryptocurrency cloning plan.

Apart from understanding, Yapi fulfilled Leon’s wishes. He immediately resumed his explanation.

-Mine crime. Issue mall is possible.

Mine only attacked the fields. They stole seeds and tried to burn down warehouses.

Reporters also called, and it made a fuss saying that this was related to the Mine Association.

“You said you had one final plan. What is it?”

-Plan ‘Noise Marketing’ final phase.


Upon hearing the plan, Leon said with a smile.

“It seems that the gods have adapted to the modern times more than me, a native of Earth.”

final phase.

Conducted by K-Jumo.

* * * *

Yacht Spinner is a strong artificial intelligence that cannot even be compared with modern supercomputers.

Modern human networking systems were just toys to him, and hacking a content hosting website is easy.

Yapi hacked yuptube and started posting dozens of pantheon guild and related videos.

[Shock! Hundreds of demons knelt before the majesty of K-rice. Why did they target K-Rice?!]

[Is K-Rice a panacea that cures all diseases? The reason why the world pays attention to K-Rice!]

[Japan knelt down and prayed. please sell some rice The Prime Minister and the Emperor pray for forgiveness!]

[The Pantheon Guild. i love korea so much Korea is a great country. His Majesty the King of a Different World’s Love for Korea!]

Yapi is strong artificial intelligence. The target to learn is nearby, and learning through algorithms… And the results revealed in ‘numbers’ were thoroughly applied.

If you upload a video, it will get hundreds of thousands of views. K-Joomo content with thousands of comments.

Standardized thumbnails and plausible content that catches the eye.

It is a hitchhiking advertisement that creates an issue and rides on it.

-Hey~ Is this a true story? A bowl of soup noodle soup haha

-New Korea! New Korea!

-This is the power of Korean rice!


The human world is so strange.

Yappi was puzzled by this reaction, but proceeded to delete, report, and even delete the account with administrator rights obtained by hacking the yuptube headquarters.

Even so, he did not forget to increase the number of views and comments through the 130,000 accounts he had created.

from this moment on.

The exposure of images related to the Pantheon will never disappear.

Unless humanity abandons the network system.

* * * *

The 23rd President of the Republic of Korea, Andong-gil, was recently experiencing a political crisis.

「Suspicion of political collusion with the president and the company!!」

「The dark bare face of the incumbent president!」

“Silence at the Blue House.”

“What will the country look like?”

President Andong-gil frowned at the headline in the newspaper. In front of him, Kim Dae-young, chairman of the Dae-ryeong Group, one of the leading conglomerates in Korea, smiled.

“Why do you only read bad stories while leaving good food, sir?”

Cheongdam-dong’s finest fairy. The story that takes place in the secret VIP-only room there is unknown to anyone other than the parties involved.

Here, President Andong-gil met with Chairman Kim Dae-young and promised to exercise his veto power on regulatory bills unfavorable to the Colonel Group.

“Anyway, these piglets are the problem. Uh! The president of one country. Without fear.”

“That’s right. When we were young, it would have been unimaginable.”

Chairman Kim raised a drink to the president. Although he is now a president with only two years left in office, his political influence does not disappear just because he is pushed out of power.

His family was a democracy fighter when he was young, and his grandfather and great-grandfather were independence fighters.

This scandal may be a little burdensome for the president, but Chairman Kim did not think it would last long.

Chairman Kim’s mouth twisted wickedly.

“How long can the dogs and pigs bark?”

If exposed to the media, it was an abusive language that would have led to a boycott and a resignation movement. But Chairman Kim was unstoppable.

“It barks in moderation and then fades away soon. The nature of a pot is that when it boils, it boils and then quickly subsides when the fire drops.”

“Keuhehe, pig and dog. Kehehe… Yes, this person. But to the people who are like the sky, you are a pig and dog? Isn’t that a bit harsh?”

“Heh heh, I’m sorry about this.”

“Sure. Isn’t this president the servant of the people? It’s a servant to shake dogs and pigs by the leash.”

-Ha ha ha ha ha!

Yes, aren’t the people ignorant and stupid?

Just because they passed a little bill, why are they so upset that they lost so much money?

Anyway, stupid people fall for the instigation of the opposition party and play the role of fighters for justice.

“Your Excellency, this is a small token of my sincerity.”

A small gift from Chairman Kim. No one knows that there are gifts worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

“Heh heh, what else?”

President Andong-gil tapped Chairman Kim’s shoulder while packing the gift box.

“By the way, sir. Did you hear the hot news in the news this time?”

“News? Ah~ that friend?”

At Chairman Kim’s mention, President Ahn immediately came up with a hot topic.

In fact, the fact that his negative news did not become a hot topic was also thanks to the survivor who appeared at the Cheongju Gate.

“Did you say Leon? That guy who said he was the king and agent of the gods. Heh heh.”

“I made a phone call once. They said that I had to acknowledge what they were doing.”

I only heard his voice for a while, but Leon was quite impressive to President Ahn.

I’ve heard that he’s an unruly classist gangster, but from what I’ve experienced, that’s because he wasn’t like that at all.

“That friend yelled at Director Park of Doojeong Foods. It’s very rumored in the business world.”

“The head of the group? Why that friend?”

If it was Dujeong Food, it was the powerhouse of a domestic conglomerate that even the president could not treat carelessly. You said you were the director of such a large company?

“That savage friend. You’re making life on Earth difficult.”

Survivors always did. Authors who only believe in their experiences in their world and break the rules of Earth’s civilization.

Among them, there are cases where they can’t admit it and end up falling into demons, so the innocent behavior of a survivor is not such a rare sight.

“I’m not sure, but I decided to meet him this time. Wouldn’t it be nice to shake hands, take a few pictures, and have dinner?”

Compared to the general survivors, Leon was quite a hot topic.

First of all, you have purified the mana of the Honam and Naju plains, and you have cleared the gate that has been a headache for Cheongju.

A survivor who had been on Earth for less than a month suddenly rose to stardom.

Originally, well-known hunters used to be used as promotional photos for the political world.

“Your Excellency. If we ever meet… could you help us with that ‘blessed rice’?”

“Blessed Rice?

“It’s not good enough for the body. My nephew was in the middle stage of breast cancer. How did he get the rice and eat it?”

“Heh heh… Breast cancer… You must have suffered a lot.”

“I wasn’t too worried because I was a young boy from the family. Anyway, after eating that rice, my condition improved greatly. What do you mean?”

“No, was that true? That it also cures cancer?”

It was just rice. Cure cancer with just rice? I received a report from the president of the association, Oh Kang-hyeok, but I was dubious about it because it was still in the experimental stage… … .

“That barbarian had very strange powers.”

The president looked forward to this meeting and waited for the day of Leon’s visit.

It was self-evident that if he seduced the savage well, it would be of great help to his achievements, let alone cover up the scandal.

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