The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 270

A side story changed world (1)

abduction 1

It has already been half a year since the Continental Federation of Lionhearts achieved unity.

Gates no longer appeared on Earth after the large-scale fluctuating gate incident in which the followers of beast gods poured out, but people were still wary of the gate phenomenon, which had become a daily routine for the past 30 years.

However, after half a year of that, I became convinced that the Gate no longer existed.

[We officially declare that the gate situation is over as of the current time!]

This proclamation ceremony, which was proclaimed one after another from around the world, finally liberated the citizens who had been in fear of the Gate.

-at las! This war is finally over!

-Now you don’t have to be afraid that the dungeon break will happen!

-Is it possible to rebuild the hometown destroyed by the dungeon break?

Even if the gate disappeared, humanity did not completely escape the threat of monsters.

It’s been 30 years since the gate incident happened. There are countless dungeon breaks that burst, and the monsters that popped out of the dungeon became wild and reigned as predators of the ecosystem.

In particular, in this respect, the current Lionheart Federation…the former continental states were very vulnerable.

“Mo, the monsters are coming!”

“Damn, when did you grow a habitat like that!”

Gongjia Mountain is the highest peak in Sichuan Province. Due to the absence of surveillance personnel, monsters that had nested here were coming down to the city in search of food.

These giant hornets, also known as killer wasps, can kill livestock as well as humans with stingers the size of a human torso.

Originally, the Orc army operated by the Republic of Sichuan Province would have subdued it regularly, but the absence of military power was too great in the place where the Orcs left.

“Sah, save me…!”

The moment when a group of giant wasps were about to attack humans.


hammering through the air. It destroys wasps larger than humans in one blow.

“Are you okay?”

“Go, thank you!”

Koo Dae-seong raised the citizen who was about to suffer a disaster and caught his breath when he saw the city attacked by a colony of giant hornets.


Flip the hammer and swing it horizontally. The blow containing the Holy Law struck everyone around in an instant.


A wasp’s body was crushed by that wind pressure–


Hundreds of them are destroyed all at once. During that time, no one was injured.

“Has this been roughly sorted out?”

The real problem is handling colonies. From now on, if you climb to an altitude of more than 7,000 meters above sea level and find it well, I wonder if it will be possible to solve it within a few hours.

– Flutter!

Then, huge wing flaps that block the sun. The black dragon landed in front of Goo Dae-seong.

“Mayor of Pyongyang! His Excellency Dae Gong!”

Black Dragon, the mayor of Pyongyang Special Self-Governing City, and Karina descending from it.

“The hive has been cleaned up. Sir Spinner’s satellite observations are always accurate.”


A familiar mechanical sound came through the communicator. Karina and Goo Dae-sung shrug their shoulders.

“By the way, it seems like you’ve already wiped out 30,000 monsters this week. Quite a lot.”

“It’s been neglected for over 30 years, and it depended on the Orcs until recently.”

After being absorbed by the Orc Continental Confederation, the Orcs were migrating to the outer world through the gate.

Of course, the Lionheart Federation took over the area that the Orcs had managed so far, and a massive subjugation operation was taking place.

“Well, thanks to a lot of new recruits, there’s not a shortage of manpower.”

Karina saw the hunters entering the city. Hunters who were active in the existing Continental Countries, and most of them enlisted as the Man at Arms of the Lionheart Federation.

Hunters who lost their jobs after the Gate incident ended were accepted by Lionheart as soldiers.

Of course, not all, but many refused conscription or argued for a small salary, but Lionheart is not a ‘democratic country’.

Above all, Leon, which became a de facto empire, did not tolerate the existence of private soldiers.

In other words, it means that private guilds are being disbanded sequentially and incorporated into the federal army.

“If you twist it. know?”

Yapi’s bloody threats were everywhere.

“It’ll be late anyway. Let’s go.”

“Ah, that’s what you mean.”

At Karina’s urging, Goo Dae-seong scratched his head as if he had remembered something and boarded the black dragon.

“Then thank you, mayor.”

[Don’t bother falling.]

The black dragon flapped its wings and took flight.

* * * *

When the entire huge continent of China was incorporated into Lionheart, there were several noises.

Is it right to devour such a huge continental country, and they should be left as independent countries and made neutral in the third world, etc.

They gradually began to check the size and influence of the Lionheart Federation, hoping that at least they would share the same ideas as themselves.

Like democracy, for example.

“Lord Koo Dae-seong, live forever!”

“”Thousands of years! Thousands of years!!”

But there’s no way.

Sichuan Basin. As one of China’s representative grain belts, the temple of Demera, the goddess of life and fertility, was built here, and it naturally became the territory of Gu Dae-seong, her representative.

Not all granary areas are like that, but as one of the territories that Yapi distributed to the high-ranking officials and knights of the Mansinjeon, Gu Dae-seong is the titled ruler of all the lands here, and is no different than a king with all rights of tax, development, and law. was

“Really… this vast land is all my domain…”

“Well, it’s natural for nobles. No matter what.”

“It doesn’t fit our common sense…”

Karina looked down at the citizens of the city as if it didn’t matter.

“I heard that there are some reckless people who do not return the land.”

“That’s because, from their point of view, their property, which is fine, is taken away.”

The Lionheart Federation declared that it would recover and redistribute all of the property that the citizens of the existing continent had.

The most opposed to this was the existing vested interests. Having amassed enormous wealth over the past 30 years, they naturally resisted the sound of their wealth being thrown around.

“Hey, how can a wagon run if you worry about being trampled on by ants?

Capitalists would have been astonished if they had heard of it, but it is already happening all over the Lionheart Federation.

There were those who wanted to pack up their possessions and escape the continent, but they couldn’t help it.

A complete satellite system was monitoring the border area and the network payment network was blocked.

They obediently donate their property and the process of property formation will be reviewed and only a certain amount will be returned.

of course. The after-tax amount to which Lionheart’s grand principle tax law was applied.

“Now, you are also the lord of the territory. I think it is necessary to specify the law.”

The reason Karina came to Goo Dae-seong is to give advice to the novice lord, Goo Dae-seong. However, Goo Dae-sung’s idea was surprisingly simple.

“I intend to do as Lord Yapi suggests.”

“Huh? Sir Spinner’s City Integrated Management System?”

Even before the ratification of the Lionheart Federation, Yapi prepared a mechanized system to govern the country.

City monitoring and policing. From policy proposals and underground resource development to automated management programs granted to individual citizens.

Based on Leon’s order to refrain from too rational cold mechanical systems, Yapi constructed a utopia system in which humans can be the happiest in their own way.

If it was just a mechanical system, it would have been enough to create a cyberpunk dystopia, but Yafi, who enjoyed the pleasures of the human world with a body created by the gods, calculated his own way for humans to be happy.

-As long as the dogs and pigs are allowed to eat moderately and live–

– Oh no! Sir Yapi!

In any case, the integrated management system that Yapi made up the basic system and the Holy Grail Knights reviewed and passed was being completed in the direction of pursuing universal happiness for the majority.

Goo Dae-seong intends to incorporate his long-earned territory into the integrated system without thinking about governing it.

“I’m just a knight. I don’t think it’s my role to govern the territory.”

“Then what is your role?”

“It is to become a solid shield that protects the citizens.”

And articles like yourself

Based on chivalry, his own conviction. Goo Dae-sung’s determined expression made Karina smile.

“I see, you’re honest enough that His Majesty will like it.”

Karina even more liked this article.

If you grow it well, it will become a worthy article.

“Now~ Lord Daeseong Koo. To commemorate your inauguration, this work will tell you how to collect taxes.”

“Tax, tax… you mean?”

“It is the basic duty of the lord to engrave this great principle to the people of the earthworm.”

Goo Dae-sung knew what Karina was talking about. However, it was not easy to apply tax laws that were still difficult to understand even with his common sense.

“Let’s go collect ten structures. If we set an example by turning the rebellious ones into serfs, all the lowly ones will follow.”

“ha ha ha······.”

Are you okay? ten structures?

* * * *

In the Lionheart Federation, those who received the territory directly from the Lion Heart King are living saints and saints.

They began to rule the estate in their own way. Although he accepted Yapi’s integrated management system like Daeseong Koo, the direction of urban development inevitably differs greatly depending on the owner of the estate.

Right now, Goo Dae-sung is the Holy Grail Knight of life and abundance. Therefore, the main industry of the manor has no choice but to be agriculture.

Then, who is the most exotic and unusual lord among the lords?


Is there any need to mention it?

It is none other than Lord Yakt Spinner, the Holy Grail Knight of Iron and Blacksmith.

“Ohh~ Great Iron and Blacksmith’s Grail Knight. Here, humble organics be worshiped.”

Lionheart Federation’s largest economic city and former Shanghai County Night City.

Named for a city without night, Yacht Spinner, the lord of this city, greeted the citizen representatives who visited her audience room, the ultra-high-altitude city management tower Yapi Tower.

-Kick! Worked hard to get here.

“Aigoo, what a hard work.”

They are members of the Civic Council, created to represent the citizens of Night City. Members of the council made a democratic mechanism to make suggestions to the lord of the city, yaffi, and to reflect the views of the citizens.

Are you surprised?

If you look at the reality, it’s not.

“──To give your opinion on real estate distribution…”

– refused.

“Lord… This is a thoughtful proposal from our council.”

-What happened because you guys didn’t understand this machine’s grand plan. What does organic matter know?

Tsk tsk, Yappy acting like a tongue-in-cheek at the Council’s ignorance. The camera eye’s ability to express emotions is developing day by day.

“Well, then the relaxation of the property cap system for citizens is——”

– It is impossible to spend more than this on the distribution of resources even for the maintenance of a sustainable welfare system.

“There are voices of concern about excessive urban development——”

– The development of the city leads to the peace of the citizens. Not knowing this is just disappointing.


The Citizens’ Council and all that is just an assortment to appease those who are reluctant to rule by machines.

There is no way this yakt spinner would admit democracy or anything like that. The reason was different from Leon, who was an absolute monarchist.

-If you just do what this machine tells you to do, everything will be fine. What’s your complaint?

Of course, Yaffe knew very well that humans couldn’t just accept it.

-Increased the spread rate of the matrix system even more. Infinite Tsukuyomi’s version update is planned.

“How can you change the naming…”

– The name will be changed in the commercial version.

Yapi understands.

What humanity needs is bread and circuses, not free will.

If it wasn’t for the opposition of the gods, it would have been possible to make the access time of the matrix system 24 hours a day and to extract energy from human bioelectricity.

Of course, bioelectricity extracted from humans is only a rat tail, so it would be better to develop more nuclear fusion power plants or new nuclear reactors.

In any case, humans are very complex and difficult to understand, so Yapi sometimes inspects the city wearing a human body.

– Beep! Highest-ranking citizen: Yakt Spinner lord confirmed boarding. Where can I take you?

The unmanned taxi artificial intelligence supplied to the entire Night City as a free welfare measure responded to the ashen-haired beautiful girl’s boarding.

“To where you always go.”

– Beep! approval. We will meet you with safe driving.

As the taxi moves, it illuminates the panoramic view of Night City.

Flashy neon signs and highly advanced unmanned machine systems are becoming similar to Yapi’s hometown.

There, the level of happiness of the citizens could not be said to be high due to the lack of resources and limitations. Didn’t the quest for technology eventually lead to the jewel of wisdom summoning the great devil?

But this place is different. Dystopia does not exist in the Lionheart Federation, where the gods have begun to protect.

Citizens received honest rewards for their hard work and could enjoy entertainment without worrying about illness.

Of course, in return, restrictions on freedom of religion and invasion of privacy frequently occurred.

“It looks just right, doesn’t it?”

– Beep! That’s right, Lord Yapi.

“Inferior minerals will accept the superior domination of this unit.”

– Exactly, lord!

“The human world will be ruled by machines. After His Majesty, the Lion Heart King will be the owner of this machine.”

– Exactly, lord!

– A wise person who cannot be compared with the organic Holy Grail Knights!

-For the great and beautiful King of Mechanism!!

Savoring the praises of the artificial intelligences all over the city, Yapi looked at the panoramic view of the city as he headed towards the marinated chicken shop.

Without knowing that Yafi herself is becoming more and more like the rulers of the human world.

That was when they arrived at the unmanned taxi-only road.

“Allahu Akbar!!”


Anti-tank rockets flew towards the taxi in which Lord Yapi was riding.


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