The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 271

The changed world (2)

Called the magic wand of Allah, this old anti-tank rocket has been loved by the Third World for a long time.

The operation is simple, the power is moderate, and above all, it is cheap.

The era of superhumans has come and this magic wand of Allah has also been shot by hunters.

I don’t know if it’s a high-ranking hunter, but if it’s a C-class or D-class hunter, this is enough to die.

“Allahu Akbar!”

How much more, a mass-produced taxi will explode in a splendid way in front of the magic wand of Allah!

– Anti-tank rocket approach warning.

Night City’s unmanned taxi is a special vehicle with 0.01% iron alloy produced at Yapi’s Daeri mechanical arm factory.

In other words, all taxis in Night City are blessed by Heto, the blacksmith god. It’s not something that can be done with anti-tank rockets.

– Quaang!

As smoke from the explosion spread, the terrorists were confident of their success. I was aiming for Yapi in his human form. As long as it’s a human body, there’s no way it’ll be safe from anti-tank rockets—

– Vroom!


“You’re fine?!”

Seeing the taxi intact after being hit directly by an anti-tank rocket, the terrorists immediately tried to prepare for a second wave.

-Passenger safety response mode.

At that moment, the bonnet of the taxi is opened and the heavy heavy artillery is revealed. It was charged with energy supplied by a small nuclear reactor mounted on the taxi.

-Younglord. Please set the response level.

“Respond in a way that does not destroy the facility.”

– Yes! Initiate suppression with a pulse gun connected directly to the reactor.

– Tung! Tung! Tung!

A pulse gun fired from the top of the taxi’s bonnet subdued the terrorists in an instant. However, among them there were terrorists who could not be subdued even with a pulse gun, superhumans who had awakened their magical powers.

That is, they are hunters.

Hunter terrorists rushed towards the taxi, ignoring the pulse gun with high-performance armor for hunters. If you go on like this, you will crash.

Taxi AI did not overconfident in its body.

– Perform emergency evasion maneuvers! Fasten your seat belt!

What a profit! and the fuselage of the taxi rapidly turning. It narrowly dodged a man-sized object and at the same time steered into an escape route.


In the meantime, they were the terrorists who cut off the pulse gun attached to the taxi, but the taxi ignored them and ran away.

“Follow me!”

“God is great!”

Terrorists on motorcycles chase Yapi’s taxi. Night City’s busy highway, an unexpected drive action unfolded.

“Kill God’s harlot!”

“Humans are not ruled by machines!!”

Terrorists chasing after shooting hunter bows. Taxi AI asked cautiously.

-Younglord. Request a response level increase. At least level 3 correspondence…!

“Do you know how much economic loss the city will have if you do that? Do you make money by digging?”

They are digging and building an underground city. Taxi AI didn’t bother to say that.

“Level 2 response authorized.”

– Yes.

The response level to the threat of Night City exists up to level 5.

The war mode directly initiated by the lord, Yapi, is level 4. The final protocol, city self-destruction, is level 5.

From level 3 onwards, the response is very low. Level 3 is the bombardment of armored divisions in the city, and level 2 is——

“This is Taxi Service No. 7! A VIP passenger has been attacked! To all our drivers in the Rodeo Zone, Little Cheongsam Zone, and Lost Siberia Zone!」

“Everyone gather under me!”

There are numerous taxis in Night City.

Due to the existence of these free taxis that guarantee citizens’ freedom of transportation, the residents of Night City do not need to purchase or drive a vehicle.

However, all these taxis are controlled by Yapi’s city integrated management system, a central AI, which can be requisitioned for city safety in case of emergency.

Hundreds of thousands of taxis exist everywhere in the city.


“What, what, that!!”

The terrorists were stunned as they watched the taxis running at full speed filling the roads.

Due to the perfect road control system, the busy highways of Night City were jammed with taxis.

The headlights’s’ running from across the road were dazzling, and the voices of the AIs who opened the windows and turned up the volume were full of anger.

-Some bastard messed with our mayor!

-mind! What does your father do! Neg father mahahino!

-You guys stay there! I’m going to drive a taxi and blow all your heads off!

It was a roar that seemed to resonate through the city with just the sound of the creaking. Hundreds of cars back and forth. They were taxis gathered by AI taxi’s emergency call.

“Uh, uh uh!”

“These crazy machines!!”

While the Teverums hesitated, hundreds of taxis stepped on the accelerator in front and behind the terrorists.

“” Bread! You fucking bastard!!”

Night City is peaceful today.

* * * *

After the cataclysm, the war on terrorism declared by the United States has become obsolete.

Gates that poured monsters and scattered magic powers right away were the priority, so there was no time to worry about religious fanatics in distant countries.

Moreover, the main reason for this was the emergence of a new material that could replace the existing oil, but as magic stones began to replace oil, interest in natural resources in the Middle East was greatly diminished.

Because the world has been swayed not by international oil prices, but by international magic crystal prices.

-The gate crisis is over! Now humanity will not be able to mine the magic stone!

-Then comes the era of oil again! It’s time to regain your lost influence!

Oil-producing countries such as Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Russia, which were the centers of the world economy in the 20th century, believed that their world had come.

[Lionheart Federation. New nuclear fusion reactor revealed! Combined with divine energy, the so-called divine reactor can move the entire city with one blow!]

[A new substance that replaces magic stones. It is made of faith.]

[Night City, where more than 90% of the citizens are pantheonists. In fact, an energy utopia powered by a permanent engine!]

The era of magic stones has passed and a new era has arrived.

And the name of the age was God, not oil, and that god was confined to the pantheon.

As a result, it is natural that oil-producing countries are in trouble. And they decided to do what they do best.

“I will provide a weapon and route. Hit the Pantheon as much as possible to reduce their influence.”

“That mechanical Holy Grail Knight. Even if he disappears, the economic power of the Lionheart Federation can collapse.”

It is not yesterday or today that the leaders of oil-producing countries, such as the religious leaders of Iran and the royal family of Saudi Arabia, are sponsors of terrorists.

Extreme fanatical terrorists such as the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and Hezbollah were operated with the royal family’s money, but it was difficult for the United States to sanction them because the royal family monopolized oil.

The cycle of evil that commits terrorism abroad to maximize fear of Islam and consequent discrimination, and naturally trains discriminated Muslims to become terrorists.

Even more, when superhumans called hunters appeared, terrorism became more rampant and became more and more violent day by day.

– Terrorism revives again!

-During the Gate incident, they did not concentrate on terrorism activities even for the sake of attack, but now hunters who lost their jobs are cooperating with terrorism!

– Suicide bombing is annoying, but how can we stop terrorism by superhumans?

The Gate incident did not end the conflict. It only gave the conflict a reprieve for a while.

And their main target was the gods of the other world, whose patrons were an eyesore.

“Tsk tsk. Even though the brothers managed to infiltrate and martyred terrorism, they only suffered this much.”

Al Hasad, head of the radical fundamentalist group ‘Warriors of Allah’ with enemies in Iran, clicked his tongue after seeing the results of the terrorism carried out by the Lionheart Federation.

“Didn’t you destroy the damn machine? How come you couldn’t blow up the central system?”

“That, that… it’s so heavily guarded…”

The only good target was Yapi, the lord who frequently traveled by unmanned taxi.

Of course, that terror was too easily intercepted.

“This is what I’m going to do! For jihad (holy war), I have to kill the agents of those evil demons! How can I kill the demons of the West if I can’t kill just one of their minions!”

Al-Hasad, who said that, did not believe that he could defeat Leon.

The world witnessed the battle between the Lion Heart King and the Great Khan.

How can you say something like this?

It’s the Federation, it’s Nabal, and even if it’s just one of those guys, they’ll manage to conquer the world somehow.

That’s why I aimed for the Holy Grail Knight, who seemed to be of a lower rank.

A machine that dares to rule over humans, because the machine lord was an unacceptable mass of evil in the world of Islamic fundamentalism, which defines the basic science of the West as the science of the devil.

It didn’t matter that Yapi’s high technology was from a different world, even from the planetary base.

“But will it be okay? If they retaliate…”

“What’s the point of worrying about retaliation! Even the Yankees couldn’t subdue us in the end——”


It was then. The vine that Al-Hasad had been on suddenly stirred.

“What, what…!”

This is Al Hasd’s district. It was a secret area that even the government forces were not aware of. By the way–

-Kick. Discovery of impurity molecules.

Mechanical spiders began attacking Allah’s warriors.

* * * *

– This machine’s Night City will clear the terrorists in Iranian territory from the current time.

It was a declaration that was plastered on TV, broadcast stations and the Internet throughout Iran.

Simultaneously with this sudden declaration, communications networks throughout Iran began to fail.

Citizens were able to use only minimal internet and communications, and the Iranian military began to have broken military networks and malfunctioning radars.


-Operation Night War. I will start

From space, they started falling toward the ground.

Armed packages ejected from stealth strategic satellites, which cannot even be recognized by current human detection technology, except for Lionheart, enter the atmosphere with pilots.

– Support for Count-level war armament for Yacht Spinner. Pilot No. 13 McDeloff, Pilot No. 19 Glaster confirmed.

-Kick! Giggles (McDelof Hashimura Ohgent’s response!)

-Kick! Quirking look (Glaster Basilisk all-for-one response!)

Count-class star iron armament. Pilots of the Kikkirook family rush into space with Yapi, who is also boarding a count-class land battle weapon.

And it’s not just the three that are being put in.

-2 squads of baron class support sub escorts. participate in the operation.


The near-perfect ground observation lens of the Yacht Spinner, who commands them, locates the enemies.

-Check 13 camps of enemy fighters of Allah. Prepare for a bombardment.

-Lord Yapi, a number of civilians were captured in the enemy camp. Are you firing?

Although the unmanned combat system of the Lionheart Federation is a machine, it puts ‘human sensibility’ into account.

It doesn’t matter if they violate international law like a meal, but they were excluding ways to incur the enmity of the absolute majority.

Arbitrarily invading foreign airspace and carrying out military operations is a reckless violation of international law, but that does not lead to hostility among people.

If you add a little media control and emotional arming, you will rather support the terrorists as well.

So the target should only be for terrorists.

– The start of sexual law projection. Projects holy napalm bombs made by Vulcanus.

– Yes. armament change.

Yapi changed his armaments and the armaments of the pilots into divine bombs containing the Holy Law.

and drop.

– Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa!!

Amidst the pouring explosions, residents screamed at the rising flames.


– Save people!

But they soon realized. That they were not hurt in the slightest in the flames that covered the whole city.

-Hey, how did this happen?

Those who die in the bombing are only ‘guilty ones’.

The treacherous criminals who dared to harm the existence of the Holy Grail Knight. those colleagues. Only those involved were killed by the holy napalm.

– Poetry, my God…

Because of that miracle, they inadvertently sought God. Maybe someone the god of the pagans.

-13 hits completed. I will enter the enemy stronghold.

– The enemy command must be captured alive. After torture and appeasement, it will be brought to court and will be officially judged by His Majesty.

this is propaganda A warning to those who dare to point their teeth at Lionheart.

Thus, Yafi personally went to the cave where the headquarters of Allah’s warriors were located, and was able to capture them easily.

-Younglord. Through diplomatic channels, the Iranian leadership is requesting an interview.

– Change.

[What are you doing!!]

What is yafi in Iranian Rahbar’s reckless scolding? and interjected.

-Keep your body tight.

[Uh, why are you not the Lion Heart King…]

– I stole the communication in the middle.


The Lionheart Federation has not yet established diplomatic ties with any Middle Eastern countries.

It is because they rejected the realm ruled by pagan gods, claiming that the only god is Allah.

In the theocracy of Iran, religious leader Rahbar had priority over the president, so they were able to reject the Lionheart Federation for extremely religious reasons.

That’s why the only diplomatic channel is the palace’s direct line… Yapi snatched it from the middle.

As if you guys are not qualified to communicate with the Lion Heart King.

[Uh, why are you doing such an outrageous thing! This is terrorism! It is an act of violating the sovereignty of our Republic of Iran!]

-This is a legitimate hostile act. This machine has the authority of ‘freedom of war’ as a war knight who is the representative of the blacksmith god and has the right to summon knights. This machine declared a ‘war on terror’ and only slaughtered the terrorists in your country.


Have you ever seen such stupidity! Iran’s Rahbar shuddered at Yafi’s tyranny, which exists above the separation of powers.

As a religious leader, he is also above the separation of powers and claims to be the representative of Allah, but there was a big difference between the two leaders.

Yapi is an agent of a real God and a transcendent Holy Grail Knight who can wage war against the nation.

Rahbar is simply an agent of a self-proclaimed god established by old customs.

Here in Iran, he is God’s representative and may be an absolute being, but from the Lionheart Federation’s point of view, the existence of God’s representative is only seen as a fake that cannot even wield the power of God.

[This is… terrorism! Terror!]

– You guys. Terrorism is not something you can do alone.

-Younglord, the communication isn’t over yet.

– I was told to listen. come on? What if you twist it? what can you guys do What else can I do besides humming Allahu Akbar hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

These wild diplomatic remarks will not go anywhere. Because all the world’s media outlets will be blocked by Yapi’s ghostly control.

[······Allah will not forgive you guys.]

After that, Rahvar’s communication was cut off. Yafi has a displeased look on the case of fighters of allah terrorists.

-Kick! Giggles! (Why are you like that, Lord?)

-It’s disrespectful to mess around with organic matter.

Yapi was already aware of himself as a being who transcended the law, and that is true.

No matter how much you think about it, if your existential value is greater than that of organic matter, why are you fooling around?

Are you angry?

It changed the fate of the nation of Iran.

All networks in Iran were broken as of that day, and international payment networks for oil payments were kicked out.

Iran protested the sudden withdrawal of the payment network, but there was nothing that Western countries as well as Middle Eastern countries could do when the server was hacked, and smuggling, Iran’s flagship industry, was caught in the sea.

It is not uncommon for corrupt Iranian high-ranking leaders to suddenly have their data deleted or their secret accounts frozen.

As long as it is an organism that lives in the ecosystem called network, it cannot endure in front of Yapi’s order to leave the network.

In the end, it took less than a month until Iran raised the white flag.

The collapse of the theocracy, in which the United States and the Western world clung to each other and formed an independent economic ecosystem to survive despite all kinds of sanctions, shocked many people.

– If anyone touches this machine, it will be fucked.

Now, the world just hopes that Lion Heart King’s successor will not be that stupid mechanical Holy Grail Knight.

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