The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 272

Hari Han (1)

Lionheart University, Pyongyang. It is a short-term college of two years, but it is the world’s most prestigious university that is frantic because it cannot be entered all over the world.

[Therefore, in the transaction process of the contract, make an offering to the dragonia god through mutual respect──]

Pyongyang Lionheart University has become the world’s most prestigious university in just three years since its foundation. There were also departments, but the biggest reason is ’employment career’.

The core city of the Lionheart Commonwealth countries, where the former Beijing County Lionheart Capital is located.

Graduates here can get a job in the Lionheart Federation Knights as well as the Royal Knights if they excel.

In addition to that, students from all over the world have no choice but to flock to the industries that lead the world in many ways, such as federal new buildings and employment in the Byeol Steel Industrial Complex.

Of course, in order to enter this Lionheart University, there is a premise that you must be a member of the pantheon.

“Hari-senpai! Would you like to eat together today?”

“No! Where should we go today! Let’s eat next time!”

“Really? Then eat next time!”

Leaving behind the greetings from the undergraduates, Hari hurriedly ran through the university grounds to the entrance. A familiar figure was waiting there.

“Oh~ Hari, are you done now?”

“Chief Kim Jin-soo!”

A middle-aged man with a shaggy beard. Now, he is Kim Jin-soo, manager of the Korea Hunter Association, who is slowly looking at the 40th line.

Hari quickly bowed her head toward manager Kim Jin-soo.

“Promoted to general manager! Congratulations!!”

“Uh, man. You were promoted to general manager last week, so why are you here again to congratulate me? You called me then.”

“Even so! To say that our Strategy Division’s permanent manager, Manager Kim, is already the manager…”

“Well… In the association, the capture department is a firefighter role, so it’s a bit far from success.”

The Hunter Association is basically an elite governing body.

Most of the strategy department, which is in charge of handling the tyranny of large guilds and incidents, was created by low-end hunters, so it is evaluated that they are ignorant guys who have not even graduated from college.

Manager Kim Jin-soo was able to get a high-speed promotion to general manager within a year after being promoted to deputy general manager thanks to Kite who assisted Leon with Hari from the beginning.

It means that the Korean government cares about the relationship with King Leon of the Lionheart Federation.

Ha-ri got into manager Kim Jin-soo’s car and started running through downtown Pyongyang.

“Yeah~ But isn’t Hari the only college graduate in our strategy department?”

“I’m not graduating yet!”

Harry is currently a college student.

It has already been 4 years since the gate incident officially ended.

The work of the Hunter Association, the management agency of the hunters, was reduced, and the strategy department was merged into the hunter management department.

Naturally, the work of the hunters within the association disappeared, but Hari thought that he had no work to do.

Even though Hari is a genius as the youngest A-class hunter, the reason why she chose to become a civil servant was because she wanted to help many people by attacking unexplored gates that were neglected for reasons such as economic efficiency and work efficiency.

[I want to go to college!]

When Hari resigned and announced that she would go on to higher education, the association went into an uproar.

“Hey~ When you said you were leaving the company, the president of the association, ministers, and even the president came to stop you.”

“Ugh… I still feel sick to my stomach when I think of that time.”

From the standpoint of the Korean government, Hari was a talent not to be missed.

In the battle against the Orc Continental Federation, Hari was sublimated into a Holy Grail Knight, that is, a living saint.

Since it is a special body that can produce holy power with only its own heart, it was announced as a Holy Grail Knight of war and flame like Vulcanus and a Holy Grail Knight of the sea and waves, which shook Korea.

-Keu~ Is the Holy Grail Knight, the second Earth, also Korean?

– Jumo! Get down!

The appearance of the Holy Grail Knight, the second Earth after Goo Dae-seong, the Holy Grail Knight, made the whole Korean peninsula drunk with gukppong.

In such a car, Hari tried to give up her civil servant position for the reason of going to school, so the president has no choice but to come and dissuade her.

They begged Hari to remain as civil servants, even if it was an honorary position, since they did not have to go to work.

[axis! A proud saintess born in Korea. Hari Han, the Holy Grail Knight, was inaugurated as the Vice President of the Honorary Hunter Association!]

Even by creating the position of honorary vice president, which did not exist.

“How are you, honorary vice president?”

“Ah! Don’t go wrong!”

“Well, how is it. At 24, you’re treated like a field officer. Hari, if you’re just a little older, you’ll be free in the presidential election? Oh, since you have Sir Koo Dae-seong, it must be half-and-half.”

“Ugh, the presidential election? There’s a lot of talk about coming out as a proportional representative. I’m not going to do anything like politics!”

“That’s a pity. I tried to become the chief of staff to the president.”

“Even so, the manager doesn’t hire me as a secretary!”

While chatting about miscellaneous things, they arrived at the Pyongyang terminal. An elven janitor approaching their approach.

“Where are you going?”

When the beautiful elf manager in uniform smiled kindly, Manager Kim Jin-soo said with a broad smile.

“Hehe, I’m going to Lionheart’s castle.”

“I see. Ah~ now I see that it is a diplomatic vehicle. If you go to the extra entrance, you can use it with a free pass.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Ha-ri clicked her tongue as she saw Kim Jin-soo, whose expression stretched all the way to the end.

“If you like it that much, why don’t you ask for a number?”

“Is that…? I’m thirty-seven now.”

“No matter how many of them there are, they’re four years old. Do you want to be knocked over?”

“Aaghh! That’s the problem!”

Elves no longer spawn through World Trees. This is because when the population exceeded 100,000, the Tribal Resurrection Project by the World Tree was stopped.

Enough numbers of elves, treemen, dwarves and dragons have gathered, so now they pursue prosperity through natural reproduction.

The problem was their age, no matter how mature they were born, they were at most four or three years old, so according to legal interpretation, they belonged to infants.

-Why were we born 20 years ago?

-If I were born now, I would have dated adult elves!

From the Lionheart Federation’s point of view, the atmosphere was not particularly discouraged, but according to social norms, it was not easy to try dating with the newly born race.

“Well, why don’t you just wait 15 years?”

“I’ll be fifty by then!”

“It’s an era where the average life span is 200 years, but 50 is youth.”

The distribution of blessed crops by the Lionheart Federation brought many changes to the world.

Once life expectancy has increased.

It’s not that the Lionheart Knights didn’t understand the concept of getting sick for nothing.

The blessed crops nurtured by the followers of Goddess Demera have now become the world’s standard food.

People began to be free from the disease, and life expectancy naturally increased.

By combining Yapi’s high technology and Shinseong technology, rejuvenation and anti-aging programs are also provided to federal citizens and pantheonists, so the era of young and healthy 200-year-olds has begun.

“The world has gotten better.”

As a Korean citizen who enjoys the changes brought about by Lionheart as the first priority, Director Kim Jin-soo thought that there is no better time to live than these days.

[The train is leaving soon. Passengers, please pay attention to safety.]

The vehicle brought by manager Kim Jin-soo landed at the terminal installed in Pyongyang.

His vehicle, designed to be compatible with and mounted on the high-speed magnetic levitation train, is attached in three rows like other citizens.

Soon the train departed, and a maglev train carrying more than a thousand citizens left Pyongyang.

When 10 seconds passed, I could already see the clear and clean sea in the middle of the west coast.

“Ah~ There’s a whale over there. They say they’re starting to appear in the West Sea too.”

“Thanks to the Poma god, the sea ecosystem has been restored a lot.”

The recent changes have been so fast and difficult to get used to, but many people have been able to notice them.

The world is moving in a better direction.

* * * *

As the continent was torn into 53 parts, each of the continental states declared that they were the true successors of China.

But what is the meaning of authenticity that only talks about? They needed symbolism, and Beijing, the former capital and economic hub, fits just that.

In the early days of the continental collapse, Beijing was a battlefield for continental powers, and was completely annihilated.

The Presidential Palace was blown up by missile bombardment, the Forbidden City collapsed down to a brick, and the scattered buildings collapsed.

Although the Republic of Beijing, the last victor, took the city, they did not have the money to rebuild the city that had been turned into ruins.

In the end, Beijing was neglected, and after the declaration of the Lionheart Federation, its geographical value did not disappear, so it became the No. 1 reconstruction city along with Shanghai.

“Beijing… no, the royal capital has changed a lot too.”

Only 15 minutes by magnetic levitation railway from Pyongyang to Beijing. After getting off the rails and starting to drive again, the scenery outside the car of manager Kim Jin-soo is a large city with a different atmosphere from Pyongyang.

“Since Lord Yapi was in charge of rebuilding, I thought it would definitely feel like Night City.”

Beijing··· Current Wangdao has a very different atmosphere from other planned development cities.

Compared to cities developed with extreme urban convenience like Night City, the royal road is more simple than you think.

It boasts a splendid and beautiful view, but it forms a beautiful capital in harmony with low buildings different from modern megalopolises.

“Huh, I think I know.”

I have never seen such a beautiful city view in Hari.

The kingdom of Lionheart was destroyed. The last city of mankind where the pantheon was enshrined was so beautiful.

It must have been that the city data Yapi had seen was used for reconstruction.

“Well, it’s like a medieval castle, but there are all kinds of convenience facilities underground. There’s even an amusement park, right?”

“I’ve been there too! I also participated in the commemorative joust.”

“I’ll have to go down sometime later. It’s arriving soon.”

The royal palace, separated from the residential area, is the residence of the majestic and splendid royal family.

Seeing people wearing white priestly uniforms walking around and unmanned robots cleaning and working at the same time, it is confusing whether this place is in the Middle Ages or the near future.

“There are a lot of guests. From the British royal family to the Australian president and his wife.”

“What about our government officials?”

“I left first thing in the morning. Former President Andong-gil is also over there. They say he lives in this neighborhood these days.”

In the Lionheart Palace, celebrities from all over the world are numerous. Because today is an anniversary at the federal level.

“Ah! Suho! Jaehyuk!”

“Huh? Sister!”

“Sister Harry!”

Thanks to that, I was able to see a familiar face.

“I hear you two are having a hard time in Tibet these days?”

“Because there are still wild monsters left over there.”

“There are many monsters who have adapted to the natural environment and are camouflaged. Oh, and I took a picture with the Dalai Lama?”

“Oh! Really? Did you get an autograph?”

Unlike Hari, who entered college, Suho and Jaehyeok are active knight commanders, protecting the borders and territory of Lionheart.

This was the case with most of the Naju 1st Knights, but it seems that only Hari had a desire to go to higher education.

“I’m ready at the banquet hall right now. Noona should be in a hurry too? Sir Vulcanus and Sir Koo Dae-seong have already arrived.”

“Sir Yapi.”

“Umm… Sir Yapi is a face I see every day.”

Yapi is based in Night City and has dispatched his agents throughout the Federation. Right now, Hari’s professor at Lionheart University in Pyongyang was Yafi.

“Hey, the organic name is Han Hari. Is this the best?」

「Huh! Sir Yapi! Why do you need to know quantum mechanics in basic physics in liberal arts class?! Ah!」

“Isn’t that what Holy Grail Knights need to know by default? You seem to be saying that you can’t see it? Aren’t you saying everything is fine? But why aren’t you following me? You only need to do what you are told to do well and review only what you are taught, so why can’t you?”

“Why do things these days have no guts? oh oh oh lack of power. Nooooo power. Today, I will master quantum mechanics, and next I will learn about the failure and re-proving of superstring theory.”

「Buy, save people!!」

“······My sister is having a hard time too.”

“What is it? It’s similar to the college life I know, but something is different.”

“That’s right…”

Manager Kim Jin-soo taps Hari on the shoulder, who makes a whining sound. He pointed somewhere with his finger.

“There’s Professor Yapi.”


Hari stunned and backtracked. However, Hari soon witnessed the minimal body walking on eight legs struggling to crawl on the floor.

“Hey, Sir Yapi?”

-Let it go, let it go, organic matter.


A girl clinging to Yappy’s torso and purring. Even if it is a minimal size, since it is equipped with a sacred nuclear reactor body, the output is enormous.

Of course, the child must be reducing his strength so as not to get hurt, but there are not many opponents for that yapi.


A silver-haired girl with characteristic blue eyes and swaying eyes approached Hari.

“Your Highness the Princess!”

Reina Spero Dragonia.

A princess born to Lion Heart King Leon and magician Queen Beatrice.

Today was Princess Raina’s third birthday party.

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