The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 273

Hari Han (2)

A year and a half since the establishment of the Lionheart Federation. Hongbok was delivered to the federation.

Queen Beatrice Alighieri Spero gave birth to a princess.

Reina, named as the second princess following the kingdom’s first official princess Carina, the Grand Duke of Dragonia, was named Reina Sphero Dragonia by combining the family names of Leon and Beatrice.

Princess Raina, who inherited Leon’s healthy constitution and Beatrice’s intellect, successfully (?) grew up under Yapi’s ‘Princess Maker’ program, and is now overcoming Yapi, who plays the role of a nanny.


“Princess, do you like it?”

“Yeah! Masit!”

Princess Raina and quite a few high-ranking officials had all learned their faces, but among them, Hari was the one who followed her well.

“Eunya. Why does Unnya open her belly? Doesn’t she dance?”

“Pa, it’s fashion…”

It was when Princess Reina rubbed her face against Hari’s belly button.

“Ohhh! Princess, it’s been a long time since I’ve grown up!”

“Ah, Vulcan’s skin—”

Hari, who was delighted with Vulcan’s voice, stiffened as he looked at the glamorous beauties he wore on either side.

“The…the two of you?”


“It’s done! It’s done! It’s not good for education! Don’t do that in front of Princess Reina!”

In response to Hari’s reaction, Vulcan kissed the two beauties on the cheek and told them to wait elsewhere. Hari covered Reina’s gaze because her blatantly sinister gaze was directed at the beauties who had turned away.

“Tsk tsk, what are you so fond of? Growing up knowing everything, isn’t it? Sir Spinner.”

– We are still researching whether early sex education has educational merit.

“Jjmjjmjjm! Both of them jjmjjum!”

As Princess Raina, who spends her childhood surrounded by these two people, Hari thought she should visit the palace more often.

“By the way, Lord Vulcanus, I hear you’re famous in America these days. A movie has appeared.”

“I’m afraid to say that an actress with an amazing ass is appearing—”

“Petos! Please shut up!”

[Do you think he will listen to me?]

but. If that were the case, there would not have been a Petos altar installed at each military academy and held regular prayer meetings.

“By the way Sir Hari. Hmm…”

“What, what?”

“Your breasts and hips are bigger than before. Wow~ You’ve become a pretty nice woman.”

“Sexual harassment, sexual harassment!”

Vulcanus was still there. This Holy Grail Knight from a medieval barbarian tribe was one of the best adapted to modern times, but at the same time, his values did not change at all.

However, thanks to his masculinity and strength, he was enjoying his present life by scattering rumors here and there.

[Don’t take your eyes off it, Vulcanus. It should not be done.]

When Petos gave a word of warning, Vulcanus smiled and raised both hands.

“Don’t do that too much, Petos-sama. I’ll also cover up the objects of one night’s play and bring them to bed.”

Vulcanus tends to refrain from women’s adventures against the same knights. In particular, Hari is the Holy Grail Knight of Petos and Poma. No matter how Vulcanus was, he couldn’t be an opponent to be touched in a one-night stand.

“By the way, Sir Vulcanus, do you have any thoughts of marriage?”

“Hmm? That’s sudden.”

“You went to Lord Raihar’s wedding last fall. There were some people who had weddings in the Knights of the Burning Sword.”

The Holy Grail Knights, the Knights of the Burning Sword under Vulcanus, also got married and had children while adapting to life on Earth.

In particular, men are a macho group that is perfected through marriage, so the marriage rate among knights is particularly high.

“Well, because I’m still young! I’m thinking of enjoying this eternal youth a little longer.”

“Is that so? Hmm.”

“Why is that? Lord Hari.”

“No, there are quite a few female classmates in our department who are kind to Lord Vulcanus. I thought it would be a big hit if I took him on a blind date.”

“Ohh~ I’ve heard of blind dates. What is it, does Hari go out?”

“No, all my classmates look like kids.”

It was worth it.

Hari has been living on the front lines since graduating from Hunter Academy.

As a raiding party of the Hunter Association, he fought against monsters, was at the forefront in Leon’s demon war, and defeated Krann, the Orc captain, in the war against the Orc Continental Federation.

Since she was the youngest A-class Hunter, the youngest S-class Hunter, and even the youngest Holy Grail Knight, young male students in their early 20s would look like children to her.

“If you hear about them going to the military or what, something… haha.”

“GRRARA…! Well, if you only look at real guys like me, then you can’t help but think that way when you see young people in blue!”


Harry didn’t say who he was thinking of Vulcan’s exhilarating confidence.

‘Well… if you look closely, it’s the same as Sir Vulcanus.’

Although His Majesty’s side is much more handsome.

“Hmm? What were you thinking?”

“Yes? Ah, ah…! I thought Lord Vulcanus looked very manly!”

“GRARA─!! Don’t get too into it!”

While the banquet was being prepared, the arriving knights joined one after another.

“Sir Harry! Long time no see!”

In addition to Lord Raihar, Lord Galatan, and Lord Tarhan of the Knights of the Burning Sword——

“Hey, hello.”

“long time no see.”

Long-standing guilds such as Lee Yong-wan, the guild leader of the Phoenix Guild, and Ha Yu-ri, the vice guild leader of Korea’s top 10 guilds, gather to catch up on their personal affairs.

“That’s right, guild leader Lee Yong-wan! I heard you’re getting married! With assistant guild leader Ha Yu-ri!”

“Huh? How does Sir Han Soo-ho know about that?”

“I see? It was a story only we knew.”

When Lee Yong-wan and Ha Yu-ri showed a curious reaction, Han Su-ho sent a puzzled gaze to Yapi.

“Huh? When Sir Yapi sent the planner for congratulations and condolences, he mentioned it… didn’t he inform you in advance?”

“······at all.”

Lee Yong-wan’s gaze turned to Yapi. Either that or not, Yapi is hugged tightly by Reina and hangs limp as if in desperation.

is it hacking

It’s a hack.

What is privacy in the Lionheart Federation?

Fortunately, this super versatile robot doesn’t abuse the information I know for personal use.

“Everyone talks a lot about marriage these days? Are you busy dating after the war?”

“Isn’t it our duty to build a family and give birth to descendants?”

“Well then.”

It was the moment when people from Earth and those from Lionheart were divided.

“By the way, did you hear? Recently, there has been a story about Her Majesty’s concubine registration.”

The gaze focused on Vulcan’s words. Not only those in the same seat, but also several of the banquet guests glanced at him.

“Uh… Your Majesty has already married Queen Beatrice—”

Leon is already married to Beatrice. But what about concubines? Raihar spoke before Hari’s natural question was over.

“Well, I’ll have to bring in a few more concubines.”


This time, Lord Galatan chimed in.

“That’s right. In the past, they were busy with the installation by the imperial guys, but isn’t it an era of peace now? We should give birth to at least one more royal descendant.”


“Princess Karina has already grown up, and it would be good for Princess Reina to have several siblings.”


The idea of increasing concubines and descendants seemed natural. Modern people, including Hari and Lee Yong-wan, were stunned, but it was common sense to them.

“Is that… is it okay? Without Queen Beatrice’s consent…”

“Hmm? I heard that this idea came from the queen first?”


The expression of modern people has become more grotesque.

“The queen is also a member of the royal family. You know the duties of the royal family. But the queen is the director of the Federal Magic Council and is busy researching gate dimensional magic.”

Although Beatrice was Leon’s wife and queen, she is a public figure contributing to the development of academic magic in a direction different from the sex law, ranking second in the official ceremonial order of the Federation.

It is a well-known fact that after the end of the Gate incident, the magic towers around the world receive academic exchanges and teachings centered on Beatrice.

Even though she has two bodies, she is busy, so the direction to increase the royal family is to go through the concubines.

“No, are you okay?”

“What do you mean?”

“That… the order of succession to the throne… something like that, is it dangerous? Isn’t it?”

“The Lionheart’s Lion Heart King is determined by the gods. Just because you’re a royalty doesn’t mean you become the Lion Heart King.”

It was. In the first place, successive lion heart kings were not made up of direct blood relatives.

The previous Lion Heart King and the current Lion Heart King were not at all related by blood.

“No, then you don’t need to have many royal descendants, do you? That… I’ve learned that the reason you need to have a lot of royal descendants is just in case for the succession to the throne.”

Earth royalty was for that reason.

In the past, when the death of infants and toddlers was frequent and it was not known how accidents would happen, they gave birth to a lot of royal children to prepare for the eventuality.

However, Lionheart is a system in which the gods choose the next Lionheart from among the Holy Grail Knights anyway.

It’s not like Leon can become the next Lion Heart King just because he gives birth to a lot of royal grandsons, so what reason did he bring in concubines to increase the royal grandson?

“From a great knight, a knight of great qualities is born.”


“If it’s a knight the size of His Majesty Leon, you can expect what kind of genius that child will become. Even if it’s just His Excellency Carina right now.”

It is the basis of genetics. Outstanding dominant factors passed down to their offspring… that wasn’t necessarily the case, but the probability would be much higher.

“Is it a concubine? Even if my daughter was 20 years old, I would push her once.”

“Lord Raihar, isn’t your daughter two years old now?!”

“So, didn’t you say, ‘If only I was 20 years older?’ No, let’s wait 20 years. His Majesty will correct it even then…”

-Kick. Why 20 years? If pregnancy is the goal, the age at which a woman’s menarche begins——

“Ahh! Everyone, stop it!”

i can’t follow Hari carefully covered Princess Raina’s ears and carefully left.

‘It’s too bad in terms of education!’

How dare medieval knights openly talk about having a concubine in front of a child!

Hari hugged Rayna and looked for Leon, but Rayna buried her face in Hari’s arms and asked.

“Haryenya. Do you want to be a second mother?”


“Gods tell me. The more mothers get older, the more they become jotte.”


Harry stared into space.


[I’m not the only one…]

[Early education. cancer.]

‘Sir Petos!’

While struggling with the two gods, Hari arrived at Leon’s location.

“Oh, our Lady Han Hari! The pride of Daehan!”

“Eh? Mr. President?”

To be precise, former President Andong-gil. As the first president of a unified Korea, he is residing here in Lionheart’s capital after his term ends.

By the way, it was President Ahn who prevented Hari from leaving the association and appointed her as an honorary vice president.

“Oi~ Princess Reina was there too.”

“Andong-gil’s grandfather…”

“Heh heh heh.”

Former President Andong-gil smiles as if Princess Raina is cute. Behind him, he sees the blond man who had been chatting with him until just now.


“Ah, yep! Your Majesty! You’ve only seen the gas after a while!”


“Abama maa~”

Raina soon escaped from Hari’s arms and toddled with Leon. Leon hugs him.

“I heard that Lord Spinner is taking care of it.”

“Ahhhh! Sir Spinner and Sir Vulcanus are talking about some bad educational stuff.”


Leon gave a puzzled look, but Hari couldn’t bear to say that he had come to talk about the project to increase the royal family with His Majesty’s concubine.

“Then, Your Majesty, I’ll leave.”

“See you again at the banquet.”

It was when President Andong-gil passed by Hari.

‘go for it!’

‘go for it? What?’


Good-natured grandfather President Ahn walks by with a smile.


Couldn’t it be… I’ll move out of my seat, so I’m telling you to use your strength, doesn’t that mean it?

‘Ah, no way…’

Hearing useless stories and reacting sensitively. It will.

“Kuh, keuhum…! Your Majesty, where did Soyeon go?”

“I am Cheon So-yeon, the commander of the Knights. Unless it is a private occasion, please call me by an official title.”

“Yes, I will.”

“If it’s Captain Cheon, he’s with Biche. He’s working in the magic council hall built in the royal capital.”

Cheon So-yeon is currently in charge of guarding and escorting the royal family as the commander of the Royal Knights.

Of course, Leon and Viche are not beings that need someone to escort them, but ostentatiousness is a necessary law.

“Chun Jin-soo, the head of the new sword guild, often asked me to come to Korea.”

“Well, isn’t Cheon So-yeon very sincere? She is eager to aim for the seat of the Holy Grail Knight.”

“Grail knight… hm?”

Hari tilted her head as if she had suddenly realized something. When Leon hugged Reina and looked at her, Hari put on a very sad expression.

“I… Your Majesty.”

“What is it?”

“Why do I not use honorifics for titles such as Sir Han Hari or Holy Lady Han Hari?”

Isn’t that the Holy Grail Knight?

Are you a living saint?


Leon just looked at Hari as if he was speechless.

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