The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 274

Cheon So-yeon

The Lionheart Federation Magic Council is an academic institution that develops and discusses magic, one of the three major technologies representing the Federation.

The sorcery techniques established by Beatrice, the magician queen of the other world, where sorcery developed greatly, are enriching the lives of the federation to the extent that they are no less inferior to Lionheart’s spell and yakt spinner’s technique.

A university to train magicians was established, and techniques from the Millennium Magic Kingdom that surpassed the immature magic skills of less than 40 years on Earth were being distributed in the hands of the dean, Beatrice.

After the Gate Crisis ended, Beatrice was a ray of hope to the wizards around the world who foresaw the downfall of magic due to the Holy Law, so it’s only natural that wizards all over the world are struggling to participate in the Federation’s Magic Council.

Earth magic is inferior to Holy Law. How many wizards were frustrated by Leon’s rhetoric, saying that magic is not a rule, but just a skill, and that with inferior skills, do not dare to compare them with the power of a god.

In the end, the wizards could not bear to downgrade their title to magicians, and tried to protect their crumpled pride with the compromise of being a mage.

Although Beatrice described it as ‘cute because she’s young’.

“Then let’s finish today’s council with this. Thank you for your hard work.”

“Thank you for your hard work, Queen Mama!”

“Congratulations on Princess Raina’s birthday!”

Even today, the mages who have received the teaching are busily leaving to apply it to my research. Beatrice was delighted with the enthusiasm of her vigorous students for learning.

“Is it useful?”

Cheon So-yeon, the commander of the royal knights in the role of escort, spoke with a puzzled look.

“You mean teaching magic?”

“······I don’t mean to ignore it. Compared to Seongbeop and Sir Yapi’s technical skills, it seems to be far behind.”

Above all, it is a system that cannot be operated without Beatrice, the head of the system.

How long would it take Earth’s magic technology to catch up with Beatrice?

“Certainly, there are many parts of magic that are inferior to the divine method of the pantheon and Lord Yapi’s skill. It lacks absolute performance and wide-ranging versatility.”

Enforcement of the concept of sexual law.

versatility of technology.

Compared to these two powers, magic cannot defeat either one.

This is because magic is not an absolute force that enforces concepts, nor is it a universal technique that everyone can use.

“Nevertheless, there were wizards in Your Majesty’s world. They built an empire.”

“… traitors. Traitors to humanity.”

As Cheon So-yeon’s eyebrows narrowed as she remembered the imperial electors, Beatrice said with a smile.

“Even though they betrayed the kingdom, it is true that they established their own technology and culture. Unexpectedly, people’s unique ideas lead the country’s development.”

Beatrice showed her smartphone and said. A product of unique development created by mankind alone. After all, Yapi’s technology also came from it.

“If you get too hung up on the sex and the skills given, you will stagnate, so you need an alternative.”

It was a pioneering plan seen from the perspective of the royal family and leader, which Cheon So-yeon could not see.

As the queen of the Lionheart Federation, she is leading the development of the entire human race in anticipation of the distant future.

‘As expected… He’s different from me.’

Could this be the birth of someone who was raised as a natural royalty?

It seemed to Chun So-yeon that there would be no bridging or overturning of this gap forever.

“Anyway, it’s surprising. I didn’t know that Captain Chen would be interested in the path of magic.”

“······Nowadays, only Her Highness follows her.”

That’s a complaint I can’t bear. Although she didn’t show it, Beatrice skillfully caught that subtle change in expression.

“Do you prefer Chen to follow His Majesty?”

“That… in the sense of training… that’s right.”

Beatrice knows that Cheon So-yeon has been working hard for the past four years.

Her goal is to become a Holy Grail Knight. He was chosen by Ariana, the goddess of light and justice, and Ventasis, the god of darkness and vengeance, to aim for the seat of the Holy Grail Knight, the third Earth.

If that was a Lionheart knight, it would be a natural ambition. Regardless of their status, they walk the rigorous training path to prove themselves and raise their honor.

‘But Miss Soyeon isn’t a Lionheart.’

she is an earthling Although he is quite familiar with and trying to assimilate into Lionheart’s ways, the essence is based on the modern Earthlings’ way of thinking.

The reason why she wanted to become a Holy Grail Knight was the exact opposite of her ambition to pursue honor and glory.



Chun So-yeon sent a cautious glance, but Beatrice found this young knight girl very cute.

‘Trying to become a Holy Grail Knight for love. Aren’t they cute?’

[It is a love affair that is noble even in the eyes of the original woman.]

The Holy Grail Knight is an immortal being. In other words, they do not grow old and can live forever as long as they want.

In the past, in Lionheart, the Holy Grail Knights were defeated one after another while fighting endless orcs and demons, but there is no threat to the Holy Grail Knights in the current Earth ecosystem, just like Vulcanus shouts and walks around.

Chen So-yeon is nervous.

Beatrice is the priestess of Fleur, the goddess of dreams and death, so she has already overcome her lifespan.

Goo Dae-seong and Han Ha-ri are also sublimated into Holy Grail Knights, so they can stay by Leon forever.

Only oneself must perish according to the set lifespan. It’s so annoying I can’t stand it.

‘I’d like to encourage you, but that would be a bit too much.’

He is a kind of love rival. Encouragement from such rivals, even with good intentions, is bound to be miserably received.

‘Cheer up, Cheon So-yeon. I’m rooting for you.’

Beatrice’s point of view is obviously a difficult point of view for modern people who take monogamy for granted.

However, she sincerely hopes that Lionheart’s knights will work harder.

‘Honestly, it’s hard because my body is sore every morning.’

[It’s a surprisingly realistic reason.]

She was the queen who desperately wanted to divide the labor against the Guardian of the Holy Grail, who had infinite stamina.

* * * *

Corridor of Lionheart’s Royal Castle. Cheon So-yeon opened her mouth on her smartphone while being greeted by the elf priest.

“Yeah… I’m at work right now. Grandpa?”

[They said he went that way first. Is my daughter coming too?]

“Yes. It’s an escort for the two of you.”

The target of the call was her father Cheon Ji-ho.

Having lived as a demon, parasitized by the main body of Akasha, the Grand Duke of Slaughter, he has been repeating rehabilitation exercises due to the long-term aftereffects of parasitism.

Now that there are no problems in daily life, he is participating in public events like this.

[I am proud of my daughter who always does well.]


So-yeon answered awkwardly to her father, who had been away for a long time.

But friendship is not lacking. It’s just that we’ve been apart for so long.

“Come in carefully. I’ll be waiting for you.”

[Yes, I will go soon.]

However, as long as they missed each other deeply, the two were sure that this gap would soon be narrowed. So thank you.

A benefactor who helped me reunite with my lost family.

-Doo-wook! Dou-wook!

Soyeon returned to the banquet hall, putting the mobile phone in her pocket.

Princess Reina’s birthday banquet hall guarded by the Royal Knights, including herself.

Ultima’s knight Kim Jae-hyeok or Ariana’s guardian knight Han Su-ho. Other than that, academy classmates and prominent figures from large guilds.

The place to celebrate the princess’ third birthday is more splendid than before.

Looking at Princess Reina receiving everyone’s congratulations, I also thought of this.

Will my child ever come to be celebrated like that?

‘Ugh…! what! really!’

My face heats up thinking that I already drank kimchi soup. Rarely, when Soyeon, whose emotions were clearly revealed on her face, was taking a deep breath, a tall woman approached with a clicking sound.

“Are you working on a day like this?”

“His Excellency Karina…”

The tall beauty in a fancy party dress was the first princess Carina Dragonia.

She offered a wine glass in her hand, but Soyeon carefully refused.

“Because I’m at work.”

“Huh, if this work were a classic, I would have taken a day off today and come back wearing a dress instead of a uniform.”

“First of all… I’m the escort leader.”

“The two of you have an assortment of escort knights.”

that’s the case Karina smiled and pulled Cheon So-yeon’s cheeks.


“Well, Lord Hari is quite my taste, but I think Lord Hari is a good candidate for this work.

Karina is a Holy Grail Knight of Dragonia, the god of gold and contracts, and originally a Holy Grail Knight of Ventasis, the god of darkness and vengeance.

Because she learned a lot from her, Soyeon was able to build a good friendship with Karina.

“You’re very knowledgeable about longitude. Why don’t you dive right in and see?”

“······Please keep your dignity.”

“Kkeuk, isn’t it a bit ironic to ask the Grand Duke of Dragonia to keep his dignity?”

Karina giggled while playing with Soyeon’s rustling hair.

“By nature, there are always a lot of people who are looking for good men and women. Those who prepare their perfect selves and promise the future always miss the timing.”

“Did you say that to Hari-senpai?”

Cheon So-yeon knew that Karina had carefully selected candidates for her stepmother. Among them, the most powerful ones are Hari and herself.

Beatrice had already been captured, so now it was their turn. It’s an idea that’s hard to understand.

“Sir Hari is the type who will do things the moment he thinks wow! without realizing it. Such an innocent type is the way to make a big accident.”

Are you getting drunk? I can’t imagine not leaving my father.

“…is your Excellency all right?”

“Contrary to what Earthlings imagine, there is no arguing over family succession in Lionheart. If you’re greedy, just fight and win.”

Even with a wild smile, Karina gazed at her younger sister, who was hundreds of years older, surrounded by everyone.

“Aren’t they the cutest of all? Having a younger brother at this age is no different than having a daughter. So try your best, too.”

Karina banged Cheon So-yeon’s butt! I left the surprised woman alone and headed somewhere.

The place she headed to was where Koo Dae-seong was surrounded by beauties and was confused.

“I really don’t understand.”

Even as Cheon So-yeon said that, she headed somewhere. Towards Leon leaving the banquet hall.

* * * *

Leon was drinking champagne alone on the terrace. This is a place I often visit when I get tired of receiving guests from time to time.

“your majesty.”

“Are you Captain Chen?”

Leon offered a drink as Cheon So-yeon approached.

“Why don’t you bring something to drink?”

“Because I am at work.”

“A savvy guy.”

While drinking champagne, Leon suddenly remembered the events of the day.

“Come to think of it, Hari… No, Sir Han Hari said. Why didn’t he give me an honorific?”

“Are you Harry?”

“Kuhk, Jim was respectful to all knights, but when you think about it, he had a tendency to speak carelessly toward them.”

It must have been a kind of familiarity. It must have been proof of Leon’s own affection for the girl he had been following around with as a handmaid since he first returned to Earth.


So-yeon was surprised at herself for being jealous of even that. In any case, Hari was receiving special treatment from Leon.

“your majesty.”


“Have you heard the concubine story?”

“Ah~ Is it a rumor in the palace? It’s nothing new.”

When she heard the story, Cheon So-yeon was impatient.

I myself have not yet been qualified, and I have not yet become a ‘saint’ worthy of standing shoulder to shoulder with Han… Leon.

If this kind of story comes out already, I wonder if I’m going to fall behind even more.

“It’s a common rumor in the royal palace. It’s also common in Jim’s world.”

Leon smiled as he remembered the past. In the past, he was a true lover.

He kidnapped a priestess who swore chastity to the point of disobeying the moon goddess and made a covenant with him.

He endured the wrath of the goddess and went to the moon in order to be forgiven, and built the temple alone from the foundation stone to the roof.

That great love story was also told as a fairy tale in Lionheart Kingdom, and Leon kept only her by his side until he lost his first queen.

It was Cheon So-yeon who saw how determined Leon was before falling in love again, so it was not easy to approach him.

‘It was longing at first.’

In the past, Cheon So-yeon was full of thoughts of revenge for the wandering magic sword that killed her mother and uncles.

When Leon appeared, many people were excited with longing for chivalry, but So-yeon only focused on the function of the sex law.

sex law. power of concept. If it were, I would be able to avenge it.

[You’re rude, girl.]

Was it because of such an impure thought? The only person interested in her was Ventasis, the god of darkness and vengeance, who was even called an evil god.

[I am the only one who accepts your outrageous deals. Despite your disbelief, only I give you strength. Don’t take that luck lightly.]

Ventasis offered her a deal. her soul in exchange for vengeance.

[I affirm your revenge. The gift given to you will unite the darkness of destruction. Only I will make your wishes come true.]

The moment she accepted the deal and was about to pawn her soul as the incarnation of vengeance——

[What are you doing, great avenger.]

“just. It is the mind of a teacher who is concerned about the future of his seed.”

Leon put down a light for her. Even the blessing of Ariana, the goddess of light and justice, was brought to Cheon So-yeon.

[Like when you lost ‘your daughter’?]

Leon was looking at his daughter, Karina, whom he had lost from So-yeon. Because Karina also gave up herself for revenge.

So, at some point, So-yeon also started to regard Leon as a ‘father’.

Just as Leon looked over his lost daughter in So-yeon, So-yeon also saw a lost father in Leon.

‘But not anymore.’

Leon got his daughter back, and Soyeon also got her father back.

The two who looked at each other from each other like that finally got out of the old past.

That’s how admiration developed into romance.

It was probably a natural phenomenon.

Watching from the sidelines, realizing that he is a knight you can respect and rely on, and gradually becoming fascinated by that person, and eventually developing into love, is just like any other girl.

Unlike the other female knights, So-yeon did not give up on her romance and just kept it.

“Your Majesty, are you thinking of taking a concubine?”


In response to Soyeon’s question, Leon rarely hesitated to answer.

Leon was clearly a medieval king of knights with ideologies alienated from modern earthlings, but at the same time he was also a young man who died from overwork who preserved the common sense of earth.

love a woman for life Leon had already broken it, so he couldn’t say that he wouldn’t do it.

What qualifications can he have if he, who has already married his second wife, is talking only in words?

“I. I’ll try.”

to be by your side.


Leon was speechless for a moment as he watched Soyeon staring at him with a determined gaze.

I knew it, but it was the first time I had heard it so directly.

“Respect me.”

I have no choice but to answer like this.

And that was a sufficient answer for Soyeon.

When I turned around with a faint smile…

“Oh! So-yeon was here! His Majesty too!”

He meets a red-haired girl. Soyeon stared blankly at Hari.


Looking at the innocent saintess who is not fully aware of her own emotions—

“I won’t lose.”

──Declare war.


So-yeon left the terrace with those words. Hari raised question marks at the unexpected declaration of war as if he didn’t know why.

“So, So Yeon-ah? What does that mean? Your Majesty? What was it?! Did I do something wrong?!”


“Annit, Your Majesty. Laugh but drink!”

Leaving behind Hari, who was flustered not knowing his fault, Leon complained to the gods.

“It’s scary. Being young.”

[Don’t let your goddess permit you.]

Towards the goddess who was inciting him, Leon could only smile silently.

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