The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 275

Orc Boss Murka


– Die, beasts!!

The great army of beast gods is washed away.

As he watched the dark things that stained the world be erased, Reynald was overcome with fear.

is that human? Are you really a creature like yourself?

When the final decision came, I was stunned. Finally, that fuckin’ racist king of knights won! Fucked!

“Above, great being. What’s your next plan…”

Raynald, who turned his gaze to the Goblin Archdemon of Wisdom, soon knew. The self-talk that flowed from the chattering Gob with his teeth chattering…

“Wow, shit, that’s giginet…”

In the midst of lamentation with many implications, now even the great devil of wisdom has no means.

“Bounce, let’s bounce! Don’t you still have the magic to open the gate! Go back to the Demon Realm——”

“Annit. I’m not going back to the Demon Realm.”


What if I don’t go back to the demon realm? Where else is it simple?

The battle to determine the power of the Earth has already ended. The Earth will now be taken over by the Lionheart Federation and the demons will be hunted down.

can you survive there?

“Even if I go back to the Pandemonium now, I will be dragged by the Pandemonium’s conscription order! I don’t know what that means!”

“no way······.”

“Yes, prepare for the time they invade the Pandemonium!


Reynolds couldn’t be sure of victory.

When the demon lords have already slaughtered their sins, where is there anyone who can stop the lion heart king?

“As of the present time… the Pandemonium has been cut off!

“Is that possible?”

“The Orc Great Khan opened the way for the remaining Orcs to live! In other words, when the Orcs are subtotaled to another world, we escape from Earth by joining in!”

“Oh oh···!”

The plan was plausible. Gob had the ability to create artifacts that could hide the demonic energy, and if he hid his demonic energy and crossed the gate by sneaking between the orcs, he would be able to escape the earth without fear of being requisitioned by the demon world.

[What are these little guys?]

But I never thought I would be discovered by the Orc Gods.

* * * *


He opened his eyes because of the rumblings that pierced his stomach.


The body reacts and vomits pour down the esophagus. Soon the field of vision opened and the hard floor was visible.


It looks around with a growl like a wild beast. It is an unfamiliar landscape.

The earth is made of a hard material that cannot be compared with the earthen floor, and there are artificial landscaping trees growing in places that are full of a sense of incongruity to be called a forest.

Frighteningly tall structures stretched out to reach the sky, and they rose in abundance on all sides.

‘It’s oddly familiar.’

But I don’t know. memory is fuzzy I couldn’t figure out why I was in this place.

There is only one fact known.

“Murka. Murka Ballak.”

only his name. Other than that, fragmentary memories and knowledge remained subtle.

“What is it? What is that?”

“Is this a movie shoot?”

Neighborhood is noisy. When I turned my gaze, I met eyes with a small creature. Water droplets immediately began to form in its small pupils.

Ignore them and walk down the street. His eyes were focused on him, but Murka didn’t care.

Just when I was gathering materials to judge this situation as objectively and calmly as possible——

“What, what?”

“Is the sky… red?”

The voices around you become urgent. The gaze toward himself, who is a foreign object, disappeared completely and everyone was looking up at the sky.


The world is dyed red. It’s like a harbinger of great transformation.


And they saw The blue window that began to appear in his field of vision.

[The end begins.]

New blue spears began to cover Murka’s eyes.

[The 44 races of the 1st advance party have completed the transition.]

[987 warriors have completed the transfer.]

[Depending on the blessing and oath, the penalty of the warriors is enforced.]

[Depending on the disappearance of the karma quota, each god can additionally transfer or supervise his/her warriors.]

[Map update starts. current version 1.0]




At that moment, the ground began to shake. As if there was an earthquake.

And such a phenomenon was not confined to this land. The same phenomenon took place in all lands, seas and skies of this planet.

Even at the moment of the change of heaven and earth, like the wrath of God, a new message flew in.

[A chaos wave begins.]

[All intelligent lifeforms, do your best to survive.]

[Good luck. Innocent children.]

It was the voice of a soft woman.

[Corrupt and perish. Death has fallen over your shadow.]

It was also the voice of an archaic devil.

[Didn’t go after the fuckers. Embarrassingly, the bastards who fell behind the first time, I will change them all.]

It was the voice of a wild beast.


I was tilting my head at the incomprehensible message, but some seemed to be aware of this situation like myself.

– Jeobeok, Jeobeok

It was then. Murka reacts sensitively to the sound of something approaching. His gaze turns round.

“A bone?”

There are many bones that cannot be explained otherwise. Armed with crude swords and shields, they began to stride forward.

“What is it? Hey, filming… isn’t it?”


And the skeleton’s crude knife pierced the villager’s abdomen.


It was only when he saw the red blood flowing down that he realized that this was not filming.

It was a belated realization, but is it fortunate that it helped others?

“Ah ah ah ah!”

Starting with someone’s scream, running away and pursuing began at the same time.

Bone soldiers attack everything around them.

And the deaths that hit the world didn’t just come from sluts.


“I don’t know what it is, but kill it!”

“What, these monsters! Look at them getting smashed by this hammer breaker!”

Loud voices and screams come and go on a street full of chaos, and a one-sided slaughter takes place, and the end begins by an unknown blue window.

They seemed to know what to do.

Murka was confused, and the vague memories made her feel embarrassed… but if there was something decidedly different about him from the others–


The beast roars.

A loud roar gushing from the savage warrior, full of muscles and shouts, focused everyone.

The naked orc warrior began to destroy everything in front of him without hesitation.

tear up! break it! smash it!

Beast-like destructive power using the Orc’s unique physicality shattered and destroyed the bone soldiers with their shields.

“Keuheek! Save the goblins!”

Then, a goblin caught Murka’s eyes.

Goblin. A weak, lazy, weak race. It is a characteristic of a race that remains even in vague memories.

Not to mention, that goblin was a hunchback with a crooked back.

Only then will he be able to survive among his own people.

The goblins, a weakling race, were not a race to leave their own kind with disabilities alone.


Aside from that, Murka picked up a large piece of scrap metal next to him. A vehicle with two wheels that is somewhat ambiguous even to be used as a chariot.

It was easily lifted by Murka’s superpower and flew through the air.


The hunchback goblin instinctively noticed the flying two-wheeled vehicle and leaned over. A loud noise spread as a two-wheeled vehicle passed over his head.

– Quaang!

Skeleton soldiers falling apart after being smashed. However, the two-wheeled vehicle, which had not slowed down, drifted in front of a certain red-barded bone horse.

“Yes… bastard…”

Horseman of the Red Barding. Likewise, it was a pale-skinned knight clad in blood-red armor.


A strange feeling of displeasure reigns over Murka. He glared fiercely at the knight in red armor who was glaring at him.

“This bastard… such an insolent beast. To face this Blood Knight, Sturm Unchefest, face to face.”

He quenched his thirst by biting off the nape of the beast he killed by piercing it with a long spear like a skewer. It immediately amplified an unknown aura in him.

The evil that eats the living and turns them into strength. Facing the evil power that makes everyone turn a blind eye, Murka snorted.

“It was a mosquito baby.”

“Neno Ohm…”

At that degrading insult, Stroom’s cold blood seemed to boil with rage.

A great night blood relative who ruled the world, an aristocrat who even conquered the sun, and a blood knight who dared to be a savage beast!

Sturm pulled the reins and turned the horse toward Murka.

– <Blood Knight Lv.1> Sturum Unchefest engages <Orc Boss Lv.1> Murka Balak.


The blue spear bothered me, but Murka looked straight at the blood knight who was charging at him. And–

‘What is this guy?’

slow. No, the momentum is lacking.

Speaking of a mounted charge, it would add much stronger pressure and irresistible momentum——

“To Lionheart…! Have glory!!」


My head hurt for some reason. As if something had locked it, the memory I was trying to pull out was blocked.

“You sold one eye! Fool!”

But it’s not to the point of being hit by such a lame charge.


it was an instant

I grabbed the spear of the red knight who was charging at full speed and swung it with all my might.

While holding on to the spear, Sturm, lifted up by tremendous strength, was thrust straight into the asphalt road.


Clap at the same time as the collision! a sound flows Sturm desperately came to his senses and raised his spear, but Murka’s fist struck his arm.

– Kwajik!

Sturm’s arm bent at an odd angle from the punch.


“You’re so weak.”

A fist thrust into the face as it sent a contemptuous gaze. At the moment, I recovered my arm with the regeneration skill called <Super Recovery> and blocked it, but it fell backwards in front of a fist of destructive power.

“It’s big?!”

from top to bottom. The boulder, with muscles and tendons tautly contracted, falls as it is.

In the shadow of death cast by his fist as hard as iron, Sturum instinctively raised both arms to guard.

– Boom!

However, even though he was guarded with his armor, he was astonished at the shock and tingling that was transmitted. The passive skill Super Recovery worked, but the fist didn’t end with a single shot.

– Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The crashing sound of fists plunging down with overwhelming force.

By the second, third, fourth time, the bone fragments were shattered and the arm could no longer protect his face.

Murka said softly to the ‘knight’ whose guard was released.

“Disappointing. You’re not real.”

“Now, let’s go to sleep——!!”

– Kwak!

The thrusting fist pierced the asphalt road.

[The Dark Vampire God Rakan’s Warrior <Blood Knight Lv.1> Sturm Unchefest was defeated by the Three Orc Warriors <Orc Boss Lv.1> Murka Balak.]

-Boss reputation increases by 10.

-Boss level increases by 1.

“What is this?”

Murka glanced at the blue spears exploding in succession.

[The sealing rate of the Orc Boss Murka Balak is 99.8%.]

-Build an Orc idol to receive God’s blessing. (Requires 1,000 Reputation from the Orc Boss)

– Level up your Orc Boss to become an Orc Great Boss.

-Kill all warriors of different races except you.

A list of unknown blue windows. But one thing was clear.

To stand tall as a loser by defeating all the great warriors of the gods other than oneself and expanding one’s power.

Unlike an Orc, he was quick to grasp the situation and was able to grasp the battlefield of these artificial gods.

“Joe, johnny merciful.”

[Sealed Survival King Goblin Gob wants to join your gang.]

-Would you approve joining the gang?

* * * *

This is the start of another story.

An opportunity given to foreigners who need faith and a planet to rule.

The arena of a lifetime where countless gods sent out the great warriors of their history as champions.

Indeed, who will be the winner of this great war?

Orc Boss Murka!

The greatest orc champion in history and the great warrior protected by the three orc gods.


He let out a roar that started as a warrior again, and the great survivor Goblin followed him.

“Seapod…! Boss! You survived today! Hey Raynald! Praise the greatness of the boss too!”

“Mu, of course, Master! The grace of reaping me with no memories! I will definitely repay you!”

“”Murka! Murka! Murka!””

Survival King Gob! Will he be able to survive to the end?

It was summer.

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