The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 276

Side Story Leon and Pleasant Friends (1)

This is what happened when I was 17 on the path of training in another world.

A journey of asceticism in search of quests.

In order to become a Holy Grail Knight, who is said to be the pinnacle of this world, he must perform a quest in the eyes of the gods.

They say that if you vaguely wander around the entire kingdom and raise your honor diligently, they will come to you on their own.

However, in order to succeed as a knight in this harsh fantasy world, you have to go around alone and raise your honor.

I’ll have to try something!

Now that I’m in the fantasy world, I should take a look at Sword Master!

It’s a body that doesn’t even go to church, but well, I’ll be able to do it somehow.

“Sir Leon, who do you believe in?”

It was a question from Antalk, an attendant I met during my travels. At this, Gildus and Gunlar, the tree man next to him, also pricked up their ears.

“Hehe, how can you say that you serve only one person? All the gods who protect Lionheart are respectful.”

give exemplary answers. Religion in this world is based on polytheism. It’s not like there are tens of thousands of gods in India or Japan.

Anyway, there were quite a lot of gods, and there were many people who believed in all of them and made offerings to them. If you see that there is a holy law that uses divine power, there may be real gods.

Well, since it’s a different fantasy world, there’s nothing strange about it.

“As expected, he is a model of chivalry. I must make an offering not only to my Petos-nim, but to others as well.”

“······As it is.”

Anyway, what are the inhabitants of this world? Too fanatical for invisible gods. In this world, faith is the default, so I am tired of arguing with no religion.

Anyway, I witnessed the slaughter of the barbarian tribes that Gunlar held captive in the car that responded appropriately!

“Ugh, Lord Gunlar! What are you doing!”

“Huh? Why is that, Sir Leon?”

Gildus put on a look of genuine disapproval. Yamma, no matter how long ago, we killed each other, but what if we kill a prisoner just like that?

“Ah…! You forgot me.”


Yeah, you can’t just kill people like that, dude.

“Soon the serf festival invented by the great grail knight Sir Gratas will be held! Every city will not have enough serfs to kill, so it is necessary to provide entertainment!”


Aren’t they crazy?

It’s really hard to enlighten another world…

* * * *

This world was, to say the least, a complex and subtle world.

“Knight! It’s Knight!”

“Knight! Please bless us!”

Knights and nobles, who have vested interests in society, are enthusiastically supported by free people. They sprinkled or offered flowers on the path of the knights, and kissed the ground on which their horses trod.

something is a little too much I knew that the knights were respected even in the Grand Duchy, but… I thought it was just because I was the duke’s deficit.

If you’re in front of a high-ranking person, isn’t it the way even a back alley beggar prostrates himself?

“Kyaaaak! Knight! Look over here!”

However, a knight here… boasted a popularity comparable to that of a superstar.

“You just ran into me! You saw me! The blonde knight saw me!”

Oh, I didn’t see it.


“Hahaha! Sir Leon. How are you so nervous?”

Gildus tapped me on the shoulder. The impact transmitted through the armor is considerable.

“Grunt… it’s nothing.”

“Heh heh heh, this guy seems to be doing this for the first time. Well, since he’s never served as a knight of the kingdom, it’s possible.”

In my case, I skipped the courses leading to the pilgrim knight, the kingdom knight, and the training knight, and went straight to the training knight.

The direct descendants of the great family are taking this kind of consideration in order to reduce the time spent serving as knights of the kingdom and pilgrimage, but that doesn’t mean they suck at it.

If something happens to the kingdom, I have an obligation to serve as a member of the great family.

“Anyway, wave to the free people. You seem to be the most popular of these.”

As Gildus said, he smiled awkwardly and waved his hand, and the reaction of the citizens intensified.


At that time, unlike us on horseback, Gunlar, a tree man who was walking around, scratched the flower in his hair.

“Why is that? Gunlar.”

“Why do humans… why do they welcome flowers? Do you like flowers?”

“Well, isn’t it like that because it’s usually precious?”

Usually, crops are planted in the land where flowers will grow.

It is my own interpretation that it is a luxury to grow flowers that cannot be eaten, so it is not to show sincerity by giving them as a gift.


Gunlar nodded as if he understood, then pulled out a flower from my hair and handed it to me.

“Sincerely, first generation.”

“No, after all, this is your hair.”

Gunlar, who is on a journey to become a forest sage, knew a lot, but sometimes he showed such an erratic appearance.

“Now! Let’s go to the lord’s castle! The baron of this territory has prepared a grand welcome ceremony!”

“Whoa~ I can barely eat normal food other than beef jerky!”

It was a tea that I was tired of beef jerky. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a proper meal.

“Welcome, honorable knights on the path of training. I am Randolph, the lord of this place.”

Baron Randolph, the owner of the estate, welcomed us.

Ordinary wandering knights who have gone on a wandering road are said to be treated roughly even when they enter the lord’s castle, but this is because they haven’t proven themselves.

However, Nana Antok and Gildus are honorable knights on the path of training. Since they were on the journey to become Holy Grail Knights, it seemed that they were treated differently.

“By the way, the barbarians who were brought as prisoners were well received.

“Haha, it’s nothing. It’s just a coincidence that barbarians invaded the kingdom’s borders.”

Gildus trembled with humility as if it was nothing. Well, three knights and one tree man slaughtered hundreds of barbarian warriors and took over a hundred prisoners.

I did it too, but I realize all over again that we are post-humans.

“They’re the ones who recently planted them at the border. They robbed the crops of poor people and burned the wheat fields.”

“That… the people’s grievances must have been unreasonable.”

“That’s right. So I escorted the victims to the temple and exempted them from paying taxes.”

“If you haven’t harvested the crops, you’ll need relief, so please request it from the royal capital. The Argentinian Majesty Lionheart also has a relief knights.”

“How can the knights of the royal capital be tampered with? We have to end it as far as possible. Fortunately, my wife is the priestess of the goddess Demera, so she can take care of the wounded.”

Something… is a bit awkward.

Um, aren’t lords like that in the original fantasy?

Are you the people? Aren’t they all pigs? I mean, pay taxes or something!

All the vested interests should be stabbed to death with bamboo spears! Revolution to those dirty lords!

A wandering protagonist punishes greedy nobles and saves the people… Well, that’s a common cliché.

No, of course there must be a proper lord! However, the lords I encountered while on the path of training were all genuine people.

There’s a chance that one or two bastards will come out, but since they’re all so nice, I wonder if they’re doing something evil with their ear holes that I don’t know about.

Really awkward, this medieval fantasy…

I had a rewarding time with Yeongju, telling stories of martial arts that occurred during the trip and news of the region.

The skill of the chef, who said he had learned to cook in the royal capital, was impressive.

“By the way, Sir Gildus and the wise inhabitants of the forest. If you don’t mind, how about enjoying the festival?”

“You mean the festival?”

My ears perked up. Come to think of it, the Grand Duke held a festival every year to commemorate the subjugation of Dragonia, the progenitor dragon.

Since it was an achievement made by Zeke Dragonia, the founder of the Grand Duchy, the citizens of the entire Grand Duchy enjoyed it.

Besides that, there was another big festival, but I couldn’t participate because only citizens who had come of age could participate. In terms of education, are children under the age of majority not allowed to participate?

I still wonder what it was–

“Oh! You mean the serf festival?”

Oh really.

Antok’s gaze turned to me.

“Come to think of it, Sir Leon started his training as soon as he had his coming-of-age ceremony, right? So, isn’t this the first serf festival?”


“According to the kingdom’s statute, minors are forbidden from participating in the serf festival. Ha ha ha! Is this something Sir Leon must participate in to become a true adult?”

“Leon. The serf festival.

The eyes of the old man and the men are smirking to the point of irritation. What the hell is a serf festival?

“Hmm, it can’t be without the knight experiencing the serf festival! The great Duke of Dragonia, Confucius, is experiencing his first serf festival in our territory! We’ll have to prepare this much bigger than usual!”

No, so what is it?

* * * *


Cultists serving evil spirits… that is, those who enslaved the barbarians.

The cultists and savage aliens scattered around the Lionheart Kingdom have long been a nuisance.

The kingdom has constantly fought against them, and even when the empire has a policy of embracing the aliens, the cultists are annihilated! claimed

Now that I think about it, I think that there is no such thing as this country…

“We have held a serf hunting festival for you. Under the watchful eye of Dina, the goddess of the moon and chastity, the score will be divided according to who hunted more serfs.”


My lips trembled at Baron Randolph’s words.

Doesn’t that mean you’re going to hunt humans now?

I knew it would be like this! savage medieval bastards!!

Freeing serfs in the woods to hunt? Raising the score with the head? Is this really something a human mind can do!!

“Uh, how… how could you do such an outrageous thing?”

“Sir Leon?”

I can’t stand it any longer! I will enlighten my savage medieval bastards! I will shout to them what human rights are!

Even if no one listens in an age when human rights have become a vulgar joke!

I must scream!

“No matter how much prisoners of war they are, they will kill those who have life and free will as their prey! What color is your blood!”

Everyone’s eyes are on me. Not only the knights and nobles who participated in the hunt, but also the serfs who hung their heads in despair.

“All knights are those who defend justice and the law and run as fast as they should! Considering life so carelessly and harming it for amusement, is this really chivalry! You guys are not a dog riding a horse!”

“Yes, that’s right!!”

One of the serfs jumped to his feet. As if awakened by my appeal, he pointed his finger at the knights with a bright face.

“I don’t have the right to persecute people just because I ran a few errands for a dubious self-proclaimed goddess who didn’t know where she came from!”

No, such a logical serf in this age?

“The world’s economic and social inequality continues because of your archaic royal dogma! Society needs self-governing communities by voterism to progress!”

no, this is it? No way… no way?

“Majoritarianism by the absolute majority and trade union community are the most ideal political systems! Supreme executive powers must be granted by the masses!”

Oh, how can this be! I may have witnessed the revolutionaries of our time!

A serf with ideas and beliefs hundreds of years ahead in this savage Middle Ages? Perhaps protecting and preserving the spirit of this era is my role——

“The murder of free people, the abduction of women, the murder of infants and mutilation of corpses. These are sins committed by the author on our estates.”

“Hail Lionheart!!”


It was a savage medieval era, but it was a desirable era in which strict punishment was praised no matter how excessive it was.

“The violence inherent in the system…! I am being oppressed.

Its snout did not stop until its head was blown off.


If you’re not careful, it’ll turn into trash in no time. It’s like the fucking middle ages.

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