The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 277

Side Story Leon and Pleasant Friends (2)

“Sir Leon. Say it again.”


Gildus and Antoc’s eyes and expressions pouted.

“You want me to say it again?”

“Life and free will are precious…”


Two people laughing. They didn’t stop laughing until they were about to run out of breath.

“Our blood is soooo…! What color is it?!”

“That’s right, it’s red!”

“Stop it.”

“I’m sorry about Hash~”

shit. Many people 10 years older than me persistently tease me for getting one.

“Hehehe, what kind of greenhouse did Prince Leon grow up to be so naive?”

“…Isn’t that the son of Lord Gildus and the count’s family?”

In response to the reply, “If you look at your status, you are a high-ranking nobleman, too,” Gildus said confidently, pounding his chest.

“My family is an honorable battle aristocrat who defended the kingdom’s borders as a Margrave.

It is said that the battle aristocratic family, which is in charge of protecting the frontier from generation to generation, has a lot to fight against the savages. As such, it seems that he knew well about their ferocity from a young age.

“My family has been blacksmiths for generations. It’s close to Cheolsan, so there was a lot of interaction with the dwarves.”

Lord Antok was a commoner. His natural dragon power was so great that the local lord provided the necessary equipment for the journey, and he served as a knight of the kingdom before embarking on a training course.

He was already married with a child, but if he was a savage, he would tremble.

“The Grand Duke of Dragonia is far from barbarians. That’s why I heard there are few serfs. But still, Sir Leon’s innocence seems a bit excessive.”


Did you know that I am Barbarians are not usually chewy.

Who would have known that they would be crazy people who would commit murder and plunder as if they were eating, human sacrifice and even cannibalism?

Furthermore, like the fantasy medieval, they are said to be more vicious because they are the ones who serve the evil god. It’s understandable that adult food eats people.

“Likely. Instead, isn’t Prince Leon’s hometown bordering on the Orcs’ habitat? I bet he didn’t even say mercy to those beasts.”


I tried my best to keep my mouth shut at Lord Randolph’s words.

Actually… I tried. Let’s trade with the thugs next door and get along well with each other.

But I didn’t know that bastard would try to kill me out of nowhere. They’re not warriors, they’re just beasts, beasts.

“By the way, how was Gunlar? Didn’t he live near the World Tree, fighting with elves?”

I try to turn the question to Gunlar. He scratched his head before talking about his hometown in his characteristic slow tone.

“The forest is quiet. It’s peaceful. Except for the occasional elves… who catch breeding males.”

“······The town is still there, though?”

“They are a people of peace where horses harmonize with nature, but there is no tribe as promiscuous as they are. They are very combative.”

I raised my hand and asked Gildus, who was trembling.

“Elf… messed up? Are you saying?”

“Ah, don’t you know? Elves are not easy to conceive by nature, and male elves do not increase in number due to lack of sexual desire. So, if Irmin, the goddess of the forest, bestows blessings, even heterogeneous races can conceive.”

Oh, is that true?

“Besides, they prefer strong men and often kidnap knights. Sometimes, half of the Count’s knights are dragged into the forest of elves? Well, I persuade half of them to take them.”

shit! Why are there no elves in the forest next to my house! Wasn’t the basics of the fantasy of Gogaeng an elf forest next to it, a dwarf mountain in front, and a dragon rare in the back mountain?

“Keuheum… Sir Gildus. I want to visit Sir Gildus’ hometown sometime.”

“Dear Arthur. Do you want to hug an elf like your great-grandfather?”

“Rather good.”

“Sir Antoc?”

“······ Farmers.”

Anyway, we pass the time with small talk, and Gunlar is writing something.

With the wooden board he always carried, whenever he had time, he would engrave records on the wooden board and carry it around with him.

“What did you write down again this time?”

“The words of a dead serf. An interesting thought.”

“What’s interesting about that worm?”

“Majoritarianism by the absolute majority, trade union community idea. Equal distribution of power to the majority. Interesting.”

It would certainly be interesting to a scholar. I killed it, but the serf’s words were the foundational ideas of democracy.

To think that such an idea was extracted from a medieval fantasy serf would lead to a democratic ending.

“Heng…! That’s bullshit!”

Gildus seemed to be full of energy.

“The right to rule is sacred. It is a right granted only to those who have proven themselves through endless self-discipline and refinement. How can the ignorant people share power?”

In response, Baron Randolph also agreed.

“Lord Gildus is right. The people are by nature neither rational nor rational, so they often go wrong. They just have to do their job faithfully.”


Well, it was a story that was hard for me to relate to as a democratic citizen until 18 years ago. The aristocracy here has a great sense of choice, but a strange sense of duty to the people? I mean, that’s faithful.

The people work hard on commerce, agriculture, and urban development, the nobles work hard on management and policies, and the knights become strong fences to protect the kingdom.

It was a very idealistic role theory, but does this really work?

Right now, even Gildus is the son of a Marquis, but he has been a strongman who has been fighting barbarians since childhood, and even though Baron Randolph is treated as a ‘child’ by the citizens, he sends his wife and daughter out to take care of them like their own children.

what? Isn’t this the savage Middle Ages I thought it was?

In any case, the citizens who came to the amazing festival where he put vicious criminals and serfs into the hunting grounds and wondered who killed them better, shouted, It was in the middle of the street.

“Sir Leon! Sir Gildus! Sir Antoc!!”

At that time, Baron Randolph rushed in. He visited us, the participants, on the third day of preparation for the serf hunting contest.

“Baron Randolph. What are you doing?”

“Are you going to participate in the serf hunt again?”

At the question of the two, Baron Randolph shouted as if he couldn’t control his anger.

“These damn serfs have run away!”



Baron Randolph’s words shocked the two of them. That’s right… I want to be like that too. If we continue like this, we will all die anyway, so we will try to escape.

“It’s like these miscellaneous things that don’t even know how to do it! How good I’ve been!”

yes? what do you do While eating a meal with water mixed with sugar and salt?

“I even gave you a chance to wash away your sins, but are you going to end up in the arms of the evil spirit!”

“They don’t even deserve forgiveness! Let’s chase them!”


First of all, it seems that the way to cleanse one’s sins in this world is to rip out the soul and undergo purification in the afterlife managed by the goddess of death after death.

Even if they died as serfs, they were given a chance to cleanse their souls of sins, so Lionheart’s knights thought it was rather mercy to brutally kill serfs.

No matter how many times I think about it, they are fucking crazy.

Anyway, we decided to go out to track down the runaway serfs. It felt like they were doing something for the territory for free, but Gildus and Antok acted like it was natural, so I joined without a second thought.

“What about Gunlar?”

“That fellow is slow and not suitable for a chase. Shouldn’t we hurry after them on horseback and tear them limb from limb?”

Look what Gildus is talking about. It’s brutal, it’s brutal

Anyway, Gildus, who had done a few missions to track down the serfs in his childhood, skillfully tracked down the serfs.

Soon four knights and twenty yeoman riders, including Baron Randolph, pursued the serfs and caught them trying to cross the river.

“Excuse me! We’ll have to dig their heads before they cross the river!”

Baron, can’t you make those words… less bloody? Why did the aristocrat investigate the head…”

Anyway, I opened my hand to the yeoman rider, thinking that they would run away if I continued like this.

“Hey, give me a bow.”


Aren’t I from the people of Jumong? One bow shot terribly.

I tried to shoot them with the Yeoman Rider’s bow, but they stumbled and widened their eyes.

“No, give me a bow. What are you doing now?”

“······Nari. How can an honorable knight try to use a ranged weapon?”


what is this again? What about ranged weapons? What would you do if you were a mounted archer and disrespected ranged weapons?

“What’s the matter with the ranged weapon? Hurry up and give it to me?”

“I’m sorry, sir. I cannot give you my bow even for the sake of your honor.”


No, weren’t these color wheelers crazy about classism? Why are you stretching out? However, it was not only the Yeoman riders who were curious.

“Sir Leon. Why are you trying to use such a lowly ranged weapon?”

“That’s right. If you’re a knight, you should think about defeating the enemy bravely with a sword and spear.”

“······ No, serfs are crossing the river right now. What do you mean by catching them other than ranged weapons?”

At those words, Gildus and Antoc raised their jousting spears. No, you’re doing a jousting spear charge here?

“To Lionheart…! Glory be to you!!”

“Blacksmith’s Guardian! Protection to your rider!”


And with an incredible roar, the spears flew through the air.

The large jousting spears that blew air jumped hundreds of meters and pierced the backs of serfs who had barely crossed the river.



– Hee, hee!

The serfs pierced by the spears slumped. cried Baron Randolph.

“Riders, shoot them with their bows and kill them! Let not one of them be sent alive!”

On the other side of the river, the yeoman riders galloped and shot their bows. Some died, but some survived and fled into the woods.

“Hurry up and chase them! Cross the river and they’ll catch them soon!”

“Lord Leon, throw a spear! This will be good target practice!”

Watching the two men who pierced and killed serfs by throwing spears at a speed that far exceeded the range of a bow, I followed along, dumbfounded.


this is real

Sometimes I wonder what the knights of this world are doing.

* * * *

“Damn it!”

Baron Randolph banged on the tea desk in anger. The sturdy wooden desk is cracked.

“Damn the barbarians! You dare threaten us there!”

The pursuit of the runaway serf was only half successful.

They succeeded in slaughtering more than half of the serfs who had fled across the river into the forest, but on the way barbarians came pouring in.

“It can’t be helped. I can’t believe I met their tribe without luck.”

“It was right to retreat there.”

Although Gildus and Antoc were arrogant, they gave reasonable answers. Yes, it was fortunate that I had the reason not to charge head-on against 5,000 barbarians.

“We can’t end it like this! We have to slaughter them!”

I had no choice but to step in to calm Baron Randolph’s seizures. Gildus and Antoc are saying that they will raise their honor in the midst of this…

“Calm down, baron. There are no knights in the estate except the baron and us. Right after the busy farming season, it is difficult to mobilize soldiers.”

The baron’s forces consisted of 40 yeomen riders and 100 gnostic soldiers. In addition, it is difficult to mobilize soldiers because it is the holiday season, and even off-duty soldiers have to be mobilized to guard the territory.

What kind of warfare was going on with 5,000 barbarians, when all the troops that could be practically mobilized were 40 commoners on horseback?

Now is the time to fortify the walls and thicken the defenses.

“Whoops, don’t worry, Lord Leon. We have 20,000 armed forces.”


* * * *

Kalash, the chief of the barbarian tribe who serves the beast god, mobilized 5,000 tribal warriors to rescue the captured tribesmen and burn the hated Landolph estate.

They knew the strength of the Randolph Manor from the tribesmen who had escaped the manor, and were confident that 5,000 warriors would be able to annihilate those hiding behind the wall.

“Chief! Chieftain!”

At that time, the tribesman who had been sent as a spy approached Kalash and reported.

“Okay, what did you find out?”

“Wow, the kingdom bastards are supplying 6kg daggers!”


Kalash expressed doubt at the sudden supply news.

A 6 kg dagger? Where in the world is there a dagger weighing 6kg?

Among the great swords used by the warriors of the tribe, the largest weighs about 6 kg. A weapon of that level would be a large weapon wielded by great warriors. That kind of weight is called a dagger?

“Are they crazy?”

“Not only that. Rumors abound that Baron Randolph is mobilizing an army approaching 20,000!”

“Ha…! Only 20,000 people in the Baron’s Territory? You’re bluffing.”

“And lastly… It’s a story about annihilating 5,000 of our troops with 300 troops. He even boasted that if the war situation moves as he reads, it would be about 90%.”

“Surrounding and annihilating 5,000 people with 300 people?”

At those words, the inside of the tent started to stir.

While the central unit is engaged in defensive battles, their elite unit surrounds them with both right and left wings. When the absurd tactical plan of annihilation came out, everyone was even wondering.

No matter how crazy the knights of the Lionheart Kingdom are, are they carrying out such a reckless strategy?

After thinking about it, Kalash felt the hairs all over her body stand up.

6kg daggers, 20,000 troops, 300 units and 5,000 siege units.

After putting all this information together, the conclusion came out to be a very realistic nightmare.

“Ji, retreat now!”

“Chief? What do you mean by that!”

“We need to get away right now! Holy shit! Too late!”

Everyone looked at the chief of the Kalash tribe in disbelief, but only he spoke a confident conclusion with fear-filled eyes.

“300 knights are coming.”

* * * *

Fortunately, there was an order of knights who toured the kingdom near Randolph’s estate.

300 Thunder Knights of Wolves, one of the Holy Grail Knights, the strongest armed group in the kingdom.

As the best knights of Ultima, the god of sky and thunder, they willingly responded to Baron Randolph’s request and ran nonstop day and night, and immediately engaged 5,000 barbarians.

“To Lionheart…! Glory be to you!!”

The knights of the Thunder Knights charged and shattered the front of the barbarian army, and used their mobility to break through with the left and right wings. As it was, it caught the left and right sides of the enemy central army and completed the encirclement.

And the most elite knights, including the captain of the knights, dug into them.

And then the unprecedented massacre began.

Thunder and lightning from the sky struck and devastated the area, and it took less than 6 seconds for Kalash, the chief of the barbarian tribe, to turn into a black mass from the lightning strike.

The tactic employed by Baron Randolph in this battle, encirclement and elimination, was highly evaluated and studied until posterity as the most effective tactic for the enemy’s invasion.

A talent that transcends the times was born here.



“No, fuck this, it’s not just that they destroyed everything with strong knights. It’s a tactic and a strategy.”

Article because that’s possible!

Lionheart Kingdom is peaceful even today.

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