The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 29: Inner Justice (2)

The luncheon and walk with the president ended neatly.

The more he listened to Leon’s story, the more his complexion turned blue, and Leon tapped him on the shoulder as he made up his mind.

“President Ahn. Even though I’m a diner, I have something to ask of you.”

“What… please?”

President Ahn was very worried about what kind of favor this madman would ask.

It’s like a garbage king who sees the people as dogs and pigs and exploits them!

Awakening his inner justice, President Ahn had long forgotten about having a meal with Chairman Kim a few days ago.

“It’s no big deal. There are farmers under my command. They say that the problem of contamination of the land has not been procedurally resolved yet.”


I knew right away what you meant. Land contaminated with magical energy is classified as a contaminated area and all activities are suspended.

The Honam Plain has been purified, but strictly speaking, it is now an administratively polluted area because the verification and procedures have to be followed.

“The local officials are a bit slow. Let’s deal with it right away.”

“Thank you. I’m sorry for asking you this as a diner.”

“No, Your Majesty. What Your Majesty has done for Korea is already enough.”

While President Ahn was wary of Leon, he did not deny Leon’s usefulness. In addition, I had something to ask about the ‘blessed rice’.

“Come to think of it, Your Majesty. How are you planning to distribute rice farming in the future?”

“I decided to sell it through the association.”

“Hmm, that’s right. However, it seems like the amount is difficult to digest by the association alone. Above all, in terms of data, isn’t it a great product that will attract attention from overseas?”

“How can we go to other countries when we haven’t even fed the people of this land to their full?

President Ahn understood Leon’s intentions, but did not forget what Colonel Group Chairman Kim Dae-young asked him to do a few days ago.

Leon’s blessed crops are a jackpot. It was innovation itself.

This seed had to be secured by the Republic of Korea.

What if we spread the blessed rice to the whole of Korea first and set a record of public health? President Ahn had to imagine that future.

‘Heh… … .’

He hid his true feelings and smiled sinisterly, but Leon clearly knew what President Ahn was thinking.

But that’s how I was surprised. The miracles that will be obtained when you are with the divinity do not end just like this.

“President Ahn. Come to think of it, the association has been a bit noisy to me lately.”

“Yes? The Association? I even gave orders to fully cooperate with Your Majesty?”

“Hahaha, indeed, you are the representative of the country.

President Ahn intended to listen to whatever Leon asked for. Since he hadn’t acted outright yet, he said he would suck as much as he could.

‘What do you want from the Association? Like the other 10 guilds, wishing for benefits——’

“Something like paying taxes to Jim.”


“As President Ahn knows, counting coins does not suit the dignity of a king.”

Life is fun counting apple boxes received from political and business figures.

“How much more can a king pay taxes?”

He is being criticized for tax evasion of 10 billion won, including his mother-in-law.

“This is not going to happen. Since I can’t pay a penny of my coin, the common people in the association won’t try to understand at all. President Ahn, please use your strength.”

‘I, a bastard worse than me! You evil bastard!’

It was the moment when the fire of inner justice was ignited once again.

* * * *

Dae-young Kim, chairman of the Colonel Group, was introduced to Leon, whom he had requested from President Ahn.

Thanks to this, the colonel group was busy preparing all sorts of banquets and welcomes.

“Kim Shin-young! Can’t you come here sooner?”

“Oops! Uncle! I’m not healed yet!”

Shinyoung Kim. She is the niece of Daeyoung Kim, the chairman of the Colonel Group, and was a young woman who recently received chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Because he was the youngest and grew up, he was a model of the 3rd generation chaebol with a careless personality, but that shouldn’t be the case today.

“If you don’t behave right today, your mother, father, and nothing else! I’ll break your leg!”

“Chi… It’s been a while since I’ve been going to a club.”

Despite saying that, Kim Shin-young was looking forward to seeing Leon.

He, who was suffering from chemotherapy, ate the rice and began to miraculously recover.

Of course, it has not yet been cured, but it is not far from the fact that the large tumor mass has become so small that it cannot be explained scientifically.

The blessed rice didn’t even need rehabilitation. On the contrary, even though the cancer was not completely cured yet, he was much healthier than before and his whole body was full of energy.

And above all, the strange energy I felt every time I ate rice. The unknown subtlety strangely bothered me.

“By the way, uncle, haven’t you eaten that rice yet?”

“Do you know what it is? Do you eat it? I’ll think about it after the safety verification is over.”

“Well… I don’t have enough to eat.”

What Shin-young saved was the amount that her mother stole from the Honam plains for herself during treatment.

It’s not long, and it’s not easy to find because the association is managing it under strict surveillance.

“What kind of man are you?”

Shinyoung became curious about Leon who made such rice. After the capture of the Cheongju Gate, information that he was a survivor spread widely.

It was a pantheon, so it was quite an issue to propagate faith, but Kim Shin-young was the one who directly benefited from it.

She could still feel the tingling energy in her body.

This feeling that something warm is with you.

It was an energy that could not be explained in words to her, who was accustomed to pleasure and drugs while hanging out at clubs.

Soon after, a government ceremonial vehicle entered the banquet hall. It was the vehicle carrying Leon.

“Oh, Your Majesty! Welcome!”

Chairman Kim Dae-young responded to Leon with an attitude that seemed to throw off both hands and feet. Despite the hospitality, Leon narrows his forehead and clicks his tongue.

“Tsk. If it wasn’t for President Ahn’s request, I wouldn’t have come to the business banquet.”

“Ha ha… It’s just the family’s honor, Your Majesty.”

Chairman Kim did not make the same mistakes as director Park Jong-chan of Doojeong Group.

The opponent is a thoroughly authoritarian royal family. He treats entrepreneurs with commerce and is arrogant.

But that ability is real.

It’s faith and the lion heart king, so it’s a kind of power that is difficult for him to understand, but in short, ‘it becomes money’ is enough.

“The reason I invited Your Majesty this time is because there is a child who has been cured of a serious illness thanks to Your Majesty’s grace.”

“Huh? I heard there’s a child blessed by the goddess.”

“Yes, Shinyoung. What are you doing without coming out soon?”

Chairman Kim’s strategy was this.

Thanks to the blessed rice, Kim Shin-young, who has been cured of cancer, pays back.

Chairman Kim seems to give it one-sidedly, but the human heart is the law of wanting to give something when you receive it.

In this way, while building goodwill and maintaining a relationship, they naturally talk about business. To him, a financial tycoon, it’s like barbarian royalty.


Shin-young stood in front of Leon at his uncle’s request. And the pulsating energy inside me responds.

brilliant brilliance.

holy halo and glory.

A spiritual power that transcends humans.

Shinyoung shivered at the intense energy that was heating up.

“Are you my nephew?”

Why is my child suddenly screaming? Were you weak? I told you not to come because I was weak!

Shin-Young Kim, the niece of the chairman of the Colonel Group, was very famous within the group.

It is an open fact that people drink drugs in broad daylight as well as abuse and luxury.

If it had not been for the influence of the Colonel Group, it was Kim Shin-young, who would have rotted in prison as a drug offender. However, Chairman Kim, the chairman of the Colonel Group, could not fix Shin-Young Kim’s foolish behavior. But… … .

“All, who are you? Poetry, are you God? or death?”

“You’re scary, nephew. What’s wrong with you?”

“I am the agent of the pantheon. The one who does light and justice, and the one who lights the temple’s bonfire. Also, like you, the guardian of the grass.”

“iced coffee…….”

When Leon stood in front of her, Shinyoung knelt in fear and avoided his gaze. As if trying to prevent something as dirty as yourself from reaching it.

Is that idiot caring for others? It was something that no one in the family, including Chairman Kim, could have imagined.

“Cow, please take your hand…”

“Ahaha, don’t be afraid.”


I wondered if Shin-yeong was like this because she was a sick woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ clothes 2,000 years ago.

The intense energy of light felt in that man’s glow. Something in me is burning hot in response to it.

To feel a sense of fulfillment and sanctity that can’t even be compared to drug-induced hallucinations.

“Keep the divinity you feel now. Your innocence pleases the divinity, so repay the favor.”

“Hehehehe… Thank you! Thank you, angel…!”

“Even if it’s the Lion Heart King.”

Leon gently stroked the head of Shin-young, who was crying with emotion. Anyone who knew him on Earth would be astonished and astonished.

but aside from that.

‘What is it, Shiva… scared.’

‘Why are you here… I must be crazy.’

It would have been a terrifying seizure of a drug addict to ordinary people who could not eat the blessed rice and felt the presence of divinity.

Although the difference is that he is more calm than usual.

“Take this child to the bedroom. He is a child with excellent spiritual abilities. Treat him with respect.”

“Yes? Yes?”

that… Excellence as a religious person? Are Chairman Kim and his secretaries so stupid? He sent a puzzled look, but Leon’s gaze was determined.


“Oh, I see! Miss, come this way.”

Employees face Leon and take care of the sobbing group with weak legs.

Chairman Kim was dumbfounded, but Leon’s voice woke him up.

“Are they the guests you invited too?”

“Yes? No, except for His Majesty, I invited——”

“Here is Chairman Kim!”

A group of people rushing in from the other side before the words were finished. The Chairman’s security team immediately stepped forward, but their voices with headbands rang out.

“Chairman Dae-ryeong Kim guarantee the 5-day work week!”

“Raise the frozen wages!”

“Reinstate the unfairly fired employees!”

Protesters holding signs and storming out of the demonstration. Leon asked.

“What are they?”

“Sir, you don’t have to worry about it. Those red bastards.”

“Jim asked. Don’t take it out of context.”

When Leon made an expression of displeasure, Chairman Kim immediately said, “Oops.”

“It’s the protesters…. They’re the ones making a lot of noise these days.”

“Protesters… what the heck?”


Chairman Kim hesitated to answer. If I answered the truth here, I would have been the bad guy.

“Bye, it’s no big deal. I hired them at most, but why did they ask for a raise without knowing the favor?

“That’s a bad word. Labor is sacred. Workers deserve to be treated accordingly.”

Alas. Did you prefer social justice? They made a mistake because they were royalty.

Chairman Kim admitted his mistake. He passed the story as smoothly as possible.

“No, of course, our group adheres to industry standards for the convenience of our employees. Rather, we do it well enough.”

“It’s the standard of business. Even if you haven’t heard of it, it’s obvious.”

“ha ha ha…….”

Chairman Kim broke into a cold sweat and quickly thought of something to make Leon feel better. Yes, it is fair in appearance.

“Your Majesty is giving this merchant a great lesson. I see. I am instructing them to raise their wages. This old man seems to have forgotten his original intentions.”

“Raise the wages? How?”


Leon stared at Chairman Kim with puzzled eyes. With eyes that sincerely do not know the English language.

“There is already a fixed rate, so how can I raise the salary?”

“Yes? Ah… I heard that His Majesty also runs farmers. What is His Majesty’s opinion…”

“Ten rescue.”


For a moment, Chairman Kim wondered if he had heard it wrong. ten structures? 90%? save?

“In the Lionheart Kingdom, where we are taught by the Goddess, we dedicate 90% of our produce.




Consternation poured out from all sides.

ten structures? 90 percent?

It was a terrible tax revenue that even the vicious boss of the pre-modern British colony could not imagine.

‘Is it really okay to hold hands with such a devilish person?’

And this made Chairman Kim Dae-young also have a great sense of skepticism.

He is a vicious businessman that the world calls, but he is proud of himself for living by keeping the minimum good.

At least, it is said that the employees did not starve to death. As other entrepreneurs do, they have been working hard enough to keep their employees from dying, and have passed on cost reduction and harsh working conditions such as the 3rd, 4th, and 5th subcontracting.

But Leon was not at that level.

ten structures? save? ninety percent?

How could such an evil person exist? I realized that I was a real medieval king.

I was afraid of what horrors would happen if such a person had influence over domestic companies.

‘Such an evil bastard… I am me too, but no more than this guy!’

The next day, an article appeared saying that negotiations with the protesters had been dramatically concluded.

* * * *

Even with the introduction of the president, the reason Leon dared to meet the humble merchant was to distribute 10% of the rice produced in the Naju plains.

The money was collected through ten rescues, and the remaining work was left to the farmers to freely dispose of, but the problem is that the farmers today do not have the ‘power’ to dispose of the rice.

As the name of Mansinjeon spread through YouTuber advertisements and news about himself, Mansinjeon, and blessed crops were delivered to Yeonsin News, interest in it increased.

In other words, each farmer has no power to protect it until he sells his goods.

According to Han Hari’s report, there was an attack by cancer patients in the process of distributing rice.

It was a commotion caused by several terminally ill patients who became desperate, but it is unknown when it will lead to mercenaries and demons.

“230 million won for one bale?”

Hari cheered from the side because he paid much more than he delivered to the association.

“Awesome, Your Majesty!”

“It should be cheaper.”


“It’s probably the market that determines the market price of things, but only because the price of crops is so high.”


Wouldn’t it be nice if it was expensive? Harry thought so, but Leon thought differently.

“How can poor grassroots buy and eat it when it’s so expensive? God’s grace must be distributed fairly to all the people.”

“Yes… will you buy it?”

“I told the president to educate the farmers and spread the divine grace, but he said the president must maintain religious neutrality.”

“Well… that makes sense.”

Religion has great authority where Leon lived, but it was different here on Earth.

Theocracy has long since died out hundreds of years ago, and only the Middle East remains where the political world encourages religion.

The president, of course, had to maintain religious neutrality.

“Well, thanks to this incident, I gathered quite a bit of faith. It should be enough to build the strength of ‘Lion’s Heart’ and the army.”

At those words, Hari realized something and added her words.

“Those whom Your Majesty ordered to prepare are now on standby.”

“Hmm. Did you arrange a suitable dungeon?”

“Yeah! But Your Majesty… are you okay?”

“What do you mean?”

Hari faithfully prepared what Leon asked for. Although she had become a dispatched employee of the Pantheon War guild, the association was keeping an eye on Leon, so it was easy to work because she listened to whatever he asked for.

“The yellow-grade gate that appeared this morning… The bid was successful as His Majesty wished.”

yellow grade. At least S-class… Of course, it is a gate that can be solved alone for Leon, who has more power than that.

However, it is not him who clears this gate.

“With those chosen by His Majesty, attacking that gate is…nearly impossible.”

“Well. That remains to be seen.”


Leon smiled at Hari, who was looking suspiciously, and said.

“I have Jim with this lion’s heart, but I can’t even use it as a soldier unless I can do that much.”

Two days later, in front of Samjeon Station, Songpa-gu, Seoul. More than 50 hunters were gathered in the place that was closed due to the appearance of the gate.

There was also Goo Dae-sung, a D-class hunter for 10 years.

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