The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 30: Kind Orc (1)

“Uh, isn’t that Mr. Gu? Did you see the text message too?”

“Chief Kim? Nice to meet you here.”

Goo Dae-seong scratched his head at the familiar face and said hello.

“By the way, what is this?

At those words, Goo Dae-seong said that the hunters gathered here are all D-class… At least he noticed that they were C-class hunters.

Are you trying to hire a new employee? However, the salary of the association is not high even in empty words. It is not very attractive for Goo Dae-seong, who is struggling with the money he is making now to make a living.

Of course, when I become an employee of the association, I tend to take care of weapons and consumables, but… … .

how long did you wait for that Aren’t association employees pouring in from far away to open the way?

“Oh… Miss Han Hari.”

“Hanhari, the magic swordsman of the flame?”

“I heard you broke the highest price in last year’s draft.”

A young woman with braided red hair. Goo Dae-sung’s gaze made him envy Ha-ri in his heart.

How could she not be envious of Ha-ri, who is 12 years younger than herself, receiving so much admiration for her brilliant talent.

But soon, Hari was revealed to be an incomparable celebrity.

“Your Majesty Leon Dragonia Lionheart!”

blonde young man. Leon goes up to the podium under the courteous guidance of the Association staff.


When Daesung witnessed Leon on the Cheongju Gate Closing News, he was completely devastated.

Leon Dragonia Lionheart.

A survivor and the king of a kingdom destroyed by demons.

He knew that the blond man he had met at the test was an unusual person.

But I’m sure you’ll be a survivor.

‘That’s why you were so strong… … .’

Survivors are special people. They were great men who survived the ruined world, and each of them was a hero with special powers. Unlike ordinary people like yourself.

After clearing the Cheongju Gate, he will continue to win and win.

Seeing that Leon is already being promoted to an S-class hunter, the S-class hunter is a fait accompli.

Even though he has been in Class D for 10 years… … .

To be honest, Goo Dae-seong was envious of him. I was envious of that strength, and I was envious of the fame that I would have in the future.

Everyone will be like that. He wants to be like that too… … .

But the reality is harsh. I can’t be like that myself. There is no reason to think that this is so obvious.

“Well done. It’s no different that you’ve been summoned.”

At Leon’s words, the Hunters murmured. It was Leon, not the president of the association, who summoned them?

No, then what is the relationship between the association president and Leon?

Did the survivor named Leon decide to join the Hunter Association?

Hari shouted into the microphone as the local TV showed no signs of shutting down, with countless speculations circulating.

“Be quiet! Be quiet! Your Majesty speaks!”

Hunters who are awkward with her words, but stop talking. Leon opened his mouth only when they all looked at him.

“I will summon soldiers to join Jim’s guild pantheon. Only those who are qualified, who have proven themselves, and who have endured the training will be given the honor of entering Jim’s gate.”


Hunters were bewildered by Leon’s suggestion, not his.

What kind of suggestion do you mean? Isn’t it a way of speaking as if hiring a professional soldier?

But apart from that, it was so attractive that the next S-class hunter would enter the confirmed survivor’s guild.

For the top 10 Korean guilds with S-class hunters, the lowest cut is B-class. Even if it is not possible, it is the top of the C-class with strong B-class growth.

It was common for them, who were C-class and D-class hunters in their later years, to act as small and medium-sized guilds or porters without even thinking about it.

The invitation to join the S-class hunter’s guild is bound to be too alluring.

“I-Is anyone okay if they want to join?”

“It’s enlistment. Anyway… not everyone. There must be a filter.”

At Leon’s words, the Hunters wanted more than just a light test. But I didn’t think it was that great.

This is what they say after gathering D-class hunters like them. I thought the cut wouldn’t be that high.

And above all, there were people who saw this as a great opportunity and burned their passion.

“No, unconditionally! Unconditionally!”

Like Koo Dae-sung, those who wanted to gain honor and growth for themselves also wanted to join Leon’s military gates.

“Then immediately! Let’s proceed with the practical test. The content of the test… is to clear the Gate of the Three Kingdoms, which was won by His Majesty’s Pantheon Guild!”

“Samjeon Station Gate?”

It was a town I knew. Goo Daesung went to a high school nearby.

The hunters immediately used their phones to search for gates that appeared in Samjeon Station.

“Uh… this is a yellow grade.”


“How do we clear that?”

The level of the gate is divided into black, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

The Seoul Station gate used for the D-class hunter’s test is blue.

Considering that most of the hunters here are C-class or D-class, their maximum target dungeon is yellow. That’s when I joined as a porter.

“Nonsense! To clear the yellow grade by ourselves? I’m not telling you to die!”

“What kind of test is this!”

The space rang as more than 100 people clamored. Hari blocked her stuffy eardrums, but can’t you hear that?

“I, quietly… Those who do not intend to proceed further, please leave… I will do my best.”


“Eh! Time wasted!”

Hunters going out one after another. Goo Dae-seong glanced at Hari or Leon, hoping not to stop them, but the two showed no signs of stopping them.

More than half of them escaped, and fewer than fifty remained.

They saw the man, Leon, stand up.

“You there. You look like you got hit by a bomb.”

“Yes, yes yes!”

The afro-haired hunter answered awkwardly.

“Why did you stay?”

“That, that… I wondered if it all had a deep meaning…”

“I see. You there. Why did you stay?”

“I-I… I just stayed.”

Despite that answer, Leon nodded and turned his gaze to Goo Dae-sung.

“Why did you stay?”

Goo Dae-sung replied in a spirited voice even though he was embarrassed that he was talking to me from a distance.

“Sir, no way! I thought I’d let you die!”

“Hmm. You’re spirited. That’s a good attitude.”

Tuk-tuk, Leon tapped on the shoulder. Strangely enough, it wasn’t unpleasant. Rather, it was heartbreaking.

“Jim must have said he’s come to muster the ‘soldiers’.”

A soldier, not a hunter. It’s a difference in words, but the difference is huge.

“What do you think is the virtue of a soldier? Obedience.”

“You guys follow the knight’s orders and do not doubt.”

“Believe in the knight’s honor, believe in the knight’s might. That is the only duty given to you.”

In short, it was a story about choosing a guy who listens well.

“I’m going straight ahead! Get paid for supplies and finish your preparations.”

About 50 hunters quickly put on their equipment and headed to Samjeon Station.

* * * *

“Hmm… It’s a bit heavy.”

Goo Dae-sung agreed with team leader Kim’s small complaint.

All of the Mansinjeon applicants, including him, were heavily armed.

With the exception of ranged dealers, all melee riders wore the common equipment of a shield and armor.

“I’m a dealer…”

Goo Dae-seong carried a shield and a one-handed sword instead of his usual long sword. Only then will it be difficult to use the swordsmanship you normally use.

“Still, the equipment is good. Aren’t they all rare?

The hunter’s equipment, which Leon said he purchased from Colonel Steel under the Colonel Group at his own expense, is a high-end item that D-class hunters cannot even afford.

Originally, weapons and armor are consumables, so spending a lot of money on equipment is not easy for low-end hunters like Goo Dae-seong.

However, because Leon provided all such equipment, they were able to wear unexpected luxury items.

“Really… I don’t think I’ll just let you die.”

“Because I said it was a test.”

Apparently, the king of this other world has a slightly strange personality, but he is not stingy.

“But the king is actually dressed a little sloppy.”

“Iknow, right.”

Apart from having the hunters heavily armed, Leon wears casual clothes. Aside from wearing a leather jumper that looked a bit tough, he didn’t see any other protective gear.

“Employee Han Hari.”

“Yes, what are you doing? Goo Daesung Hunter?”

Han Hari also wore armor, even if it was light. It’s a close dealer, so it’s natural.

“Leon’s lungs—”

Hari covered Daesung’s mouth.

“Shh! You can’t use His Majesty’s name carelessly! He’s angry!”

“Ah… uh, is that so? Then, Your Majesty… Why don’t you wear armor?”

“Because His Majesty’s skin is harder than the armor.”


* * * *

It was a vast meadow.

What the hunters who entered the gate of Samjeon Station witnessed was a field reminiscent of the vast grasslands of Europe.

In this day and age, such a vast nature exudes admiration just by looking at it.

“There’s no need to fight while inhaling smoke.”

Not all gates have such a good environment. In particular, the cave dungeon-type gates were often filled with heat from the aftermath of battles.

‘The quest… … .’

Goo Dae-seong was not distracted by such a natural environment and immediately checked the quest.

[You are mercenaries from outside. In this great steppe where tribal wars are raging, choose one of the two tribal alliances and lead to victory.]

“Hmm… NPC support quest?”

If it’s common, it’s a common case. Just like Cheongju Gate or Honam Pyeongya Gate, clearing the quest will naturally close the gate.

“Mr. Goo. It looks like it’s a camp quest, right?”

“Yes. I think I’ll have to take one side of the two warring tribal unions and lead them to victory.”

It didn’t matter. Whichever one you choose, it’s all the same.

“The question is, which one is saltier and easier?”

These optional quests have different rewards depending on the choices you make. The question is how to find out. The moment of choice came quickly.

“Everyone, look over there! They look like monsters!?”

The eyes of the hunters are directed to someone’s cry. There, even from afar, large dolls were walking towards us.

protruding fangs. A huge ax with big muscles. green skin. they… … .

“Oh, orc?!”

“It’s an oak!”

Oak. Humanoids seen as often as goblins in fantasy-type gates.

“Sir, I can’t believe it’s a tribal war…”

“Was it a war between the Orcs!?”

There were dozens of Orcs. The orc, riding a large wild boar, approached us with a loud voice.

“Who are you! This is the territory of our Warshammer clan! You have invaded our clan’s territory!”

Goo Dae-seong hurriedly approached Harina Leon. for judgment.

“Hmm… Your Majesty. First of all, why don’t you follow the quest?”

“…do as you please.”

Leon narrowed his eyes, but left the judgment to Hari. She looks at the quest window and replies as the ambassador for the quest.

“We are mercenaries!

“A mercenary?”

At Hari’s words, the orcs snooped and responded.

“They must be the outsiders the Chief spoke of. Follow me!”

Thanks to the quest scenario, the Orcs easily accepted the Hunters. They were able to enter a camp set up by dozens of orcs.

“Welcome, mercenaries. I am Karta Karak, chieftain of the Warhammer clan.”

“Ha, they say Hanhari.”

When Leon did not step forward, Han Ha-ri, who naturally became the representative, greeted awkwardly.

“Hmm, I heard that useful mercenaries will come, but they are more ineffective than I thought.”


“We are currently in the midst of a great battle to determine the chieftain of the steppe. Each tribe leads warriors in a bloody battle, and the one who wins will be closer to the chieftain.”

‘It’s such a quest.’

Koo Dae-seong opened the strategy books that he had put in his head while reading numerous cases of attacking gates.

Orcs are a fighting race that naturally likes to fight, and decides everything with war.

They are generally hostile to all races, but tend to respect warriors and value honorable fights.

In short, it is easy to win favor if you fight well.

‘The rewards that can be obtained from quests related to Orcs are mainly weapons. But if you’re lucky, you might get the ability to communicate with spirits from spirit weapons or shamans.’

Elementalists are very few among Hunters. It was also called the lottery of the Orc Quest among hunters because it was given at least a B rank once you learned it.

Is that all? The heart of the Orc Warrior is used as a powerful magic ingredient and is a body enhancer that rises permanently. It was a thing called a lottery for low-level hunters.

But that’s it. All orcs are at least C-class. On average, it is a powerful B-class monster.

In addition, the compensation was salty compared to the hardships of moving in unit units almost unconditionally.

So there are many cases in which oak gates are treated badly and even successful gates are resold at a bargain price.

‘Still, dozens of tribes are fighting, so if you’re lucky, you might be able to get one or two.’

While Koo Dae-sung was waiting vaguely, Karta Karak sighed heavily and clenched his fists.

“Support our Warhammer clan. A greater war! A more honorable death! Whoever wins will take all!”


It was then. The cynical sneer that seemed to be full of energy was all too noticeable.

“What kind of guy are you!”

“Uh, me, not me!”

A Hunter waving his hand in fright at the momentum of Carta Karak, who was outraged. Then, Leon stepped forward.

“If you keep quiet, I won’t be able to hear you.”

“Lungs, Your Majesty?”

Hari was taken aback by Leon’s sudden action, but he did not dare to stop him.

“You… you are a strong warrior. If a warrior like you helps us, the duel will be our honorable victory—”

“Honor? Honor?! You don’t even know what a beast is, and you have longings overflowing with desire!”

“Insulting me——!”

That was the moment. Leon’s sword that appeared in the air flashed and in an instant blew off Carta Karak’s head.



“What, what!?”

Not only the Orcs but also the Hunters were distorted in astonishment. However, Leon, aiming at the holy sword, declares with an awe-inspiring expression.

His declaration of doom goes to all living Orcs.

“You guys are not honorable warriors, but like worms, you will die waiting for the ground! Because that is unchanging justice!!”

Leon Dragonia Lionheart.

Super Fucking Orc Racest.

An orc butcher who buried 8,769,653 orcs.

It’s a legend.

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