The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 31: Kind Orc (2)

The orc chief’s neck rolled around.

While everyone didn’t understand the situation and kept their mouth shut, Yafi, who had been sitting on top of Hari’s head until now, reacted first.

– Recognition of hostile target. initiation of extinction.

Yappy’s robotic arm dangled a steel wire. Four wires whipped through perfectly calculated trajectories.

“Joe, to kill the chieftain! Neno——!?”

The Orcs couldn’t even show their anger. It was because something had pierced my head and uvula, causing me to slip.

– Cheeky puduk!

Severed heads of orcs fell like neatly cut cube steaks.

“Enemy! Kill!”

“Kill him!”

Orcs in the camp rushed in unison. Leon shouted.

“Raise your shield! Form a circle and block their charge!”

The spirits of the hunters, including Goo Dae-seong, were forcibly awakened by Leon’s work. They instinctively raised their shields and blocked the Orcs’ physical charge.


“Sir, what the fuck is this…!”

“I do not know either!”

The heads of the chieftain and his fellow tribesmen were suddenly blown off, and the Orcs became enraged and tried to kill the Hunters.

“Hold your shield higher! The shield doesn’t just protect you! Protect the right shoulder of your next comrade!”


“No, stop!”

Hunters protected each other with shields. But that is also a matter of time.

‘shit! Too strong!’

‘We are D-class hunters! How can I win against a similar number of Orcs!’


A naturally-born fighting race that even the weakest Orc can equal a C-class Hunter.

They were incomparable to the Hunters in terms of mass with their large bodies and bulging muscles. Originally, even surviving the first charge was close to a miracle.


Gu Dae-seong remembered. I know. How are we holding back the orc charge?

It was strange. The hunters here are the lowest level hunters who can’t even go one-on-one against orcs. Even yourself.

But, oddly enough, I wasn’t afraid. Just having Leon by his side made him feel relieved, and the strength to do anything soared.

At that time, some hunters witnessed a system message floating on the edge of their field of vision.

【Aura of Lion’s Heart】


: Corps reinforcement charge defense is granted.

: Corps reinforcement fortification is granted.

: Corps reinforcement battalion reinforcement is granted.

: Legion strengthening valor is granted.

: Legion strengthened lighter armor is granted.

: Legion strengthened tough skin is granted.

: Legion strengthening heavy blow is granted.

: Legion strengthening anti-magic enhancement is granted.

: Legion strengthening ranged resistance is granted.

: Legion strengthening sharp gaze is granted.

: Legion strengthening anti-infantry slaughter is granted.

: Legion strengthening contamination resistance is granted.


[Most orc slayers among primates]


: 50% killing effect against Orcs.

: Orcs are overcome with fear, confusion, and despair.

: Deserved hatred for Orcs spreads.

What’s this.

【Living half body】

[War Knight’s Blessing]

【 Holy Grail Guardian 】

【 Dragon Slayer’s Honor 】

[Fear of the Evil Species]

【 Demon Lord Slayer 】

【Most demon slayers】

[Long-distance loathsome]

【 Strongest Assaulter 】

──The level of the corps members is too low. Many enhancement traits do not apply.

‘crazy… !’

What’s this. It’s a scam!

there were sometimes Among the hunters’ jobs, the unique job called Commander was like this.

Innate leadership and management skills… And troop buff skills. In the red gate, which becomes a large-scale battlefield, isn’t it a job that each other can’t take care of it, so it’s a job.

However, it is a job that requires rear deployment due to lack of combat ability, so how can a person with powerful combat abilities like Leon even have this power?

“Raise your shield! Push away! Insert your sword into the gap of the moment!”

The voice of the King of Knights with the heart of a lion pierced my mind like thunder.

Just by hearing it, my courage soared and my whole body trembled with a sense of omnipotence.

If you work with the author… No, if we are with him, we will win.

The groundless trust grows rapidly and actually pushes the momentum of the orcs. Unbelievable power gushed out from where the stabbed sword pierced the orc’s tough hide.


“Hey, warrior god…!”

The orcs who are dying. They cried out to their god and collapsed. However, the Lion Heart King did not tolerate even that.

“Kwaaaaagh! Those evil beasts dare to call out to God! Cut off their tongues! Take off their heads and insult their false gods!”

Leon, who was trembling, summoned the new beast, Stallion, as if he could not stay still.

The pure white giant showed its shape while bathing in the divine light, and green skin was visible in the eyes of such a giant.


Shinma roars. With a gaze burning with anger, I burn my allies and jump over the square.



The orcs were taken aback by the shadows cast over their vision. Stallion landed on the backs of the orcs at once and fired a sharp hind kick.


It was a nice jawbone shot. The orc with a broken neck collapsed helplessly.

“Let’s go, Stallion!”

Summoning the Holy Spear, Leon began to slaughter the Orcs who surrounded the Hunters. The riders of the Gods and Horses pierced the orcs with terrible penetrating power, smashing and tearing them apart.

It took less than 10 minutes for the 130 Orcs in the Orc camp to be destroyed.

“Good job, Stallion.”

– Kuruk!

When he sees the orcs, Stallion says to call him back and disappears.

There were corpses of Orcs who had died horribly and Hunters who hadn’t died.

“Let out a victory cry! An honorable victory!”

“Wow, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…”


Hunters were dumbfounded. It was unbelievable that he had won against over 100 Orcs without hurting anyone.

“This is strange… Were Orcs originally this weak?”

“No, it was completely different from usual. An unknown power soared.”

Even those who did not look at the message window instinctively felt it. That an unknown force surrounded them.

And there was no need to investigate the cause.

“Is it a Commander-type job…?”

“No, I heard from the Golden Lion Guild that you smashed a yakt spinner by yourself.”

“It’s a combat-type job, but you have a buff skill like that? Is that possible?”

“……Lion Heart King. I heard that he is the king of knights.”

They realized what kind of existence the person in front of their eyes was.

Lion Heart King.

A knight with unprecedented military strength, and a commander who has won numerous battles.

Even before he became the Lion Heart King, he was a renowned war knight and a border guard who slaughtered countless orcs.

“I… Your Majesty.”

Hari approached Leon with a bloody face. Even her sword was covered with thick orcish blood.

“What is it, Harry?”

“Uh, why did you… do this?”

At those words, Leon was genuinely puzzled.

“What is the reason for killing orcs?”

“Yes? But the quest…”

“Help the orcs clear the quest? That sounds crazy. I’d rather throw myself into a pit of fire than help that green beast.”

Leon’s anger towards the orcs was endless.

“They are beasts not worthy of respect. Their existence itself is a harm, and they are not worth living.”

“Honor? Warriors? There is no such thing as honor in their warfare. They may be brave, but how can the beast’s ferocity compare with the bravery of a knight?”

“Don’t treat them like people. They are disgusting beasts. They don’t even deserve to be alive.”

‘Le, the racist… … .’

Hari vowed never to tell her that there were orc survivors on Earth.

It was because it was so clear how this fucking orc racecist would react when he saw an orc survivor.

“Oh, why do you hate it so much?

“They can’t build a civilization. It’s because they’re worms who spend their lives only in war and fighting. What kind of culture will bloom with those who rely on plunder. They can never harmonize with other races.”


It was also true. Quite a few Orcs have come over to Earth over the past 30 years, but every single one of them has turned into demons.

The Oak Harlem, which is spreading in the United States, is still a nuisance that makes American society sick, and Orcs are involved in the cannabis business and massacres in South America.

Since slaughter and violence were the characteristics of the racial unit, they could not be assimilated into a civilized society.

However, as far as reproductive ability was superior to humans, countries around the world were suffering from the ever-increasing voting rights and cultural differences.

Perhaps a new word called orc phobia was coined.

“Then… how do you plan to close the gate?”

“Kill all orcs in this gate!

Goals are coming at the dumbfounded declaration. Yapi rode on Hari’s shoulder and landed on the top of his head.

“Sir Spinner. Do you have any reports?”

-Reconnaissance report. Field area measurement completed. 2.7 million square kilometers. Discover 56 Orc Camps. About 4,650 orcs.

“Four, four thousand…”

Harry vomits his flagship. No matter how much it was a condition that you had to win by taking one side, the scale was enormous.

As a result of choosing the option of killing all orcs, the level of difficulty in attacking the gate became vermilion instead of yellow.

“Hmm… The number is quite small for beasts.”

“Am I a little?”

“That’s right. In my kingdom, one colony of Orcs was basically 100,000.”

Considering the nature of the gate, this number was a staggering number.

“Your Majesty… do you really intend to kill them all? That… I don’t think it will take too long.”

“Hmm… Jim alone could do something, but it wouldn’t be right to waste too much of Jim’s time on animals.”

But Leon did not give up. He intends to kill all the orcs in this field, even if it takes time.

-your majesty. I have an offer.

It was then. Yapi made a suggestion in a mechanical voice.

“Something, Sir Spinner. I will listen to your voice.”

Yapi shot a hologram through the camera eye.

A map of the field created by launching an observation plane for mapping into the sky right after the battle ended.

He photographed the headwaters of the river crossing the orc settlements.

* * * *

night. Taking advantage of the night when the orcs were sleeping, three people appeared at the upper reaches of the river.

-Kick! this place. point.

Yafi, who landed on top of Hari’s head, shoots upstream with her sharp legs.

“Hmm. I’ll leave it to Sir.”

The yakt spinner went into the flowing river and activated the energy.

“Core overload started. Output 99.9% operation.」

The yakt spinner started operating the reactor core inside me at full power. The cooling system is stopped while the energy is running at full capacity, and smoke rises.

“Core overload. Over cooling system. Rapid aging of fuel rods. core meltdown. Fuel rod ejection.”

The yakt spinner opened the carapace to eject the fuel rod inside. Pong! The bouncing and bouncing resembled something.

“Um, it looks like shit…”

“Don’t speak dirty words.”

It wasn’t entirely wrong.

Yacht Spinner’s power is an on-board small nuclear reactor.

The high-output electricity generated by the nuclear reactor is the infinite power that moves Yapi.

However, there was a fuel rod as long as it was a nuclear reactor, and a self-destruct sequence that caused nuclear fusion through overloading the reactor in case of emergency.

The Yacht Spinner is only half way through that self-destruct sequence.

It overloads the reactor to the point of core meltdown and discharges the fuel rods when the critical level is reached.

In this way, extremely dangerous radioactive substances such as cesium 137, iodine 131, strontium 90, and plutonium 238 inside the fuel rod are exposed along with the fuel rod, contaminating the river.

The river that all the orcs in this field use for drinking water is pickled with radioactivity.

“Um… Your Majesty. We are safe with Your Majesty’s protection, but… Are you okay?”

“What do you mean?”

“That… according to chivalry, is this cowardly?”

Leon smiled at Hari’s question. It was an expression that he did not feel the slightest bit of remorse even though he was carrying out a plot that he himself would consider cowardly.

“What kind of chivalry against beasts. If I can kill even one more, I’ll use a ranged weapon.”


“Listen, Hari. And Sir Spinner. Dealing with the green beasts is not a war or a duel.”

Leon spoke in a voice filled with endless hatred and contempt.

“It’s about eradicating beasts. They hunt seawater, but what kind of hunter would seek honor?”

“Hmm… Tea, there can be good orcs too.”


As if he had heard something he couldn’t bear to hear, Leon sneeringly spoke the unchanging truth as if enlightening these foolish and ignorant people.

“The only good orc is a dead orc.”

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