The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 32: Kind Orc (3)

Groktar, a warrior of the Blade Axe tribe, started with a refreshing morning.

“Hahaha! Groktar cracked Galdin’s skull!”

“It was a nice axe, brother!”

Groktar prays for a compatriot who split his head in a quarrel in the morning.

“Since you died fighting bravely, the Warrior God will send you to the eternal battlefield.”

Groktar goes to the riverside blessing the corpses of his dead compatriots. He drew water from the river with a gourd to commemorate his glorious victory.

“Groktar! Groktar of the Axe Tribe!”

A voice from across the river. In the bloody battle that decided the chieftain of the grassland this time, it was a hostile tribal orc.

“Yes! Who are you!”

“My name is Barbata! I am Barbata of the Ironfist tribe!”

“Yes, Barbata! What’s up!”

“Come fight me! I will defeat you and raise my honor!”

“Hehe, good! Raise the axe!”

Groktar split Barbata’s head open and drank the wine of victory.

The surroundings were filled with Orcs who came to drink water like Barbata and challenged their fellow tribesmen to a duel and were defeated. Is that why?

“Hmm, the water tastes a bit unusual today.”

There was something stinging and itchy, and the taste of the water was very strange. However, since this river was the only drinking water to quench their thirst, they could not find any other water.

Groktar returned to his tribe carrying buckets of water.

And the tragedy begins.

Groktar realized that his body was rapidly deteriorating.

Before lunchtime passed, I lost my senses and passed out several times.

The radioactive material destroyed the water molecules in Groktar’s body, resulting in an excess of active oxygen.

The hydroxyradical substance created in this way destroyed the cells in Groktar’s body in real time, and he felt a sharp metallic taste in his mouth. This is because the taste buds on the tongue are disturbed.

And in less than an hour, all hair on the body, including hair, fell out, nausea and vomiting, general weakness, and bleeding occurred.

His whole body felt as heavy as if he was carrying a rock, and his vision was spinning around and he couldn’t see properly.

“Kuuuuuu… Lord, Shaman… Call the Shaman…”

Grokthar came out of his tent complaining of pain. He came out crawling on his knees, but what he saw were his brothers with the same symptoms as himself.


“Shaman, sorcerer ah…”

They found the tribal shaman. I was looking for a shaman who usually did not take care of my wounds and only performed tattoo magic to strengthen myself, and asked me to remove the curse on me.

“What, what… I don’t know anything like this. I’ve never seen anything like this!”

However, being a shaman doesn’t mean you can have sharp numbers.

This was not sorcery or curses, but the cost of consuming river water contaminated with highly-concentrated radioactive material.

It was an orc with innate physical ability, so it was at least able to endure like this, and quite a few creatures would have died only with the contaminated blood that the orc spewed out.

That’s when the orcs in the meadow are polluted with sin radiation and die.

“Glory to Lionheart!”

All over again! The roaring footsteps of the gods echoed in the meadow and the jousting spear pierced the body of the orc shaman.


An orc shaman pierced through the entire torso hangs down. He tried to attack the assailant with spirit magic even when he was penetrated and lifted, but he was thrown and rolled on the ground.

“Exterminate the beasts! Don’t let even one live!”

Hunters rushed into the Orc camp with a roaring sound.

“Go, these are free experience points! Kill them all!”

“You can kill Orcs so easily.”

The Hunters slaughtered the orcs one after another while whistling at the decline of the orcs that they had never seen before.

It was not a battle, it was a massacre and a slaughter.

“Umm… well, Your Majesty.”

“What is it, Harry?”

“That… is it okay? Killing the radioactive orcs… we will be exposed to the radiation as well.”

“You mean that toxic substance. Nothing to worry about.”

Leon was not ignorant of the toxicity of radioactive materials.

Yapi explained the danger sufficiently and that it was powerful enough to kill all the orcs in the plains.

So, I suggested spraying radioactive material and waiting at the gate entrance.

“It doesn’t matter. If it’s that level of poison, you can wash it off just by eating the crops Demera has blessed and resting. Most of all, all those who enter my gates gain the strength to ‘resist pollution’.”


If so, what will the quest be like? The dungeon closing conditions have been destroyed… At that moment, a message window appeared in front of Hari’s eyes.

[The entire Orc Tribal Union has been turned into an enemy. It has become a public enemy of the Orcs.]


Quest change? It was the first time that a quest that had been given once had changed. Hari saw the quest.

[Hidden Quest. Destroy all orcs in the field.]

“Your Majesty. The quest… has been changed.”

When Hari reported the changed quest, the Lionheart smiled with satisfaction.

“Good! Righteous justice has been established at last! Soldiers of the Lion Heart King! The time has come to establish light and justice!”

Hundreds of remaining orcs. Leon intends to dispose of them without hesitation.


It was then. The center of the Orc camp. There was an unexpected change there.

The sky was turning green.


Leon rode the Stallion and headed straight for the place where change was taking place. And he found Orcs gathered there.

“You! It’s you! You’re the one who put a curse on the river!”

Hundreds of sick and dying orcs and a robed orc shaman. He was angry with tears of blood when he saw Leon and the Hunters.

“You evil bastards! You cowardly ones! Are you still warriors!”

The orc shaman shed bloody tears as he witnessed the horrendous deaths of his people.

Orcs are a race that is closer to death than anyone else. But this wasn’t it. There can be no such dishonorable death.


Leon laughed at the screams of the orcs as if he was full of energy.

“It’s absurd. Does a beast cry for honor?”

The eyes of a beast screaming in rage are low and dirty. It was humiliating for Leon just to meet that gaze.

“The Lion Heart King’s respectful eyes cannot be contained in the pupils of you beasts. It is a mortal sin that cannot be forgiven even after being drenched in blood and having your eyes dug out alive.”

The orcs trembled at the chillingly harsh sentence.

“At least, curse your ugly selves and give yourself a chance to kill yourself, you dirty beasts.”

“Arrogant bastard! Gokrok will not forgive you guys!”

At that moment, a green light appeared in the shaman’s eyes, and a destructive aura was emitted.

“The beast is casting spells!”

Leon did not wait for that energy to wear off. He picked up the holy spear and threw it at the shaman.

A few orcs raised their shields to protect the shaman, but the jousting spear thrown with superhuman strength pierced even that and pierced the shaman’s stomach.

“Keep it off! It’s already… late!”

The shaman poured all the sources of my life force into it. The witchcraft that risked life succeeded, and the space was opened.

“Gokrok is coming…! Our great sorcerer god will… punish you!”

As if the gates of hell had been opened, a pitch-black pit squeezed through the space, and the huge breath inhaled inside sucked in all directions.

“For the Sorcerer…!”

“To avenge my brothers!”

Orcs did not resist and were willingly sucked into it.

“Your Majesty! What the hell is that!?”

“Ha, they’re sacrifices. Indeed, they’re beasts. Civilization hasn’t bloomed at all.”



Hunters, including Hari, glanced at Leon with grim eyes. There were many things I wanted to say, but I decided to hold back.

“Look! This is Gokrok’s great right arm and eye!”

[Hidden Quest: Defeat Gokrok, the Orc Shaman God.]

* * * *

Orcs are a race from another world whose origins are unknown.

Their features are extremely simple.

It is violent, likes to fight, and has excellent reproductive abilities.

They are despised as savage beasts, but even they have gods.

One of the three great gods of Orcs, Gokrok, the Orc Sorcerer God.

He responded to the summons that the Orc Shaman, who inherited his wisdom, longed for.

Even though he was only able to summon one arm and one eyeball after offering the sacrifices of hundreds of orcs and the souls of thousands of orcs.

And Gokrok saw it. An orc butcher in my glowing green eyes. He summoned his mouth with all his might and referred to that being.

[It is an unacceptable existence. Be sure to destroy it.]

Gokrok’s eyes lit up and a green beam of light shot out. It was a blow aimed at Leon.

However, the blessing of the arrow block blocks this. If it was a long-range attack, any blow was blocked by the Holy Law, which blocked Gokrok’s eye light.

[Something like me protects you. Who is the god who protects you?]

Gokrok realized that the power that blocked his power was the power of a transcendent being. Although on a different level, he was interested in a being that could stand up to his strength.

“A… existence like you?”

But Leon’s reaction was dramatic. Even in front of a divine being, anger, not fear or hesitation, took precedence.

All positive things are being cut out of his fresh smile, and only enormous murderous intent and anger are seething.

“Something like you. Are you claiming to be a god just because you act like the boss of beasts! Kuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Leon’s brilliance shines. Stallion charged with momentum, and the holy sword was in his hand.

“You filthy beast! Your presence will not be tolerated by this Lionheart!”

Leon’s sword glowed. Just as when it was activated by pouring holy water in the past, the light from all directions piles up in layers.

[An insignificant mortal… !]

Gokrok’s right arm swung down at Leon. A huge mass is itself violent. Hari and the Hunters were frightened as they saw the 20m right arm striking Stallion and Leon.

“Lungs, Your Majesty?!”

However, Leon rushes in regardless. His sword shines brightly.

holy sword. This sword, bestowed by the divinity of light and justice on his first knight, possesses another power besides immortality.

Hwihwang’s holy sword.

A symbol of undying brilliance. That sword cuts through anything in the world.


There is bewilderment in Gokrok’s voice. It was like that too. Even though I’m a spirit body, a mortal cut off my arm.

And the characteristics of the Holy Grail Knight. The sacred law is enshrined in their holy sword. The power of the concept to give a true blow to the opponent you cut.

Even if it is a spirit body, if it is cut by this sword, the main body will also suffer damage.

[Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… !]

“Go, Gokrok-sama?!”

God screams in pain. The orc shaman was taken aback.

[Hey, you bastard… ! okay… it was you Orc Butcher… Demon Slayer… !]

Gokrok identified the opponent’s identity by the fact that his body was damaged. A knight who exists in a different dimension than himself, but is feared by demons because of his notoriety.

A demigod in a nightmarish world where the highest level of demons under the control of the evil god of wisdom and exploration died en masse.

[Retreat now… You will pay the price for this audacity.]

After saying that, Gokrok withdrew the summoning and returned to his dimension. The orc shaman was dumbfounded when the god he summoned with the souls of thousands of orcs disappeared.

“Go, Go Croc. It’s Go Croc!”

Leon approached the shaman. He trembled at the shadows covering him.

“If you’re the god of your garbage beasts, this is only about it.”

“This, Ino Ohm…!”

The sorcerer’s words could not be finished. It was because Leon’s holy sword had dropped his neck.

The orc shaman’s neck rolled, and Leon looked down at the shaman’s neck with contempt.

“Hmph, the beasts have troubled you. You guys are the ones who shouldn’t live.”

[You have cleared all hidden quests.]

-All participants will be given the attribute ‘Orc Hunter’.

-All participants will be granted the attribute ‘War Night’s Man at Arms’

Hunters vomited their flagships on their reward characteristics. For bond hunters, traits are a rare reward.

The mainstream theory was that traits were acquired through specific actions or repeated actions, but to get these two rewards?

【Orc hunter】

-When facing Orcs, gain 30% additional damage.

【Man at Arms from War Night】

– Gains 20% physical resistance when fighting with a knight with the War Knight attribute.

Besides, that ability was not normal. One was unfortunate because it was an Orc specialty, but I was able to get a whopping 30% more damage, and War Knight’s man-at-arms got 20% physical resistance.

Virtually all hunters had the physical resistance that tank-type hunters would have at least one.

“Fuck… Great, that’s great.”

When the hunters, including Goo Dae-seong, were dumbfounded by the hidden quest reward, Leon shouted.

“Collect the loot! Hurry up and move!”

The hunters are distracted by Leon’s words. Yes, the loot remained.

He killed over 4,000 Orcs. No matter how badly the gate where the orcs appear is treated badly, when there are 4,000 of them, even if only items are swept away, where is it?

As long as the conditions for closing the dungeon were fulfilled, the loot from the gate had to be collected as soon as possible.

“Hurry up! Mainly Daejeonsa level or higher level warriors! Shaman’s equipment must be taken out unconditionally!”

“Ugh… If these bastards died gracefully, the Great Warrior’s Heart would be a great item…”

“Would a heart that has been pickled in radiation be okay?”

“I don’t know! If you ate blessed rice, you won’t have to worry about radiation. Let’s get it out!”

Hunters scattered in all directions of the meadow with greedy eyes.


Unlike them, Hari and Yapi stay. Hari wasn’t greedy for items, and Yaffe’s interest was elsewhere.

“Um, Your Majesty… How should I do this?”

The place Hari pointed to was the massive severed arm.

The severed arm of Gokrok, the Orc shaman god.

It was still there even after Gokrok closed the dimensional door.

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