The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 33: Kind Orc (4)

The result of slaughtering over 4,000 Orcs was staggering.

The average D-class end-level hunters easily hunted dozens of orcs that would normally be too much to deal with one-on-one, and collected their supplies.

“Wow… Mr. Gu, look at this. There are over 500 axes in this camp alone.”

Team leader Kim Do-han, who was mining resources in the gate as a mining team leader, and Goo Dae-seong, who was only a porter at the green gate, were fascinated by the spoils in front of their eyes.


Over 4,000 Orcs possessed an enormous amount of supplies.

Weapons, alcohol, meat, orc wild boars, etc. However, as is the case with gates where orcs appear, only weapons and certain items are useful.

“Spirit weapon! I need to find the spirit weapon!”

Orcs’ weapons sometimes contained spirit beasts.

A weapon that can only be possessed with the help of an Orc shaman, and a weapon that can only be used by a minimum intermediate level warrior.

Most of them use spirits that lighten body movements, such as wolf spirits, or those that protect the body hard, such as rock spirits, so it’s a drop item that couldn’t be better for low-level hunters.

“But how do you distinguish between spirit weapons? I’ve never been to an oak gate!”

Team leader Kim Do-han, who said only mining should die, could not distinguish between spirit weapons. Goo Daesung said.

“Orcs insert the spirit’s teeth or pieces as accessories into their spirit weapons! Just find something like that.”

“I know you well, Mr. Gu!”

50 Hunters ran around the field. Perhaps because the gate was so large, there was plenty of time left until it disappeared even after completing the closing conditions.

“Hahahaha! Goo-san, look at this! Only the spirit weapons are 20! 20!”

“Seven wands of an orc shaman… five hearts of a warrior.”

It was a hit. The orc shaman’s staff was favored by elementalists, and the warrior’s heart was used as a material for making powerful permanent reinforcements.

When a D-class hunter consumes a strengthening agent made from the warrior’s heart, his physical ability rises to the point where he immediately rises to C-rank.

Because it was such a powerful effect, it was the basic training route for quite a few high-ranking hunters to consume one at a time.

‘just one… Shall I steal it?’

It’s not that I didn’t have such a desire. It was a thing to do at least 400 million. There is even a saying that if D-class in his later years is not good enough, take out a loan and get the heart of an Orc warrior.

When will he, who is acting as a porter at the green gate, let alone the oak gate, get something like this?


However, Koo Dae-seong put the heart of the warrior in the storage box. He wanted to be strong, but his conscience was just as strong.


It was then. Everyone’s eyes turned to it when a sharp scream rang out.

“What are you doing, you fucking robot!”

There was a hunter struggling with a yakt spinner.

* * * *

[Gokrok’s severed right arm]

Gokrok’s severed right arm. The remains of the clone that Leon had cut off with Hwihwang’s Holy Sword were still there.

The question is how to do this.


It was then. Yaffi made a noise above Hari’s head, calling attention.

“Do you have something to say, Lord Spinner?”

-message. relay. steel.

It seemed Heto, the god of iron and blacksmiths, was trying to convey a message through his knight.

Yapi immediately opened a hologram image of Heto and relayed his words in real time.

[You can feel a lot of magical energy from the severed beast’s arm, Lionheart. If you absorb it through the Holy Grail, we will capture it and give you the power to help you.]

“Is that so.”

Leon took out the Holy Grail he had stored without saying anything more. Like when he destroyed the Jewel of Wisdom at Cheongju Gate, he absorbed Gokrok’s arm into the Holy Grail.


Gokrok’s arm was effectively absorbed, but Leon clicked his tongue. Even he felt it because it was a force similar to holy power.

“It seems that the worship of the beasts was quite pleasant.”

Gokrok, the orc god of incantation. He also had to admit that he was a kind of god, but Leon has no intention of acknowledging it as a god.

God of demons and green beasts. They are evil, not gods. An absolute evil that is unworthy of worship and must be extinguished.

Therefore, Leon does not acknowledge that they are gods, even if they are gods. The only God he acknowledges is a God who gives love to his creatures.

At that time, Ariana’s voice reached Leon’s ears.

[Lionheart. my knight.]

“…Goddess. How can you overdo it?”

I didn’t even go through the ceremony, but the goddess delivered her voice directly. Leon reminded me that it was not a time when he was full of holy power like in the past.

[It’s okay, my knight. This much has become easier thanks to absorbing the evil beast’s magical power.]

“Is that so?”

[The reason why I came to my knight is because I need your choice.]

select? Leon nodded.

[This mana is incomparable to dense divine power. Therefore, it seems that you can restore the power of the sacred object you want with this power.]

“Is that true?”

Leon has four sacred objects.

The first is the lion’s heart. The strongest heart made with the holy power handed down from the kings of Lionheart.

A person with that heart strengthens numerous soldiers just by existing and allows himself to possess infinite vitality.

The second is the holy sword. It basically possesses the same indestructibility as the Holy Swords that Holy Grail Knights usually possess. This means it will never break.

And a dazzling light, a light that never goes out. A sword that cuts through anything. It is a feature that is difficult to maintain for a long time in the current Leon.

The last power of the Holy Sword is too strong. If you get that power back… … .

“I’ll put the holy sword on hold.”

[Yes, it is not yet time to regain that power. It consumes too much holy power.]

The final power of the Holy Sword is the most powerful of Leon’s powers. It also consumes a lot. It is a pie in the picture now that it has not secured believers right away.

The two Holy Relics that remain are the Holy Spear and the Holy Grail. Leon made his choice after agonizing over it, which was rare.

“I will restore the function of the Holy Grail.”

[Yes, I will respect my knight’s choice.]

Ariana knew Leon’s will and breathed into the Holy Grail. The arm of Gokrok, replaced by the gods of the pantheon, restored the power of the Holy Grail.

Originally, the Holy Grail, which had only a ceremonial function, shines brilliantly. It is dyed in its original golden color and regains its former glory.

“iced coffee….”

Seeing that, Leon couldn’t hide his emotion.

After the Great War 200 years ago, when all humans except himself died, the Holy Grail also lost its light.

What kind of disloyalty is this? He couldn’t stand it when he saw the Holy Grail that had lost its light.

Nevertheless, isn’t it the Holy Grail that quenched his thirst from endless battles?

Not all functions have been restored, but Leon has created holy water from the Holy Grail.

It was the holy water generation function that was no different from before, but as the Guardian of the Holy Grail, he knew it.

That this holy water had a different power than before.

“It’s done. This is a great harvest.”

Leon tried to tell Hari and Yapi to pack their loot and prepare to return. However, Yafi, who was on top of Hari’s head, is nowhere to be seen.

“Where’s Lord Spinner?”

“Oh, yes? When did you disappear?”

It was then. A sharp scream was heard from the loot storage area.

“What are you doing, you fucking robot!”

There, a yappy with a hanging wire and a hunter were confronting each other.

“What’s going on?”

“Kuh… this, this damn robot attacked me….”

“Insulting the Grail Knight, if you don’t want to be cut off by the tongue, be careful what you say.”

The hunters were dumbfounded, but it was natural for Leon.

How can a lowly commoner, a nabber, become a knight… Does that mean he can treat the Holy Grail Knight chosen by God carelessly?

“Sir Spinner is a Holy Grail Knight, right below the original king. You guys should treat Sir Spinner like the original king.”

“What, what kind of robot…”

“Shut up. Does a lowly thing dare to call a knight carelessly?”

Leon ignored Hunter, who was bleeding from a cut on his wrist, and approached Yapi.

“What’s up, Sir Spinner?”

-booty. thief.

Hunter denied it with a pale complexion at the sound of Yapi’s machine.

“Oh, no! You idiot… no, that’s a misunderstanding!”

“You’ll know if it’s a misunderstanding or not. Han Hari!”

Leon instructed Hari.

“Search the bosom of interest.”

“Oh, old!”

“What, what are you doing! Trust the words of a real robot… Now, hold on!”

– Took!

A pouch fell from the arms of the resisting man. It was a crude cloth bag, stained with red blood.

Hari found a large heart in the pouch.

“This, this…”

Heart of the Orc Warrior. What the man stole was the most valuable loot from the Orc Gate.

“This… is a misunderstanding. I-I will never…”

That was the moment. Leon’s sword flashed and the man’s wrist flew into the air.


The man stared blankly at my wrist, which had disappeared for a while. And as soon as I grasped the situation, I felt a surge of pain.

“Aaaaaaaaaaagh! My, my arm…!”

Hunters’ eyes were focused. Everyone’s complexion turned blue except for Yapi. To them, Leon calmly declared.

“I know that your law and common sense are different from the original king. However, you have entered the lion heart king’s military gate. That means that what you have to follow is not your law and order, but the lion heart king’s military law.”

Thieves cut off their wrists. That is the strict national law of the Lionheart Kingdom, and the military law in which obedience to knights is more important than life.

“This is the king’s law and military law! Those who can’t follow it, raise your hands right here!”

The Hunters hesitated at Leon’s declaration.

These mighty survivors of another world are alien to themselves.

Many of his laws and regulations are difficult for modern earthlings to accept.

but aside from that.

-Those huge buffs… … .

-I’m a D-class, I’m a C-class hunter… No, it seemed to be stronger than that.

-Isn’t it wrong to steal in the first place? Is that the heart of an orc warrior?

-Damn it, I don’t know. Anyway, die this way, die that way.

The Hunters hesitated, but eventually decided to accept Leon’s idea.

Since the cataclysm, this world has been the same as the world of top hunters, and stealing from the gate is often repaid with death.

How on Earth would he know if he was out of the gate anyway? At the Gate, where betrayal and theft were frequent, there was no fear of being caught no matter what.

Rather, it might be better to establish precise military laws and discipline like Leon, and he even came to that conclusion.

“That… Lung, Your Majesty.”

At that time, there was someone who stepped out cautiously.

“Clarify your name, soldier.”

Leon asked for his name even though he knew who he was. It was the point to stand up in front of everyone and claim it.

“Gu, it’s called Gu Dae-seong.”

“How did you come out, Goo Dae-seong?”

“Can you please take the thief’s… arm and take it?”

“Are you going to put it back on?”


Modern medicine has come a long way since the cataclysm. In particular, damage caused by trauma can be quickly attached if you are in a bit of a hurry.

“However, there is no point in punishing them.

“Ah, I know. But…”

Goo Dae-seong looked at the Hunter whose wrist was cut off and made a bitter expression.

He was a 10,000-year-old D-class hunter like himself. I could understand more than anyone why he stole the heart of an orc warrior. More than anything… He has a family to be responsible for.

“Your Majesty… We are people who have lived with a different common sense from Your Majesty.

In short, it is impossible to abide by the military law that you do not even know about, the cost of stealing is too great.

“It makes sense.”

“I’m sorry.”

“As a soldier, you can’t talk back to a knight. However, there must be proper rules and regulations in this district as well.”

Leon created holy water. Then he said to the weeping thief, grabbing his severed arm.

“Be grateful that there is someone among your comrades who speaks reason.”

Pour holy water. Then an amazing thing happened.

The thief’s arm had sprouted from the cut section and regenerated!

“Sashimi, have you recovered?”

“What is that…!”

It was amazing. An arm that has already been cut off can grow back?

Of course, there was a healer in charge of recovery. But even they were just putting the severed arm back together.

Rapid recovery is possible even for S-class hunters, the best healers in Korea, but rapid regeneration, in which cells grow from nothing, was impossible.

‘crazy… That kind of power and resilience that surpasses an S-class healer?’

‘What the hell is that person? Does that mean the power of one person?’

Hunters, as well as those whose arms were cut off, were dumbfounded by this miracle. No, rather, the Hunter who directly experienced the miracle knelt down and begged for forgiveness.

“I’m sorry! I was wrong! Thank you! Thank you!”

“Hmph. Get out of here. Respect the laws of your world and forgive me this time, but you lost the right to enter my military gate.”

“iced coffee…….”

what the hell did he do I regretted my choice of stealing out of greed for a moment.

Leon left him behind and declared to the soldiers.

“The soldiers who will enlist in my military gate must remain. Those who do not will share the spoils and leave.”

No one chose to leave. How could those who witnessed his overwhelming strength and miracles throughout the battle go out?

Leon sensed the longing and anticipation felt in their eyes and was satisfied.

Although they released one out of 50, this isn’t bad.

“Okay. Then I’ll start training right away. I’ll believe that I won’t fall apart without enduring this training.

This is your chance. do it unconditionally must.

It took less than three days for the Hunters to regret their choice with tears.

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