The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 34 Holy Grail Knight Standing Army Training Manual

Leon intends to resurrect the Holy Grail Knights.

However, I know that it is not an easy task to find a Grail Knight in this era.

Yacht spinners are an exception. Most of all, before the Holy Grail Knights, soldiers to assist the knights were needed.

It was for this reason that Leon gathered Goo Dae-seong and other low-level hunters.

They must become armed soldiers armed with spears and shields and become an iron wall that supports the knights.

“I wouldn’t say it’s below expectations, but it’s just that.”

“First of all, since they’re hunters, they have good basic stamina, right?”

Hari doesn’t know what Leon’s world is like. When you think about it in general, Hunters were incredibly talented as soldiers, even if their rank was low.

Are they just nasty?

“Heh. Look at them. Aren’t they tired and struggling even after catching 4,000 dying Orcs?”


Hari didn’t understand what Leon was talking about. No matter how many of them died from radiation, there were more than a thousand orcs left.

Even if it’s a sick orc, isn’t it natural that he’s tired after running around trying to catch them?

“I don’t want a pilgrim knight class for ordinary people. However, aren’t they superhuman in this world in their own way?”

“Is that so…?”

“Then, shouldn’t we at least be at the level of the Royal Guard at the end of my load? I don’t even want the Elderic Master Guards or Rohana’s Holy Wardens. But even with the protection of this lion’s heart, I can’t even reach the level of the Baltaric Orc Crushers.”

“……Your Majesty. I have no idea what you are talking about.”

Leon himself realized that Hari had said something he couldn’t understand. However, he had no choice but to compare himself with the Hunters, remembering the soldiers who shared the glory with him.

“To put it simply, the Baltaric Orc Crushers were able to deal with five Orcs alone. If the War Knight’s protection existed, ten Orcs were killed. When Jim and I were together, we slaughtered even thirty.”

“…isn’t that a knight?”

Orcs are the most difficult and powerful monsters in the gate, excluding medium and large monsters. When it comes to advanced warriors, it is difficult to deal with even B-rank hunters one-on-one.

You slaughter 30 such orcs, but aren’t they knight-level? It’s too much for Hari to face 30 orcs by herself, right?

“What kind of existence were knights in Your Majesty’s world?”

“If you’re just at the level of a pilgrim knight, you’ll be fine.”

Harry was stunned. Even though he is young, he, the youngest A-class hunter, is at the level of a pilgrim knight?

Right now, only the rank of a knight in Leon was three levels.

biased article. Execution article… and the Holy Grail Knight.

‘It wasn’t empty words when you said you were weak… … .’

Hari realized that Leon’s standards were so high that even the hunters of this modern Earth looked down on him.

‘If Lord Yapi is the level of the Holy Grail Knight… Are you saying that all Holy Grail Knights are S-class Hunters or higher?!’


If Leon’s Holy Grail Knights are revived in modern times… Wouldn’t that be an unprecedented situation that upsets the balance of military power around the world?

“First of all, I’ll have to raise my level to at least the level of a professional soldier.”

“Uh, how… are you going to do it?”

Indeed, what is the Lion Heart King’s training method? Can I get that training myself?

Seeing Hari’s expectant gaze, Leon said nonchalantly.

“Physical training.”

* * * *

49 hunters, including team leader Koo Dae-seong and Kim Do-han, were summoned to a temporary training ground in the Naju plains.

“Wow~ You paid a lot for training expenses?”

“That’s right. I won’t have to worry about earning living expenses for the time being.”

Even when they were told to undergo training, they had no choice but to come back, because they felt the elation they felt at the Oak Gate and that they had actually become stronger.

All kinds of buffs for Lionheart and Orc Butcher. In addition, since each of them received the Orc Hunter characteristics and the War Knight’s Man-at-Arms characteristics, there was no choice.

Orc Hunter was a buff you could only get when fighting an orc, and War Knight’s Man at Arms was a buff you could only get when fighting alongside Leon.

In addition, he decided that it would be better for the future to visit while receiving training expenses than to act as a porter at the gate.

“By the way Mr. Gu. What’s wrong with your face? Are your lips swollen?”

As team leader Kim Do-han said, Goo Dae-sung’s face was bruised here and there.

“You can’t believe it… Did you participate in the gate raid?”

“Yeah… My body is itchy, so I’m going to go to the blue gate…”

After the battle at the yellow gate with Leon, Koo Dae-sung felt an unknown sense of exaltation and omnipotence.

Could he have become really strong? I thought I would fight better than usual, so I recklessly participated in the raid of the blue gate as a daily party member.

It was a goblin hunt, but it wasn’t as hard or light as it was at the Orc Gate, and he returned home beaten by the goblins’ crude clubs.

“Hey, you hurt yourself. Do it in moderation.”


While the hall was whispering, Hari entered and shouted as loudly as possible.

“His Majesty Leon Dragonia Lionheart and Holy Grail Knight Sir Yacht Spinner are entering!”

At that, everyone shut their mouths and stood still. With the appearance of Leon, they stop like a united unit.

“Congratulations on passing the simple test. There are a lot of parts that are somewhat lacking to join Jim’s military gate, but we can develop that in the future.”

simple test? Orc Gate?

Although they are low-level hunters, they have cleared the yellow grade Orc Gate.

Didn’t he turn all of the over 4,000 orcs into enemies thanks to Leon, who couldn’t even tolerate the existence of the orcs?

He had never killed so many orcs in his life, so he was even given an ‘orc hunter’ as a reward.

“As I watched your battles, Jim found many problems. It’s full, but the most important thing is, of course, the body.”

At that, the Hunters did not show any antipathy.

That was natural. Hunters show huge physical differences depending on their rank.

Right now, C-class is stronger than the three D-class hunters. The difference increases exponentially with each increase in the series.

‘It would be possible for Han Hari to beat and kill all of us by herself… … .’

Han Ha-ri, the youngest A-rank hunter in Korea, was able to kill all the hunters present here with only her physical skills.

Since she even has her own skill, Blessing of Fire, the difference is inevitable.

“So, I decided to start training you guys. From now on, you guys will train thoroughly according to Jim’s Lionheart Kingdom Standing Army training manual.”

-Standing army training?

– Is it medieval military training?

– Well, I don’t think it will be that difficult.

they were hunters. Whether you’re working as a porter in real battle or training to become a high-level hunter, it’s never a job that lacks training.

Even if they fly and crawl, they stay as terminal hunters because their limits were clear.

I don’t think anything will change much if the Lionheart, who came from a medieval fantasy kingdom, trains me a little.

“Hey, you’re full of disbelief. But, I understand. Unlike my subjects, you guys are ignorant and oblivious.”

Goo Daesung carefully raised his hand. Leon saw this and allowed his remarks.

“Your Majesty… How do you plan to train…?”

“What do you think I need to do to train my body?”

“Hmm… muscle training… can’t we do something like that?”

“What is the principle behind that muscle training?”

Goo Dae-seong pondered for a while before replying.

“There is something called a repair mechanism for the organs of the body. When muscles are destroyed and regenerated repeatedly, they become stronger and larger.”

“That’s right. Expanding the limit by overloading the body. Everything in the world increases in that way.”

It was the most basic methodology of training. It activates the muscles and overloads them again through regeneration and rest periods.

It’s a very natural and fundamental story.

“The Holy Grail Knight, Giant Slayer Lord Gratas, who created the training manual for the standing army, once said, ‘The more you strike, the stronger and harder a man is.’ It’s a wise saying indeed.”


Does it make sense that people are not railroads and become hardened by being beaten?

“Then, how should professional soldiers who protect the kingdom be trained?

At Leon’s triumphant voice, the hunters were overcome with anxiety.

“All you have to do is to tear the entire body of the soldiers, knock them down, and restore them. Then, the ruptured and regenerated muscles will not only become harder, but also increase the body’s visual acuity in order to be hit less often.”


“What do you say?”

What’s so extreme! The hunters, including Koo Dae-seong, stared blankly at Leon with stunned expressions.

“From now on, beat each other as if you’re going to kill each other! To the point where the muscles in your body tear and your fists tear apart!”

It’s better if it’s broken down to the bone. No, break it intensively!

“No, that’s nonsense! Oh, no, that’s not wrong!”

In fact, human bones and muscles become harder and thicker the more they are broken. Martial artists did not train their fists by striking iron plates for nothing.

“Th-If you do that, you’ll hurt yourself first!”

“Why are you hurting?”

It was a question I had no energy to answer. Why do people get bone disease? This is because the body has limits and has upper limits.

If all human beings became superhuman just because they recklessly beat their bodies as if they were going to break them, they would have trained their soldiers that way from the distant past.

“Originally, the protection of the War Knight would be enough, but consider yourself lucky to be the Guardian of the Holy Grail in front of you.”

Leon took out the Holy Grail. The radiant golden chalice scatters a brilliance that moves people just by its presence.

And the Holy Grail, which had regained its function, was not just a shining golden goblet.

“Huh? Goo, you.”

“Yes? Huh?”

Team leader Kim Do-han looked at Goo Dae-seong and made a surprised face. It’s also because his bruised face has been restored and recovered cleanly before he knew it.

‘Could it be that cup?’

Goo Dae-sung’s guess was correct.

“At the place where the Holy Grail is placed, all warriors recover. If you didn’t drink the Holy Water directly, it would be at the level of bones attaching and ruptured muscles regenerating. Fatigue will also recover moderately.”

That alone is huge! The Hunters were astonished. With this recovery ability alone, the Holy Grail was a treasure of the least unique grade.

“Five hours from now. Beat everyone in sight for five hours. There are no allies. Thoroughly alone, hit the opponent in front of you while facing attacks from all directions.”

hit while hitting

There is no such thing as winning or losing.

“As long as the Holy Grail exists, you guys will continue to recover. If there’s one still intact after five hours, the original king will beat you up.”

Put simply, it is this.

Beat each other to the point where the recovery speed of the Holy Grail exceeds.

Hit and beaten, hurt and broken. will recover anyway

‘it’s crazy! That person is crazy!’

‘Gee, really? You really train in this ignorant way?’


Even though Leon’s name fell, the hunters stared at each other with awkward expressions. But Yapi swung a wire at them, who didn’t move for a while.

– Karang!

There was a ghastly sound, like the whip of an overseer urging slaves building a pyramid.

“This, what the hell!”

“Death this way, die that way!”


The hunters entangled with each other and swung their fists. Five hellish hours of being hit, knocked and broken began.

At first, Koo Dae-seong also beat the opponent in front of him, avoiding the attack as much as possible.

However, it is a fight between 49 people. In this place where there was no corner to escape, it was less suitable to just knock down the opponent unconditionally.


Just when he is about to scream and swing his fist, the opponent in front of him is familiar.

“Gu, Mr. Goo! It’s me! It’s me!”

“Hey, Chief Kim?”

“Ooh, we don’t even have to hit each other. Let’s join forces!”

“Ha, but…”

It was then. A sharp noise brushed both of their ears. The ‘live ammunition’ that was accurately calculated and threatened only the two of them grazed.


There, above Hari’s head, who had a sad expression on this mess, Yapi, with emotionless red eyes shining, was aiming a minimal-sized machine gun.

“Damn it…!”

Goo Dae-seong felt threatened and swung his fist at team leader Kim in front of him. Goo Dae-sung screams as he sees team leader Kim falling backwards.

“This is crazy! It’s all crazy! Kuwah!”

But such screams are short-lived. Goo Dae-seong’s screams are buried by hunters flocking from all sides.

Five hours of hell were over. It was past noon.

“Okay, stop! Training should be done while eating. It’s mealtime from now on!”

As Leon clapped his hands, the hunters fell to their knees with bruised and swollen faces everywhere. Even though they fought so fiercely, not a single bone was broken, perhaps thanks to the Holy Grail’s resilience.

No, to be precise, it had to be seen that even the broken bones were attached and they were able to fight again.

“Ahh… I really thought I was going to die.”

“I’ve never heard of such an ignorant training method.”

No matter how much they beat each other, the Hunters didn’t even feel the pain. All I feel is endless hunger and thirst.

“I’m hungry.”

“I need to eat something.”

“I heard that the blessed rice here is so famous… Would you like to give it to me?”

Everyone was expecting the hottest ‘blessed rice’ in the Naju plains.

A rare item that not only cures cancer and makes you healthy just by eating it, but also increases your ‘stamina recovery’.

After becoming popular as a YouTuber recently, didn’t the association announce its efficacy?

But what was placed in front of them was food they had never imagined.



The hunters tilted their heads at the ‘lunch’ in front of them. It’s because we didn’t understand this intention.

“Um… Hari, what is this?”

Hari also puts on a guilty expression at the dubious gaze. However, Leon answered with a calm expression.

“It’s water.”

“No, that… I know.”

“It’s water with salt and sugar.”

“Ah… that’s right.”

You added sugar and salt to the water.

The hunters looked like they wanted to say something, but they lowered their eyes when they saw Leon’s sullen gaze.


‘I think my common sense is being denied.’

‘I went through such hardships, but my meal was water with salt and sugar?’


Do they have a big meaning that they don’t know about?


Yapi approached the panicked Hunters. His robot arm holds a salt shaker.

-salt. who needs more?

Lord Gratas the Giant Slayer.

Standing army training manual number 0.

Soldiers only need to feed enough to not die.

Eating properly is from the time of the regular army.

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