The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 35 These days, even the military says they eat well.

Hari felt sorry for the hunters who were fighting in the name of bloody training.

“Oh, is it okay? Do you really want to train like that?”

– Perfect in theory.

Well, in theory, yes. But how can people only act according to theories? Leon acknowledged that limitation.

“Yes, there must be a limit. However, at the soldier level, it will grow sufficiently.”

Leon was assuming that their growth limit was lower than that of the Royal Guard I was leading.

The spec itself doesn’t mean that you can’t reach the King of Kings. Current hunters can reach it as long as it is at the level of royal soldiers or elite soldiers of the 1st army, not the knight class.

‘However, the difference in experience is too great.’

Royal Guards are professional fighters who have been through numerous wars throughout the kingdom. Even without a command from the commander, they are capable of sufficiently tactical action even in units of 10 people.

In the war against 800,000 Orc Dogs, the royal soldiers in the battlefield, which had become too wide, made their own decisions to defend the ridge and go to the strategic point for support.

Thirty years at least. It would be too much to expect the level of an elite army that has been on the battlefield for as long as fifty years.

“Real skills have no choice but to grow through actual combat experience. Jim will train their bodies to the limit.”

Originally, there was no need to roll this harshly at the level of the standing army.

“If they were my people, they would have already been perfected bodies. They have always grown in crops and environments blessed by the gods.”

However, they weren’t. Beyond disbelief, they are those who did not know the existence of God itself. They have lived sick lives and are vulnerable to all sorts of diseases.

“Unlike subjects with healthy bodies, they need to be stimulated and enlightened.”

“That’s right.”

No matter how much I think about it, it only seems like an ignorant medieval makgapa training, but Hari decided to understand it.

“Uh… Your Majesty. I don’t have any special training?”

Harry asked cautiously. Technically speaking, she is a dispatched employee belonging to the Association, but apart from that, she is an Earthling who has been with Leon the longest.

She herself is an A-class hunter, but the desire to become stronger is common among hunters.

“What is it, do you want to wear it inside?”

“Um… I don’t think it will work.”

It wasn’t that I didn’t like it. The levels were too different.

“Hmph, yes. To you, they’re no different than children.”

“Um… not quite like that.”

“Humility is arrogance at that level. Just as the lumber of a soldier and a knight are different, the training method is different. You don’t need to train as simple and ignorant as a soldier’s training.”

There was a realization that I was ignorant!

Hari wondered why this savage medieval king of knights was so good at self-objectification to the point of being sharp at times.

“It’s about time to finish, so let’s go prepare a meal.”

“Ah, yes! That’s right! After hard training, you should at least eat well!”

Hari thought that he should at least feed the hunters with meat. Well, Leon must have prepared it all on his own.

However, Hari was shocked when she saw the meal she had prepared for the soldiers.

“Uh… Your Majesty? This. Is it water?”

It was pale water. I put something in it, but could that whitish thing be some kind of special medicine?

“What is this hazy thing? Is it something blessed that Your Majesty has prepared?”

“It’s salt.”

“……is that all?”

“There is also sugar.”

Strange. weird.

It shouldn’t end there. There had to be something more.

“Hari, do you know what is important to soldiers?”

“Are you eating well and training well?”

It was an indirect indication that both of those things were now open sales.

“Heh, in wartime, that might be the case. But the most important thing for a soldier is ‘virulence’.”


“Happy soldiers don’t easily commit slaughter. Less supplies and leaving them in a hot state won’t cause harm.”

Therefore, only the minimum amount of goods is provided to soldiers to raise their miasma. Harry’s complexion turned pale.

“Yo, these days even the military tends to eat well!”

“What’s the point of not knowing well? Did you guys lead an army like Jim?”


“But how can you conclude that Jim’s method is wrong?”

“That, that’s…”

I tried it and it worked. have you tried

Harry was speechless.

-your majesty. Recommendations.

Ohhh, Lord Yapi. After all, are you trying to make an objective point with cool mathematical knowledge of a machine?

‘Sir Yapi! Everyone’s right to live depends on Lord Yapi’s formula!’

Cheer up, Sir Yapi!

“Speak, Sir Spinner. Jim is listening to you.”

-17mg, 112 calories exceeded the sodium required to maintain the minimum human life activity. It is recommended that the ration should be reduced according to the exact amount.

It’s evil! They are demons!!

The soldier training method that raises the evil of a person based on experience and the calculation formula of a cool machine without a single degree of warmth have made a collaboration!

* * * *

Torture in the name of training resumed after dinner. The training on the day was suspended during the unexpected rainy season.

The hunters were crammed into the town hall under the name of improving comradeship, and the hunters were stretched out like rainwater.

“Ugh… I worked so hard, but I only had two glasses of sugar water and it was over…”

“Ugh, my socks hurt. It hurts…”

I felt like I was going to die from the first training alone. Strangely, though, the body was intact.

‘It’s really better.’

Goo Dae-seong was amazed that his torn skin and broken bones were intact.

I can’t really feel it yet, but I get the illusion that my bones have really hardened.

The Holy Grail’s restorative power was enormous. Grants moderate healer-level resilience for several hours.

What’s even more absurd is that this is a wide area heal.

While normal healers heal one by one and there is a limit on magic power, Leon’s Holy Grail not only regenerates all allies within range, but also lasts at least five hours.

It could be said that it was a different level of resilience.

“Ugh… I’m still hungry.”

Hunters were exhausted from intense training. But all I got at mealtime was two glasses of water with sugar and salt.

First of all, the calories themselves were not a problem. It is thanks to the fact that the sugar is poured so much that the tongue burns.

Aside from nutrients, I wonder if the minimum life support necessary for people to live has been fulfilled.

But apart from that, the food was too lacking. I trained so hard, but no one can be satisfied with just eating it.

Huddled together like an army quarterback, with only one blanket turned inside out, the rumbling sound is buried in the pouring rainwater.

“Damn, should I drink rainwater?”


eleven o’clock. It’s time to go to sleep, but it’s a night when no one can sleep. A knock was heard at the hall door.

“I… are you there?”

“Ha, Miss Hari?”

Hari asked for permission with a sunken face.

“may I come in?”

“Oh, yes! What are you doing?”

“It’s nothing else… I thought everyone would be hungry, so I packed a little.”

Hari had a basket full of potatoes and sweet potatoes in her hands.

“There was no cold water… I bought some bottled water right in front of you. Everyone has worked hard, so please try this.”

‘She’s an angel.’

‘I’m still young, how could I be so sincere?’

Goo Dae-sung and the hunters were thrilled by Hari’s consideration. They hurriedly pick up potatoes and sweet potatoes and stuff them in without peeling them.

“Kkeuheuheuk! It’s delicious! It’s delicious, Ms. Hari…!”

“I thought potatoes were such a delicious food…!”

“Eat slowly. There are still many potatoes and sweet potatoes.”

Hari felt sorry for the hunters who hurriedly ate potatoes while looking like beggars.

Yes, people shouldn’t treat you badly with food.

Since she lost her parents in a cataclysm and grew up in an orphanage, she knew better than anyone the sorrow of eating.

“Drink some water while eating. It’s hot, so you need to replenish your hydration——”

– Kwareung!

The hall door opens without knocking.

The sound of the strong rain hitting the wet ground is also drowned out by the sound of thunder.

The open door of the hall leading to the outside. A flash of lightning created by lightning illuminates the cold, rain-soaked body.


Maybe it’s because of my mood that the eyes of the spider machine against the background of the pouring rain and lightning look colder than usual.

Eight camera eyes squeak and radiate crimson light all over the place. It’s like seeing an intruder who has invaded the most important confidential area.

“Hey, Sir Yapi…”

– Discovering cheating.

The voice of the machine, which was no different from usual, was heavier and colder than usual.

* * * *

Eight legs run across the rain-soaked dirt floor.

Even the muddy floor was not much of a hindrance to the multi-legged tank.

“Mmm, stop!”

On the other hand, the girl with red pigtails runs desperately on the floor in pursuit of it. In that gaze, there is a mixture of tears or raindrops.

“Hey, wait a minute! Listen to me, yappy!”

Leon was caught serving potatoes and sweet potatoes without his knowledge.

For her, the food was prepared out of sympathy and consideration, but it is unknown how Leon will accept it.

The moment I realized that I was caught, I cried when I remembered the hunters hurriedly stuffing potatoes and sweet potatoes, but the problem was after this fact was reported to Leon.

How harsh it is if you even say that you will take the sugar out of the sugar water as much as you ate the night snack!

Hari is also desperate to stop Yapi, who is running fast to report to Leon.

Fortunately, Yapi’s speed was slower than Hari’s. This is because the stride length is so short, and the output has decreased as the size has decreased.

“I almost got it!”

Before Hari’s hand reached her, Yafi stopped.

-Request to stop tracking. You are committing a serious offense.

“Oh, okay! Okay! I’ll stop! Okay? Listen to me for a second!”

When Yapi stopped, Hari naturally stopped too. But this is Yafi’s psychological warfare. It is very effective for those who have a preconceived notion that ‘machines do not lie’ in countless battle records.

Yapi slowly widened the distance and immediately started running again.

“Cow, did you cheat?! You cheated by pretending to negotiate now?!”

Harry hurriedly ran. But before I knew it, something strong and hard was tied to Hari’s ankle.

“Wire? Uh-fu!”

Hari falls down on the dirt floor. In the meantime, Yapi widened the distance. Hari snaps her fingers when she notices that the wires are tied around her ankles.

– Hwareuk!

A fire that burns even in the rough rain. Her blessing of fire burned the wire tied to her ankle even in the rainy season.

“at there…!”

Harry runs again. The distance with Yapi, who has only 10% of the output, gradually narrows. Hari throws herself.

“I got it!”

Hari throws her whole body to catch Yapi. Mud splashed on his face and his suit was torn, but the joy of protecting the Hunters’ meal offset this.

– Touchdown.

However, the place where she threw herself and snatched Yapi was right in front of Leon’s dorm. The door opens, and Leon looks down at Hari with a stern gaze.

“What’s the fuss about tonight?”


Hari opens her mouth like a goldfish. But the machine doesn’t panic. He reports in a cold voice, item by item.

– Discovering cheating. Excessive nutrient supply discovery.

Hari was caught serving food. Yapi recited a cruel report.

“Tsk… You mean you couldn’t stand it for just one day and did that?”

“Oh, no, that’s… I’m sorry…”

Hari lowered her head, feeling embarrassed. Still, shouldn’t people eat properly?

“It’s done. What should I do with the food I already ate? But, I’ll have to be careful next time.”

When Hari made a pouty expression as if he didn’t understand, Leon smiled and continued his explanation.

“I’ll feed you properly during actual combat training at the gate. Come to the next gate or win a bid.”

“That’s right!”

In short, does it mean that you eat properly while attacking the gate? Hari thought that for the sake of the human rights of the hunters, she had to find a suitable gate as soon as possible.

“Ah, that’s right. Your Majesty… Actually, I was supposed to report tomorrow.”

“What is it?”

“As requested by His Majesty, the president of the association will visit the completion ceremony to evaluate the results of the training.”

“Hmm, I see.”

This was Leon’s request.

In order to re-evaluate the grade of the trained hunters, they were invited to the graduation ceremony.

Leon will take them and attack the yellow gate, and the ranks of the hunters who have grown there will be officially re-evaluated.

If you enter the Pantheon Guild, you can become this strong… For that reason, it was a means to recruit soldiers.

“There must be a lot of guests. Neglecting the visiting guests will damage the Lion Heart King’s authority. I have to tell the residents to prepare.”

“I’ll deliver it to you ah…”

Leon looked at Hari, who was in a mess while chasing Yapi, and added his words.

“Go ahead and wash up. Then… take care of the night shift. It’s okay to take care of the crops of this land.”

Harry’s complexion brightened at those words. I felt sorry for the trainees who had to eat only salt water, but they allowed potatoes and sweet potatoes!

Indeed, I don’t know if this is something to be thankful for, but the hunters enduring by eating only salt water for 4 weeks is gone.

‘after… Still, he’s kind of merciful.’

Harry didn’t know.

There is no unilateral plus or minus for this inflexible authoritarian.

If there is a plus, shouldn’t it be natural to add a minus and return it?

Holy Grail Knight Standing Army Training Manual, author Sir Gratas says.

Be sure to make a soldier who smokes a trick.

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