The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 36 Stop this?

enlistment migration car. The hard morning training is over.

“Turn it off, it looks like it’s going to turn around…”

Recruit No. 33. Park Dae-gil is bruised all over his body and feels as if he is about to die. I was on my way to have a sugary water lunch, but an annoyed sound came from behind me.

“Go quickly.”

“What is this bitch?”

Park Dae-gil reacted nervously even to nonsensical remarks.

In the meantime, the trainees who had been beating each other like crazy had considerable ill feelings towards each other. No matter how much they recover, they swing their fists at each other, and good feelings cannot arise.

“Do you want to die, son of a bitch!”

“Kill it, fuck it!”

A situation on the verge of colliding at any moment. The trainees stiffened when they heard the cold machine sound.

– Disputes arise. Military law violations are being applied.


“Hey, Sir Yapi. That, that’s not it…”

– Disputes arise. Military law violations are being applied. Whip-type corporal punishment under review.


This was the problem. No matter how much the trainees’ stress reached its peak, it could not be relieved as long as there was a machine monitor, not this person.

The trainee who once rebelled against that had seen the calf slapped by Yapi, so no one dared to stand up.

It was when I thought I would be beaten with a whip without moving. A savior appeared.

“Hey, Sir Yapi! Your Majesty is looking for you!”


At Hari’s words, Yapi disappeared before executing the sentence. Harry let out a sigh of relief.

“Hoo, are you okay? Hunter Park Dae-gil and Hunter Han Jong-hyuk.”

“More, thanks to you, I lived.”

“Uhh… I-I don’t look like a merciless bastard.”

Hunters’ dissatisfaction naturally turned to Yapi.

Yappy, who has no compassion and acts only according to the thoroughly written principles, has caused everyone’s dissatisfaction. On the other hand… … .

“Oh, what would have really happened if it wasn’t for one of our agents.”

“Thank you all night. Hehe…!”

Hari only ate sugar water and brought night snacks to the starving hunters every night.

If it wasn’t for the sweet potatoes and potatoes she brings, the hunters would have beaten them a long time ago—

‘I won’t lose!’

‘Still, thanks to Miss Hari, I’m barely alive!’

Han Ha-ri was an angel who saved her from the unlucky and harsh oppression of Yapi. If it wasn’t for her, this exhausting training would have been even more exhausting.

Looking at the hunters who each expressed their gratitude, Hari smiled awkwardly.

‘Uh… I can’t say that I did it with His Majesty’s permission.’

Leon shared the role of Yapi and Hari, who can be said to be two executives at the training center.

Good instructors, bad instructors.

Appeasement and intimidation, carrot and stick. It’s an old psychological tactic.

Yapi whips the trainees while Hari appeases them by giving them carrots. If there were only harsh instructors, there would have been complaints, but with Hari’s presence, the trainees’ dissatisfaction was somewhat suppressed.

“Hmm, have you finished your meal?”

“”yep! your majesty!!””

After the sugar and salt water meal, Leon started training in the afternoon with training as usual.

“The drinking water, sugar, and salt you eat all come from the blood, sweat, and blood of the farmers. Always eat with a grateful heart.”

“”yes! thank you!!””

What is Leon’s role in Good Instructor and Bad Instructor?

It is untouchable.

He is a division commander who appeared in my squad.

A person freezes in front of a high person from a different dimension and does not dare to express his dissatisfaction.

“Rejoice, trainees. Did you eat well? I’m glad you guys ate your fill.”

– What?

-no way… Didn’t you catch me eating late at night?

“For you guys, this lion heart king will conduct special tactical training! Since he ate like a pig, he must have more energy!”

– I won’t go back.

-Help me.

whispering hunters. tactical training? It was nice to not have to hit each other in the afternoon, but I was strangely anxious.

“Ah, before that, I prepared a reward to inspire you.”

When Leon ordered, Yapi and Hari brought some red mass and displayed it in front of the trainees. And its identity could easily be inferred.

-Oh, it’s the heart of an orc warrior!

-You’re giving that as a prize?

Heart of the Orc Warrior. It is an item for a powerful monster that is judged to be at least an A-class monster.

It is a unique strengthening agent worth hundreds of millions of won, which is so excellent that it increases strength and stamina when consumed.

There are five of them.

“Tactic training will be conducted in groups of 10 people. In the completion ceremony gate attack two weeks later, one person from each group will select the most outstanding person and give it as a prize.”

-Oh oh!

-oh my god! Amazing, Great!

Morale, which had been shattered by two weeks of hellish training and sugar brine, soared in an instant. As if aiming for that, Leon puts on a satisfied expression and starts talking.

“Your role on the battlefield is an iron wall. The wall must not collapse under any circumstances!”

In short, he was a tanker. The basic armament of trainees was a shield and spear or sword.

“Raise your shield! Get in formation! And we’ll have to block Jim’s charge!”


The afternoon training was a group of 10 people.

On the wide plain of Naju Plain after the harvest, a group of people are huddled together holding thick shields. Behind him, 40 trainees were sitting and waiting.

“Most of the fights at the gate are hand-to-hand combat except for special cases.

To destroy the opponent’s formation and protect their own formation. This was natural.

“All of you, except for those with ranged aptitude, will receive shield training. These days, you guys say you’re a tanker.”

At those words, the trainees murmured. Goo Dae-sung asked a pure question.

“Um, Your Majesty… Are you saying that everyone except ranged soldiers should be tankers?”

“It is true.”

At those words, the uproar grew even more. It was natural. There are two trainees with bows in the first group. Originally, it was a ranged aptitude, so even so… It was because all the remaining eight were shield soldiers.

“No, if we all have shields, who will do the deal?”

“An archer alone would not have enough deal…”

Goo Dae-seong was familiar with the Hunter raid team system.

The strategy of modern hunters is specialized in gates.

A small number of precious tanks draw aggro, and dealers steadily reduce the number of monsters through jumsa.

Ranged soldiers are also good for killing trash mobs, but from mid-boss level and above, there was no more meaning than containment.

Of course, instead of a tanker who lacks damage, you need a dealer who can put burst damage.

‘To be a tank in the first place, you have to have that skill. That way, I can receive all the attacks from powerful monsters.’

How the hell do low-end hunters without a single unique skill act as tanks?

“Don’t question it. Your role is enough to stop the enemy’s charge to the end. Just look at that one.”

nothing else to worry about only blocking. It was to see only one.

“Jim will charge.

Leon stood upright on horseback in front of ten hunters with shields.

God Beast Stallion. Hunters who witnessed the ridiculous mobility of that horse, but were relieved to see that Leon did not hold the creation car.

– It’s about a horse.

-I heard that even the orcs blew their necks off with their hind hooves.

-You’re not going to blow it at us, are you?

It was then.

【Aura of Lion’s Heart】


: Corps reinforcement charge defense is granted.

: Corps reinforcement fortification is granted.

: Corps reinforcement battalion reinforcement is granted.

: Legion strengthening valor is granted.

: Legion strengthened lighter armor is granted.

: Legion strengthened tough skin is granted.

: Legion strengthening heavy blow is granted.

: Legion strengthening anti-magic enhancement is granted.

: Legion strengthening ranged resistance is granted.

: Legion strengthening sharp gaze is granted.

: Legion strengthening anti-infantry slaughter is granted.

: Legion strengthening contamination resistance is granted.

The overwhelming sense of omnipotence I felt at the Oak Gate. that was with them.

Are you saying you’re going to train with all these buffs? Will that be training? It was an overwhelming amount of buffs that made me question that.

“Defend! The knights charge!”

A knight or something like this buff. If this amount of people band together and defend with shields tightly packed, what are they going to do with short-term shooting horses?

“Let’s go, Stallion.”

At Leon’s command, the white horse begins to walk.

multifarious. The clatter of horses hooves. Group 1 hunters, including Koo Dae-seong, prepared by giving strength to their arms holding shields. and… Speed up.

It didn’t take even a second for the various sounds to turn into thumps and thumps. The zero hundred of a sports car will not be this much.


Leon and Stallion, who were obviously small figures from a distance of 30m, filled the field of view uncontrollably.

The momentum was so mad that the hunters seemed to face a dump truck rushing at full speed.

– Bang bang bang–!!

The sound of horses’ hooves deafens the ears, and the vibrations coming from the lower body hit the whole body.

Modern people who are accustomed to cars, trains, and airplanes have long since lost the arrogant idea of horses.

They have only one emotion in common.

‘Stop that?’

‘This is crazy!’

Even the valor bestowed by the lion’s heart did not force them to act recklessly.


“Sah, save people!”

The first trainee threw himself. Belatedly, Lee Yeol’s trainee also escaped.

Unfortunately, Koo Dae-seong, who was holding his shield upright in the last three rows, could not avoid it and collided with it from the front.


At the moment of the collision, Koo Dae-seong saw that ‘Rush Defense’, ‘Fortification’, ‘Large Reinforcement’, ‘Valor’, ‘Light Armor’ and ‘Tough Skin’ were activated simultaneously in the system messages. Nevertheless–

‘Keen Eyes’ records this moment. The moment when the colleagues who had been forming a square together until just now seemed to be a far-off point.

It was three hours later that Koo Dae-seong, who fell under the influence of gravity, woke up.

“Tsk tsk… Is this enough even after receiving the protection of the lion’s heart? It’s pitiful. Come on out to the next group!”

The faces of the trainees who witnessed Koo Dae-seong’s fall turned pale.

– What the fuck.

– A person flew.

-You want me to stop that?

– I, I don’t want to die yet.

On this day, not a single one of them stopped Leon’s charge.

* * * *

It has already been a month since the attack on Cheongju Gate.

Raynald Schellman, the lord of the magic tower of the United States of America, was praying to the jewel enshrined there today as well.

“Great One! Please, whisper to your lowly servant once more!”

After attacking Cheongju Gate, the voice that conveyed knowledge in the Jewel of Wisdom disappeared.

Without thinking about the cause, it was Leon Dragonia Lionheart, a survivor who attacked the Cheongju Gate in Korea.

Reynald tried to investigate the cause of the disappearance of the voice in the Jewel of Wisdom, but information about him was extremely limited.

Should I Retaliate? Will he come back if we deal with him?

However, even that great being feared and fled. He was said to have overpowered the Yakt Spinner, the killing machine of Cheongju Gate.

I had no choice but to be cautious about maneuvering against such a person.

‘Ay Mr. when are you coming back Are you really coming back?’

How many sacrifices have you made so far! Leonard Schellman was irritable after a month of patience.

“Damn it, you devils are fucking expensive—”

– Chijik!

“Great One! I was counting on you to come back!”

Reynald, who showed an excellent attitude change, glanced at the Jewel of Wisdom.

[Chuck… In the end, I got caught up… … .]

“Are you great?”

[Kuhm… ! stupid thing Lie down.]

“Absolutely yes!”

Raynald immediately fell down. It seems that the voice has changed for some reason, but it is only because I know that the evil energy felt in the jewel is strong.

[I will teach you the truth and wisdom of Samra. Of course, you should honor me and offer a reasonable sacrifice.]

“Of course, great one! What shall we prepare? Shall we prepare sacrifices? Or shall we turn the hunters into servants at the gate like last time?”

[No, for the time being, you just have to do what I tell you to do. first… … .]

Soon a voice came from the Jewel of Wisdom.

[Place space transfer magic on the jewel. In case of emergency, shoot it into space.]

“Yes? What do you mean by that…”

[Bad bitch! Just do as you are told!]

Something… it got cheaper As the jewel ordered, Raynald cast a space transfer spell on the box where the jewel was stored. Coordinates are space.

[Okay, you did as you were told.]

“Gwa, are you all right? Jewels… I understand that they are tools for the descent of great beings, but in case of emergency, I’d rather open the gate than shoot them into space…”

[Crazy? I will enter that heavenly pit!]


[Listen carefully. I have no intention of ever leaving my head on a planet where that bastard is alive and breathing.]

“Because who the heck is he…”

[…] … … … .]

Bo-ok was silent for a while. As if recalling something, he patted his lips and seemed to recall a terrible memory.

[I will tell you how to kill him. Now is one of the few right times without the Holy Grail Knights and their Legion! I somehow got into the same gate as him!]

“Oh, I see!”

Reynald listened to the voice coming from beyond the prison.

The knowledge that the great demon conveyed was surprisingly great, so he was once again amazed at the wisdom of the jewel.

[Please die… … .]

However, the voice on the other side seemed very unconfident.

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