The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 38: Fluctuating Gate

When entering the gate, the light fades. Slowly, the eyes began to appear.


What everyone sees is a vast battlefield.



Heterogeneous monsters swarm in droves. Their identities are demons. The horns protruding from its forehead and the terrible demonic energy it exudes from its gait are proof of that.

The demons are running across the plains and gathering. And an army to stop the army of demons.

“Stop it!”

“You want me to stop?”


At first glance, they were thousands of demons. The army against such demons is only a few hundred. Even with simple numbers, they are terribly pushed, and their armament is meager.

Compared to hunters refined with modern technology, how could they stop demons ten times more with medieval-level armor and spears?

And the same goes for the trainees who are panicking when they encounter the army of demons.

“Uh, why demons?”

“Demon Gate?!”

The trainees were bewildered. It is unprecedented for demons to appear at the Yellow Gate.

It’s embarrassing to be suddenly summoned in the middle of the battlefield, but demons?

Koo Dae-seong, who is as quick as he is in research on gates, has never heard of this phenomenon.

“Raise your shield! It’s dustproof! Get in formation!”

Despite the sudden change in the environment, Leon calmly gave instructions.

As he rode on his white horse, swinging his sword in the air and knocking on the soldiers’ shields, the trainees quickly came to their senses.

“Bar, raise your shield!”

Articles 1 through 5. Following the instructions of the leaders, the square is completed in an instant.

“Forward! Forward forward!”

to move on? Isn’t it just jumping around and watching? Although the trainees were astonished by Leon’s instructions, they learned something from what they had seen for four weeks.

Absolute obedience to the knight’s orders. Needless to say, the cost of disobedience.

【Aura of Lion’s Heart】

Above all, there are full of traits granted only by his existence. The trainees advanced slowly with their shields in their hands.

‘Aren’t you afraid?’

Seeing this, Manager Kim Jin-soo put on a puzzled expression. There is no way to know how reckless an order it is to rush into those demons, but the trainees faithfully follow them.

And above all, the full sense of omnipotence that I felt from a while ago. Manager Kim Jin-soo was shocked by the overuse of system messages that obscured his vision.

‘What are these enhancement traits? Are you giving all hunters stronger buffs than Commander?’

In the meantime, the trainees who did not run away and advanced honestly were caught by the demons.

Dozens of demons rushed towards us.

“Ah, demon dogs!”

“Come this way!”

Bloodhound. Commonly called demon dogs, they are demons with the size of a man.

They ran out of breath as if they didn’t care about the huddled shields or shooting arrows.


– Quaang!

An unstoppable torso head-butt close to a suicide charge. Manager Kim Jin-soo had a hunch that the assault would break through Bangjin. but… … .

“Turn it off!”

“Hold on!”

The trainees withstood the four-legged animal’s direct charge. Not just one or two outstanding men, but all of them withstood the charge.

‘Bloodhound’s charge is tough even for B-class hunters?’

If you are a B-class tanker, you have a unique skill that is helpful for tanking. However, these D-class hunters wouldn’t have such a unique skill, but they blocked the demon dogs’ charge with can.

“Fight back!”

At Leon’s instruction, the trainees thrust their swords through the gap between the shield and the shield. Their swords easily pierced the hides of demon dogs.


– Cooong!

The leading demon dogs were knocked down in great numbers. In the meantime, demons come again. These are great swords, holding a sword that is taller than my height.


They were the hunters who blocked the charge of the demon dogs. The dwarf-level demons wielded mad blows and rushed at the shield wall, but the square was solid.

Leon raised his sword and shouted.

“One step forward!”

Trainees hurriedly holding shields and advancing. While in close contact with great swords, it does not give the enemy the distance to wield the great sword. Immediately the captains shouted.



Bangjin practiced like crazy for 4 weeks. The hunters pushed the demons away with an explosive push of the moment.


The next step is to repeat the mechanical operation. Block, push, stab. There is no hand-to-hand combat as powerful as this in anti-infantry warfare.

As the chaotic demons were being cut off, a huge demon appeared.

“De, Demon Troll!”

“It’s a demon troll!”

A medium-sized monster as large as a house and attacking with a stick that could be as tall as 2m. The pupils of the trainees trembled, as if they were not confident enough to block this.

“Don’t back down! Stay in formation and hold your ground!”

Leon’s voice woke them up. Just by his existence, trainees can ‘endure’.

-Corresponding to medium-sized objects. start sniping.

It was then. The minimal machine gun fired fire with a mechanical voice.

-Two da da da da da da da da da da da da da da!!

Pouring Holy Grenate shot. The bullet fired from the torso of the Holy Grail Knight is a holy attack in itself.

“Hey, Sir Yapi?!”

“Why is Lord Yapi here?”

Regardless of the hunters’ reactions, the Demon Trolls, who were rushing forward with terrifying momentum, slowed down in pain. It was because the divine machine gun bullets fired by Yapi shattered his knees.


However, the troll did not stop its momentum and raised its club. Trolls are at least B-level… As the mass is large, the difficulty of attack is equivalent to Class A.

Can D-class hunters be able to block the boss-level entity that comes out of the yellow gate?

“Oohhhh clothes…!”

Goo Dae-seong raised his shield. It even protects the right shoulder of an ally. Hunters who heard enough to make their ears bleed naturally concentrated their shields along Gu Dae-seong.

– Boom!

The trainees, including Koo Dae-seong, felt their bodies being violently pushed out. The insurmountable difference in mass penetrated the defenses and shocked them.


However, a common doubt flashes through the minds of the trainees who blocked the troll’s blow.

‘Is it lighter than His Majesty charging?’

‘The size would be four times the difference.’

‘What is it, is it worth stopping?’

Over the past four weeks, they have not stopped Leon’s charge not once. If you give your feet a little less strength, they often soar into the sky.

【 Strongest Assaulter 】

Compared to that, a troll’s swing can stop the trainees at a twisting level!

“Well done!”

In the meantime, Leon approached behind the troll’s back. As he swung the holy sword, the troll’s head was cut off because he couldn’t respond.

The troll’s neck being sliced off as if it had been slashed through the tofu.

-Kiii… !

-Kyaa… !

As the troll, which was their trump card, died without a trace, the spirit of the demons subsided. On the other hand, the momentum of the defense forces increased.

The spirited demons began to retreat after sneaking notice. It’s because the demon troll ‘disappeared’.

-Kiii… dead.

-troll… really dead

The death of demons does not end with death. They are immortal creatures who acquire bodies and play in the material world.

If you die, you just return to the spiritual world, and you lose the vessel of the material world.

However, the troll that just died did not go through the process of disappearing into the mental realm. It was sucked into the Holy Grail that Leon summoned and ‘disappeared’.

“No, they back off!”

“Win! We won!”

A cheering defense force. While they were happy to survive, a rider approached Leon and the Hunters.

Judging from the state of his armor, he appears to be a commander or a knight, and bows his head first to express his gratitude.

“Thank you, you came to save our Spero Kingdom, warriors!”

The hunters each checked the system window for that expression.

[The kingdom of Spero is being invaded by demons. Defend the kingdom from the invasion of the demon king.]

Remaining deadline: 1 week

“Is this a quest…”

“Demon King. Are you talking about the Great Devil?”

“It’s not a monarch-level demon, right? There’s no way a demon lord will emerge from the yellow gate!”

Confused Hunters. Some insisted on exiting the gate immediately. but… … .

“What? Is the gate gone?”

“How did this happen… A variable gate?”


The Hunters’ faces hardened. The joy of victory was gone in an instant, and despair overshadowed.

“Quiet! Don’t be rash!”

Leon’s voice flows to them. The energy of the Lionheart King, who raised the morale of the soldiers with just his presence, raised up the hunters who seemed halfway to collapse.

Only when they are quiet enough does Leon speak.

“Sir Spinner, what are you doing here?

– Observation of anomalies. Third person entry.

Yaffi displayed the video he observed as a hologram. A person wearing a robe, not Leon and the Hunters. He was an outsider who could only be observed with infrared light, as if he had used invisible magic.

“Did interest do something?”

– Lack of judgment materials.

“Is there anyone who can explain the current situation?”

Goo Daesung carefully raised his hand.

“Rice, it’s a fluctuating gate.”

“What is it?”

“It’s an abnormal phenomenon of the gate… To put it simply, the difficulty of the gate rises rapidly, and you can’t leave until you clear it.”

blocking from the outside. Increased attack difficulty.

It is impossible to come out from inside or come in from outside.

Unlike the Oak Gate, Leon saw the disappearing gate and realized that the escape route was blocked.


I never thought this would happen in the actual combat of trainees. Is it a coincidence? You never know.

While Leon was agonizing, the hunters’ complexions darkened in real time.

Usually, it was difficult to respond to the rapidly rising difficulty level because the appropriate raid team bid according to the difficulty level of the pre-measurement.

In general, it is no exaggeration to say that when a change gate opens, the hunters inside it are confirmed to be annihilated.

They themselves have fallen into the gate’s abnormality, where the survival rate is infinitely close to zero.

‘still… … .’

Nevertheless, there is only one reason why they do not fall into panic. It is because the Lion Heart King exists in front of them.

“Your Majesty… Do you have a plan?”

When the attention of the anxious hunters was focused, Leon said with a calm expression so that they would not despair.

“We attack with standard stone. According to the quest, we said to defeat the demon king.”

“Demonlord…or maybe Prime Evil.”

“Heung…! I am the Lion Heart King who slaughtered two demon lords and over 30 great demons. Do you doubt my strength?”

“Oh oh oh…”

“Yes, Your Majesty has only three demon-related traits!”

【Fear of Evil】

【Demon Lord Slayer】

【Most demon slayer】

This is only the trait related to demons confirmed through system messages. Hunters’ faces brightened with hope.


Leon did not hesitate to say that it was a battle fought in his own world full of divinity.

He did not say that a head-to-head match against the demon lord was impossible.

They just have to rely on the hope that they are themselves. A knight must show a firm appearance at any time.

* * * *

Meanwhile, Raynald Shellman, the main culprit who changed the Gwangju Gate to the Demon Gate, watched Leon defeat the demons.

“In one blow, a demon troll, a middle-class demon…”

No matter how much the hunters drew attention, to cut the head of that tough troll with a single stroke… Above all, the disappearance of trolls was a shocking sight.

Demons are immortal creatures. Those who live in the spiritual realm are only a shell when they appear in the material realm.

It’s close to remotely controlling the drone, so even if the drone is destroyed, the demon itself doesn’t die.

However, the lion heart king’s sword forced the ‘death’ of the cut off being.

Climb up the connection of the mental body and force the result of ‘death’. In other words, the pilot who was controlling the drone dies at the same time as the drone is destroyed.

It’s frightening.

I felt like I knew why the Great Devil ran away in fright beyond the Jewel of Wisdom.

[Hee hee… Hee hee hee!]

“Are you great?”

And even after witnessing such a fearful existence, a dreary laughter flowed from the Jewel of Wisdom.

[I got weak! You’re weak! Lion Heart King! Leon Dragonia Lionheart! You guys are human after all! Hee hee hee!]

You say you’re weak? what is that?

Who is the author who destroyed demon trolls in one blow?

When Reynald raised his question, the Gem of Wisdom giggled and answered, perhaps in a good mood.

[Hee hee, if he had the power of his heyday, he would have annihilated about a thousand demons in one blow! If I had enough holy power, I would have opened the holy sword!]

“The holy sword… you mean?”

It was a sword that emits a dazzling light, albeit briefly, when the demon troll’s head was cut off. That kind of power is a power that hasn’t even been released?

[Hehehe… Even if you hit it well, it’s a little stronger than the Holy Grail Knight! I’m lost!]

When the great devil beyond the jewel of wisdom rejoiced, Reynald spoke cautiously.

“Great Being… Then shall we perform a ceremony so that you can descend?”


The Jewel of Wisdom was perplexed.

[No! No matter how weak he is, he is the Lion Heart King! I’m sorry I’m crazy!]

He said he was weak… … .

Reynald swallowed his displeasure and asked.

“Then the author… who handles it?”

[Hehehe… ! The demon king here.]


The quest also confirmed Raynald. There is a demon king here.

“No way… does the demon lord really exist?”

If there was such an existence, it was definitely a victory. After the Cataclysm, in the history of the Thirty Years War, the demon lord was a monster among monsters who slaughtered countless S-class hunters.

[If the monarchs want to descend, there is no option with the energy of this gate! but… The bad news appointed as the monarch exists here.]

“Oh, oh…”

At those words, Raynald swallowed his saliva. Humans who serve demons wish to become demons at the end of their roles.

It is because he longs for the immortality of demons and harbors ambitions to become the great devil himself.

But a monarch who obscures even the great devil?

[Hee hee… There is an existence that those ugly demons of lust have been working on for 100 years… ! If that’s the case, I’ll be able to kill that weakened Lionheart!]

For him, Reynald needed to move like a limb.

I will use this fleeting hope of Sphero Kingdom to wake up the ‘Queen’.

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