The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 39 The Kingdom in the Gate

Spero Kingdom.

This peaceful kingdom boasting a thousand-year history has fallen into an avalanche of wind.

Invasion of demons and cities collapsing one after another. In the end, the human city left only the last stronghold, where humans are in a decisive battle.

“It’s a theme.”

“A theme?”

A bar inside the Spero Royal Castle. Goo Dae-sung said there.

“Come to think of it, each of the gates had its own scenery.”

“Yes, there are field hunting type gates like the Seoul Station gate, dungeon type, and NPC quest type like the Oak Gate.”

After Leon came to Earth, he experienced the four gates.

At first, it was a dungeon-type gate in the Honam Plain.

After defeating the boss monster Durandal there, the gate was closed.

The second is Cheongju Gate.

The place where Yacht Spinner prevented the leakage of the Jewel of Wisdom was a cyberpunk-themed worldview.

The theme didn’t mean much because the only survivor was one yapi.

The third is the gate of Samjeon Station in Seoul.

The theme was that the orcs would appear and help one of their tribal unions, but Leon had slaughtered them all with an ignorant charge.

This fourth gate was similar to the gate of Samjeon Station, where orcs appeared, among the gates I had experienced so far.

“This gate is a little different from the Orc Gate.”

Goo Dae-sung said while checking the system window that Leon did not see.

“There are conditions for clearing the quest.”


“Yes, it’s timed.”

[The kingdom of Spero is being invaded by demons. Defend the kingdom from the invasion of the demon king.]

Remaining deadline: 1 week


The quest condition is to defend the kingdom for a week.

It was a fact that I knew after coming to my senses in the confusion.

“In other words, we just need to ‘defend’ the kingdom for a week. Then the gate will be closed.”

“That’s strange. As far as I know, I heard that there is a dungeon break phenomenon at the gate. After a period of time, a crack occurs and the monsters inside jump out, I heard?”

Not just monsters. The overflowing magical energy inside flows out and contaminates the land, making it uninhabitable.

Didn’t the gate being managed constantly clean the monsters inside without closing to prevent him?

“Yes, if it’s a normal gate, that’s the standard. However, as long as you clear the quest for a ‘specified quest’ like this, you don’t have to clean the inside to close it.”

It has been proven by the data that mankind has accumulated since the cataclysm.

Even the change gate occurred occasionally, so Koo Dae-seong was probably not wrong.

“Then… Did you say Chief Kim Jin-soo?”

Leon never touched the meals in front of him and cast his gaze at Kim Jin-soo, who was in the midst of eating.

“Yes, Your Majesty! Speak!”

As an employee of the Association, he was originally involved to witness the growth of trainees and recalibrate their ranks. And there were conditions.

“Originally, Jim was not going to come forward. However, since the situation is urgent, will your evaluation change even if Jim and Sir Spinner do?”


Originally, the abilities of ‘only’ the hunters had to be evaluated. If Leon steps in, it’s because things are taken care of too easily.

Manager Kim Jin-soo did not think that the late D-class would grow with only 4 weeks of training, but he re-evaluated them with today’s battle.

They have definitely grown up. only 4 weeks… Those who don’t even have their own skills are more than enough C-class… Thanks to Leon’s strengthening trait, he showed activity at the level of a B-class tanker.

No matter what kind of ‘what’ I ate, my physical strength and physical abilities were significantly improved.

“Hmm… I don’t think there’s any problem. That level of discretion was granted by the president of the association.”

“Oh oh…!”

“I-can I get a promotion this time?”

With the approval of the association staff, the momentum of the hunters also rose. However, he resolutely burned his will when he said that evaluation scores were still given based on whether he was active or not.

“one more.”

Leon’s words drew everyone’s attention.

“As in the Oak Gate, the quest conditions change and what do you think of the hidden quest elements? Can you guess those elements from this gate?”

– Uhm… … .

-Is it a hidden quest… … .

-Aren’t we supposed to do ridiculous things like the Orcs?

They first saw the Hidden Quest at the Oak Gate. Leon’s actions that destroyed the premise of the quest changed the quest itself.

“It’s a possibility… of course it seems. Manager Kim, have you heard of a similar case?”

“Umm… It’s not like there isn’t anything at all. It’s not weird no matter what happens at the gate.”

There are no examples.

How did Goo Dae-seong become anxious?

“Um… Your Majesty. What are you thinking…”

“I’m thinking of killing the demon king.”


The meaning of the words was clear. Wouldn’t it be like trying to catch the demon king, the cause of the invasion, while slaughtering all the demons that can’t be counted?

This was bigger than the Oak Gate. At least at that time, there was Yapi, the weapon of mass destruction of the Pantheon Guild.

“Your Majesty, but you don’t dare take a dangerous road…”

“Don’t worry.

The Hunters are relieved by that statement. Leon is a born commander.

It would be suicide to attack the demon king with only 50 hunters, leaving the walls of the royal castle and the Sphero kingdom army alone. I don’t know if I’m alone

“To celebrate the victory, take a good rest today. Tomorrow, Jim will be meeting the commander of this kingdom.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Leon left the hunters behind and went up to his room prepared by the kingdom knight. Summon the Holy Grail and capture the demon of the ‘Demon Troll’ you killed today.

The Holy Grail has the power to exterminate evil and replace that energy with holy power. It’s also one of the reasons Leon was able to slaughter over 10 million demons in his world.

‘I didn’t know if I could even absorb the heads of the beasts.’

He absorbed one of Gokrok’s arms and restored the Holy Grail’s function with the energy replaced.

The demon trolls weren’t that far, but they were able to connect with the pantheon without difficulty.

[Leon, my first knight.]

“Ariana, are you all right?”

I couldn’t descend a god, but I was able to talk for a while with the divinity of the pantheon in my heart.

said Ariana.

[Did you feel it?]

“Yes, this gate has an alien energy to it.”

Leon only felt the strange energy after the battle.

“It touches the skin. It’s so natural that it’s too late to notice.”

[You, who have a living body, would not have noticed it easily. It is an energy that naturally melted into this world.]

What it meant was simple.

In this world, there is a being with enormous power that even Lion Heart King naturally feels.

“A demon king? If it’s a monarch-level demon…”

[It’s subtle. A being with that kind of power would have had a more intense aura. this is something… different.]

Leon slaughtered two demon lords.

Together with the Holy Grail Knights and the gods, he had succeeded in killing the limbs and limbs of demons with such insane power.

Chaos Lord Malus.

Dotradon, Lord of Pleasure.

Monsters, each of which could end a world.

Their energy makes the world tremble just by existing and brings screams and despair.

If a monarch-level demon had been present at this gate, low-level hunters would have despaired even of the aura of the lion’s heart.

[My knight. The divinity of the pantheon has something to tell you.]

“Your knight listens.”

“Pleu wants to investigate this world. It seems she felt something.]

“Do you mean Fleur?”

Leon was well aware of that divinity.

“Fle will need energy to descend.”

[Yeah, I don’t have to tell you how to do it, right?]

every know

As in the case of Demera, something more certain is needed for the descent of divinity rather than simply possessing an incarnate body.

* * * *

The next morning, soldiers came to the inn where the Pantheon Guild was staying.

“Sir Lionheart! Sir Lionheart is here!”

Koo Dae-seong, who was up early in the morning, climbed the stairs to wake Leon.

“Your Majesty…! I hope the soldiers will see you—”

However, Leon was already coming down neatly dressed. Even though it is still early, his appearance has a soft glow.

“Hey, are you awake?”

“Shouldn’t we go to the palace? I resumed my bath.”

So why is it so shiny? Goo Dae-seong realized that Leon was a different being from his true race.

“Are you Sir Lionheart?”

“Hmm, yes.”

Leon did not reveal his identity to the soldiers who came to visit him. Strictly speaking, the status of a knight was also correct.

“Your Excellency the Prime Minister and the general want to see you. The carriage has been prepared, so let’s go to the palace.”

“good night.”

It was discussed in advance yesterday, so Leon readily agreed. Before Leon climbed into the carriage, he looked back.

“Sir Spinner is on standby. He leads the remaining trainees here.”


“Also, I’m heading to the capital, but I can’t go without an attendant. I’ll take three volunteers as attendants.”

For a while, the hunters were agitated by an idea they knew but didn’t know, and the hunters, who knew from social experience that they had to act quickly at times like this, quickly stepped forward.

“Hey, I’m Manager Kim Jin-soo!”

“I’m Kim Do-han!”

“I’m Goo Dae-sung!”

Some followed suit, but it was too late.

“Hmm, good. Open the door.”

Manager Kim Jin-soo, who had a lot of work experience, quickly jumped out and opened the carriage door.

The common-sense question of ‘do I have to open the door too?’ is not asked to this royal man.

Upon arriving at the palace, the servant bowed down to them politely.

“Welcome, everyone. My name is Parco, the chief chamberlain of the palace. I will take you to the audience room.”

On the way to the throne room following Hans, all kinds of art and decorations were elegantly placed. I wondered what it would be like to visit an old European royal palace.

“Hmm, the owner of the palace must have a great sense of taste.”

“Whoops, you have insight.”

Chief Chamberlain Hans reacts to Leon’s praise. He explained the history of the palace so that guests would not be bored.

“The Palace of Spero is a palace with a long history. It has hosted many queens from the founder, Queen Fiora, to the current Queen Beatrice.”

-It’s the queen.

-Everything from the beginning to the queen? It seems to be a matrilineal society.

-Shh. Your Majesty is looking this way!

The three whispered to each other at the words of the chief chamberlain. Leon stared at the three of them, then shouted in a determined voice.

“In which country is it customary for a commoner to speak of the royal family?”

“I’m sorry.”

Leon immediately apologized to the chamberlain.

“I’m sorry. They’re idiots who haven’t learned formal etiquette. The situation is urgent, so we brought in those who don’t know etiquette.”

“Heh heh, it’s okay. Since you’re a foreigner, that might be the case.”

The chief chamberlain passed over lightly, but Leon stared at the three with a firm gaze and clicked his tongue as if to listen.

“Tsk tsk… No matter how much you haven’t learned, there must be something to notice.”

The three of them had to shut up until they reached the audience room.

The audience room that arrived like that. Several bureaucrats were waiting for Leon there.

Knights and officials were lined up on the left and right sides of the large carpet, and at the end of it, the seat that looked like a throne was covered by a tent.

I could barely see a silhouette in the covered tent, but the silhouette was in the shape of a slender woman.

“This is Lord Lionheart.”

Leon and his party were known in the castle for yesterday’s battle.

A mysterious group that performed heroic activities against the forces of demons. If Leon hadn’t identified himself as a knight, they would have assumed it was a group of mercenaries.

“Hmm, are you the Lionheart who played an active part in the battle in front of the castle gate?”

The first to speak was a middle-aged man in fancy clothes with an impressive mustache.

“I am the Duke of Akium, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom.”

reign of the kingdom. Needless to say, he is the real power of the palace. He tried to recite a proposal to appoint Leon, who led the victory in battle, as a knight of the kingdom.

Until Leon opens his mouth.

“I’ll start by saying hello to the Queen.”

Leon tried to approach the queen’s throne straight away. However, two people stand in the way.

It was an old knight who was presumed to be the Duke of Akium and a general.

“No matter how hard you try, how can outsiders try to get right in front of Your Highness!”

At the chancellor’s screams, the three people who followed Leon agreed.

‘That’s right.’

‘Because he could suddenly turn around and attempt an assassination attempt.’

‘Of course, His Majesty wouldn’t do that, but I have to stop it for security reasons.’

Leon was a royalty from another world with common sense different from that of Earth, but he was not a clogged person who denied sensible things.

So don’t be offended by the chancellor’s refusal——

“I can’t stand it.”


“Queen, I am Leon Dragonia Lionheart, the Lion Heart King of the Lionheart Kingdom. I will do what I have to do even though I know it is rude.”

“No, what the hell is this guy talking about! General! Hurry up and bring this guy out—”

At that moment, Leon grabbed the Chancellor’s face.

“Hey, wait…!”

This is something of deja vu—-


The head of the chancellor turned when the strength went into the lion heart king’s arms.

It was rotated 1,080 degrees and returned to its original position.

It was an instant death.



It happened so quickly, and it was so shocking that recovery was slow.

After three seconds of no reaction, Leon pulled his arm from the chancellor’s trembling corpse.

It was a rare sight where a person’s arm was pulled out with pure grip.

‘Why are you fucking again?’

What else did you not like this time?

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