The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 4 Survivor

Leon Dragonia Lionheart.

The Hunter Association and the government were in a difficult position over the survivor who came over from the third black gate that appeared in 13 years.

Survivors are extremely rare people from another world beyond the gate.

Each of them has lived in their own culture and environment, and among them there are beings who are oppressive or hostile towards the people of Earth.

There were war heroes sealed in the ice wall, and there were also vampires who lived forever.

There were dragon descendants or dwarfs who dug underground tunnels to defend fortresses.

Although not all of them were easy opponents, and each had a stubborn side to it, they tended to admit that their world was doomed and content to be treated as survivors.

Governments around the world have the same policy towards survivors.

pull in somehow If it is not enough to belong to the government, they will make them settle down in Korea.

As they were survivors of a destroyed world, there were many who had excellent fighting power, and they all had something special.

Of course, not all survivors were accepted. Among the survivors, there were many beings with values that the current human civilization could not accept.

Meanwhile, the newest survivor. Leon was the type that didn’t know how to deal with him.

“What should I do? Should I do something like court etiquette?”

“Hmm… I watched some historical dramas…”

Hunter Association chief Kim Jin-soo and deputy Han Ha-ri looked at the benefactor and survivor who saved them and made an embarrassing expression.

Leon Dragonia Lionheart.

Claims to be the King of the Lionheart Kingdom.

He calls himself an agent of the gods, a demigod, and an honorable knight.

Judging by his way of speaking and his behavior, he is a person in a thoroughly hierarchical society. Three investigators attempted interrogation in succession, but were released with threatening behavior.

Seolleongtang and Kimchi. He refused to eat it, saying it was common people’s food.

Jajangmyeon. I showed interest for a while, but I refused because it was a lowly dish that had no choice but to splash the soup.

I tried chicken, but it was out because I also picked it up with my hands.

“……I guess like a ghost.”

“Iknow, right.”

He rejected Earth’s food as common people’s food just by looking at its appearance. Thanks to this, I had to bring in food from a nearby top-notch restaurant.

“Hari, you go first.”

“Me, me? I don’t speak well in historical dramas?!”

“Still, it seemed that he had a crush on you. He said he received compliments.”

“The only thing I can say is that I have courage…!”

Deputy Han Ha-ri was put in to deal with this tricky survivor. Everyone’s conclusion is that she won’t be kicked out as much as she received Leon’s favorable gaze at the gate.


Hari cautiously approaches Leon, who elegantly slices the finest T-bone steak and drinks 1993 red wine.

“Lung, Your Majesty… Can you please tell me to play the Hwanggong while eating?”

“Is that the swordsman at that time? Sit down.”

I didn’t get kicked out right away. Hari sighed cautiously and clenched her fist at the cracked magic mirror.

I believe that my colleagues on the other side are definitely shouting to me, fighting.

“Sir, do you like your meal?”

“It’s not bad. It’s because of the chef’s sincerity and long efforts.”

“I’m so glad you liked it. Ah… I committed a mortal sin by serving you dishonorable food…”

“There is a misunderstanding.”

Putting down the knife, the blond man spoke reassuringly.

“What Jim points out to you is your attitude toward the king.”

“Well, what did you mean by that?”

“When the royal family meets the representative of another country, they must be treated with the appropriate dignity. This is also related to the national status of your country.”

“Is that so?”

“The food of the commoners is enough for Jim to eat. I didn’t grow up spoiled to the point of covering food on the battlefield. However, if you stand in front of Jim as a representative of the will of the country, it means that you should show your dignity.”

In other words, he didn’t mess around with the food.

To be honest, I don’t want to eat it as it is, but if you think about it carefully, don’t you think McDonald’s Big Mac set is served when a state guest visits.

“That’s right. I’m short on learning, so I made an excuse. Aaaaaaa…”

“That’s okay. By the way, I thought it was one or the other.”

“Yeah, yea… The girl says she will do it.”

Leon saw Hari mimicking the clumsy way of speaking in historical dramas and did not ask him to speak comfortably.

Because the royal family couldn’t be comfortable with the common people.

“I have heard the story of my world.”


Leon diligently collected information about this world while resenting the investigators.

The investigators also tried to explain the Earth and the situation it was in as much as possible, so Leon had some information.

“Looks like this place is also under some kind of invasion. I guess you said gate. They appeared in my world as well.”

“Is that so?”

It was a common testimony in the eyewitness testimonies of survivors.

gate. door. Dimensional Rift.

Called in many forms, but common features.

“Devils. They say that those bizarre things also haunt this earth?”

“Yes… it is.”

Harry’s mission was one.

The best is to transfer him to the Hunter Association belonging to the Korean government.

The next best thing is to somehow settle down in this country called Korea.

The emergence of survivors always attracts the attention of governments. It has been using all sorts of means to somehow incorporate it into its own country.

At the center of espionage warfare in the 21st century, scouting survivors is the key.

Leon’s worth? From the point of view of being a survivor, there is nothing to say.

fighting power? It has already been proven by several association staff.

If there’s a problem, it’s the high-handed insistence on the status system and the idiosyncrasy, but when you actually talk to them, they’re not so communicative. Above all–

‘This person is absolutely confident in his own worth.’

Taking a high-handed stance against the inhabitants of another world you don’t even know about is proof of your confidence.

Among the survivors, there was a tendency to bend to some degree against the naive type or the state.

A single person cannot defeat a huge group called a nation. It’s because you instinctively know that there’s nothing good to turn into an enemy.

But this man named Leon is the pinnacle of pride and self-esteem.

He boldly demanded what he did not know, and insisted that what was needed be brought out immediately.

He is like the king of the end of the status system, which considers himself noble, so he has no choice but to be confident no matter who he treats.

“Your Majesty… I will tell you, Hwang Gong-Ha, but if Your Majesty agrees, the future position will be taken by the Korean government.”

“What does that mean?”

Hari slowly presented him with an option.

The way to become a Hunter belonging to the country.

The way to settle down and find another way.

Whatever it is, the association showed its intention to spare no support for the survivors. In particular, if you become a hunter belonging to a country, the support is enormous, emphasizing that.

The upper echelons of the Association still don’t know about Leon’s value. However, if its value is recognized, they will be willing to attract Leon to Korea.

“This place is being invaded by evil species. If you are an honorable knight, you must fight. As long as you are settled in your world, I have a duty to go to the battlefield.”

“I see!”

Harry’s face brightened. Aren’t you the one with the right idea than you thought?

Many of the survivors refused to enter the demons or gates. He said that he had no obligation to intervene in the fights of other worlds.

Even so, they are idiots who took care of all the survivors’ settlement subsidies.

At least this person doesn’t seem to be that shameless.

“Then, if you belong to our Hunter Association——”

“No, a king cannot go under another king’s gate.”

uh? What is this sound?

Harry made a puzzled expression.

That’s why I thought about the case that I didn’t belong to the government. Harry himself thought that joining the Society would not benefit him.

But according to his words, wouldn’t he refuse to join other hunter guilds?

“I will establish my new order of knights in this world.”

At Leon’s declaration of ambition, Hari could only nod.

* * * *

“Things are going strangely.”

Putting Leon’s story together, Manager Kim Jin-soo scratched the top of his head. Still, Harry gave a positive review.

“Isn’t that bad? I still have enough will to fight.”

“That’s right. It doesn’t look like you’re going to another country.”

Survivors with conditions as good as Leon are rare among all survivors.

They are armed enough and willing to enter the Gate, and are not hostile to the current world.

Being a human being in a caste society was a bit of a flaw, but that doesn’t mean he’s acting against self-interest.

“Still, when I said I had to meet the president, I was cold.”

“Uh… You didn’t give me permission, did you?”

“What if we meet and cut each other? I heard that he puts his sword into the subspace and summons him.”

“There is no subspace pocket, so what is the principle?”

If, by any chance, a squirmy survivor swings a sword at the president… It is truly a national disaster.

“What are you going to do?”

“Whatever… I should apply as much as possible.”

This is the conclusion reached at the end of the meeting of the Association.

Buy him goodwill and support him as much as possible to settle down in this land.

For him, it was worth trying even if he invested an astronomical budget.

“Our country’s government power is too weak…”

“It’s all because of the big guild guys who only reveal money and power.”

Korea’s chronic disease, which had been rooted and fixed, was still making the country sick.

“By the way, before we went black, didn’t a scarlet recently appear? On the Honam Plain side.”

“Yes, I got it from the Phoenix Guild.”

“It should work out… It’s a real big deal if something happens on that side.”

After the cataclysm, the world was devastated as dungeon breaks occurred everywhere.

The problem with Dungeon Break isn’t just the monsters pouring in. As the cracks in the gate opened, ‘magic energy’ leaked out along with the monsters.

The magic element is a deadly poison that erodes space and curses the land. The land eroded by demons had to be cleaned for at least a year before crops could be planted.

In other words, the dungeon break in the granary is fatal enough to decide farming that year.

“The Phoenix Guild is still home to the S-class Hunter Lee Yong-wan. Even the scarlet gate isn’t that difficult.”


Manager Kim Jin-soo pondered whether he should convey the NIS intelligence he came across to Assistant Manager Han Ha-ri.

That the Phoenix Guild has been acting suspiciously since it was recently denied an exemption from the government.

– Beep!


At that time, a vibration of the same timing occurred on the phones of Manager Kim Jin-soo and Assistant Manager Han Ha-ri. Beep! Beep! with an ominous siren sound.

[Honam plains gate dungeon break occurred. All active staff placed on emergency standby.]

After confirming the message, the two people shouted in unison.

“”Phoenix Guild you bastards!!””

* * * *

He seemed to think that he couldn’t hear it because he was behind the magic mirror, but Leon clearly grasped the sound coming from the other side.

His blessed body has already escaped the human body. He is a living saint. In other words, it is a half-god.

‘It looks like you’re in trouble.’

The dungeon break wasn’t the problem. The problem was that the dungeon break exploded in the granary.

Apparently, when a dungeon break occurs, the land becomes polluted and crops stop growing… … .

‘As expected, there seems to be none.’

Through him, Leon was convinced of the absence of ‘it’ on this earth.

The fact that there are sounds like ‘bad harvest’ or ‘bad year’ is very clear evidence.

‘Dear Demera. Are you all right?’

He asked about her well-being in the ‘temple’ hidden in my heart.


She gladly responded to the pantheon’s agent.

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