The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 40 Nopaku Demon Butcher

The chancellor’s neck turned three times.

Anyone can see that it was an instant death.

Even an extra arm pulled out there. Is it body lust?



Reaction is delayed. People harden in front of an emergency that far transcends their common sense.

“What, what are you doing…”

words someone said. At the same time, the soldiers aimed their spears.

“this guy!”

Soldiers aiming at each other. Even in the immediate situation, Leon remained calm. He turned the chancellor’s neck and, without stopping from pulling out his arm, kicked and broke the knee that hadn’t yet collapsed.

“This, this guy…!”

“How long are you going to hide your identity, dirty fiend? Do you really think you can hide the eyes of this lion heart king?”

The trembling corpse moved. Then, the skin peels off, revealing a terrifying monster.

-Kiii… !

The chancellor, who took off his human skin and revealed his true face, had a mantis-like head dangling a large scythe-like arm.

It was an arm that was hastily regenerated thanks to Leon having pulled it out beforehand.

“Ah, the chancellor!”

“A devil?”

It was then. Dozens of soldiers and nobles gathered in the audience room threw off their outer skins and revealed their vicious forms.


“They are demons!”

Those who were not demons were shocked by the sudden appearance of demons. If the reaction was delayed even a little, it was in danger of being destroyed immediately.

“Don’t panic, you lowly ones!!”

Lion Heart King’s roar gave damage to the eardrums of soldiers as well as demons. He is pulling out the Holy Sword.

“Come together! Fight as one!”

The soldiers hurriedly unite at Leon’s work. Aristocrats and officials hurriedly retreated behind them.


The demon whose eardrums were bursting from the holy roar came running brandishing its blade-like arms. However, the blade gets caught in Leon’s arm.


A demon tilting his arm that can’t move. When Leon grabs his arm and pulls it straight, the arm is pulled out along with green blood.


The devil’s cries of pain did not last a second. It was because the holy sword severed his neck.

When Leon decapitated the devil at once, manager Kim Jin-soo hurriedly shouted.

“Bar, raise your shield!”

Unlike Leon, who can summon the holy sword, they entered the throne room disarmed. Instead, I tried to hear the dead soldier’s armament.


It was then. A praying mantis demon attacked team leader Kim Do-han as he was trying to pick up a weapon. The moment the sharp blade was about to slash at him, the sword flew like a flash and pierced the demon’s neck.

“Oh, thank you…”

The one who wielded the sword was not Leon. The gray old man, the kingdom’s general, brushed off the blade stained with the demon’s green blood and gave instructions.

“The demons have infiltrated the palace. Kill them all!”

As the soldiers and knights joined, the demons died one after another. But even when the demons died, they didn’t just die.



The black energy that surged from the corpses of the demons formed a thick fog. They cling to the skin and shake the mind.

– Ugh, ugh! Hee hee?!

– Aaah! My head hurts, my head hurts… !

Soldiers in pain. Manager Kim Jin-soo and team leader Kim Do-han also trembled and held their heads. Goo Dae-sung is the only one holding out in a cold sweat.

“The Power of Corruption. That’s right, the demons that have settled in this gate are its villains.”

On the other hand, the demons’ inertia couldn’t invade Leon’s mental barrier.

That mighty ego and absolute belief in divinity are not something evil species can invade.

“I will show you the grace of God here.”

Leon took out the Holy Grail. Sprinkle the holy water of the Holy Grail into the air and sweep through the thick fog.

Divine grace is seated and evil things are cast out.


“What is this…”

What the non-devils barely came to their senses and witnessed was Leon holding the holy sword and holy grail.

In a space where the energy of demons is prevalent, a radiance that shines more than anyone else. There were also those who fell to their knees and shed tears at that noble existence.

“Yo, warrior.”

“He’s a warrior…”

While they were worshiping, Leon tried to approach the silent queen in the midst of the commotion.


The general who aimed his sword and stopped him. Leon didn’t blame him.

“I understand your loyalty, but in this emergency, you didn’t assist the royal family first.”

“Only Her Majesty the Queen can judge my loyalty.”

“It makes sense. But…”

Leon snapped his fingers at the cool blade of the sword pointed at him.


When Leon flicked the blade, the sword blade was bent by the enormous impact, and the general stumbled as well. Truly a grip that transcends humans. Leon said to the general who grabbed his trembling hand.

“Questions and judgments are made by the king. It is also the Queen’s job to cut them. You know the fraction.”

“Kuh… Her Majesty the Queen is in a daze and unable to make judgments. So I entrusted the full power to the chancellor… Since he is dead, I, the general, have full power.”


Leon stared for a moment at the queen beyond the tent, who was still holding on to silence. However, she soon became convinced that she was not a corrupter and told the general.

“The energy of the corrupters is already overflowing in this castle, so we will have to clean it up quickly.”

“Are you certain of that?”

“A king never talks lies.”


The general thought for a moment, then carefully opened his mouth.

“What do you want?”

“Give me the right to command the soldiers. And the right to punish the evil species. Your incompetence will be resolved by the main king.”

The general headed for a moment to where the queen was. The silhouette of a queen leaning on her throne and not reacting to anything.

The decision-making power rests with him.


“Call all the humans in this city to the plaza.”

We will start there.

* * * *

Goo Dae-seong and chief Kim Jin-soo were dumbfounded as they watched the kingdom army move quickly under Leon’s instructions.

“NPCs… Were they always this cooperative?”

“In this theme, hunters are nothing more than soldiers…”

Although they are called NPCs for convenience, their intelligence and autonomy are no different from those of modern Earthlings.

No, rather, it was more authoritative and wary of outsiders.

But what now? Soldiers, bureaucrats, and nobles moved according to Leon’s instructions.

“As expected, the king must be different…”

Natural charisma. lofty spirit. Authority not to be questioned.

Leon was a natural born royalty and would do the same anywhere. He is used to commanding and commanding someone.

“Even when I was feeding sugar water, I had a lot of worries, but… I have to remain in the Pantheon Guild.”

At Team Leader Kim Do-han’s words, Goo Dae-seong nodded.

While the hunters were talking, countless citizens gathered in the plaza. Regardless of gender and age, tens of thousands of citizens of the city have been gathered together, so the number is staggering.

Leon stepped onto the podium.

“I am Lion Heart, Leon Dragonia, the Lion Heart King of the Lion Heart Kingdom, who has been entrusted with full authority by the general of the Sphero Kingdom.”

When a foreign article introduces himself, the citizens murmur. Leon proceeded swiftly.

“Among you, there are evil species possessed by demons and corrupted. They must be planning to cause a riot from the inside in line with the invasion from the outside.”

The devil exists among them. At that, the citizens were agitated and confused. Leon had let them stir up enough.

“However, there is nothing to worry about. The main king is the representative of the gods who slaughtered countless evil species. Jim has a way to distinguish the corrupters.”

“What is that?”

“We show through actions rather than words.”

Leon gestured. Then the soldiers blocked off the plaza and started piling up some timber. Citizens were in unrest.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

Leon did not stop acting at the commoner’s words. He brought a dazzlingly shining holy sword towards the wood that had been oiled.

“God of War and Flame, let your fire fall upon your warriders.”

Then sparks flew from the holy sword. It was a brief moment, but it was enough to ignite the oiled wood.

The timbers piled up in a circle quickly spread and became a prison that confined the entire plaza.

“From now on! The one who is not evil! The one who is not corrupted! The one who is not heretic! Throw yourself into the flames and prove your innocence!”


The citizens were stunned for a moment by Leon’s roaring notification. It wasn’t just them. Even the soldiers inside the circle were dumbfounded by Leon’s order.

-Quaaaaa… !

A roaring flame. It ignites the wood that is burning fiercely and increases its momentum.

You want me to jump in there? what? do you mean die?

“Sounds crazy!”

“The author is trying to kill us all!”

It’s a natural reaction. It was to the point where even manager Koo Dae-seong and Kim Jin-soo immediately wondered, ‘Is that man crazy?’

Leon did not tolerate the clamor of the commoners.

“Can’t you shut up, you fools!!”

Leon’s gossip effectively silenced them.

“The demons infect and seduce their malice. If need be, I’ll kill all of you to stop the spread of evil.”

Of course, I have no intention of killing all the citizens just to kill the hidden evil species. But Leon is saying that he can do it.

“Pass through the spark of divinity. Prove your innocence by doing so. It’s simple.”

“Mi, crazy…”

“It’s a madman. The general brought a madman.”

Terribly agree. Manager Kim Jin-su struggled to swallow his words.

“You always have to show Mincho directly. Lion Heart King must work hard.”

Leon immediately descended and grabbed the necks of the protesting citizen and the soldier who was blocking him.

100 million! 100 million! The two of them panicked, but Leon threw it into the flames.

– Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

The screams of pain from being burned alive echoed terribly. The creature’s voice was so loud that I wondered if it could go this far.


However, there was someone who walked out of the flames. It was a citizen who protested.

“Mmm, are you fine?”

“Then what’s that scream?”

“Hey, look over there!”

The eyes of the citizens turned to the soldier who had been thrown.

A demon whose flesh was burning and its outer skin was torn, revealing its hideous true self. The soldier was a corrupt person.

“This sacred flame burns only evil beings. You cross the flames, shouting his name in thanks to Petos, the god of war and flame.”

Fire burns only demons. Upon realizing this, the citizens scrambled through the fire.

There were hesitant citizens, but Leon approached him.

“Why don’t you try to go through the fire?”

“Yes? That, that’s…”

“Are you a corrupt person? A heretic? A cultist? Do you want to be cut by the king’s sword?”

“Oh no! I’m leaving right now!”

Citizens running hurriedly. At that time, there was a child who approached Leon.

“Hehe, knight. Buy me flowers—”

puck! The child couldn’t even finish his words and flew away at the kick. The body of the child who was thrown out rolls on the floor again and again and explodes.

“Lung, Your Majesty, what…!”

“Listen to the evil species that have infiltrated! Your filthy stench vibrates to disguise your innocence.”


A miniature demon that rises from the corpse of a child. The moment the goblin covered in blood showed its hideous teeth——


A bullet that flew in from somewhere pierced the little devil’s forehead. At the same time as instant death, evil energy is absorbed into Leon’s Holy Grail. That is, it is extinct.

-Confirm the extinction of the hostile factor. Move the sniper point.

A minimal-sized spider knight moves between the buildings surrounding the plaza.

“I will punish you. I will tear your souls apart.”

Leon raised his sword. Corruptors from all sides then tear off the outer shell and reveal their true selves.

The number exceeded five hundred.

– Human bastard. I dare not even know the subject… … .

-You bastard, I think you’ll die gracefully–



– My ears! My ears aaaaaaa!

The eardrums of demons bursting open. The divine lion’s roar, which only burst the eardrums of demons, shattered the hearing of all the demons in the square in half.

A divine lion’s roar that is activated only when a living demigod is truly enraged!

The noise is indeed 300 decibels! It is over a hundred times the standard value that is classified as a shock wave, not noise anymore!

Of course, it was a sex law that only worked for demons.

Leon’s teeth grit. Unbearable anger is expressed. Indeed, I feel insulted when I see maggots that have been ‘hostile’ in a ‘group’ for a long time.

“Trash… maggots parasitic on human emotions and boasting…!”

Poududeuk, poudeudeuk… ! Grinding teeth and flowing voices are sacred. If it was holy, the bodies of nearby demons were disintegrating in real time.

“Do you dare infiltrate the human gap and form an array to exist in front of me? Do you dare to stare at this lion heart king? You guys don’t deserve that.”

Do you have to accept that dirty gaze? Is this eye candy! Leon couldn’t control his trembling body.

“Parasites pretending to be humans and walking on two legs? Forming a group? Imitating soldiers? Do you think I will allow this? You guys will scream and die in pain. Your cries and despair will resonate high into the sky. that’s it.”

-Art Mad Cub.

-What do you say about walking on two legs… … .

-Monga… I think Monga got it wrong.

The Corruptors sensed that something was terribly wrong and trembled.

“Scream more! Scream more!! Because that’s the only way you guys can please the main king!!”

The battle that took place around the plaza was over in less than an hour.

And Raynald Shellman and the Gem of Wisdom watching it from afar.

“…The method of planting the corrupted doesn’t seem to work, great one.”

[ah… I’m a newbie without a quickie. A bloody and bloody bird… … .]

Raynald wholeheartedly agreed with that statement.

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