The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 41 Shut Up, You Devil

The demons were easily swept away.

In the first place, the demons of corruption specialized for infiltration have low combat ability.

In addition, since you can’t escape outside the divine flame, you have no choice but to be hunted one-sidedly.

‘Still, that’s a huge number. If this amount of sabotage had been done from within… … .’

Goo Dae-seong realized that this quest itself had an absurd level of difficulty.

There were demons like this only inside, looking for an opportunity, but even if an A-class attack party came, would they have been able to properly respond?

I saw that it was not old-fashioned.


this is the man

Leon Dragonia Lionheart.

The king of another world with common sense completely different from that of modern Earth.

A disillusioned royal family who has no intention of adapting to the Earth, rather the Earth forces them to adapt.

However, this man’s method always yields results.

Indeed, is there any other way than for us, mere grassroots people, to believe in this man? Wouldn’t it be better to bet on him?

It was a part that not only Koo Dae-seong but also Hunters acknowledged in their hearts.

In fact, it was because they, who were only D-class for 10,000 years, had grown enough to fight against the army of demons. Still–

“Chief Kim. That’s a bit… isn’t it?”

“……me too.”

Hunters shook their heads as they watched the tragedy taking place in the plaza.

* * * *

The demons inside the castle were knocked out.

But citizens were in shock. They were horrified that there was a corrupted person in their midst, and they were terrified that someone next to them might be a villain.

Most of all, they were afraid of demons covered in human skin.

“Pull it out!”

Leon felt the need to dilute their fears. A captured demon was hung in the center of the plaza, with all citizens watching.

“Citizens of the Kingdom of Spero, do not be afraid. As long as this Lion Heart King exists, these evil species cannot violate you.”

Citizens stared at the hanging demon. But his gaze was still full of fear.

The Clinging Demon let out a sullen voice as he savored the fear directed at him.

“Hahahaha… don’t think this is the end. You will be destroyed. The power of corruption will destroy you—”

“Shut up, you devil!”


When Leon’s blade struck the demon’s skull, it collapsed into a palm shape.

The skull caved in, one eyeball burst out, and the demon sitting down to the chin was filthy.

“Look at this ugly beast! These corrupt beasts are the culprits who tempt you and make you fall into fear! You are hungry, you are sick, you are in discord in your family, and you have fallen this morning. Everything, the failure to marry, the loss of money gambling are all the fault of these villains!”

“Why is that my fault–“

“Shut up, you devil!”


This time the right ear was pulled out. the demon screamed. Citizens watched the appearance of such a demon and questioned it.

-What is it, that the devil is to blame for my mother’s illness?

-Is it all the devil’s fault that I failed to confess to Merilda?

-Is that bastard responsible for losing money at the gambling house yesterday?!

“These worms! Why is it my fault—”

“Shut up, you devil!”


Fingers folded in opposite directions.

“Citizens who strive to be just. Demons are the ones who bring misfortune into your lives. All the misfortunes in your life are caused by the devil. You do not know the right faith because the devil interferes with it. .”

Ignorance is all the devil’s fault. The devil was unfair, but he couldn’t even protest. It is because Leon’s violence is mercilessly wielded whenever he opens his mouth.

“However, there is nothing to be afraid of. Petos, the god of war and flames, has sent down the holy flame for you.”

Leon grabbed the wood that set the plaza on fire. The burning flames did not burn Leon’s skin at all.

“You there. Caught young man.”

“I-you mean me?”

“Okay, come out here.”

A young man who has no choice but to step forward when Leon picks him up. Leon handed him a piece of burning wood.

“Take it.”


“I won’t say it twice.”

The young man hesitated, but recalled the time he passed through these flames. A raging flame that did not hurt anyone but the devil. Having experienced it once, he grasped this burning timber.


And, as expected, the flames did not injure the young man.

“Punish this demon with this. Until this demon gets what it deserves.”

“Ah… that, that’s…”

“Are you going to show mercy? You, do you really have pity for the devil?”

“Oh no! My father was killed by these demons too!”

“Then express your anger! The god of war delights in just anger. You guys have a duty to purify the beasts that have moved!”

Gulp, the young man stared at the devil while holding the timber. The devil’s ferocious eyes glared at the young man, and his legs trembled.

just try to touch me with it I will chase you to the end of hell and kill you——!

“Can’t you open your eyes well!”


A demon whose teeth are shattered by Leon’s punches.

The skull was caved in, the eyeballs were pulled out, the ears were ripped out, and even the teeth fell off, that miserable figure… It’s even funny.

“Listen, citizens! Do you have the right to punish the beasts that have been moved! Punish! Punish! Burn alive!”

Burning timber piled up. Its divinity has faded, but that’s why it will make the devil suffer for a longer time.

“Aaaaaaaagh! My father’s enemy!!”


The young man beat the demon with a flaming piece of wood. The demon bound by the ‘sacred wire’ could not resist.

“Kill the devil!”

“Kill the devil!”

The cheers of the citizens frightened the devil.

“This, you crazy bastards! The curse of corruption is upon you all——”

“Shut up, you devil!”

The devil even pulled out his tongue to protest.

And the devil did not know.

That he was extremely lucky to be beaten to death by the citizens.

* * * *

underground prison.

Demons were held in the dark and damp basement of the castle.

Beltas, the demon of pleasure and corruption, trembled at the sound of screams from the damp dungeon.

Demon student 34 years. In the meantime, he tortured and corrupted countless humans, but he never thought he would end up in this situation.

“Keugh… Uh, why are my hands not getting any strength?”

Beltas tried to untie the ‘wire’ tied to his hand, but he couldn’t move.


An exceptionally eerie sound of iron. The iron legs pound the stone floor, and the sound of movement draws closer.

-Kick look

Red-hot camera kids stared at Beltas. At first glance, it could be said that the minimal size was cute, but Beltas knew it.

That the tiny mechanical spider had mercilessly slaughtered its own people.

“What, what!”

How to corrupt the machine? Beltas is a question that does not have an answer.

yapi said

-Please provide information.

“Ha! Do you think you will listen to the words of a small creature!”

Although he talked cheerfully, the gaze of the cold machine only stared at him indifferently. How anxious.

– Prisoner No. 14. uncooperative.

After that, Yapi knocked on the iron door. Then armed soldiers open the door and enter.

“Ha! If you’re going to kill me, kill me! I’ll definitely resurrect you guys… What, what is that!”

Beltas’ complexion turned pale. It was because he felt unusual energy from the water trough brought by the soldiers.

The trough was full of diluted water from the Holy Grail.

-See big data. Drawing rational conclusions.

uh, what is that? Beltas swallowed the trembling question into himself.

– Water knows the answer.


In an instant, a wire was wrapped around Beltas’ neck. Yapi’s mechanical arm pulls the coiled wire, and the devil’s face is thrown into the trough.


Beltas screamed in agony as his skin melted away.

Rising bubbles replaced his screams.


When the wire around his neck loosened, Beltas immediately raised his face. Beltas’s face was melting hideously.

“You, you bastard! I am Beltas, the demon of pleasure and corruption! Even after doing this——!”


Whoa! Ahhh! Khehehehehehehe!

A bucket of diluted holy water is not enough to annihilate a demon.

But the pain was certain.


– Cooperation. Requesting the provision of useful information based on objective judgment.

“Now, wait.”



“Sah, save me.”



“I-I’ll say it! I’ll tell you anything! So please stop using holy water! G-ma-a-an…!

Only then did Yapi release the power that was pulling the wire.

“Well, but what should I say? I don’t know anything——”


“No, I’m writing it to say it. I’ll tell you anytime… stop, stop it…”

Beltas confessed everything he knew. How to corrupt humans, where the middle and upper level demons settled, their location, their scale… He confessed everything he knew.

Yafi, who was recording without missing a single word of Beltas’ words, let out a cold mechanical sound.

-14 prisoners. 30,564 characters of info text. 9,104 characters less than the average text of 39,667 characters for POWs 1-13.

“Yes? What is that…

-You can disclose more information.

Who is this madman?! Average! Average! And text numbers know how I can say more!

– When the content is insufficient, raises a great question about the need to maintain the life of prisoners.

“What shall I say?”

* * * *

-more. Synthesis of information texts from 32 objects. Similarity 89% or more information matching. Derived as a rational truth.

Yapi’s report was indeed accurate and reasonable.

Torture the demons to spit out whatever information they spit out, looking for information that matches each other.

The higher the match rate, the more accurate the information, and based on this, it is reported to Leon.

“Hmm, I got it. Good work, Sir Spinner.”


Leon intends to use the organized information to kill the demons. Although hundreds of demons were slaughtered in the plaza, divinity cannot be descended from such low-level demons.

At least five higher level demons must be dealt with before Goddess Fl can descend.

“Sir Spinner. What did the demons who obtained all the information do?”

– processed. 127 decibels maintained for 14 seconds on average. very successful

Yappy didn’t bother to say that it was the screams of screaming in the dungeon.

He just faithfully fulfilled the mantra of ‘Let them die in pain until a certain negative pressure is reached’.

– Confirmation of the death of the square executioner object. up to 155 decibels. Citizens’ cheers at 189 decibels.

Yapi reproduced the screams of the demons.


-Give it to me!!

“Hmm, it’s always sweet to hear the sound of justice being done.”

With this, Leon entered the bedroom. Based on this information, we will hunt demons starting tomorrow morning.

For the past 200 years, Leon has been chasing the trail of demons and hunting those who run away. He is a specialist in demon hunting.

No one will be able to escape the death of the Lion Heart King.

‘My heart is beating.’

Leon lay down on the bed with his heart beating. On his pillow, he imagines a tomorrow where he brutally hunts demons.


My chest is stuffy. I can’t sleep and my hands and feet are shaking. weird.

what? Why can’t my heart be at peace? My heart is pounding and the top of my head is boiling like it’s about to rise.

‘Even while Jim is asleep, the demons will spit out their filthy breath on the ground, right?’

When he remembered it, his anger surged. His eyes were bloodshot and his eyebrows quivered.

-your majesty. heart rate spikes. symptoms of dizziness. chest pain. shortness of breath occurs.


Leon jumped up. I can’t fall asleep at all

“Sir Spinner. I can’t tolerate the fact that demons live and breathe on the same land as me. Maybe that’s a good thing?”

– Prompt elimination of the cause.

“It’s a good idea! I’m going to go on a night out!”

Leon doesn’t feel tired. Living demigods have infinite vitality, so they never get tired no matter how many times they battle.

It is the same with machines. Leon ran out of the castle with Yapi.

A cruel night has begun for the demons.

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