The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 42 The Demon of Wisdom is Scared of Lionheart

The plain in front of the Sphero Royal Castle. There was a clamor of all sorts of depravity and pleasure.

A man with a grotesque snout whips and beats, cuts his own flesh and roasts it, or coats the prisoner with water made from molten gold.

A bizarre scene where the excess of luxury and pleasure, pleasure and depravity are sublimated into malignity. There, Raynald Schellman enters holding the Jewel of Wisdom.

-It’s human.

-Hehe, human, human.

-They are dead people in the corner of the room. Geeks who only read and record books!

The demons guessed its identity based on the energy felt from the Jewel of Wisdom. Their ferocious and queer eyes pierced Reynald.

“Kkeuh… Gwa, are you okay? Great one.”

[Don’t look long at those vulgar prostitutes. A mortal will be corrupted in no time.]

“Yes, Nenet!”

As said in the Jewel of Wisdom, Reynald spread his anti-demon shield and averted his eyes from the scene of pleasure.

However, in the camp of pleasure and corruption, there was no demon that would allow the followers of other demons to roam.

-thud! thud! thump thump!

Something approaching Raynald with a mad noise. However, apart from the noise, a huge presence oppressed Reynald.

“How dare you bastards set foot in my pleasure ground! You’ve lost your coward!”

An eccentric giant with eight arms holding a flesh-stained sword, and six nipples with faded golden chains.

The crown of moonlight on his head contains maliciousness that shakes the soul of even S-class mage Reynald.

[Do not stare at the crown.]

“Yes, yes…”

What he was able to endure was the demonic virtue flowing from the Jewel of Wisdom. The Jewel of Wisdom gazed at the eight-armed giant filling the other side of the jewel.

[The great demon of pleasure and corruption. androgyne.]

The Jewel of Wisdom spoke to him. He said, twisting the corners of his mouth that were ripped apart.

“Ah~ A desk bite with no backbone. It’s a goblin who made a fortune.”

Great Devil Androgyne. Despite his contemptuous gaze and voice, the Jewel of Wisdom did not take it seriously.

[Hajit an offer you can’t refuse!]

“A suggestion? A suggestion? Hahahahahaha!”

Androgyn let out a mean laugh. Demons all over the place giggled and sympathized with that vast laughter.

“Know the subject, beast! Do you still think you are equal to us? Do you think that you, who have lost most of the monarchs and archeemons, can stand equal in the face of this pleasure and corruption!”

Androgyne remembered the ugliness of the demons of wisdom and quest that had been hunted for 200 years. Some of them couldn’t even survive and they all died.

[I’m proud of myself even though I’ve been looking for people… … .]


Androgyne is furious at the words that flowed out of the prison. But it was a fact.

[During the Great Advent 180 years ago, our monarch wasn’t the only one who escaped! Even the Lord of Pleasure would have perished!]

“This worm!”

Androgyne’s screaming roar frightened the demons. That’s because Androgyn, who is so angry, makes even the demons around him the target of his anger.

180 years ago, the rogues did terrible damage. An unprecedented situation in which five evils unite.

Ruthless destruction, cruel indifference, disorderly quest, hideous lust, corrosive lust. These five evils invaded a world.

The result is a horrific collapse. It was a catastrophe in which only three monarch-class demons died and ten million demons were completely annihilated.

Demon Gate is completely destroyed and there are almost no survivors, so many demons do not know what happened there.

Androgyne only knows that the Lord of Pleasure died there, but does not know who killed him or how he died.

What Androgyne has been doing here for 100 years was also an aftermath.

[I know. What happened there! I am a survivor there!]

“You bastard… do you know!”

[With your stupidity, you will not be able to find out what happened there. Beasts of desire, captivated by animal instincts. I would have said that I was making an offer I couldn’t refuse!]

Androgyne thought he was caught up in that disorderly desk bite.

But that world… There are too few surviving demons in the world of ‘sex law users’. Even if you know the information, it is difficult to find out because there are many authors who hide and use it.

Just like the great devil beyond that jewel.

“Say it. I, Androgyne, will plunge him into an endless pit of corruption!”

[Kikit! Did you hear that you are doing what the greatest demon ordered you to do?]

At that, Androgyne’s voice twisted gloomily.

“It’s over soon. Mortal after all. The end is near.”

[Good! Then let me know! The commander of those who murdered the Lord of Pleasure is in this world!]

The Jewel of Wisdom handed over the necessary information to Androgyne. And with Reynald’s hand, he leaves the barracks.

“Is this… done?”

[This is the most powerful chatter you can do here!]

The Jewel of Wisdom wasn’t sure of victory. Even though he’s weakened, his opponent is a reversal hero.

If done wrong, androgyne can be reversely killed.

[Seven generations. Androgyne is seven, and he is three.]

“Well, at that level… If I, an S-class mage, and a great being intervene, won’t it be a win?”

[I’m not going?]


stupid kid. Reynald was fed up with the Great Devil’s act of self-defense.

[Don’t even think about stepping out! Even if the jewel is broken, his holy law will destroy the connected mental body!]

“……All right.”

Bystanders, unconditionally hide and act secretly. Although it seems that it is thorough self-assertion,

[Androgyne is a stupid beast compared to me, but he’s not really stupid! I will summon the elite to deal with the Lionheart!]

Demons of pleasure and corruption are the best when it comes to bizarreness among malignant creatures, but they are not powerful in combat.

But they are as numerous as the demons of lust. The larger the number, the larger the pool.

[He’ll be summoning high-ranking demons soon!]

This is the place of depravity. After losing their ruler, the demons of pleasure and corruption have been working hard for 100 years.

“Where shall we go now?”

I don’t intend to stop here. Demons of Wisdom and Search are intelligent demons specializing in magic.

They can enhance other demons and endow them with magical powers.

Even though the demons of pleasure and corruption have weak combat power, if the demon of wisdom directly buffs them, they will be able to defeat the Lion Heart King along with the kingdom.

[First, go to the corpse harvesters who are having an orgy in the forest near the royal castle! Those who eat fresh corpses are as sure as their attack power!]

Corpse reapers are vicious demons who play with the corpses of the dead.

They are bad-tasting demons who leave them as decorations whenever they collect corpse parts, but they have high combat abilities because they roam the battlefield to secure fresh corpses.

If they were strengthened with magic, they would become a powerful unit capable of fighting even against the considerable number of Lionheart 2nd Army named elite units.

[Kheuheu, wait, Lionheart. This gate will be your tomb.]

It was at that time that I found the barracks where the corpse harvesters were located. Raynald saw a mid-level demon, the Corpse Reaper, walking this way.

“That’s the Corpse Reaper…”

It was a terrible appearance indeed.

One arm was a tentacle, and the other arm held a large sword.

From the top of the head to the crotch to the toes, she faithfully hid her exposure to the theme of being naked. Like body parts.

Psychopathic berserk warriors who are unstoppable. Raynald spoke to him cautiously.

[Su, hide!]

At the same time as the whispered words, something was caught in the neck of the corpse harvester. The Corpse Reaper calls out.


The Corpse Reaper soars with a scream. Reynald’s gaze followed the direction he was being dragged, and saw an unbelievable sight.


Spider web.

In the forest, there are spider webs everywhere.

-Searer… … .

-Kill me… … .

and the victims hanging there. Caught in spider webs, corpse harvesters groan in pain.

“Sir Spinner. Did you take care of that?”


It was then. I hear familiar voices and cold mechanical sounds. Reynald and the Jewel of Wisdom instinctively noticed that they were the Holy Grail Knights.

[hey! Did you hide it properly? Did you turn on stealth properly?]

‘No, of course! It’s the highest level of stealth magic, so it’s completely invisible to the naked eye!’

[Anxiety! I was so anxious!]

The Jewel of Wisdom used its own magic. Unleash perfect stealth magic to the point of generously using the magic accumulated through sacrifices.

– It is estimated that there are still surviving objects in this machine. Last captured entity was looking at something.

“Even after cleaning it up, is it still there?”

How the hell did this happen? Reynald hadn’t heard anything until he came to this forest.

In a place like this, if you were to sweep that many units, there would definitely be noise, right?

[The Holy Grail Knight’s static method! It’s ridiculous shit that even blocks the sound of the warhorse running! Unleash the magic of silence and hunt all the demons in the forest!]

‘Is that possible?’

[I don’t know! But those bastards do!]

Holy Grail Knight’s tactics. It was a jewel of wisdom that enjoyed the absurdity.

Even among the demons of wisdom and exploration who collect all kinds of knowledge and magic, the Holy Grail Knights’ holy law was impossible to interpret beyond ‘absurd’.

“Hmm… that’s strange. I feel an unpleasant aura…”

It can’t be. The Jewel of Wisdom wanted to shout like that.

The magic that the Jewel of Wisdom had just cast was perfect stealth, even with subspace separation. Even if it has the downside of being unable to move in one place, there is no way this will be discovered!

“I think it’s around here…”

Leon’s face passes by Raynald’s. In the bloody forest dripping blood on the spider’s web, his radiant face is unnatural.

Reynald couldn’t even swallow his saliva as he watched him with bloodshot pupils.

‘Please just go! Just go!’


Doubt deepens. Doubt that something exists turns into certainty. Raynald instinctively noticed.

If Leon turns his head and looks in his direction, he will surely notice their presence.

At that time when cold sweat dripped down my face as I looked at my slowly turning head——


“What is it, Sir Spinner?”

– Simple satellite target observation. Available at point 4-b17.

“There are still things to hunt for today.”

Hearing Yapi’s report, Leon immediately turned his head.

Slowly, the sound of the superman walking through the forest fades away. It wasn’t until 5 minutes after they disappeared that Raynald and the Jewel of Wisdom spoke out.


[D, I almost lost… … .]

It was the moment when 10 years of life and demon students disappeared.

* * * *

Over night, Leon slaughtered over 300 demons and came back. All were elite.

Even though he ran out in a fit of anger, it is not meaningless.

“A demon of pleasure and corruption.”

those extravagant ones. Perverts who pursue horribly twisted lust, not proper sexual love.

Leon became displeased when he learned that they were the demons that had settled in this gate.

All demons are unpleasant and worms to be burned to death, but among them, the ugly demons of lust were particularly unpleasant.

They corrupt humans. They fall into the swamp of pleasure and lust without choosing any means.

Quite a few humans can’t even withstand the temptation of a lower level demon.

It was they who led the rampant corruption of the Empire and neighboring kingdoms.

Its fighting power is on the weak side, but it is the most dangerous. Leon knew how the corrupt could betray his brothers and their families.

‘That’s strange. Why have so many demons of lust settled in this gate?’

No small number of advanced demons. And among the demons of lust, there were several demons that were classified as elite. Of course, there must be a great devil.

‘If a being like that is killing porridge at the gate, there must be a reason… … .’

For what reason? Leon had no patience for questioning and intended to start with the most suspicious.

“A terrible smell. You must be tired, but you don’t rest.”

A sweet voice ringing in my ears. Leon’s eyes widened.

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