The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 43 The Queen and the Knights

It was a look that took your breath away.

Even the black clothes on the body, the elegant expression and the dress cannot hide that ‘color’.

“Hello, knight. May I call you Your Majesty the Lion Heart King?”

she is a dangerous woman Even the beautiful fingers that cover the mouth with eye smiles exude a mood.

Innate coquetry, the cause of disputes that give off color just by being. Gyeonggukji color, which is a precursor to corruption.

‘It’s beautiful.’

At first glance, the purple eyes reflected in the moonlight were covered with endless darkness that no light could enter.

An ordinary man would have drowned without even noticing that he was submerged in the depths of the abyss.

“Beatrice Alighieri Spero. You are the queen of this small kingdom.”

“Leon Dragonia Lionheart, the Lion Heart King of the Lionheart Kingdom.”

Leon politely kissed the back of the woman’s hand. Yet, it is limiting.

‘This is how I didn’t notice.’

Could such a thing be? Leon is not the type to be conceited.

No matter how weak I am compared to my heyday, you deceived my feeling that I blocked the invasion of countless assassins and demons?

“Hehe, don’t be too wary. I just wanted to say hello to the benefactor of the kingdom.”

“Not a good time for a modest lady to visit.”

The moonlight was still past dawn. Waking up early in the morning and training is a virtue of a knight, but it is not a virtue of royalty, much less a virtue of a lady.

“Because it’s being watched.”


Leon made a puzzled expression at Queen Beatrice’s words.

“Spying on the Queen? Who the hell?”

The queen smiled bitterly and spoke of the forces imprisoning her.

“The Great General and his knights are monitoring and imprisoning me.”

“The general?”

Leon remembered the general who expressed his loyalty to the queen. He did not appear to be a person who would commit such disloyalty.

But you don’t know what a person’s heart is. There are cases where loyal knights covet the king’s wife, and there are cases where poor priests accumulate wealth.

“Your Majesty Lionheart. I have a request for you.”

The Queen’s hand caught Leon’s hand. Even just holding hands, I feel coquetry that confuses the mind.

“I will listen and judge.”

“Please kill the general and the knights. If you do, I will give you everything in the kingdom.”


Leon did not readily accept the offer. It’s because it was so award-winning.

The queen whispered with a smile as if she did not know this.

“Investigate the basement of the castle. There is something the general is hiding there.”

It was then. Footsteps are heard in the hallway, and the castle is noisy. It was the sound of armed armor and boots.

“Your Majesty Lionheart! Sorry for the middle of the night, but I’ll open the door!”

There was no waiting time. The people who broke through the door were the general and his knights.

“How rude to break into a royal bedroom with military boots!”

“…I know it’s rude, but the situation was urgent and I couldn’t help it.”

The general apologized with a bow and looked around the room. Queen Beatrice, who had been in front of Leon until just a moment ago, was gone.


The general sensed the energy in the room and felt that the queen was here. But he didn’t ask Leon if he had met her.

“I have met Her Highness.”

So, Leon hit the front and came in.

“Is that so.”

“The queen of her country went out for a night walk, but she doesn’t ask.”

“……Because you’re the kind of person you are.”


How could the knights let the royal family go out for a night walk? Even Leon carries escort knights and royal soldiers wherever he goes.

“Leave the royal family alone in this city where demons are setting up?”

“……Devils don’t invade at night.”


Since when did demons cover the day and night? There are hundreds of things disguised as people and hiding in the castle right now.

I’m not an idiot who doesn’t know that. There’s no way such an idiot could have become a general.

“It looks like you’re ‘confident’.”


The general tried to turn around without answering. A word from Leon that stops him.

“The Queen says you guys are imprisoning her.”

At those words, the eyes of the general and the knights sharpened.

“……It’s not something to tell outsiders.”

“Did you say Sir Burns? You’d better be honest about what you’re hiding.”

Ricardo Burns. The general of the Spero Kingdom turned around as if he didn’t even need to answer.

After they disappear, Leon strokes his chin and asks questions.

“Suspicious, suspicious.”

Both the Queen and the General.

Their actions were hidden behind the scenes that could not be seen in a defense quest simply by blocking the army of demons.

“Anyway, to find out the truth, do we have to investigate the underground?”

But now I’m not ready. Leon had to face the demonic army, which began to move as the dawn broke.

* * * *

The devil’s army advances.

An army of ugly lust that corrupts all living things and indulges them with pleasure advances.

– Fuck the bastards. Cut my hair and watch my body play with!

– Corrupt it! Make My Daughter Fuck! Let’s have an orgy party in the plaza!

-Cut the child and feed it to the parents! It will be nice to see!

quite a few thousand. No, an army of evil beyond ten thousand. The air changes in front of the malignant advance that corrupts living things in pursuit of primary pleasure.

Strange tickling and soggy skin. It seduces living things by crossing the senses of sight, hearing, smell, and touch.

“Androgyne said! The first to cross the wall will be given a hundred slaves!”

The naked soldier, who accepts even pain as pleasure, shouted while brandishing a whip. march on

“Kihihi! Let’s corrupt the humans.”

“Let’s pickle it with pleasure so that we don’t even think about it!”

“Corrupt! Corrupt! With pleasure—”

At that moment, the demon at the forefront stops. Anxious to tie humans up with ropes right away, it witnessed something and trembled.

“What is it? Aren’t you going soon?”

“You idiot! There’s no blockage behind——”

Row 1 stops. Therefore, column 2 stops.

3rd row, 4th row… … All the demons within sight of the castle wall stop in shock.

-Kiyo oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh —-!!

It was a scream.

No, the scream itself is familiar to demons. The problem is the subject of the scream.

-Thoughtful, thoughtful… …

-Zukoshitiana… Zuko Sitgiana… … .

It’s a scream.

It is a cry of pain.

It is despair before death.

A grotesque and terrifying scream that cannot be heard by humans. But that scream is as vivid as a human being.

The battlefield froze.

Those who were more familiar with screaming than anyone else and made screams headed for their screaming compatriots.

At the end of that gaze.

There are hunters who keep burning wood. They were supporting demons with timber.


what about that

Ha, are you even going to torture the devil?

After all, demons are mental bodies. The other world’s body is just a vessel. If you die, you’ll just go back to the Garden of Malice–

“You false lives who do not know death.”

On the castle wall, there is a cavalryman who shines a brilliant light with the dawn on his back. It shows off a golden sword that shines as if it has absorbed the dawn light.

“You don’t know. How can beasts who pursue only basic desires like worms know?”

The golden sword cuts off the hanging demon. The knight held the severed head. and threw


His pitching power was so good that his head, which rolled over 2km, landed in the middle of the demons.

A black soul leaks out of the decapitated demon. Since the vessel was lost, the soul that should return to the main body——is sucked into the rider of the castle wall.

It wasn’t long before I realized the meaning.

The demons who live immortality witness death.

I look at the demon slayer who performed the impossible miracle.

“Listen, filthy worms. You Lionheart! I, Lionheart, representing the pantheon! I will teach you evil species the value of only one life!”

Come, you poor things.

Your fears are here.

Confusion, fear, despair.

Demons, who regarded the material world as their playground, scream in front of the preciousness of life taught by Lionheart, the very fear of the evil species.

The fear of death spreads out of control even among the lower level demons as well as the middle level ones.

They were more familiar with destruction, slaughter, and fear than anyone else, but that was only when they were in the position of ‘doers’.

Even if they die anyway, it was natural for them to return as spirits, so demons are rather not accustomed to fear.

They don’t even think that they will die, so when they see death, they start to self-destruct.

Legion is disintegrating.

The immortal army, who did not know death, discovered an improbable death and collapsed.

“Hey, you fools! Where are you running away from!”

“Stop! Don’t run away!”

The advanced demons tried to stop them, seeing their subordinates collapse so easily.

But there are too few central demons to stop them.

“D-Damn…! Corpse Reapers! If only they were there!”

“Where the hell have the corruptors gone!”

Lieutenant demons thoroughly hunted by Leon and Yapi in the middle of the night. Those who died silently are the middle commanders of the army.

Since they died in droves in the middle of the night, there is no choice but to have enough middle managers to whip the lower demons.

“You fools! Turn around here—”


The mid-level demon, who was about to shout something, was pierced through the body by a javelin that flew from somewhere. A demon being torn up and down without even a chance to scream.

The last thing he saw as he fell, pulled by gravity, was a rider brandishing a holy sword and charging.

“To Lionheart! Glory be to you!!”

A one-sided slaughter begins in pursuit of the fleeing demons.

The third day of entering the gate.

Hara did not defend, and the demon slayer began to slaughter.

* * * *

Well over a thousand demons were slaughtered.

The hunters who went on the chase, such as Goo Dae-seong and Manager Kim Jin-soo, were soaked in skepticism, wondering if the devil could die so easily.

“At the end… some even committed suicide.”

“Even though we can’t use sex laws like His Majesty…”

The escape of the demons was truly spectacle.

Perhaps they are unaware of the act of running away, they become abusive and trample each other, running away in all directions to live alone.

All the hunters did was to shoot and kill the demons one by one.

“These bastards… Is this the first time you’ve seen Your Majesty? What did you guys do on the first day?”

“Well… Maybe it’s because the army is big, so rumors don’t spread.”

At that time, Leon spoke behind the hunters’ backs.

“It’s not like that.”

“Lungs, Your Majesty!”

This morning, the cruel Lion Heart King, who had ordered to display the demons torturing them so that they could be seen clearly, laughed at the demons’ insolence and said,

“All of them are selfish and don’t unite. I don’t look at those who only satisfy their own desires, not for the sake of the group. I calculate what kind of profit I will get from what I know.”

“Is that enough?”

“Well, there may be something like that, but since the only demon Jim killed on the first day was a troll, there must be something he didn’t understand in the chaos of the battlefield.”

Koo Dae-sung remembered the demons who committed suicide to avoid dying at their hands, and predicted that they would not be able to gather easily.

“Is this why you captured demons?”

“That’s right. They do more brutal things than anyone else, but they don’t have that tolerance. Garbage maggots are garbage maggots everywhere.”

Leon gave an additional command while kicking a demon caught by the hunters.

“Catch them well and bring them back. Their screams will be a good symphony.”

The hunters didn’t say that Leon was just an ignorant demon hater and wanted to see demons suffer as much as possible.

ah! Our Lion Heart King has a deep meaning!

I just decided to give up the idea.

“By the way, where did Sir Yapi go? He didn’t see you during the battle.”

“Sir Spinner is doing what I ordered.”


They questioned it, but they were hunters who decided not to ask.

‘Are you trying to torture demons?’

‘The water torture was brutal.’

‘Just hearing that he’s uncooperative gives me goosebumps.’

At that time, the captured demons trembled.

“Sah, save me! Help me, sir!”

“I’m sorry. Go back.”

The demons were not sympathetic faces. Some hunters, who were expecting a little bit because they were demons of pleasure, relieved their disappointment by slapping the back of the demon’s head.

* * * *

Contrary to the expectations of the hunters, the place Yapi is heading to is not a prison.

Yapi took advantage of the gap in the battle and infiltrated deep underground of the Spero Castle.

“Huh? Didn’t something just pass by?”

“Didn’t you see?”

Yappi, who ran backwards through the ceiling and didn’t make a sound higher than a certain decibel, easily escaped the soldiers’ surveillance.

Occasionally, a knight with a keen sense of humor sent his gaze, but Yapi’s camouflage color was perfect. Yapi headed to the depths of Gearko’s basement, where he found a group.

“General Ricardo! I know you’re in command, but what are you doing here?”

Ricardo Burns.

It was the kingdom’s general and the knights who followed him.

“It will be taken care of by an outsider. The problem is the seal. The seal must be working well, right?”


A similar term, yapi, has been around for millennia.

Because it was the yakt spinner that sealed the jewel of wisdom, kept it hidden, and kept it from being invaded by anyone.

“Yes, but… no, no.”

A soldier who was trying to say something but shook his head as if it had no meaning. General Ricardo passed by the soldier and tried to confirm that it was a seal.

“It’s not far. With a little more patience, the 100-year-old wish will be completed.”

The tent is removed and the sealed thing is revealed. The Yapi’s wide-angle lens definitely captured it on camera. And–


It was surprising even to Yakt Spinner, a strong artificial intelligence.

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